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The Light In This Now

The Light In This “Now”

The Light In This “Now” By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

When any entity (which includes earthly humans) attempts to say how old the cosmos truly is with all of its planets, galaxies, and universes, only speculation is possible for the age of the space/time continuum is a mystery relegated only to SOURCE who is timeless, eternal, and therefore, immortal.

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Human consciousness is allowed only a glimpse of the enormity of creation, but even a glimpse gives us at least an amazing idea of the vastness of existence, and ancient scriptures assist in the process.

The Vedic sacred text known as the RAMAYANA, for example, describes “Vimanas” as “great clouds in the sky.

The holy MAHABHARATA describes the “Vimanas” as being “equipped with blazing missiles and four wheels”.

The Light In This "Now" - Vimana


The Light In This “Now” 

The SAMRANGANA SUTRADHARA states: “The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, that it can vertically also descend, move slanting forwards and backwards, and with the help of machines, human beings can fly in the air, and heavenly beings can come down to Earth.”

In the BHAGAVATAM, Sri Bhagavan Krishna teaches that there are spaceships of different categories. On planet Earth, there are ships which operate only via mechanical methods. On other planets, ships work by sound vibrations.

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The Light In This Now - Extra-Terrestrials


The Light In This “Now”

On a planetary system known as the “Siddhalokas”, beings can travel from one planet to another without any types of ships because they are spiritually perfect beings who have been given the power to control gravity, space, and time.

They are also endowed with various mystical abilities and can thus travel from one planet to another without the aid of a space vehicle. On the “Satyaloka” planetary system, there are also ships, but they are controlled by psychic power, not by mechanical means.

Certain scientists around the world admit to having information regarding so-called “Extra-Terrestrials” having come to Earth/Gaia many eons ago for exploration and trade.

Supposedly there are manuscripts which were discovered long ago that attest to “Martians” having traded with the Kemetu (People of ancient Kemet [Egypt]) technological knowledge for the metal gold.

The Kemetu spoke of their celestial heritage being of the star system “Sepdet”, commonly known as “Sirius”.

In the scholarly historical text titled THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima spoke of the Native Americans being the “anthropological cousins” of the ancient Kemetu because

1) Many of the glyphs found on their monuments and temples are the same as those on the monuments and temples of ancient Kemet—that language being called in ancient times “Medu Neter” (“Sacred Speech”) but known in modernity as “Hieroglyphics” (“Word Pictures” from the Greek language), and

The Light In This Now - Kemetu

People of Ancient Kemet

The Light In This “Now”

2) Many of the Elders have openly taught over many centuries that they originate from the same star system as the Kemetu. When Christobal Columbo (Christopher Columbus) first arrived on the shores of the so-called “New World”, he was actually searching for “India” but had become lost.

This is the reason why Native Americans are referred to as “Indians” by many who are unaware of the facts of history.

Thus, ancient Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Cherokees, Arapoho, Apache, Sioux, Pawnee, Ojibway, and many others are labled as “Indians”.

The Light In This Now - New Golden Age

New Golden Age

The Light In This “Now”

Columbus also found indigenous African people living on what would eventually become known as “North America”—the “New World”.

The term “South America” is also included in modern-day school textbooks.

All of these indigenous groups of both continents lived peacefully and were “civilizations”—not merely “tribes” which suggests a very small group rather than a huge “nation” of human beings.

If we are to move into a “New Golden Age” eventually, we must understand the truths of history and not ignore them for fear of alienating or upsetting others.

The Light In This "Now" - Universal Essence

Universal Essence

The Light In This “Now”

Otherwise, we will remain stuck in the foibles of a “3d” world that is devoid of Higher Consciousness and continue to live as separate “people”. We are headed towards being “Galactic” as is touted by many who are endeavoring to bring us together as residents of a planet called “Earth”, and Gaia”, and Geb” and numerous other titles throughout the uncalculatable space/time continuum.

As the BRIHAD ARANYAKA UPANISHAD states: All is the effect of the ALL, one Universal Essence”.

Whether our “Earth Suit” is European, African, Asian, Indigenous Native American, Pacific Islander, etc., we are “Galactic Citizens” of a profoundly vast star system called “Milky Way”, and populations from other galaxies are living among us.

Our DNA is of many other planetary systems than just the one we call “Earth/Gaia”, and without a material “suit”, we are pure LIGHT.

It is this LIGHT that we are again becoming as scientifically proven research shows that transformation is indeed being made to the physical vessel and the consciousness that has been carbon-based.

How long the complete transference into LIGHT will take is unknown, and ancient scriptures, as has been discussed many times, teach that eons or ages are hundreds of thousands of years as mankind counts them.

To SOURCE, it has only been a twinkling of “ITS” sacred eyes since creation was fertilized, gestated, and birthed throughout the cosmos.

However, with strong cosmic energetics occurring in the form of DNA-resetting and cellular transforming solar flares, solar winds, plasma waves, and more, our current planetary home is being also changed at its inner and outer fields, zooming through vortices of LIGHT, and spinning at an enormous speed that may alter the time frame that humans can calculate for their “re-birth”.

The Light In This "Now" - Re-Birth


The Light In This “Now”

This would be like the opening night of a new play when excitement abounds. The actors and actresses are ready. The stagehands are prepared. The lights are checked.

The orchestra tunes-up their instruments. The audience arrives. The curtain opens. At last, all of the rehearsals have led to the premier. At the end of the production, the players bow to the audience amidst standing ovations. Backstage, they greet each other and say, “We did it!”

There is no going back to old ways. We are soaring into potent frequencies of cosmic energetic currents, and LIGHT is becoming our daily sacred sustenance. Many have not prepared for this part of “class”.

They were too caught-up in the web of “3d” distractions. However, it is not too late to access a “tutor” so that what has been missed can be gleaned.

It is not too late to learn to meditate, to pray for the entire planet instead of just for oneself, or to study ancient knowledge rather than to just accept what is approved of in certain places of learning.

The Light In This "Now" - Oulu

Cosmic Occurrences Upon Earth/Gaia

The Light In This “Now”

As THE WRITINGS OF KWANG-TZE have stated: “People of the highest spirit-like qualities mount up on the LIGHT, and the limitations of the body vanish.” Thus, as the TALMUD says: “Despise no person, for nothing is impossible. Every person has his hour, and everything its place.

” The “KP INDEX” which registers the effects of cosmic occurrences upon Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields (monitored mainly by the observatory in Oulu, Finland) has been registering for many days in this “Now” at levels called “unsettled” and “storm”.

This illustrates how “Earth/Gaia” is stretching out and pulling up like an awakening sentient being, for indeed “She” is “conscious” and thriving and is receiving and digesting increasingly more LIGHT.

“She” is sharing the sustenance with us. Are you hungry enough to elevate higher?

It will take coming to the table of knowledge and using the wisdom attained to assist others who may not yet have heard of the banquet that awaits. There is enough LIGHT for all.

No one can go hungry unless he or she refuses the invitation to dine upon it. The LIGHT in this “Now” can manifest on our plates as LOVE, PEACE, PERFECT HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and BLISS.

What a delicious meal awaits! We must be emptied out of outworn cellular programmed information and allow TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY to be our nutrition.

Also, as we look up in wonder at the rainbows, the auroras, and the glistening billowing rays from the Sun, we should think about how super-novas (exploding stars), though initially creating dark cores, are actually filled with LIGHT which surges forth and opens a passageway to a furtherance of infinity—dimension after dimension.

We should also think about how our entire galactic home is traveling through the gateway of the “Great Central Sun” and the “Photon Belt”, also called “Alcyone”.

There is so much occurring in this “Now” in just the space above our planet and in the whole cosmos that our “God Particle” (Pineal Gland) most certainly needs to be activated in order to process it all.

This is exactly what LIGHT is doing. So, take a deep breath, and receive greater LIGHT. Why is there LIGHT in the breath? Because LIGHT is “Prana”—sacred “Life Force”.

 The Light In This "Now" - Central Sun Cover

Great Central Sun

The Light In This “Now”

Each day most people are blessed to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner or they may just desire a late morning brunch and a late dinner. These meals feed our physical vessels. Guess what we are also being fed in our SPIRITS and SOULS? It is LIGHT! We can never have enough of it.

As the “Super Full Moon” of April 2021 arises larger and brighter than usual monthly Full Moons are, there will be heightened frequencies given to us as its energy “pulls” upon the planet. Solar flares, winds, and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) will possibly be strong. Earthquakes will likely occur at levels above 6.0.

Hundreds already happen daily in the ranges of 3.0 and 4.0 in various places around the world. All of this as well as our individual and collective heightened nervous system responses will symbolize our being given the delicacy of LIGHT from the cosmos.

Your Journal

Join in so that we can establish a network of supportive collective consciousness.

The Light In This “Now”

The lunar orb will reach its height at 11:32 PM (EST) Monday, April 26th, and its portal will last until Friday, April 30th, after having opened on Saturday, April 24th.

However, its energetics will last for several months as we head into solstices and eclipses in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Journal about your experiences of the LIGHT in this “Now”.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

More by Dr. Schavi

Radiation Storm! – CFN 23 July 2024

Radiation Storm! – CFN 23 July 2024

In the early morning of Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024, a “Halo CME” is raining down hard positively-charging protons onto the Earth, and a powerful radiation storm is in progress.

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

There are a total of 275 sunspots that have been detected on our solar disk that are ready to explode with strong flares — each one sending out either a small burst or a wide-reaching stream of particle plasma into the solar system. Three of these sunspots are currently aimed directly at Earth and are expected to blast-off their flares at any time.

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