Italian Revolution of Light

The Italian Revolution of Light

The Italian Revolution of Light. By Georgi Stankov

June 4, 2018

We have arrived in Italy on April 3rd and ten days later we helped the arrival of the new red giant which changed profoundly the rules of the game on this ascending planet, known as Gaia.

The new magnetic energies from this new sun are since then the driving force and the catalyst for rapid change, first and foremost, in the establishment of a higher level of mental clarity and emotional discernment that enable the people to separate the lies from the truth and the liars from the honest people.

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As we know, the biggest liars are to be found among the ruling cabal and that is why the people have begun to turn away from these dark, despicable entities in power and to question themselves how it was possible that they have delegated their power to such debased, obnoxious individuals who are the scum of society.

This is the true revolution of light which we now unleash in Italy, and from there throughout Europe and the rest of the world. This has been a leitmotif in my writings for the last several years.

The Return to Eden!

As already reported on this website during the last several years, with our arrival in Italy we have begun to create and manifest the first and biggest 5D city of light in Northern Italy – New Raetia.

Nuova Raetia

New Raetia as Śambhala?

The Italian Revolution of Light

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Orbs Viola Alpi Italiane

Violet Orbs over Italian Alpes

The Italian Revolution of Light

Into Ascension

This gargantuan undertaking of transgalactic proportions progresses independently of what is happening at the political 3D stage, but it determines all the political events in a very effective, though invisible, manner.

For instance, it took more than 3 months for the winning two parties “cinque stelle” and “lega nord” to form a new coalition government.

Their consultations were before that successfully torpedoed by the old political prostitutes such as Berlusconi from forza italia and the other dark unelected politicians in Rome, who de facto performed a coup d’etat during the last five years since Beppe Grillo successfully challenged the established parties in Italy and emerged at the political scene as the leading political force of the disenfranchised Italian citizens.

I was one of the first commentators to predict a glorious future for his new party at a time when he was ridiculed by all MSM and nobody believed that he will have a lasting success. And I was right.

It is a great gratification for me that on the very day when Carla arrived in Rome on May 31, 2018 for the second time to initiate the final tsunami of ascension waves that will culminate in the ultimate ascension shift and the appearance of New Raetia in Northern Italy, probably around summer equinox or shortly thereafter (linear time is an illusion), the new anti-EU coalition government was inaugurated in Rome.

Before that the Italian president tried to commit a second coup d’etat supported by the eurocrats in Brussels and rejected the new government, but he failed miserably at the outrage of the Italian public and throughout Europe.

Swedish Public Television interviews Beppe Grillo during the Tsunami Tour 2013

VIDEO (In Italian)

The next day the corrupt conservative PM in Spain, who also did not win any elections but usurped the political power in a criminal and highly undemocratic manner, was finally toppled down in a vote of no confidence and the Catalonian separatist government, that was sanctioned by this criminal politician in Madrid, was immediately installed in power.

The political avalanche in Europe has acquired a breathtaking velocity and scope, and one can only feel the immense power of light behind it if one lives here and witnesses it first hand.

Or rather if one creates the energetic momentum of change as a powerful Logos God as we are doing here on the ground.

However, when I read yesterday and today the Italian press, I was dismayed by the extremely low-quality, gossip-like manner of reporting and painstaking evasion of any thorough discussion of the economic and financial causes that have led to the current political and financial crisis in Italy.

It is even more disappointing that the alternative media worldwide have also a very short memory – to quote Alex Jones, him including,”a memory of a gold-fish” – and no understanding as to the primary causes of the current Italian malaise.

Although the people begin to awaken under the massive barrage of Source energies of truth and to discern intuitively who are the scoundrels and who sincerely wants to improve the plight of the people, there are virtually no clear thinkers in Europe and elsewhere who encompass the complex situation on this planet that is based on so many intricate lies and deceptions at the economic, financial and political level that virtually no one is able to follow and comprehend them in their entirety.

Maneggiare con Cura

Foreign Press Concern

The Italian Revolution of Light

Nostra Europa Movimento Cinque Stelle

Think a New Idea of Europe

The Italian Revolution of Light

That is why I decided to re-publish one more time my article from 2016 where I explain in more detail how it happened that the European cabal, in particular the ones from the UK, with the help of the Reptilian Soros and his Dark Co., bankrupted the Italian economy in the 90s and forced this beautiful and, at that time, prosperous country to enter the Euro-union and de facto subscribe to a perennial stagnation and impoverishment under the reckless policy of the EU-vampires in Brussels.

Sometimes I regret that I have retreated and have stopped writing articles on the actual political, economic and financial situation on this planet, as since then I have not come across a single publication that even remotely grasps the true scenario on this planet and can serve as a vademecum for the awakening masses to discern the truth about themselves and the kind of slavish lives they have led in eons of desperate incarnations.

But as long as we are in physical bodies, we must choose our priorities and at this most auspicious moment in the history of mankind, it is my duty to create the new city of light in Italy and Central Europe and not to enlighten and educate the people. I have written enough articles in the past and have accomplished my duty as a teacher of humanity to the best of my abilities.

Now it is time to move on and “open the gate to the New World where the new Theory and Axiomatics of the Universal Law will be metaphorically the new ten Commandments, which once Moses introduced”, as the Source confirmed to us on May 29th through Julia in a powerful light session.

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