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The Great Quantum Transition - Siberia Ops Part 2 - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Siberia Ops Part 2

Siberia Ops Part 2 – Lev

On 2 June, Lightwarriors’ ground team disclosed new info about their op to the Earth’s crystal grid re-activation. After restoring the Maternal start key (see – Siberia Ops, Part 1, DNI, 30 May 2024), it was the turn of the Paternal part. Its assembling was carried out in Tobolsk (Western Siberia).

Eons ago, this place and nearby areas were inhabited by the Light space races from Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, which built there a vast high-tech cluster of gateways, cosmic ports, industry, R&D sites and laboratories, Temples and much more. And as in other regions, before the last Comic Night, it was all dismantled, hidden, or evacuated from Earth with the settlers.

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Siberia Ops Part 2 - Tobolsk On The Map

Tobolsk On The Map

Siberia Ops Part 2

At the same time they deactivated, divided into five parts and hidden the Paternal start key of the global crystal grid to prevent NAA using it. But as the Cosmic Day came and enters in full force, the re-igniting the entire infrastructure has become the Co-Creators’ priority. Just like before, they took all the basic work, assigning the ground team assist as interfaces on the spot and distantly.

In Tobolsk, they led Lightwarriors to every place, where the disassembled parts were put away. Co-Creators needed a life field to assemble all five segments. In this function, they used the Lightwarriors’ Causal and Subtle Bodies, into which alternately loaded the corresponding fragment on the site of each work. The stowage was especially strongly felt at night and in the morning, as if in corpus was put a huge and heavy weight. No one could get out of bed before lunch. All trips to the work sites were carried out in the afternoon. The entire energy background was neutral and clean, without negativity, despite the bloody battles in these places in the past. This was the effect of Paternal start key even in fractured state.

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Tobolsk


Siberia Ops Part 2

DNit Telegram Channel


Finally, the day of the final op came. All the elements were collected and placed in the team leader’s Monad. But serious problems arose. As it turned out, the fifth part with access code, sustained great damage. How did it happen? Paternal start key contained not only the Universe’s Masculine Foundation, but also the Monadic aspect of the continent’s two main Curators. These aspects, live Intelligence forms, could not withstand a millennium of wars, murders, rivers of blood, pain and suffering during the Cosmic Night, which caused the deformation of the fifth element, cracks on it and loss of functionality.

To save the damaged fragment until better times, Co-Creators placed it in a protective and intensive care sarcophagus. In the 19th century, they put the facility into 3D, into a sacred geometric Mandala. For reviving the segment, the team leader singled out his heart aspect, and using it, one of the Curators combined all five parts and restored the Paternal start key. But then a surprise followed. Instead of activating the key, it was evacuated from Earth. When shocked Lightwarriors wandered – why? – Co-Creators told them to arm self with patience and soon be ready for the new important operations, regarding this matter…

Additional information about the four Light Space races helps to better understand the significance of this and other Siberian operations further to a disclosed earlier (see – On The Way To The 5th Race, Part 3, DNI, 18 October 2020). As DNI narrated, they came on Earth from Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion and Beta Leo system. But what was their origin, and WHY they HAD to come here?

Their long and tragic story roots in eons back, when one of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch, elder brother of Christ, betrayed them and started building own Local Universe. Christ made His part, populating it by the Light space races, born from seven pairs of Primary Light Archons (the progenitors of a single Monadic Tree), and a Perfect Man. The latter’s adapted copy was settled on 3D Earth. Trying to extract from him the Source’s mightiest Spark, Black Co-Creator and his son Yaltabaoth split his Monad into two parts, feminine and masculine, but couldn’t get what wanted (see – Israel Light Forces Ops, Part 1, DNI, 12 September 2020). Only One decides in whom to stay.

These halves became independent Monads. From each, many Monadic streams of Dracos, Reptilians, Insectoids, Anunnaks, humanoids and other Black and Gray races were created, which produced a huge number of parasitic hybrids. The moment came when all this vermin poured in mass on Earth and began to multiply rapidly on it, quickly taking full control.

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Vermin


Siberia Ops Part 2

For the Pleroma and its Supreme Hierarchs, the Monads’ splitting was not only the biggest crime against the Laws of One, but also a highly dangerous precedent. They started looking for a solution to the problem. For understanding how to restore the integrity and perfection of carved Monads, the Primary Light Archons divided the Monads they created according to the same principle and placed four groups in different living environments. Their abodes were constellations Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion, and Beta Leo system.

In each, the evolutionary conditions differed from the comfortable to the most severe. So first, all the Monads passed a test, during which they were placed in artificially simulated habitat that corresponded to the particular abode. They had to learn unfolding and hold stable their Monad’s manifestation bodies in any settings. If successful, the races moved to a higher stage of incarnations in Higher Worlds. If not, then they continued to incarnate in the mentioned constellations.

In the meantime, the situation on our planet continued to deteriorate, as Dracos, Repts, Greys and other parasitic predators that bred on it became a serious threat to the entire Local Universe. To counterweight it, Co-Creators, backed by the new experience, landed on 3D Earth all four Light space races. Their stronghold was todays’ Eurasia’s continent, and exclaves in the Americas, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. The global crystal network served as a unifying energy and Spiritual foundation (see Part 1). They stood up for the protection of Earth, not allowing it to be completely enslaved.

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Eurasia


Siberia Ops Part 2

This caused many wars on the surface, in near-terrestrial space, the Solar System and beyond, which today intensified anew. The turning point was the last Cosmic Night. According to Co-Creators’ decision, all four races left Earth, having previously dismantled, hidden and mothballed infrastructure they built. Only the volunteers who dared to continue the mission remained here.

They took on the retaliatory strikes of Darks and Grays, who launched a global hunt for them. Using scalar, wave, vacuum and other high-tech weapons, Dracos and Repts destroyed every the Light races’ material heritage, which could spot on each continent, that went up to the end of the 19th century. To keep us, underlings, in leash, they invented new history, chronology, religions, States, economics, science, culture, education and a lot more.

We have to pay the highest tribute to the Light space races’ heroes, who were not afraid of the upcoming trials and stayed on Earth, without the opportunity to leave it until the new Cosmic Day, which brighter shines on the planet. They have gone through many troubles and persecutions, stood up and preserved Faith and Wisdom and actively assist Lightwarriors, who, in their turn, help them. Such was another joint op, carried out in Khakassia (Eastern Siberia).

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Khakassia On The Map

Khakassia On The Map

Siberia Ops Part 2

The venue was The Great Salbyk Kurgan (Mound) in the region of the Middle Yenisei River. The earthen berm initially reached a height of 25-30 m. The 56 more mounds scattered within 5 km. All of them have the pyramidal shape, especially noticeable in the morning and evening hours. The megalithic infrastructure of The Great Kurgan included 23 vertically standing monoliths, 4-6 meters high, weighing up to 60 tons, and placed along the perimeter of a rectangle. Not all survived to the present day. Each emitted own energy and served as a Portal of a single multidimensional system. What were their features?

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Great Salbyk Kurgan

Great Salbyk Kurgan

Siberia Ops Part 2

1. Stone of Life birth. 2. Stone of preserving the family; sync with the midday Sun. 3. Stone of Love. 4. Stone that guarded the entrance to the Great Beyond. 5. Stone of prayer to the Sun; later the stone of sacrifice and death. 6. Stone channel for Souls in Higher Realms. 7. Stone of perception and connection with other worlds, and Keeper of Time. 8. Stone of foresight and communication with the passed away. 9. Stone of prayer. 10. Stone of polarity sync. 11. Stone of acquiring knowledge and wisdom. 12. Stone of supreme Spiritual qualities. 13. Stone of mental, Spiritual and sensual contemplation and backup of the entire Portal’s energy system. 14. Stone of awareness and Spiritual balance. 15. Stone of birth. 16. Stone channels to the Source. 17-18 Stones of the incarnation conduits on Earth. 19-20. Stones channels for leaving Earth after the end of the embodiment mission. 21. Stone of repetition of the Life cycle and Death cycle. 22. Stone of the optimal path. 23. Stone of termination of all lives on Earth.

Official science clams that it’s nothing more than the grave of the Tagarean Kings who lived in the early Iron Age mainly on the Yenisei River’s Tagar Island, from which their name came. In fact, it was an inter-dimensional Potal of higher civilizations from Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Co-Creators sent them to Earth for specific mission – to restore the genome of an Ideal Man in this part of modern Eurasia, which was then under the full control of Anunnaks (for more about them, see – Nibiru Ops, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 4 and 5 September 2021; and Ops In Turkey Parts 1-7, 29 November- 24 December 2023).

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Salbyk Stones

Salbyk Stones

Siberia Ops Part 2

To enslave man, they actively experimented with his genetics, which was originally programmed for the harsh conditions of 3D Earth. When the Monad singles out its manifestation bodies, they unfold unchanged only at the level of Causal Body. Lower, on the Astral and Mental Plane, they have to be mixed with substances of space donors, progenitors of earthlings. As for human corpus, it’s made from bio-matter, 100% foreign and incompatible with Monads of all origins, and as is, none of them can infiltrate our thickest density.

In order for three-dimensional people to incarnate on Earth, 24 space races shared their genes and created a DNA Matrix of biological entities, placing it in the Portal of Mankind Cradle on the territory of nowadays Ethiopia. In this Matrix, for example, the genes of clairvoyance, levitation, teleportation and a number of others are temporarily blocked, but everyone can unlock them by inner work. In the course of Spiritual improvement, many get a Radiant Body, 99% consisting of the Monad’s substance that allows to freely entering 4D and 5D.

Access to the Matrix is strictly guarded, because throughout history, Darks have repeatedly tried to penetrate it and plug-in their genes. Repts and Anunnaks were particularly interested, but it didn’t work out. Until recently, were active (but now completely disabled) genetic Matrices of Lemurians, Atlanteans, as well as a version with which the Anunnaks created hybrids on modern Moorea island in French Polynesia, where Lightwarriors also conducted operations (see – Ops In Polynesia Parts 1-3, DNI, 23-25 March 2022). Nevertheless, 232 aliens’ plug-ins have already been identified in the human genome, including Reptilian ones.

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Tagarean


Siberia Ops Part 2

How Repts could cut-in to the human genome in Eurasia? They did it not through the DNA Matrix, but through the genome of some Mongoloid ethnic groups. It was a long-term and well-planned operation, as a result of which Anunnaks, who became carriers of the hybrid genome, were embodied in their environment for a long time. So Repts, Drakos and other negative ETs gained access to the entire human gene pool by mixing with the most vulnerable groups of the Caucasian and Negroid races, created stable mutations in them and were born in their bodies, first of all at an elite level.

The mission of the Light space races from Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, embodied as Tagareans, aimed for the cleansing the Mongoloid’s DNA from the Anunnaks’ genes. In part they could do it by destroying many Repts’ Portals and building the new, transforming ones. The deceased Kings, carriers of the reference DNA, were buried in pyramidal mounds (linked to both constellations) to impact, through their tapped form action, on the Earth’s genetic continuum and the Mongoloids’ gene pool. The Great Salbyk Kurgan played a key role.

The ops were partially successful, but couldn’t entirely rewire the Mongoloids’ DNA. Unlike other cosmic ethnicities that left Earth as a result of Spiritual degradation and addiction to sacrifice, Tagareans hold out to the last, retaining their purity and identity. But over the centuries of their stay on Earth, despite all precautions, they mixed with Mongoloids and got the hybrid genes, which excluded Subtle Bodies folding and returning in the Monads. When the process reached a critical point, Co-Creators began to evacuate Tagareans from the planet, and their incarnation Portal and Temple on the Salbyk Portal were mothballed.

Siberia Ops Part 2 - Portal


Siberia Ops Part 2

No one was watching or guarding them, so Anunnaks easily took possession of facility. For them, it was just a gift from heaven, the perfect gateway to incarnate on Earth. They installed the aspect of the Nibiru Logos into the core of the Kurgan field, and tried to rebuild the Portal for their needs. The attempt failed due to the intervention of Co-Creators, and the object remained inactive until our days.

Lightwarriors received the task to fully restore and activate the Portal. First, they explored the Mound by walking around clockwise and alternately leaned against each monolith to sync with it, sending Light and Love from their hearts. Each Stone is sentient being, existing in the hypostasis of the mineral realm, and has own unique energy and consciousness. Then, the team entered sanctum via its main entrance, marked by tall menhirs, and synchronized with the “Tagareans'” Spiritual channel in Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. In response took the similar Light and Love impulses, which opened access to the Portal’s Center, linked to both space races’ abodes.

From that spot, a place of maximum energy concentration, Lightwarriors extracted a united aspect of two constellations’ Logos and returned to owners, who immediately started its restoring and cleansing from the Anunnaks’ karmic dirt. After that, with Co-Creators’ help, the group captured the aspect of Nibiru Logos, annihilated it by the Absolutized Syntesis and purified the entire Portal field, using the Perfect Light. At the request of Ursa Major civilization, the team members re-installed its Logos’ aspect in Portal, through which this Light space race plans returning on Earth in due time.

(To be continued)

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