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The Great Quantum Transition - Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Operations

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations – Part 2 – By Lev.

The scale of the operation for the Great Quantum Transition is enormous and covers the entire Local Universe. It includes 70,000,000 Constellations, each Constellation is made up of 7,000,000,000 Local Systems, in each Local System there are 7,000,000,000,000 habitable planets.

The Transition is complicated by the fact that in this Universe the influence of the Demonic Worlds is great – 66.6% of Darkness against 33.3% of Light (see DNI, The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations, 24 August 2020). There is a lot of work to do to clean up Dark Forces (see Galactic Rehabilitation 2020, DNI, 22 August 2020).

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The answer to the question: “When will Light Forces win the final victory?” depends on the pace of cleaning up this anomaly.

The victory depends on other factors as well.

An important part of the Great Quantum Transition is to help earthlings in their genetic and energy transformation so that they can survive the Transit and continue their evolution under new conditions. According to the plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy, it has to be implemented during the lifetime of the present humanity.

The Great Quantum Transition-Chackras


The Great Quantum Transition

What’s the problem?

The main one is how to reorient people’s energy to serve others instead of serving themselves. Love instead of hatred, aggression, and suppression. On compassion instead of manipulating other Selves for their good. This topic requires separate consideration.

Another difficulty is related to the bodies of the manifestation.

In all seven Super Universes, most of the evolution takes place in a disembodied form. Including in our Local Universe.

At a certain stage, souls are required to experience incarnation in the physical body. This is an important tool for understanding reality and self, not only for the soul but also for its Creator.

DNit Telegram Channel

On Earth, 70-80 incarnations are usually enough to get such experience and knowledge. Souls with a mission can have hundreds of incarnations. For example, one of the leaders of the Light Forces’ ground team had 509 of them.

What difficulties arise during the Quantum Transition of living people? They are hidden in their bodies and radiated energy.

The souls that come to our Earth come from many places of Creation. The main directions of the lessons and goals of the soul’s incarnation are carefully chosen even before the embodiment.

Their main desire is to force their growth by staying in physical bodies. When souls incarnate in 3D, they can evolve much faster than between incarnations in this density.

The Great Quantum Transition-Human Multidimensionality


The Great Quantum Transition

If a soul from high dimensions has chosen the Earth to gain experience and knowledge (for itself and the Creator), then it cannot simply descend to the planet. It doesn’t have any manifestation bodies that can withstand the very dense, highly toxic, and aggressive environment that the Dark Forces created in the 3D Matrix.

To incarnate, souls have to do it gradually. The passage through the densities proceeds sequentially. There are 14 dimensions in our Local Universe. Beginning the descent from the highest level in the Pleroma to the Earth, the soul needs to create a new body of manifestation to move to a step lower on this ladder leading up. If such a soul came to the surface in its normal form, it would be perceived as light.

At each of these 14 levels, the soul leaves its aspect, accumulated experience, identity, name, and only then moves to a step lower.

The Higher Self consists of all these energy levels.

For incarnation on Earth, the Higher Self has to accept the strict conditions of the Black Hierarchy. In its energy body, implants are inserted (in the area of the solar plexus and brow arches), inside which are placed toplet bombs made of antimatter. In such a body, many souls lose their memory of the previous lives and fall under the full control and control of the 3D Matrix.

A different path for souls which stars their evolution from Earth – from 3D to 14D and, if desired, – further, returning to the Source.

At each stage, they also need to create a new manifestation body that can withstand higher vibrations than in the 3D Matrix, where Dark Hierarchy set them in the range of only 7-8Hz.

The usual frequency of human emotions is even lower – from 0.5 to 3.5 Hz.

The Great Quantum Transition-Human Multidimensionality 2

Vibrational Frequency

The Great Quantum Transition

This is the kind of vibration that the 3D Matrix has programmed most people to respond to. And the Dark Forces support this regime by artificially instilling fear, panic, and depression due to COVID-19, crisis, conflicts, and wars in different parts of the world.

To receive and emanate such vibrations, the DFs created human bodies during the Cosmic Night using genetic manipulation, transferring them to a carbon molecular-cellular basis. 10 of the 12 strands of DNA through which people received energy from the Source were blocked.

But it was impossible to turn humanity into biorobots-slaves. By a miracle, in the human genome strands have been preserved for the transformation of the cell structure to a liquid-crystal silicic base for receiving frequencies of all 14D and higher.

The Great Quantum Transition-Gene Strands

Gene Strands

The Great Quantum Transition

Today, with the approach of the Cosmic Day, the Higher Light Hierarchy, its cosmic assistants from Sirius, Arcturus, and other Star Systems are actively restoring the former Divine genetics of people.

The operation involves their fleets, which regularly bombard the planet with radiation from 40-100Hz and higher, to unlock human genetics and transfer it to a new basis. Disclosure News publishes daily summaries of changes on the Schumann Scale. Many positive entities participate in this transformation in the form of thought forms that are projections of the friendly cosmic Confederation.

The so-called Wanderers take an active part in the Light Forces operations. They come from all places of infinite Creation out of a desire to serve others. They are also called Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow since they come to the human call of sorrow. Among them were, for example, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla. One can continue the list for a long time.

The Great Quantum Transition - Arcturians


The Great Quantum Transition

There are about 65 million Wanderers on Earth. Some came from 4D, but most arrived from 6D.

There were simply exceptional cases. Abraham Lincoln, for example, went through many hardships, and as a result of physical, mental, and spiritual pain, he was tired of life but was not focused on self-destruction. In 1853, a fourth-density being visited him in a dream. It wanted to participate in the battles between the Light and Dark Forces that have been taking place in fourth density for many millennia.

The Great Quantum Transition - Lincoln


The Great Quantum Transition

Lincoln realized that this creature would have done what he wanted to do himself, but didn’t think he should. So the exchange took place. The name of his visitor was Thomas Jefferson.

By the Light Forces’ operation, the Source’s energies are managed in such a way that the Quantum Transition and people’s habituation to its radiation are gradual and less traumatic.

To do this, the LFs use a system of four Spiritual Suns which included the Star Logos of Sirius, Alcyone (Pleiades), Vega, the Polar Star Kynosoura, and Arcturus.

In the New Matrix of our Local Universe, instead of them, as an intermediate link, there will be direct control of the Source Beam (see DNI, August 8 Meditation And The New Matrix of Our Local Universe. 11 August 2020).

A powerful trigger for the transformation was the corridor of Eclipses that began on December 26, 2019, and continued in 2020, where there are six of them.

Strong Source’s vibrations reconstruct and create a new genetic pattern, cellular structure so that they can absorb light codes and vibrations from other dimensions.

A deep transformation of the human Subtle Bodies has been launched. All the chakras will merge into one, forming a new Body of Light.

Special attention is paid to balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The pineal gland and pituitary gland are reformatted to operate in a high-frequency mode capable of receiving streams of the Indigo ray from the Source.

The Indigo ray is a ray of self-awareness as a Creator. Therefore, those who have activated the vibrations of the Indigo ray can offer energy transfer from the Creator to the Creator. The Indigo ray is unique because it carries all and everything, wholeness, and unity in offering itself to other-selves.

When a person’s energy centers are balanced, they all function brightly and completely. Restoring balance allows us to absorb more of the Creator’s Love Energy and Light – the main building materials in the Super Universe, and to radiate Love and Light by oneself.

For the success of the Light Forces’ operation, the people’s transformation must be ready for the Great Quantum Transition. This is why the LFs calls for mass and individual meditations, inner work, and patience in explaining the dangers of blocking vital energy centers with negative thoughts and emotions are so persistent.

In their operations, the Light Forces use periodically opened space Portals to accelerate the energy transformation of people. August 8, 2020, such a Portal was a channel from the Leo Constellation.

After leaving it, the integration process followed. The energy that was radiated during the Lion Gate began to integrate through the mental, etheric, and physical bodies of people, helping to radiate new vibrations. The update season will continue in September and will reach its highest point on the equinox day on the 22nd.

Now the Absolute implements Its main program – the creation of Human Micromultivers and MicroAbsolutes.

The Great Quantum Transition- Leo Constellation

Leo Constellation

The Great Quantum Transition

The Micromultiverse and MicroAbsolute ideas are based on the concept of ALL-PRESENCE, that is, the presence of Monad’s manifestation bodies on all planes of Existence.

Micromultivers is a person who has a Monad manifestation body on each of the existing levels and dimensions of the Local Universe. That is, from 3.85D to 12D -the Pleroma, its lower layers.

MicroAbsolute is a person who has the same Monad manifestation body, but with higher than 13D access – up to the core of the Pleroma, a Single Absolute-Like Eon, with partial immersion in the lower layers of the Absolute.

We who live in 3.85 D are called the Ascending Micromultiverses. This is because we have an imperfect three-dimensional physical body, which even after transformation and crystallization can not rise above the level of 4.99D.

The Great Quantum Transition-Monade


The Great Quantum Transition

There are also the Descending Micromultiverses. These include those forms of mind that reside in 5D and higher. They have Light Bodies and do not have physical three-dimensional bodies of manifestation. In other words, they cannot descend in their bodies into our 3D-4D-5D hybrid reality, which is currently being actively formed.

And how the Higher Light Hierarchy plans to create a Human Micromultiverses in such circumstances?

For the Ascending Micromultiverses – by the Assemblage Points of the incarnation bodies. A Single Monadic Axis is formed, which is like a shaft, a corridor from the Monad’s Core both down to the physical body, and up to the Pleromic Body.

After the transformation, the Monad and the Higher Self can to move the Assemblage Point, as in an elevator, from the very bottom to the very top. So far, only such a scheme provides the possibility of creating a human Micromultivers with its current physical body.

The Single Monadic Axis that is being created opens up many possibilities. When the soul rises to 8D, for example, it is seized with great joy and a strong desire to serve others, again in the incarnate state. And often it refuses to move further up and returns to use its experience to help other-selves in the lower dimensions.

The Descending Micromultiverse can lower the Assemblage Point of the incarnation body into the three-dimensional world. This “periscope” allows us to stay and receive information in any of the 14 dimensions.

Today, for a person, moving the Assemblage Point to 5D and higher are associated with increased vibrations of the physical body. The higher the point, the stronger the vibrations. Each person, depending on the readiness of the body, can keep a more or less high vibration. But all the same, there is a threshold above which the physical body will not stand, will disintegrate.

For eliminating this obstacle the Light Forces’ operation is aimed at Monadic crystallization and changing the biochemical basis of human cells and the entire physical body. After that, the Assemblage Point can move up to the Pleroma. More precisely, human bodies will be able to hold this vibration when the Assemblage Point is in the Pleroma. The term for this transformation is scheduled for 2023.

For those who dwell in dimensions from 5D and above, the creation of Micromultiverse at levels below the 5D is more complicated. They have to lower their Assemblage Points in the three-dimensional world. That is, to lower the vibration. Their main problem is that they do not have any lower-level Monad manifestation bodies compared to the Mother Level of the Assemblage Point.

That is, they descend into nowhere, into temporary manifestation bodies of their Monads, which are not able to hold on for long in our low vibrations. They cannot yet fulfill the requirement of permanent all-presence, they need time to change temporary bodies.

We are currently going through a large Evolutionary Phase called The Final Judgement, which is part of the Great Quantum Transition. There is also a so-called Zero Zone inside this Phase. This is a special period for the Earth Logos, all mankind, and of each human being.

A person enters the Zero Zone (also known as Evolutionary Vacuum Zone) when he completes his evolutionary and karmic programs. The mass entry of people into it began in 2016, although many entered it in 2013.

The entrance to the Evolutionary Vacuum Zone is strictly individual for everyone, and the exit from it will be one-time for all. This Zone can be compared to an assembly point for passengers departing on a plane, when they go through all the formalities, go to the concentrator and wait for an invitation to board the plane. Someone comes earlier, someone – later, and someone manages to jump in the already closing door.

There were attempts to upload a new Absolute evolutionary program to individuals (the Light Forces’ ground team also participated in this experiment), but they were not successful. Such a program cannot be implemented if the Earth, humanity, and surrounding conditions are not ready.

According to calculations, the period of Evolutionary Vacuum will last until 2023 and will end at the moment of Complete Unification of the Logos of our three-dimensional Earth and five-dimensional Gaia. And this should also be associated with the correction of the Earth’s orbital position and its poles.

The direction of the poles shifted during the Cosmic Night after another war between the Dark and Light Forces. During its course, the DFs used the second of the three then Earth moons to destroy Hyperborea, through which the Earth’s Axis passed, and refocused it on the center of their Demonic worlds. After that, the moon was eliminated. The first of the three was destroyed earlier in another war.

Staying in the Zero Phase is very difficult for a person. Everyone carries it differently. But the general feelings are manifested in the unwillingness to live as before, in the desire for generally accepted human values, and active participation in social life.

This is completely normal. The old evolutionary program is no longer there, and the new one IS not yet there. You have to set your own goals and objectives. Interest in the past life with its outdated programs disappears completely.

Many people sometimes have to force themselves to live. Although, despite overall apathy, depression can not just to kill time. It should be used for self-knowledge, spiritual self-improvement, health promotion, creativity, and participation in works for the Common Good.

And at the end a few very important points…

A lot of people keep asking, when is the Event going to happen? When the Light Forces will win the final victory and complete the Great Quantum Transition?

This is a very wrong position. “When?” is a question of a 3D body, not a 14-dimensional Soul.

The endless questions “When?” confuse the focus of attention and effort on the stagnant energy of endless waiting for an Event. This is the best gift for the Black 3D Matrix creators and programmers. They are very satisfied that for many it is easier to die than to change.

The Higher Light Hierarchy expects other questions from people: “How else should I help others?”, “Am I ready for the Transition?”, “How should I change my soul, thoughts, feelings with my inner work for the Great Quantum Leap?”

The date of the Event depends only on how people themselves respond by their deeds and thoughts to these questions.

More by Lev

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The second month of spring is a relatively positive period with good energy and the state of the Earth’s biosphere. It allows solving many problems left after 2023. Although in the first decade our planet will be in the zone of negative space and terrestrial frequency resonance, the following weeks are generally a favorable time and bring a lot of Spiritual gifts.

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

A series of new operations, which Co-creators started on the Subtle Plane on February 29, when they and the ground team began to pull together the leap-year’s (bissextile) information karma.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After the break, Lightwarriors resumed unveiling their operations in three Asian countries that lasted up to the spring equinox and beyond. The site of the first op on Ceylon was at Pudurangala Rock. Co-Creators chose it for launching the primary gold regeneration, as well as building of Aurumville on the Subtle Plane and a technical Portal leading to it.

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

While is being finalized the preparation for disclosure of Co-Creators and ground team’s new ops in three Asian countries, wish to give Mad props to DNI moderator. In particular, for his patience with commenters, which never tire accusing him of having “totalitarian type of thinking with a very low vibration and (that he) cannot tolerate freedom of speech and other points of view.”

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