The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Part 2

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2 – By Lev.

The elimination of the Dark Forces space and surface infrastructure was continued in Alexandria and the El-Fayoum oasis in the Libyan desert, Western Egypt.


Operation in Alexandria

Why was Alexandria chosen for the Light Forces ground team’s operation in Egypt?

Initially, the projection of this territory (with localization on the island of Pharos) coincided with a Single Information Portal of our planet. There were an information transit server and a control room for the global information exchange of the Earth Logos with the entire Cosmos. A sort of government communication link, a point of direct access to the Galactic Logos Information Database.

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The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Alexandria

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

At this point, the main cells of the unified information field of the Galaxy intersected and transit information traffic was carried out. The Portal was a link between the information fields of different galaxies and served the information exchange between them and our Milky Way.

This place also housed the Autogenic Earth Portal (autogenic – regulation of the manifestation body or gene by its product, by the synthesis by binding elements). The Higher Light Hierarchy used it to broadcast programs-carriers of the Ideal Divine Evolution Idea of the Universe and Human Beings to specific Local Universe zones.

With the Portal, Earth was the Center of the Evolutionary Correction in our Local Universe.

During the Cosmic Night after the invasion of Earth by the galactic fleets of the Dark Forces and the seizure of control over the planet, the Portal ceased to exist.

The Black Archons redesigned its infrastructure for an opposed mission. The Portal has become a relay of negative karmic programs that disrupt and block the positive evolution of the Local Universe. It became one of the nodal points of the karmic field of the Local Universe, providing the exchange of karmic info flows.

DNit Telegram Channel

All karmic and destructive information passing through it (viruses, karma, negative programs, etc.) was copied and stored in the Portal field. To do this, the Black Archons created a large screening mirror there, ensuring the operation of the Portal.

It acted like a greenhouse. The entire surrounding area was in an energy cocoon, within which all the karmic negativity accumulated over the millennia was concentrated. A real-time bomb.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Column Pompeius Magnus and Sphynxs

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

Choosing the point for the operation, the ground team felt the colossal power of this burial ground of karma. The team members caught it with their throat, where the fifth, emotional chakra is located. The longer they were in this place, the harder it was for them. Constant chakra suffocating cough, pain in the eyes, an incredible weakness…

The Higher Light Hierarchy has repeatedly made attempts to eliminate this burial ground. Sometimes positive results were achieved, but it was not possible to solve the problem globally. The time of Cosmic Night was the time of the Darkness Power.

After a short search, the ground team found the location for the operation. It was the ruins of the Serapium, opposite the Column of Pompeius Magnus, between two sphinxes.

The operation was carried out according to a pre-agreed plan with the Higher Light Hierarchy. The curator of the site was the Lord of Egypt – Serapis (about him – see Part 1).

Two energy channels – of the Ascension of the Luxor Temple and the pyramids of Giza – were combined on the Subtle Plane. This restored the Subtle Infrastructure of the Serapium that it originally had.

Then, through the recreated channel, the Matrix of the Portal’s Ideal State of the Autogenic Divine Information was installed in the LFs’ team as it was at the creation of the Earth.

The next step was to combine this Matrix with the Pleroma Crystal Matrix.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Hirerach Serapis
Hirerach Serapis

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

It was only at this point that the team members realized what the Higher Light Hierarchy was up to. The Portal was not only completely restored to its original state. Now it’s dramatically improved – it became Autogenic.

The process of self-organization of the updated Matrix was performed in the causal body of the ground team leader.

Then the Matrix was connected to the Pleroma center and downloaded from it a New Unified Program for the Evolution of the Local Universe, free of karma. The end of this part of the operation was scheduled for the evening of the last day of the team’s stay in Alexandria.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

The venue was the modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which was conceived and created as a Spiritual and Cultural Center. Even its structure in the form of curved-convex mirrors is perfectly suited for receiving Cosmic Subtle Material Information.

However, to carry out this part of the operation, the head of the ground team had to take a desperate step, without which all the planned work would have been unrealistic.

As noted above, the Alexandria Portal was anchored by planetary karma, that is, a significant share of its information traffic. It was also the cell of the Local Universe’s information-karmic field. Therefore, it was necessary to first somehow defuse this energy mine.

One of the incarnated LFs’ members had to summon fire on himself for a time, i.e. anchor, take in this cell. This was done by the head of the Light Forces’ ground team.

The cell installation in his energy body caused the strongest vibrations, unbearable pain, inside-out chakral coughing, suffocation. There were moments on the verge of losing consciousness. But in the end, he coped with it. With the Ray of his Radiant Body, he defused the karmic mine.

The final point of the operation was set at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. To completely purify and sanitize the entire territory of the karmic dump, the ground team with the Higher Light Hierarchs focused on the burial ground the burning channel of Perfect Light.

It was at that moment that another shocking detail was revealed, related to the information Portal of Alexandria. It turned out that the Black Archons linked it to the Central Karmic Anti-Sun of their part of the Local Universe – the antipode of the Central Spiritual Sun.

By the powerful cosmic impulse, all this black infrastructure on the Thin Plane was annihilated along with the remnants of the former Portal of Light.

Then the causal Matrix of the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina was formed from scratch. The New Core was installed in it, which was previously formed in the causal body of the team leader.

The restored Portal of Light is planned to be launched at full capacity after the completion of the Great Quantum Transition.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Faiyum


The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

Operation at El-Fayum Oasis

The next stage of the ground team’s operation was the oasis of El Fayum in the Libyan desert, Western Egypt. The Black Archons’ Center for Earth Axis control was located here.

The team’s task was to dismantle this center. How exactly?

First, a brief introduction…

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - El Faiyum
El Faiyum

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

The duration of Earth precession is 25920 years. During the precession cycle, the Polar Stars change. For example, 15 thousand years ago, the center of the firmament was Vega, 5 thousand years ago – Tuban (Alpha Draconis), now – the Polar Star (Alpha Ursa Minor), then there will be stars of the Constellations Cepheus, Cygnus, and finally, in 11 thousand years – the Polar Star will again be Vega.

The precession shift of the Earth’s poles is smooth and constant, like the second hand of a clock.

Where did this phenomenon come from on Earth? Why is it 100% artificial?

Initially, precession was created by the Higher Light Hierarchy approximately 110 thousand years ago to stabilize the Earth and its Axis of rotation. This happened after a planetary disaster involving the destruction of one of the Earth’s moons and the death of Hyperborea. Its debris then fell to Earth and knocked it off its rotation Axis and orbital position.

To stabilize the Earth, an external regulating mechanism was created – precession, which uses the force and energy of Precession Stars. At the same time, they are Polar Stars, passing each other for 25920 years. The Precession mechanism was made on the principle of a gyroscope that supports the Earth and the Axis of inclination of its orbit in the specified orbital coordinates.

In the last 110,000 years, the angle of the Earth’s orbit has been artificially kept in its coordinates, and adjusted by Precession if necessary. This measure was temporary, but necessary until the Earth was corrected to its original coordinates. Now the team of the Great Quantum Transition is working on solving this most difficult problem.

A False Precession is an exact copy of the True Precession described above, but created by the Black Reptilian civilizations of the Dragon Constellation and embedded inside the original precession mechanism, completely imitating it. At the same time, it cut off the Earth from positive cosmic flows from the stars’ Logos. It keeps the planet in the specified coordinates but at the expense of the substituted energies of the Logos.

Why would they do that?

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - El Faiyum Hawara Pyramid
El Faiyum – Hawara Pyramid

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

Through the Polar Star Portal, a Ray of Life (Galactic Ray) is transmitted to Earth from the Center of the Local Universe and the Galactic Center. For the Earth, it is like air for human beings. The False Precession intercepted this Ray, took some of the Life Energy from it, and redirected it to the Alpha Dragon Logos.

El-Faiyum’s Hawara Pyramid at the foot of the Oasis depression and near El-Fayum Labyrinth is one of the Planetary Temples of the Flower of Life. So the place to create a False Precession control Matrix was chosen perfectly.

Through it, a stream of karma-, necro-, and other negative energies flowed to Earth. These were the products of reptilian and Dragonoid-processed Life Energy.

Thus, they partially took away the Energy of Life, and the energy mud was drained on earthlings. And they felt very good about it.

For a long time, the Higher Light Hierarchy could not correct this situation. The False Precession system was developed and implemented when our Pole Star was Alpha Draconis – Tuban when the Earth’s Axis was closest to that star.

According to the dates, it almost coincides with the period of construction of the El-Fayum Labyrinth. It was then the most favorable time for the introduction of False Precession and the substitution of original precession.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - El Faiyum Labyrinth
El Faiyum Labyrinth

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

This was the first vicious circle of the Earth. There was also a second created by the Nagas in Angkor. It was dismantled during the Light Forces’ ground team operation in Cambodia (see DNI, The Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 2, 19 August 2020).

The site of the operation was the El-Fayum Labyrinth, or rather what was left of it. This place served as a Control Center, managing a False Precession from a Subtle Plan.

The Labyrinth consisted of 3000 rooms -1500 on the surface and underground, which reflected the mirror image of precession. Human sacrifices were performed here, and the entire territory was controlled by the Dark Priests of Egypt.

12 large halls of different configurations with centers in each, arranged in a circle around the Altar corresponded to the 12 precession Constellations, and the Altar – the center of the False Precession and the Axis of the Dragon.

The destruction of this mechanism was carried out by the Light Forces’ ground team from the top of the Hawara Pyramid near the El-Fayum Labyrinth.

With powerful energy pulses, the team members destroyed the Thin-Material infrastructure of the reptilian-Dragonoid False Precession and restored its original control.

The work was carried out synchronously with the team of the Great Quantum Transition. Everyone had strictly assigned responsibilities. The ground team disabled the False Precession and eliminated it, and the Transition Team immediately picked up the Earth and gently returned it to the magnetic energy channels of the True Precession. The entire process took about 12 hours.

Then the ground crew cleared the entire area from the accumulated reptilians’ energy. The soul of the draconic entity – the guardian of the El-Fayum Labyrinth- was captured and passed to the Guardians of the Law in the Local Universe.

No sooner had the team to return the El-Fayum Labyrinth to the hotel, as Anubis telepathic contact came. In mythology, he is called the Guide of the Dead to the afterlife. Currently, he is the Guardian of the Cosmos Purity. His duties include monitoring and, if necessary, clearing the Local Universe of negative energy.

After learning that the team’s next point of the operation was Abydos, Anubis made a request. In one of the Temples was the Portal of the Hell Gates, and he asked for help in cleaning it. For this purpose, it was necessary to participate directly in the place of the incarnated people. The team leader agreed, though he almost regretted it later.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - El Faiyum Hawara Pyramid
El Faiyum Hawara Pyramid

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

Immediately after contact and consent, Anubis opened the Portal of the Hell Gate. It contained an unimaginable amount of negative energy generated as a result of the conveyor belt of sacrifices performed by the Dark Priests.

The cleanup began. All the necro-volume accumulated in the Temple, Anubis began to dose into the team leader’s Monad. It immediately self-accelerated to the maximum vibrations of Monadic synthesis to annihilate it.

In this mode, the physical body feels all the vibrations and processes occurring in the Monad, without being quenched by the causal and Subtle Body.

As a result, the vibration of Monadic Light reaches the physical body without hindrance and burns it, dissolving it into atoms. It’s incredibly hard. In this state, only a large amount of water saves. During the whole terrible night, while the annealing of the necro-negativity continued, the head of the team drank 5 liters of it. But did his job.

After that, Anubis made a new request – to clean up the negativity in the Temple of Osyrion and Sety. The temple is built at the location of one of the Planetary Flower of Life Temples, where the oldest image of this mandala was found in it.

It was a permanent Portal to the afterlife, accessible only to the High Dark Priests of Egypt, who used it for their purposes. From it, the soul of a person (usually high priests or pharaohs) was fished out for a certain time after his death and returned to the body, that is, revived.

The mummies of those who were to be resurrected were created and stored in Abydos. This place worked in sparring with the Temple in Dendera. Using the mummy as a homing matrix (necro-sight), the priests during a special ceremony discovered, captured, and moved the desired soul to a special area of the Temple’s Portal. It was truly brilliant. They even managed not to violate the Laws of Space.

On the Thin Plane below Osirion, there was a pool of necro-substance that had to be burned to gain access to the Central Portal’s Mandala. While in the Osirion, Anubis asked the team to evacuate the soul of an entity that was stuck in the Portal at the moment when it was moving from one world to another and lift it to the Subtle Plane. Just when the soul was in-between dimensions, for some reason the Portal was blocked and never used again.

The team successfully carried out this work. Anubis later revealed that it was the Soul of Osiris.

After Abydos, the team went to the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where on the ceiling was the famous Dendera Zodiac or Zodiac of Osiris. This is an astronomical map on which the ancient priests accurately recorded the starry sky before the planetary catastrophe that occurred on Earth more than 11 thousand years ago. Today, the map is replaced by a plaster copy. The original is in the Louvre. The paintings depicted the Act of Creation of our Local Universe and baby Yaltabaoth.

During the Cosmic Night, the Dark Priests took over the Temple. They desecrated it with human sacrifices, which were carried out in the crypt. At the request of Anubis, the Light Forces’ team completely cleared the Temple field of the accumulated necro-energy in it.

Next post: The Light Forces Operation in England and Scotland.

More by Lev

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The information came about the Light Forces’ ground team operation on September 10-13, 2020, which I want to share right away. As before, the location and names are not called for security reasons. All work was carried out on-site and remotely from other regions and countries. What were the goals and objectives of the new operation?

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Along with the operation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Light Forces’ ground team was assigned to conduct several more operations in Israel. Their goal was to eliminate karmic burial grounds, repositories of the incarnation Matrices of the Black Archons, restore the Portals they captured, and revive the Light Islands around them. All this was combined under the code name First Autogenic (i.e. self-generated) Incarnation Oasis in a Subtle Plane above this region.

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

The Great Quantum Transition is in full swing, and all of us – Star Soul, myself, and others – are already living in a new dimension of the combined 3D-4D-5D Eon. Even official science, despite the Dark Forces’ ban and strong opposition, found the courage to declare it publicly. The planet without warning already lives in another dimension…

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

The main problem of the Black Archons was and still is the inability to create a viable human. To maintain their power on the planet, they need a Homo sapiens that exists by generating its life energy, and not parasitizing, as they do, on the vital power of others.
For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dark Hierarchs have been experimenting with the human genome. They changed their structure. Made animal and vegetable inserts into it. Blocked 10 of the 12 strands of DNA to cut it off the Source’s energy. Created a lot of hybrids. It will take a long time to list all gruesome experiments…

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

On September 6, 2020, the Light Forces conducted the second stage of the operation near the Earth Heart Portal. The objective of the first stage of the operation was the extraction and destruction of an energy harpoon by which the Dark Hierarchs on 11-12 August 2020 have tried to strike a fatal blow to the Earth’s Core (Heart) in its Portal localization near Bald Mountain. The harpoon was an extension of the Demonic Worlds Axis created by the Archons during the Cosmic Night.

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

Operation Loch Ness – The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Drumnadrochit and Lewiston near Loch Ness and the nearby mountain, which is a pyramid. This area was once the Earth’s base of civilization from the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. Among other things, Vegans conducted experiments here for creating new molecular biological life forms. The research was strictly following Space Law and the necessary safety standards were observed.

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