The Light Olympics! - Dr Schavi

The Light Olympics!

The Light Olympics! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

In Olympic sports games, the highest achievement is receiving the “Gold Medal”; the second-place winner is awarded the “Silver Medal”; and the third-place winner is awarded the “Bronze Medal”.

Each individual has worked diligently in his or her category and performs their best. Even those who did not win medals in their categories have worked hard to succeed at their sport.

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The winners of the medals did not necessarily work harder than those who did not win medals.

However, they perhaps had more strength, determination, and faith that they would succeed and stand on the winner’s platform or in the winner’s circle.

Some have engaged in mystical rituals such as envisioning themselves as a winner and having smiles on their faces as the medal was placed around their necks.

The same has occurred with those who sought professional degrees in a specific subject or who worked for certification in a given area of service.

The Light Olympics! - Olympic Medals

Olympic Medals

The Light Olympics! 

They envisioned themselves being awarded with their degrees or certificates and celebrating their achievements.

Books, media interviews, and seminars for many years have taught about the power of consciousness.

A famous quotation is: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved” (Napoleon Hill).

However, these modern-day affirmations are based upon ancient wisdom.

For example, Yeshua Ha Messiah taught: “By your faith be it unto you”. Sri Bhagavan Krishna taught: “Those who preserve the dharma are protected by the dharma”. (The word “dharma” translates as “spiritual path”).

Tehuti taught: “God will recall the cosmos to its ancient form, and this re-birth is the making new of all good things”.

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In part one of the Taoist text known as the TAO TEH KING, it is stated: “Those who use well their LIGHT, reverting to its SOURCE so bright, will from their bodies ward off all blight”.

The Light Olympics! - TAO TEH KING - Lao-Tzu


The Light Olympics!

These are a mere few of the thousands of encouraging teachings which have remained throughout the ages like an evergreen tree which is always green and flourishing season after season.

There are numerous techniques to employ whose purpose is for a “consciousness transference” that will be a re-setting of experiences individually and collectively.

Yet, in an age that is still filled with much “3d” chaos while LIGHT is steadily increasing throughout the cosmos, it is necessary for those who wish to maintain a strong connection to the HIGHER SELF to declare it boldly and aloud while continuing to envision LIGHT pouring into them from the Great Central Sun.

We must remember that everything has a vibrational force field—an energy—a life force.

This is somewhat like a person writing a play or a movie script, and eventually, the play or movie comes alive with actors and actresses on stage or screen, and the story unfolds.

Words spoken or thought have energy due to their mental electrical frequency which activates the phonemic structures.

The words plug into an ethereal circuitry, and the result is a charge of energy with a specific outcome—either harmonious or disharmonious.

A magnetic emotive response joins the process, and a particular experience manifests. Words can be potions or poisons.

These concepts have been previously discussed, but with the density of many who are still caught in a “3d” matrix, they are worth repetition, especially with the coming “Solar Eclipse” on June 10th ( beginning at approximately 4:14 AM [Eastern Standard Daylight Time]).

It will herald necessary releases and also offer opportunities for new starts, and the energetics of this eclipse will play-out for about a year, while the energetics of the recent “Lunar Eclipse” of May 26th will continue to play-out for about the next six months.

Therefore, there will be an approximate period of a year-and-a-half of these particular eclipse dynamics. Choose your thoughts and feelings wisely. Strongly proclaim: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!” “Lighted Beings”, “Shining Ones” (known as “Devas” and “Devis”) will soar to you as guidance, healing, and protection. The “Neteru” (“Divine Forces of Nature”) will work for you.

As the BHAGAVAD GITA teaches: “The SELF is the friend of the self”. (The capitalized letters refer to SOURCE, and the small case letters refer to ourselves). Thus, there is no need for fear.

The Light Olympics! - Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita

The Light Olympics!

As a verse in the HOLY QU’RAN advises: “The evils wrought by mankind shall rise up into view, and that at which they mocked will hem them in on every side”. In other words, evil will cause its own destruction—its own bad karma. SOURCE LIGHT cannot be stopped.

Earth/Gaia (which some are referring to as “Nova Gaia” or “New Earth”) is emblazoned with renewed strength even is the midst of constant solar flares, winds, comet debris, plasma waves, solar sector boundary crossings, etc.

“She” is winning the “Cosmic Olympics” along with “Her” galactic “siblings”—all of the other planets in our solar system.

Our galaxy is going for the GOLD!

However, every righteous being on each planet, in each galaxy, in every part of the universe which houses all of the galaxies involved in the current transformational evolutionary crystallization process will receive the “GOLD too!

Because we are receivers and transmitters of energy, Earth/Gaia is receiving our thoughts and feelings, and we are receiving “Hers”, while at the same time, we are transmitting frequencies into “Her”, and “She” is transmitting into us.

This back and forth exchange of energy can be challenging since there are some unwise people who insist on controlling our planet and tampering with Nature instead of nurturing it and be grateful for its bounty.

The Light Olympics! - Ancient Greek Gold Medal

Ancient Greek Gold Medal

The Light Olympics!

However, if those who are truly trying to engage more LIGHT declare their intention for “IT” as suggested earlier and also sincerely work to strengthen their faith in “IT”, the celebratory table of wonderful delights will be revealed for us to enjoy.

The delights will be greater health, profound abundance, enhanced knowledge, and spiritual capabilities unknown for perhaps millions of planetary years.

So, take a deep breath, and go for the GOLD!

Can you hear the cheers as we soar down the cosmic field?

As you work on strengthening your resolve and keeping denseness and disharmony away from you, state several times each day: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT! LIGHT SHIELDS UP! ANGELS ON GUARD!”

More by Dr. Schavi

Royal Regulus! – Dr Schavi

Royal Regulus! – Dr Schavi

Vibrational frequencies of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, the Sun of this galaxy, and upon Earth/Gaia are very heightened when the “Lion’s Gate Portal” opens each year and are very active a few days before the New Moon, on the day of the New Moon, and for a few days after the New Moon.

Major Cosmic Update! –  Dr Schavi

Major Cosmic Update! – Dr Schavi

A massive blast of LIGHT (photons) from the Great Central Sun arrived into Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields yesterday, Thursday, July 29, 2021, at approximately 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The magnetosphere of the planet is now filled with these charged particles.

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

The blasts of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun onward to the Sun of our specific galaxy and through to Earth/Gaia carry enormous sacred codes of enlightenment.

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Humanity is coming together in increasing numbers and beginning to appreciate other paths of knowledge with which they may not have been previously familiar. Yet, the most ancient knowledge is the root of the information in the “Now”, and the root of anything is often where the most precious substance can be obtained.

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

Sirius (anciently known as “Sepdet”) has risen! It is aligned with the Sun of our galaxy heralding a New Galactic Year! Increased LIGHT frequencies are occurring and will continue to do so throughout this entire year, and opportunities will be offered more for an upsurge in the understanding and application of spiritual principles.

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

Because we are endeavoring to assist as many persons as possible in elevating higher in these intense energies of the Earth/Gaia experience, I and other “Lightbringers” (“Spiritual Scientists”, “Acharyas”, “Gurus”, “Vibrational Healers”, “Cosmic Scientists”, etc.) around the planet have decided to orchestrate what we are calling “THE MANTRA MOVEMENT”, and we are inviting all those who are desirous of experiencing a planet of LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, JOY, WISDOM, and continual connection to SOURCE to join us and to share this invitation with others.

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

The “Lion’s Gate” opens each year when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which this year of 2021 is Thursday, July 22nd, and it closes on August 23rd when the Sun moves on into the sign of Virgo (again, Tropical Zodiac). Thus, the “Lion’s Gate” is not a one-day event of August 8th as many people claim as they focus upon what is termed the “8/8” portal because of August being the 8th month of a 12-month year, and the 8th day of that month being also a focused date.

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

“Sidereal/Vedic Jyotish” (“Knowledge of Godly Light”) is taught within the ancient Vedic scriptures and are messages of events that definitely will and that also can only potentially be experienced by creation—the word “potentially” suggesting that the condition of a person’s or of the collective’s consciousness governs what is attracted.

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

In this new “Now”, whether cosmic events are of a low or high vibration, we are receiving SOURCE LIGHT from beyond what humanity can calculate with its sophisticated devices.

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