Light Forces Ops In Mexico Part 2

The Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition


Light Forces Ops In Mexico Part 2 – By Lev.


Operation in Tulum

Even on the way to Tulum the Light Forces’ the ground team sensed what a terrible place they would have to conduct a new operation. Some of them became hysterical and had severe heart pain. Others shed tears…

The reasons became clear on the spot…

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Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Operation in Tulum


Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Tulum will forever remain in the memory of the team members as one of the most terrible places on Earth where they conducted their operations. It was through Tulum that many Black Archons were incarnated.

For this purpose, a Temple of The Descending God was specially built there. In it, the priests created a Portal based on human sacrifices performed with extreme cruelty.

Women in the last stages of pregnancy on the altar of the Temple cut open the stomach, took out the fetus, and pulled out the beating heart. The women themselves, still alive, were thrown into a nearby cenote under the tower, where they slowly died, bleeding and in agony.

The Energy of Life was used to feed the Black Archons. This is what the team felt automatically tuning in advance, which caused a seemingly gratuitous hysteria and severe pain in the heart.

In such a place, they had to carry out their operation.

Work began at the Temple of the Descending God. The Lightwarriors removed from its fields the victims’ souls and helped to ascend to the Higher Plane.

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Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Temple of the Descending God

Temple of the Descending God

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Then the two leaders of the group moved to the tower of another temple, where the bleeding women were dumped into a well. Their souls were also helped to ascend.

Up there, one of the leaders drew in himself all the remaining segments of the crystal of the Destructive Cycle of the Local Universe. Including its core, which was located under the tower. After the assembly of the crystal, Lightwarrior annihilated it by his vibrations.

Later, the group began cleaning up the entire Archon infrastructure. All the negativity accumulated on the Tulun territory was condensed into a crystal of Absolute Light installed by Lightwarriors, where it turned into positive energy that gushed like a volcano.

This work lasted until late in the evening, continued all night and in the morning of the next day. The team pulled in their Monades all toxicity they could, regardless of heart attacks, pressure, and nausea…

There, in Tulum, the ground team found the center point of another negative energy-information structure. It was a programming Matrix implanted in the Earth’s body and aimed at its core. It was in a latent state, on standby.

Analysis of the Matrix confirmed that it is set to penetrate the Earth Logos and reprogram it or defeat by the virus. Together with the Higher Light Hierarchs, the team destroyed the Matrix.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Church on Cholula Pyramid

Church on Cholula Pyramid

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Operation in Cholula

The site of the next operation was Cholula. Specifically, the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. It was one of the Yaltabaoth’s Archons.

First a small digression…

The Pyramid of Cholula, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Great White Pyramid of China are linked together. To do this, all three were built at the same geographical latitude.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Mayan Egyptian Chinese Ethiopian Pyramids

Mayan, Egyptian, Chinese, Ethiopian Pyramids

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Lightwarriors immediately went to the top of the Cholula Pyramid, where a Church was erected. This was their place of work.

What was originally there?

The Power Place, natural interdimensional Portal. A door for switching from 3D to 4D. A direct channel to the Earth’s core. But without the ascendant vector, that is, purely earthly, powerful energy.

Back in Yucatan, working with the infrastructure of the Black priests, the Lightwarriors assumed that the Archons had a spare vibration cannon. With its help, they were going to shoot at the Local Universe’s Logos and infect it with a destructive virus (see part 1, DNI 26 September 2020).

In Cholula, the Higher Light Hierarchs confirmed that a backup energy-information cannon and a copy of the lethal virus were indeed created in this place.

Being at the top of the Cholula Pyramid, in its very center, the Lightwarriors saw and felt it.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - HAARP Impact

HAARP Impact

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

The Higher Light Hierarchs, aware of the DFs’ plans, took preemptive actions to block the Black HAARP. With their help, a Church was built on the top of the Cholula pyramid, from where the Black Archons were going to fire a volley at the Local Universe’s Logos to disable it.

It was a brilliant idea to build a Church. The Divine channels and constant human prayers completely blocked this Portal. Thus, the hole was sealed at the muzzle of the cannon.

If the cannon had fired, because it was already programmed and cocked, and the muzzle outlet was sealed, the barrel would have burst.

An energy-information charge fired from the Portal due to the strong Earth’s energy would simply break the field infrastructure of the Cholula Pyramid and infect the surroundings with an extremely dangerous virus. Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchy sent a ground team to Cholula to prevent a disaster.

Earth is not the only place where the Black Archons planned to strike at the Local Universe’s Logos. A whole network of multiple launchers was created on different planets and Stars.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Local Universe

Local Universe

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

One of them is the Great Pyramid on Mars. It was built and prepared for this purpose by the Martians under the leadership of the militant Black civilization from the Lyra Constellation…

The Lightwarriors stood in the center of the Cholula pyramid, in front of the Temple altar, extracted a backup copy of the information virus from it, and annihilated by the vibration of Absolute Dipole Monadic Synthesis.

After that, the team restored the field structure under the pyramid and re-introduced the Christ Channel and the Mother World channel there. Given a functioning Church on this site, additional work will no longer be needed.

The autonomous backup system of the Black Archons, who worked through the Mayan priests to seize power in the Local Universe, was eliminated.

The next day the ground team went to Teotihuacan

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Pyramid on Mars

Pyramid on Mars

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

Operation in Teotihuacan

Initially, the Higher Light Hierarchs built Teotihuacan as a Solar System’s model. As a multifunctional space complex. Many details confirm that.

The Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl is located on the Sun axis. The distances to other pyramids and mounds are proportional to the radii of the planetary orbits.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - The Pyramid of the Sun

The Pyramid of the Sun

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

The Pyramid of the Sun corresponds to Saturn, the Pyramid of the Moon – to Uranus, and the mounds in the North – to Neptune and Pluto. By the way, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – the most distant planets from the Sun – our civilization discovered only in 1787, 1846, and 1930, respectively…

Pyramid complexes in Teotihuacan and the Pyramids on the Giza plateau are equally spaced when viewed from above.
The Pyramid of the Moon corresponds to the Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of the Sun – to the Pyramid of Chephren, and the Citadel – to the Pyramid of Mykerinus.

Both complexes reflect the location of three stars from the Orion belt.

In both complexes, the tops of the largest pyramids – the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in the valley of Mexico and the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren in Egypt – are at the same level, although their heights are different.

In both cases, the highest pyramid of the complex in its proportions expresses the number Pi in terms of the ratio of the height and perimeter of its base…

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Orion Stars and Earth's Pyramids

Orion Stars and Earth’s Pyramids

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

What was in this place before?

When the Earth was formed, there was a natural multi-dimensional portal from 3D to 4D. The name Teotihuacan means the place Where the Gods Descend to Earth.

This accurately describes the Portal. Through it, Higher Light Entities came to our planet. But that’s not all.

The Co-Creators installed a copy of the Perfect Human Matrix in the Portal. Its purpose is to provide incarnation on Earth Monadcarriers born in Pleroma.

Another goal of the Portal is to autogenize (transform) the counterfeit human Monads created by Yaltabaoth. Make them perfect.

Unfortunately, the Higher Light Hierarchy could not implement this project. Monad’s Transformer never worked. But the multi-dimensional Portal through which the Higher Light Entities came to our planet worked well.

The Higher Light Hierarchs also installed a copy of the Local Universe’s Logos – its Central Spiritual Sun – in the Teotihuacan Portal. It was supposed to be a Galactic Spiritual Center or Galactic Light City.

The core of the project was to create something unique. These include a copy of the Perfect Man Matrix (Perfect Creation) and a copy of the Local universe’s Logos.

Over time, aspects of the Milky Way’s Logos, various stars and planets, and our Sun were placed in the Teotihuacan Portal.

The great project of creating a Galactic Light City on Earth, and then a Light City for the Local Universe, was in full swing.

The Portal was to become a dynamic model of the Microcosm for the practical and theoretical study of the Local Universe and its evolution.

By this Model, it was planned to point-correct the evolution of Logos who had strayed from the Spiritual Path. After all, the Earth, as emphasized above, was conceived by the Co-Creators as the Center of Correction of the Spiritual Evolution of the entire Local Universe.

The great project was a complete failure. The reason – the betrayal of the then Higher Light Being – Lucifer, who renounced the Source and switched to the Dark Side.

Lucifer was one of the main curators of the project. After committing a betrayal, he gave admittance to the entire infrastructure of Teotihuacan to the Dark Hierarchs.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Orion Stars and Earth's Pyramids


Light Forces Ops In Mexico

The Black Archons, who received full access to the almost ready infrastructure of the Light City (including its main shrines – A copy of the Perfect Man Matrix and a Copy of the Galaxy’s and the Local Universe’s Logos), decided to use it for their purposes.

The Perfect Man Matrix, with its vast capabilities, was transformed into Demon-people Matrix. Fortunately, the devilish project was not developed, although a group of Demon-people was created.

As their subtle and causal bodies passed through the Perfect Man Matrix, they received the Creator’s energies. Demons gained additional power and formed a Monad.

The LFs’ ground team discovered that the Portal in the Pyramid of the Sun was active. Groups of demons were periodically streamed through it.

In Teotihuacan, the Black Archons built a huge vertical of their eons. They were to become the foundation of the future demonic Local Universe, replacing the Eons of Light by destroying them with a vibration cannon.

The Archons combined all their eons and linked them to the centers of the Milky Way and the Local Universe using their Logos. The Black eons’ cluster was completely autonomous, built as a hierarchical vertical from the Earth to the Local Universe center.

The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan (also known as the Pyramid of Saturn and the Pyramid of the Universe) is multifunctional, as is Teotihuacan itself. The Pyramid is its center.

It contains the Logos aspects of the Milky Way, the Local Universe, and Saturn. So, another purpose of the Teotihuacan Portal – to provide access to the Saturn’s Logos and through it to the Black eons.

Saturn was the Throne of the Grey eons and the Gateway to the Black eons. The Supreme Hierarch of Saturn – Jehovah – one of the three sons of Yaltabaoth.

Each Black eon had its Hierarch. If the Archons’ plan had worked, these eons would have been the foundation of the new Dark Local Universe, and their Hierarchs would have been the new masters of it and humanity.

The diabolical plan was thwarted by the Higher Light Hierarchy. And all LFs’ ground teams are proud to actively participate in this and help Co-Creators.

Lightwarriors arrived in Teotihuacan operation’s site before the scheduled time – 16: 00 Mexican time. They quickly explored the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, an incubator, and simultaneously an active Portal for demonic entities.

From there, the team took the Road of the Dead to the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Found a convenient spot at the top of a small pyramid that ran along the road.

Lightwarriors felt that at 16.00 at Teotihuacan was going to happen something very important and bad. The Higher Light Hierarchs also warned about this.

Many things could have happened. Everyone was ready for them. The Lightwarriors decided temporarily to do nothing, but just wait to see what would happen.

This tactic was very risky, but it fully justified itself in other operations, when it was necessary, first, to find out and then eliminate everything that the Black Archons had prepared.

At 16.00 on the Pyramid of the Sun through the aspect of the Black Sun was to get the Ray from its center. It was assumed that at this moment a Superdemon or Demon-Man could be born from a copy of the Perfect Man Matrix.

So the Lightwarriors sat on the pyramid next to the Pyramid of the Sun and waited…

At 16.99 in the Pyramid of the Sun center started the movement and a Black entity appeared from the Matrix. As if it was hatching from an egg.

At the same time, Black entities from the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent began to appear en masse. They were immediately taken up by the Higher Light Hierarchs.

In a few minutes, everything became clear, and there was no further delay. The ground crew immediately joined the battle.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Milky Way

Milky Way

Light Forces Ops In Mexico

From the Pleroma’s center, through their Pleromic bodies of Monadic manifestation, the Lightwarriors generated a powerful pulse. It was directed along the entire vertical of the Black eons created by the Archons. From Teotihuacan to the Local Universe’s clusters.

Pleromic impulse, like a bolt of super lightning, literally scorched the devil’s eons. They crumbled like a house of cards and burned down.

Then an impulse from the Local Universe’s Logos dealt a crushing blow to the Saturn Logos, cutting off its connection with the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan.

From overexertion, the team leader fell to the ground and remained lying all the rest of the operation. After giving it all his strength, he couldn’t move.

The other head of the group, gathering the last of his strength, climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, from where he had to complete the work.

At the top, he drew in himself the distorted Perfect Man Matrix, from which a demonic entity had just been born. Then, with a Pleromic impulse, he annihilated the hatched evil spirits.

Back to Mexico City, the evening and the night, Lightwarrior was cleaning and restoring the mutilated Matrix and crystallizing in it the aspects of the Co-Creators.

It was unbearably hard… Sleepless night… His heart was running out of steam. The work was not completed until the next morning…

Immediately after its completion, Lightwarrior by his last forces propelled cleared and crystallized aspect to the Pleroma. And immediately lost consciousness…

When he awoke, it was getting dark… His entire ground team was nearby…

That same night, the Higher Light Hierarchs contacted and thanked each Lightwarrior for their help in this complex and very important operation.

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