The Islands Of Light Restoration - Lev

The Islands Of Light Restoration

The Great Quantum Transition

The Islands Of Light Restoration. By Lev.

The information came about the Light Forces’ ground team operation on September 10-13, 2020, which I want to share right away.

As before, the location and names are not called for security reasons. All work was carried out on-site and remotely from other regions and countries.

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What were the goals and objectives of the new operation?

During the Cosmic Night, the space fleets of the reptilians and Black Archons destroyed on Earth many cities and entire countries inhabited by civilizations from the Constellations that the Higher Dark Hierarchy considered enemies.

If to look carefully at the Google Map that has not been edited, one can see traces of attacks from space be the scalar, electro-magnetic and nuclear weapons on many continents where the bombing left rocky areas and craters, large and gigantic, like the Eye of the Sahara.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Eye of The Sahara

Eye of The Sahara

The Islands Of Light Restoration

Comets and asteroids were also used as super-bombs. Spaceships were landed on their surface and directed at a specific target on Earth. Either the ship was embedded in the course of movement ahead of the asteroid, creating an energy channel in front of it, through which the celestial body crashed to the surface at the specified coordinates, turning everything into dust.

The same principle (manipulation of the field and atmospheric pressure) is used to direct the hurricanes for hitting the southern, southeastern, and Eastern coasts of the United States.

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On the operation’s objectives…

In the past, four civilizations from the Ursa Major Constellation built many Cities of Light on the planet. Megaliths were used to build temples, pyramids, houses, dams, roads, and canals.

A well-established urban infrastructure was supplied with the energy of space and Earth by a system of crystals on the physical and Subtle Plane.

These were Archipelagos of Light, in one of which the Goddess Sophia left her aspects.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Ursa Major Constellation

Ursa Major Constellation

The Islands Of Light Restoration

Everything was destroyed by the reptilian and Black Archons.

Now, with the approach of Cosmic Day, the power of Dark Forces on Earth is coming to an end, it is possible to restore the destroyed. Rehabilitate the old infrastructure on a Subtle Plane and use it to clean up the places of bombing from negative energy.

This task was set by the Higher Light Hierarchy for the ground team.

On September 8-9, 2020, another Bald Mountain became the site of the first stage of the operation. After scanning its field, the team made an unexpected discovery. It turns out that not all Bald Mountains are accumulators and repeaters of negative energies. Everything was more complicated.

As it turned out, this is the planet’s coronary system. It consists of two types of Portals. By analogy with the human body, some are venous, others are arterial. Part – outputs the energy used by the Earth Heart, and part – accepts pure energy. The cleaning work had to be canceled – the Mountain was venous, diverting…

The Higher Light Hierarchs approved the team’s decision. And while they were near the Mountain, Archangel Michael, who oversaw the operation, explained why it should not have been performed.

In this place are deposits of trona and nahcolite, which are the source of sodium salts of carbonic acid. Deposits of these minerals are scattered all over the world – in the United States, Libya, China, Mongolia, Tanzania, Egypt, and other countries.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Nahcolite


The Islands Of Light Restoration

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Trona


The Islands Of Light Restoration

The largest trona deposits are located in the United States – along the Green River in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado states. Their reserves will last for two millennia. Nahcolite is found in large quantities in the central salt beds of Searles Lake (California) along with other carbonate and sulfate minerals. Extracted from trona and nahcolite sodium carbonate is converted into edible soda.

The deposit of these minerals in the area of Lightwarriors’ operations did not appear by accident.

The bombardment by the reptilians’ fleets caused more than just energy anomalies on Earth. Started the decomposition of biological systems. The chemical soil’s structure changed, which began to quickly acidify, threatening to turn many territories into dead deserts for millennia.

To prevent this, the Co-Creators of the Local Universe sent powerful impulses to various points on Earth. They broke through the protective plasma Veil of the Archons around the planet and entered deep into the ground, starting a chain reaction of the formation of trona and nahcolite from the chemical elements located there.

This has helped transform and heal large areas of the Earth’s surface. One of them was at the Lightwarriors’ operation site near the Bald Mountain.

Formed by deposits of trona, and the nahcolite sodium salt of carbonic acid eliminated the acidification of soils and water. Actively removed harmful ingredients from the biological bodies.

In ancient times, they knew the properties of edible soda, called the Ashes of Fire. It was taken inside so that the lymph and blood did not clot. The biochemical reactions continue in the cells restoring the ability to absorb Subtle Energies by the tissues that have become very rough in 3D.

The Black Archons on Earth and beyond did not want the Light Transformation of the planet. The blood system of the Bald Portal Mountains was being destroyed, polluted, and used for the needs of the Dark Hierarchy. They turned the Ashes of Fire into a simple combination of chemical elements. Most of the deposits were fed with negative energy that had nothing to do with the original compounds.

The Higher Light Hierarchy entrusted the ground team the Bald Mountains’ rehabilitation. Through the Lightwarriors, Co-Creators of the Local Universe also affect the Mountains with their energy to restore them and speed up the Earth’s healing.

On September 9, 2020, the group arrived at the place of the next work – a lake that was formed on the place of the City of Light destroyed by reptilians, in which Goddess Sofia once placed Her aspect. As a result of the scalar bombardment, it broke into several parts.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Green River

Green River

The Islands Of Light Restoration

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Goddess Sophia

Goddess Sophia

The Islands Of Light Restoration

The team was tasked with putting them together and restoring the Goddess Monad’s integrity.

During the previous Cosmic Day, there was a large enclave of civilization from the Ursa Major constellation. The center of the colony was a Temple on top of a truncated pyramid, similar to the Mayan Sun Pyramid.

Inside the Temple, a multidimensional crystal was placed on a stand with aspects of Higher Light Entities and information from the entire Local Universe.

The multi-faceted form radiated simultaneously different vibrations, maintaining energy and information saturation of space, covering a large territory. Part of it was focused on the North Star, from which spaceships were constantly coming to the Earth.

It was a powerful Light Portal. Through it, representatives of civilizations from many Star Systems were incarnated on Earth.

The Light City and the Temple with the crystal served as the center from which the energy network and its zero points were built on the planet. When a single point was activated, the entire network started working.

Before their work, the ground team was shown by hologram what this Light City looked like in the past. It was surrounded by a high wall with several gates. The people were of different appearance, tall – blond, shorter – black-haired. All brightly dressed. Auctions, holidays. Carts were drawn by different animals. Horses, camels, buffaloes, mammoths, flying chariots – Vimanas…

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Vimana


The Islands Of Light Restoration

Everything changed with the coming of the Cosmic Night. The reptilians’ fleet appeared in the sky, which from different angles began to shoot the Light City and people at point-blank range with vacuum weapons. Through the gaps in the walls, water poured from a nearby lake into a giant funnel that formed in the center, flooding everything around. Faults appeared in the shifted tectonic plates.

The main goal of the attackers was not the Light City, but the energy channel to the Earth’s Heart which they tried to paralyze.

The Higher Light Forces did not allow this to happen. They instantly created an impenetrable energy barrier under the surface, which reliably covered the underground infrastructure on the Thin Plane from impacts.

Behind this barrier, the city and civilization continue to live today. Multi-level passages and halls made of huge blocks have been preserved under the lake. But relations with the population on the surface are not maintained.

A huge underground city maintains an ecological balance on the Earth. Unique bioenergy is generated from the interior and space for photosynthesis and carbon formation at the planetary level. Experiments are conducted on the resistance of environmental parameters. The degree of suitability of raw materials from deep layers of magma is revealed.

The lake is filled with solar plasma and its banks are still a Power Place. Streams coming from space are captured in the lake like an echo sounder and are concentrated in two crystals located one above the other in a pyramid-shaped hill on the shore. They are multidimensional, glowing with a pink-diamond Light. Through them, the rays from the Ursa Major Constellation rotate progressively downward, spherical. Is emitted and the counter-flow.

At the corner points along the lake’s perimeter – artificial hills. Inside, the control centers of the entire complex are located on a Thin Plane. From them, vertical energy axes go up, perpendicular to the surface, forming a polyhedral crystal extending up to 5D and higher. After the disaster, the crystals stopped working at full power.

At the top of one of the pyramid hills, a damaged multi-dimensional Portal has been preserved. On September 10, 2020, the ground team started working from it.

It consisted of combining the 3D-4D-5D fields, restoring the destroyed aspect of Sophia, and returning it to Her Monad to trigger the rebirth of the Goddess. Then upload the Absolute Light Mandala with Her Monad to the Subtle Plane to restructure the territory’s space.

Some Lightwarriors left to work at the foot of the pyramid. The team leaders rose to the top.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Pyramid of Light

Pyramid of Light

The Islands Of Light Restoration

Word to participants:

B. The missing aspect of Sofia was in a fragmented state in the lake’s field. Two Lightwarriors first assembled it, then a single unit offered to revive the Heart of Sofia. Everyone was crying from the vibration of Love…

V. Managed to return home on time and calmly carried out the work. The Mandala was huge. We set it up with energy over the top of the pyramid, then it began to work and pass inside the pyramid…

A. I worked for 19 minutes. First, there was a yawn to the ears, then a chakra cough. The Mandala worked very powerfully. It gave off a crimson, blue, and purple glow. I felt as if a conveyor-sorter was working, sifting through the stones of the pyramid. There was a slight shaking…

V. The Mandala entered the space of the pyramid, rotating on its axis and clearing everything around it. I believe and hope that everything that was once created and destroyed by the Dark Forces will be restored…

E. After placing the Mandala in the field of the pyramid, everything stood still for a while. Then, slowly, the energy began to move away from the core, going far up. I felt like something was being recorded in the back of my head, and I was like a transmitter… There was a feeling of complete merging with the Mandala. Then everything began to warm up, joy and tears began to break out from under the stones. I was smiling as if the Universe was enjoying what was happening. Then came tears of deep sadness. It was as if I was sinking deep, and everything I saw caused sadness and pain. I sat in the stream as if sealed, and realized that I could not move anywhere. I saw the Mandala start working. The tears didn’t stop…

N. Just an hour before work, energy began to be pumped through me. The heart began to beat faster and with it all the energy of the body. Occasionally, dark clots flew out. It squeezed the top of my head. It lasted about three hours and did not let go. There was a high intensity of energy, they already rang…

T. Mandala entered the field of the mountain-pyramid, harmonizing space-time, removing the negativity, and bringing to a new constructive branch of development. We sent Light and Love to the mountain’s field, filled it with purple, then Perfect Light…

D. Mandala immediately after the introduction of untwisted, turned into a flower, and began a subtle restoration of time and space…”

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Bald Mountains in Harz, Germany

Bald Mountains in Harz, Germany

The Islands Of Light Restoration

On September 11, 2020, the revived Goddess Sofia Herself contacted the group. Here’s what She said – I quote:

“I haven’t fully recovered yet. Ahead of me is an adaptation in the Pleroma, accommodating the energies of Dipole Absolutes and the new things that are happening in the Universe. I need time to reboot.

When I fully recovered and completed my dipolization, then I’ll be in touch with you.

Thank you for helping me restore my energy. There are many of them in the Universe, and I am preparing to accept them all. Then there will be my reboot in the Absolute, and I will be Sofia the Mother again.

After that, I’ll come down to you on the surface. I have a lot to do on Earth.

It attracts me, but all the energies have not yet developed when you can completely transmute yourself and your creation.
Yaltabaoth – my sorrow and pain as a consequence of irrational actions… We must fulfill our role to the end, neutralize and change everything on Earth…

My heart still hurts. I will stay in silence without communicating with you. It is necessary for you and me. Rebirth must be done at the top to actively engage in Earth’s and Heaven’s Affairs.

For now, don’t call me. I will remind you of myself when many energies are ready for this. I embrace you and feel sorry for you. I hope that new times will soon come, and there will be no pain, hardships, and deprivation…”

On September 13, 2020, the ground team continued working on the pyramid near the lake. Now they had to restore it on the Subtle Plane as a Temple. To do this, in addition to the energies of Lightwarriors, they used their Logos.

Again word to participants:

P. The Logos took its place at the top of the pyramid in the Christ pose on the Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. And went to work…

E. A burst of powerful light, it became hot. At some point, I saw how this place turned into a wide powerful Portal, in which the old construction elements were dissolved and new ones were created…

M. Logos covered the pyramid with an octahedral crystal. Then it transformed into a gable roof shape, then – a four-sided pyramid. It was transparent, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow…

V. The Logos took root inside the Earth, then built a high pillar-column. It began to spin and gradually descended. As a result, a glow appeared above the pyramid, which became permanent…”

After the restoration of the pyramid, on September 14, 2020, the ground crew moved to another place for work – the territory that was covered with a thick layer of stones. This is all that remains of the sacred trapezoid pyramid that once stood here and other buildings of the former Island of Light. Everything was destroyed by the reptilian vacuum weapons.

The keepers of the place did not respond. On the Subtle Plane, only the head of the Clan and the Priest of the stellar civilizations that once lived here came. They asked to heal the place…

Work began immediately.

Two Lightwarriors created a small Portal for multidimensional crystals and put them in their Subtle Body for the territory’s rehabilitation. The place was cleaned with Antahkarana, then, using the Absolute Light Mandala, the negativity accumulated over millennia was removed with purple rays.

Other Lightwarriors took in themselves all shattered the sacred crystals of this place. Some included large chunks, others – small, up to dust, but a lot of them from all over the territory. Then – extracted from the ground. During the night, they were collected and cleaned, to be unloaded the next morning in a pyramid hill nearby.

The work was conducted under the Higher Light Hierarchs’ guidance.

On the Subtle Plane, a pyramid with a pentagonal base was built by combined vibrations. In 1/3 of the pyramid, in the lower part worked the team’s Logos, in the middle part – the Higher Light Hierarchs, in the upper part – the Messiahs’ aspects.

The pyramid covered the sacred crystals of a huge region with its base. When the entire structure was lined up, a bright light beam descended from the space, splitting into several parts. The main – connected to the control center of the pyramid hill, while the others – to each of the crystals.

Immediately, cosmic Light was activated and began to saturate the crystals with its energy. Then the energies of each crystal and their combined Light descended into the Earth’s Core, healing and raising its luminosity.

In the work was used the Absolute Light Mandala. It took the shape of a Merkaba, like an elongated, wildly rotating, glittering Yule. With its help, the restoration of space-time in the most accelerated mode, the regeneration of the affected crystals, and the restoration of the energy of the area to the original ones began. All the work went on at such a furious pace that it seemed as if it was unfolding inside a giant tornado.

The Islands Of Light Restoration - Merkaba


The Islands Of Light Restoration

First, each crystal was activated as a warm-up process to bring them to the common resonant threshold frequency. When the crystals reached it, there was a strong flash from the control panel of the temple-pyramid, and there was a general synchronization, like coordination in the general clock. Then for some time, there was a stabilization of the running system.

A huge flow of energy went to the pyramid temple, which gushed fountains from this point. Similar fountains of energy began to erupt throughout the vast region. They were connected by luminous threads, forming a network.

From each crystal, a strong stream began to go high up. The activated crystals connected the different dimensions not point-wise but in large spans. The team wanted to raise the energy to 13D, but they were stopped by Co-Creators who explained that 5D is enough.

When all the work was done, the Lightwarriors turned to Guan Yin and the Karmic Council of the Local Universe with a request to restore justice, conduct an analysis of past events, and punish the reptilians for destroying the cities and settlements of stellar civilizations.

Through the leader of the group, the head of the Clan and the Priest passed on detailed information and evidence of the evil done.

The Karmic Council accepted the information for immediate execution, informing that the reptilians and their masters, the Black Archons, would soon face severe retaliation.

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