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The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland - Part 2

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2 – By Lev.


Operation Loch Ness

The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Drumnadrochit and Lewiston near Loch Ness and the nearby mountain, which is a pyramid.

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The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland - Loch Ness Pyramid
Loch Ness Pyramid

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

This area was once the Earth’s base of civilization from the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. Among other things, Vegans conducted experiments here for creating new molecular biological life forms. The research was strictly following Space Law and the necessary safety standards were observed.

With the onset of Cosmic Night, the base was closed. On Vega and Earth, a situation arose that required the urgent return of the expedition from our planet. The dismantling of Loch Ness’s infrastructure was carried out hastily. Some objects were preserved. Several containers with biomass were left at the bottom of a deep-water lake and eventually depressurized.

At the bottom, there are also several dozen pyramids and a powerful energy channel in the middle of the lake. This is the Stellar Axis, which is oriented exactly along with one of the Vega Poles.

DNit Telegram Channel

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland - Loch Ness Castle

Loch Ness Castle

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

The structure of the Loch Ness pyramid is integral. There are no more pyramids like this on Earth. Its Thin-Material Matrix has a classic pyramid shape. The top has a guiding device, similar to a clockwork mechanism in a telescope, which adjusts its position by the daily rotation of the Earth.

During the day, the pyramid’s top rotating on a Thin Plane is tuned to the Sun and changes direction following its movement across the sky. It turns on at sunrise, turns off at sunset.

After a short pause, the night regime starts, automatically adjusting to Vega. Following its movement, the pyramid rotates its Thinly Material peak, hidden in the mountain, until dawn.

In this automatic mode, the pyramid operates under the daily cycle of the Sun/Vega, transmitting cosmic energy to the Earth’s Crystal Core.

When diagnosing the pyramid, the ground team found that it did not have a built-in self-correction mechanism. Because of this, for hundreds of thousands of years, her aim at Vega was shot down. On behalf of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the team members adjusted the orientation of the pyramid to this Star.

Smaller pyramids are built around the perimeter of the bottom of Loch Ness. If to connect them in a virtual line, one will get a drawing of a double helix of human DNA.

The Light Forces Ops - Precession


The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

Scotland, which is a unique system of pyramids and places of power, is only running at a third of its capacity. This applies to all pyramids in the Scottish Highlands, including near Milathort, Grenfarg, Aviemore, Speybank, Kincraig, Dalwhinnie, Killierankie, Fascatty, Drumochter.

As for the Loch Ness Cosmo-energy infrastructure, after a meeting with the Higher Light Hierarchy, it was decided to rebuild this complex into a quantum battery to provide the Earth with additional energy during the Great Quantum Transition.

The Light Forces Ops - Scotland


The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

The ground team has embedded crystals in the Thin-Material Matrix of the Loch Ness complex, which now provides the necessary amount of space energy to accumulate in it.

Then the crew linked the entire system inside. As a result, the energy coming from space is directed at each other by the pyramids. It is repeatedly reflected, concentrated, and accumulated under the original plan-scheme of Vegans. This ensures its preservation and strengthening.

Next, a system test and successful energy integration of the underwater pyramids with the main surface pyramid of Loch Ness were carried out. It controls the operation of small pyramids that work synchronously with it as part of the daily Sun/Vega cycle.

As a result, the Earth has a new fully functional Light Portal and additional energy source necessary for the future change of Poles and the Great Quantum Transition.

Operation Stonehenge

On the eve of the operation at Stonehenge, an incredibly high and powerful vibration was passed through the members of the Light Forces ground team all night. Their hearts were working at the limit, struggling to cope with the tremendous flow of energy.

The Light Forces Ops - Operation Stonehenge

Operation Stonehenge

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

As the day wore on, half an hour before noon, the team arrived at Stonehenge. Here they were assigned to create on spot a Civilization Mind Crystal and install it in this megalithic structure.

What is the Civilization Mind Crystal?

All information about the life and evolution of civilizations is recorded online in the Akashic Records – the information field of the Local Universe. They only contain information about events. There are no feelings, emotions, reflections records in them because they are inherent only to a person.

But there is something that preserves the special evolutionary achievements of humanity – the advanced and highly spiritual actions of its best representatives, their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotions. This is what constitutes the Treasury of the Akashic Records. The rest is dismissed as unnecessary husks.

All the achievements of evolution are accumulated in the Civilization Mind Crystal at the end of each civilization or race. The last two were formed in the final of the Third Lemurian and Fourth Atlantic Races.

Back then, the Civilization Mind Crystals were created exclusively by high priests and initiates. In the current Fifth Race, the creation of the Crystal was entrusted to ordinary people who had received special training. Among them was the LFs’ team sent to Stonehenge.

The beginning of the creation of the Civilization Mind Crystal of the Fifth Race was laid by Jesus Christ at the moment when the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus pierced His Heart on the Cross and from there blood dripped into the Grail. On the Higher Planes, the Grail represents the Mind Crystal. Later, its formation was continued by King Arthur in Camelot.

In our time, this is done by ground teams of Light Forces in different countries, one of which was the crew members who were in Stonehenge to conduct the planned operation.

At one time, to form a Crystal, their Thin Bodies were reformatted into a crystal structure. Then the DNA reconfiguration program was installed and activated. All this took place under the focus of one of the sub-rays of the Universal (21 Ray) Antakarana.

As a result, the Crystal was formed, passed the necessary refinement, finishing, and perfecting. At Stonehenge, this mechanism was in full working order.

Half an hour before the start of work, the team members suddenly felt a sharp squeezing pain in their throats. Many years of experience have shown that this is a reaction to powerful negative radiation at the site of the operation.

The team immediately began analyzing the situation. LFs’ groups in other countries quickly joined in. Contact was maintained via mobile phones and SMS.

Collectively, the situation was quickly clarified. The problem lay in the cosmic mechanism of Stonehenge.

In the distant past, the planetary Time Field (chronal continuum) has failed. It changed the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which led to fatal consequences.

One of them was the deformation of the Time Field. The planet’s clock was off and stopped showing the exact time. On the scale of the Earth and its Logos, this is unacceptable, since it destroys both. This danger is indicated by the planet’s orbit angle inclination to the Axis of our Local Universe – 3.14 (the number Pi), and it is necessary – 3.33. But the deviation can be completely corrected only after the Great Quantum Transition.

To save the planet and its Logos, the Higher Light Hierarchy decided to adjust the Earth’s Time Field. The Galactic Council has developed a special Matrix of Correction and Self-Adjustment of the Reference Galactic Time. A group of Higher Entities was organized to install the Matrix on all the planes of the Local Universe.

At the last stage, it was the turn of the Earth, where the Matrix had to be installed in 3D conditions. This meant that someone would have to reincarnate on Earth and perform the operation.

The place for the Matrix was selected very carefully. In the end, the choice fell on Salisbury Plain. This place is a cosmic projection of the Galaxy Heart and is one of the sub-chakras of the Earth’s Heart Planetary Chakra.

Through the Power Places and other infrastructure of the Salisbury Plain, the Planetary Crystal is connected to the Galactic Crystal (the Center of the Galaxy). That’s why the energy here is so pure and unique. No wonder it attracts so many aliens and UFOs, as the ground team could see later.

Incarnated representatives of the Higher Light Hierarchy (Children of Heaven) installed and activated the Matrix at Stonehenge. It began to perform the function of automatic self-correction and adjustment of the Time Field of the planet with the Reference Galactic Time, taking into account the correction for the earth’s reality.

The Stonehenge Matrix was activated once a year at sunrise on the Summer Solstice – June 22. It is at the point of sunrise on this day that the entire megalithic complex is oriented. The Winter Solstice and the days of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes were also key points.

Stonehenge is connected to other space objects.
For tens of thousands of years, Stonehenge has been performing its functions of correcting the Earth’s Time Field. But during Kali Yuga, the Dark Civilization had come, and Stonehenge was blocked.

The Dark Hierarchs enveloped the Thin-Material Crystal Matrix by darknet. As a result, most of the functions of Stonehenge were lost. It was impossible to fix the situation since it required work on the spot by incarnated Lightworkers and permission from the Karmic Council of the Galaxy.
The Higher Light Hierarchy did everything possible to at least partially restore the work of the Matrix. For this purpose, Woodhenge was built a few kilometers from Stonehenge to partially compensate for the default.

By the way, the Mayan mission was also an attempt to correct the Earth’s Time Field. It was the Mayans, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Galactic Time, who managed to pre-synchronize and adjust the Earth’s Time Field with the Reference Galactic Time, thus preparing the planet for the beginning of the Transition to the Sixth Race.


Greenwich Earth Time Portal

The second Galactic Time Synchronization was carried out on the Greenwich Earth Time Portal (see Part 1).

The ground team had to spin all this information in sprint mode, as there were 20 minutes left until noon when the operation had to start. And without the help of the Higher Light Hierarchy, they would hardly have made it.

The team members coughed as they walked around Stonehenge looking for the site of the operation. Blocking the Fifth Chakra indicated that this place is filled with strong negativity.

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland - Zero Meridian

Greenwich Zero Meridian

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

Despite this, the operation began. LFs’ groups in other countries actively participated in the restoration of the Stonehenge Matrix remotely, continuously monitoring of the situation.

All had to hurry. Exactly at noon, the first filling of the Cosmic Grail, the Mind Crystal of the Fifth Civilization, was to take place.

The Matrix recovery plan was both very simple and very complex. It was necessary to perform its causal substitution on the Ideal State Matrix.

To do this, the Galactic Committee, with the consent of the team, used their bodies (physical, subtle, and causal), as well as The Law of Free Will and The Law of Advantage Of The Lower Mind Form In Performing The Work Of The Higher Mind Level.

At the synchronized moment, everyone combined their efforts to replace the Matrix according to its ideal state and corrected all the planes of the Local Universe. Then it was tested for its performance. Everything went perfectly – the preliminary night preparation the day before helped.

Almost exactly at noon World Time, the updated Stonehenge started working in its original mode, although not yet at full capacity.

This is how the Galactic Self-Correcting Mechanism – the Earth’s Star Clock – was repaired. Now it works in a designed version, automatically adjusting to the source of the Reference Galactic Time and self-correcting if the Earth’s Time deviates from it. A complete analogy with computers, when the clock correction program is automatically configured on the reference time server, it performs synchronization and correction on the PC screen.

Then the first facet of the Mind Crystal of the Fifth Race Civilization was assembled. The sensation was indescribable. For several days, the entire team felt new energy within itself. Scenes of heroic deeds, chivalrous prowess, duels, and uncompromising battles in the name of Love and the Creator appeared sporadically in their mind.

Then the team walked to Woodhenge and performed another Cosmo-energy work there.
Then it was back to Amesbury, Salisbury, and London. And here the ground team met surprises.

The Light Forces Ops - Galactica Glyph

Galactica Glyph

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

Contacts With UFOs

Wiltshire, along with Somerset and Cornwall is the most mysterious counties in England. Many have heard of crop circles (or glyphs). So most often they appear in the Wiltshire fields. Numerous UFOs sightings have also been recorded here.

This was witnessed also by the LFs’ ground crew, who even made contact with two of them.

It turned out that the entire Salisbury Plain is an ancient spaceport, with many landing sites having a similar concentric configuration and a long runway for landing aircraft without vertical thrust.

Such extraterrestrial vehicles are already an anachronism. Modern UFOs are flat “plates” equipped with an anti-gravity device and an inter-dimensional transition generator. It allows one to instantly change the dimension of the device, if necessary, in a fraction of a second to go to the singular point. In other words, to collapse into a singularity and unfold in higher dimensions, changing the frequency characteristics of the molecules of the substance from which the dish is made.

Aliens have special spacesuits in which they endure such overloads, or their bodies can instantly adjust to the desired dimension.

The ground crew learned all this from the aliens themselves. In the Super Universe, there is a Law according to which guests on another planet and discovered by residents are REQUIRED to contact and give TRUTHFUL answers to all questions raised.

Why has no one established official contacts yet?
It’s very simple.

First, they are required to make contact only if they are not threatened. Second, communication is conducted on a special Galactic frequency – the Universal Telepathic Frequency of Contact. It is automatically activated in a person after opening and activating the sixth DNA strand in which this frequency is encoded.

In the secret space programs of several countries, this frequency could be simulated artificially with the help of extra-planetary high-tech. But it is inaccessible to the rest of humanity.

Some time ago, a sixth DNA strand was activated in the team members, allowing them to communicate with the UFOs’ pilots telepathically.

On the way to London, the opportunity presented itself.

After spotting the UFO, they telepathically contacted its crew, who kindly agreed to answer questions.

From them, the ground team learned about the unsuccessful hunt for UFOs by the British military. As noted above, in case of danger, for example, when firing missiles from an airplane, the UFOs instantly moves to another dimension, simply disappearing from our reality.

The UFO crew also said that Salisbury Plain, being the heart of the Earth’s sub-chakra, attracts with its energy and not only. Most of the alien ships located there are working on a single plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy to prepare the Earth for the Great Quantum Transition.

Among many operations, UFOs create crop circles. This is a special space for the Matrix, created by the Supreme Light Hierarchy.

Each glyph, unique and inimitable, is installed by its projection in the Earth Crystal Heart. With the help of crop circles, the energy and information field of our planet is connected to new cosmic flows and fills the Earth’s noosphere with new knowledge necessary for the Great Quantum Transition.

They carry encoded knowledge about the structure of our Galaxy, earthlings, Earth, and much other information. Glyphs are also Galactic Mandalas for reaching the intergalactic level, a symbol of cosmic presentation.

A cursory analysis of the Galactica glyph, for example, shows that Milky Way consists of 6 arms, of which only three are known to modern astronomy. Our Solar System is located on the outer edge of the Orion Arm.

The Light Forces Ops - Orion Arm

Orion Arm

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

Crop circles are made by UFOs, mostly at night, using special torsion-infrared vortex technology. The UFOs, without landing, process a section of the field, twisting the drawing elements clockwise.

Another contact occurred late on the evening of the same day when the team was traveling on a bus from Salisbury to Southampton.

It was a UFO of the classic dish shape. It was always in front of the bus moving at a speed of 100 km/h. All this lasted 7 minutes, the dish was seen by all passengers. The team was surprised by their reaction. Everyone was as calm as if they were looking at an ordinary car.

Team members tried to get in touch with this UFO. In response, they received an automatic response – its identification number (after about fifteen digits lost count), the purpose of the mission, and so on. It was an autonomous unmanned research module that operated automatically or was controlled by robots. When viewing a clairvoyant UFO, it did not reveal biological life forms.

Deposition of the Royal Egregore

All conditions of the Karmic Council were fully met by the Light Forces’ ground team. At the end of the joint operation in England and Scotland, the Karma Lords decided to depose the Royal egregore and eliminate the external management of it.

To participate in this ceremony, the team members were ordered to arrive at the location of the Royal egregor in London – the St. Stephen Monument.

At the appointed time, the LFs’ team arrived at the site and took up a position on the opposite side of the Thames. The Karmic Council meeting has begun. It announced the decision of the Karma Lords to depose the Royal egregore of England and the Cosmic Coronation of Princess Diana.

The first decision was executed immediately. The British monarchy was removed from the administration and control of the Royal egregore.

The second decision was due to take effect the next day in Glastonbury, Somerset.

According to ancient Chronicles, Glastonbury Abbey was visited by Jesus Christ at an early age with Joseph of Arimathea. The Abbey grounds include the grave of King Arthur and Guinevere, as well as a Thorn Bush.

The Light Forces Ops - Princess Diana Tiara

Princess Diana Tiara

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

The Light Forces Ops - Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland

About 2-3 km from the Abbey of Glastonbury Tor lies in the Pyramid form. On top, there are two sacred points. One of them is the hub of communication between the Earth’s Information Field and the local Universe’s Info Field.

It was from this point that the Cosmic Coronation of Princess Diana was held. She was awarded the right to control the Royal egregore and received the status of Space Queen of England.

With the coronation of Diana, the UK is expecting big changes, and hopefully only for the better.

So ended a very complex, exhausting, but interesting and intense operation of the Light Forces’ ground team in England and Scotland.

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