The Heart And Solar Resonance: A Review For Some And New Information For Others - By Dr. Schavi M.Ali

The Heart And Solar Resonance

A Review For Some And New Information For Others

The Heart And Solar Resonance: A Review For Some And New Information For Others – By Dr. Schavi M.Ali

Many people are concerned who are experiencing heart palpitations (rapid and/or irregular heart rhythms), and this, of course, causes anxiety and trips to a doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room.

Sometimes the medical staff will conduct a special procedure to bring the heart back to “normal” rhythm and/or prescribe chemical medications.

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This article is not suggesting that people stop relying on traditional medicine because most people are not comfortable with natural and spiritual therapy.

In fact, many people have the opinion that “GOD” led them to a certain “Doctor” for help and that the “medicine” prescribed is absolutely necessary.

I cannot change anyone’s beliefs, and we all have free will.

However, I can offer the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE about this particular issue.

The Heart And Solar Resonance - Medicine Circle

Medicine Circle

The Heart And Solar Resonance

Our planet has what is known as the “Schumann Resonance” (vibrational frequency and amplitude) named after Dr. Weinfried Otto Schumann who researched Earth’s magnetic energy for many years and published his studies in 1952.

However, the fact that our planet has a specific rhythm was known and taught in ancient times, so modern mankind is merely catching-up to ancient knowledge.

“Vibrational Frequency” is cycles of movement per second of a given object—and in this case, we are focusing on our planet.

“Amplitude” is the strength and power of the vibrational frequencies as they travel throughout the planet.

The “Schumann Resonance” is also called “Earth’s Heartbeat”.

For thousands of years, our planet’s rhythm has accelerated and then de-accelerated as collective consciousness has elevated and fallen as various historical experiences have occurred.

Both much of mainstream and spiritual science now concur that our planet is moving faster on its axis and is receiving massive doses of LIGHT from our Sun which is receiving energetics from the “Photon Belt” and the “Great Central Sun”.

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This LIGHT is then transferred to our planet and our entire solar system.

The LIGHT influxes are from solar flares and their coronal mass ejections or cloud-like plasma particles of protons and electrons (in brief—“radiation”) which embrace and envelop our planet and press into what is known as the “magnetosphere” or surrounding electromagnetic shield.

The Heart And Solar Resonance - Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

The Heart And Solar Resonance

When all of this occurs, our planet is activated in “Her” core (tectonic plates, etc.) and outer field. Our planet’s molecular structure is literally “spinning” faster.

All of creation on our planet is activated by what happens in other aspects of the cosmos, and remember, Earth/Gaia is a part of the entire cosmos and is situated in a specific galaxy called the “Milky Way”.

As our planet is activated by cosmic energy from our Sun, so is humanity which is a part of creation.

If Earth/Gaia’s physical system is moving faster, so must the human physical system as well, and this includes the heart.

Thus, the human heart resonates with the planetary heart—the “Schumann Resonance”. In other words, it is “normal” for human hearts to beat faster and also sometimes to have what is perceived to be an uneven rhythm.

Earth/Gaia is leveling up to a higher place in the cosmos, and so is creation upon “Her”.

When procedures are done or medications with dangerous side effects are administered to supposedly change the cardio system to “normalcy”, this is actually interfering with DIVINE DESIGN or with what “SOURCE” (“GOD”) is doing in creation.

When SOURCE is interfered with, then the results are not good. It is a proven scientific fact that medicine will eventually actually give a person what he or she was taking the medicine for in the first place!

This information comes from medical doctors who are friends, from those whom I have taught who became medical doctors, and from those doctors who I have met in my Naturopath’s office (who by the way, is a fully degreed and licensed Medical Doctor who realized the dangers of chemical medicines) who were there because they admitted that they would not take the chemical medicines they prescribe for their patients nor would they suggest it to their family members or friends.

My Naturopath has studied and understands the workings of the cosmos and follows Native American teachings as well.

She keeps her license up to date because she realizes that most people will not respect healing knowledge from anyone unless the letters “MD” are behind his or her name.


Evidently, most of mankind would rather follow man than “GOD”.

The Heart And Solar Resonance - Photon Belt

Photon Belt

The Heart And Solar Resonance

Yet, Yeshua Ha Messiah taught: “DO NOT PLACE THY FAITH IN MAN.”

For those who are experiencing the “natural” rhythm of our planet as she shifts and turns on “Her” axis in vibrational frequency and amplitude as heart palpitations and who are interested in natural comfort while our planet is in reception of SOURCE LIGHT, as I have suggested previously, take three dropper-fulls of “MOTHERWORT” herbal extract three times per day or “HAWTHORNE” herbal extract (both can be taken together) which are available at a reputable health food store.

These calm heart rhythms as well as the nervous system.

They can be taken straight or with a swallow of water. Also, stay away from salt, caffeine, and stressful people and events.

Watching troubling television news and crime dramas can also stir-up the nervous system and the heart’s rhythm.

We cannot stop the movements of the DIVINE in the cosmos and their activations upon creation, but we can employ spiritual and natural therapies for comfort while we are experiencing a natural transformational process of our cells and the DNA within them.

Metaphysically speaking, the human inhabitants of earth/Gaia need to express more LOVE, and accordingly, it is the human heart that is being activated for this to occur.

The Heart And Solar Resonance - Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

The Heart And Solar Resonance

Ancient teachings are that the heart is the “altar” of the “body temple” upon which great sacredness is found.


If we are “temples” and we are “sacred”, why “poison” the “temple”?

One more biblical quote—given several times previously— “STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED.”

More By Dr. Schavi

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Cosmic Frequency News 6 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Just before midnight on Thursday, January 5th, 2023, at “0057” Universal Time (UT) which was “6:57 PM” Eastern Standard Time (EST), an “X1.2” solar flare burst forth from our Sun sending out with it a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) of plasma which powerfully soared into the magnetosphere.

Cosmic Frequency News 3 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 3 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Our Sun has had more sunspot groups (not just singular sunspots) in December of 2022 than in the past seven years. From them have blasted high-powered flares in the upper “C-Class” ranges and the strong “M-Class” ranges and a few “X-Class” explosions.

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Planets in our solar system have 30 degrees between signs, and along the way, they retrograde back into the signs that they previously visited. Some planets traverse the degrees quickly, and some such as the “Outer Planets” of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron take a much longer time period.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 December 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 30 December 2022 – Dr Schavi

Other galactic realms which have long, long, long ago (beyond the numbers of human calculating) have been through what Earth/Gaia is experiencing and have/and are assisting in this planet’s uplift and shift. However, it is humanity who must do most of the work of the “Consciousness- Transfer”. The other galactic beings are merely “tutors” as we learn to navigate future time lines.

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 – Dr Schavi

As of 10:50 AM (EST), solar winds are traveling at 523.5 kilometers per second (km/s), and a mild solar flare has occurred of “C.1-Class”. However, a new sunspot has been detected growing that is directly facing Earth/Gaia.

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