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The Global Crystals Operation

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The Global Crystals Operation – By Lev.

On September 26-29, 2020, the Light Forces ground team conducted the new operation. Its main task was to restore one of the most important crystalline structures on Earth, to create a planetary Matrix and Space Axis on its basis.

What was the reason for this need? Why did the High Light Hierarchy put on the group to do the Global Crystals Operation?

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To answer this question, it’s necessary to go back to the events of Cosmic Night again.

Having invaded the Earth with their Black fleets and established control over it, the Archons and their dark civilizations began to rob the natural resources of the planet on a huge scale.

For example, Southern California, the lowlands between the coast and Sierra, all of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, part of Colorado, and northern Mexico are actually the bottom of a mine.

What have they been digging? Mostly gold. It lay there almost on the surface – megatons of precious metal.

Flying combines were used. They hovered in the air above the ground and energetically extracted gold in the form of special pulverized clammy dust from it.

This allowed packing large amounts of it in smaller volumes for export to their planets. There, the substance was treated with reagents to produce pure gold.

The Global Crystals Operation - Gold


The Global Crystals Operation

How much has been taken out? Unimaginably much. Kilometer (!) layers of rock were removed from the surface of this region alone.

With the help of aggregates, gold was literally sucked out of the surface and ground, and rocks. After the evaporation of the metal in place remained the mountains. These mountains were inclusions in the gold-bearing rock. In Arizona, for example, they were harder, in Nevada and Utah softer. And all turned into hills and heaps of waste rock.

Golden fever of the 19th century – pitiful crumbs found after the global robbery.

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Gold was needed by Gaia. Its deposits served as a conductor for communication with the Local Universe and for energy recharge. When metal extraction took on a global scale, the planet’s energy began to weaken.

Gaia started using crystals to compensate for it. To produce and push them out of itself on the surface as a lattice.

Crystals caused failures in the work of Archon’s multi-purpose machines. When they realized it, they decided to extract and take away the crystals. This is how the Grand Canyon appeared.

The plundering, not only of gold, continued in other territories – present Australia, Middle East, Africa, Siberia, and even at the Poles…

The Global Crystals Operation - Earth Crystal

Earth Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

The geological battle has begun. Losing the make-up structure in one place, Gaya tried to restore it in other places by lifting the crystal lattice.

The Intergalactic Confederation tried to help by its global crystals operation. The elevated structure was preserved. Some crystals were hidden deeper in the locations from where the lattice was raised. Some of them were transferred to the Subtle Plan.

The Global Crystals Operation - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Global Crystals Operation

These are the Power Places. There are a lot of them even now on Earth. Above them are the Temples with crystals on the Thin Plan.

This has not stopped the looting of the planet. It continued in several rounds. First, the Archons and other invaders removed all the fattest. Then they came back and cleaned the rest.

As a result, almost all Australia, for example, in many places turned into a flat table, from the surface of which was removed layer by layer…

During Cosmic Night it was not possible to seriously interfere in this robbery. The Intergalactic Federation only intervened when the Archons began to break down the crystals. This threatened to destroy the Earth.

In some cases, the canyons were produced by a corrosive liquid. Gold was filtered out, the remaining rock washed out and formed the mountains.

In other cases, gold was levitated out of the rock by extracting energy from the ground, separating the metal from the stone on a molecular or atomic level.

Different combinations of machine processing were used. Poured acid substance and washed out the whole “river beds” on a flat surface.

Normal water is not capable of digging its beds so evenly and deeply. It can not create smooth vertical walls and came later.

The Global Crystals Operation - Acid Water River Beds

Acid Water River Beds

The Global Crystals Operation

Yes, water was used as an acid, but not in its usual state. It changes qualities and becomes acidic in the form of HO2.

Only recently, scientists were able to understand how water can move from H2O to HO2. This is due to the transfer of the hydrogen atom to an oxygen molecule, through the interaction of the oxygen atom with the hydroxyl radical (HO) or proton with superoxide anion.

The acid mass was directed along the ore veins, and the “steps” were then formed by different levels of declining acid plus further machine processing.

Processing (lubrication) and left leaks that are still visible on many fused surfaces around the world. For example, north of the Goblin Valley of Utah, in Jordan, the Colored Canyon in Egypt, Argentina… Such melted places are numerous in the world.

The Global Crystals Operation - Melted Colored Canyon in Egypt

Melted Colored Canyon in Egypt

The Global Crystals Operation

Acid water was widely used to erase traces of former star settlers on Earth after its occupation by the Archons. That is why so few evidence of civilization were found after the “flood” after the Black invasion. And if they do, they are in a melted downstate…

With the departure of Cosmic Night and the approaching Cosmic Day, it became possible to restore many things on Earth that had been destroyed by the Archons. The Global Crystal Operation is one of such actions of the Light Force’s ground team.

As it was noted in the beginning, its main task was to restore one of the most important crystal structures on Earth, to create a planetary Matrix and Space Axis on its basis.

It will not only increase the Earth’s absorption of new, high-frequency Source’s energy. It will also help to block the Archon’s 3D energy infrastructure more efficiently by means of a powerful vibratory source of crystal deposits around the world.

Which crystals deposits and in which regions are refer to?

Here is a list of the main ones of global importance.

Emerald: the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar.

Aquamarine: Brazil-Minas Gerais, Bahia, Espiritu Santo, Madagascar, Russia – Urals, Transbaikalia, Australia – New South Wales, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Ukraine – Volyn, the US – Colorado, Connecticut, California, Maine, North Carolina.

Amethyst: Germany – Oberstein, Zillertal, Zibenburgen, Chemnitz, Russia – the Urals, Sri Lanka – at St. Mary’s Bay, North America, Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, Armenia.

Malachite: France – near Lyon, Great Britain – Cornwall, Germany – Harz, Russia – Urals, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Fluorite: Germany – Welsendorf – Bavaria, Harz, Thuringia; Turkey; Italy – Pars; Mongolia – Barh; Norway – Kongsberg; Greenland – Ivigtout; UK – Derbyshire County; Canada – Newfoundland Island; USA – Illinois; Tajikistan – Jakob, and Mahof; Kyrgyzstan – Aidarken (formerly Hydarkan); Kazakhstan – Badam; Russia, Transbaikalya.

Simbercite: Argentina, Russia.

Jasper: France, Germany, USA, India, Russia.

Uvarovite: Finland – Outokumpu, Norway, Canada – Quebec, USA – Oregon, South Africa – Bushveld, Turkey – Cap Daglari, Italy – Val d’Aosta and Lombardy, Pyrenees, Himalayas, Silesia.

Global Crystals Operation also concerned deposits of rock crystal, pink quartz, carnelian, amazonite, white marble, aventurine, green quartz, sodalite, unakite, blue agate, dumortierite, and others.

The Global Crystals Operation - Melted Mountain in Jordan

Melted Mountain in Jordan

The Global Crystals Operation

How exactly this planetary crystals’ structure works?

Each crystal (gem) on Earth is a Portal, a receiving and transmitting device, a repeater of energy from the Mother Crystal Source in the Local Universe to Earth.

Every gem, even the smallest ones, has huge functionality. Each is multidimensional and manifests in each density. The smallest one – on the Subtle Plan can be a huge.

This crystal structure is colossal by its coverage the neural network. It permeates and unites all seven Super Universes, all their 7,000,000,000 worlds.

The Global Crystals Operation - Earth Crystal

Earth Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

On Earth, the main functions of all crystals, besides the conductor of cosmic energies, are the resonance autotuning of the planet, recording, and storage of information, management of human evolution.

There is a natural part, created by the Earth. This network of crystals creates a Schumann resonance. A summary of it is published daily by the Disclosure News.

This part of the crystal lattice, in its turn, is penetrated and complemented by an artificial one. It was created by the Higher Light Hierarchy to manage the evolution of the planet and humanity.

Both parts of the global crystal infrastructure on the surface and underground are connected with the Earth’s Central Crystal, which is located in the core of the planet. It has already been mentioned in the Question and Answer section of the Disclosure News. Let’s recall it once again.

The Global Crystals Operation - Mineral Life Forms Copy Living Plants

Mineral Life Forms Copy Living Plants

The Global Crystals Operation

Q (Perkan): How many primary crystals does the Earth have and have they all been restored and working at full power such as the one in this post, and at what percentage is the core crystal of Gaia active and powered up to at this present moment?

Answer: This is a complex infrastructure deep in the Earth and on the continents’ surface.

In the Earth’s core, there is a sentient multi-faceted crystal consisting of 8 parts. Each has its own rotation in different planes and frequencies, and there is also a general rotation. Around the central crystal – a shell of different metals, which is involved in creating a protective magnetic field around the planet.

This crystal provides energy for the life of the planet. Replenishment of the energy of the central and continental crystals comes from the Source, the Local Universe, the Sun, and energy generation by the Earth itself.

A crystal creates underground resources, including metals, which rise to the surface in molten form. It corrects the movement of lithospheric plates, controls the eruption of surface and underwater volcanoes to stabilize the internal tension of the crust, the planet’s climate, changes in the landscape, and the life of the Earth’s civilizations.”

It may be added that all actions are performed by the thinking control crystal in tune with the Sun’s Logos. Communication between them is carried out with the help of a constantly acting information beam.

All planets of the Solar System are artificially created clusters by the Creator. They are designed to conduct experiments on them to introduce various forms of living and intelligent life according to the Plan of the evolutionary development of the Local Universe.

For example, the Earth and Mars are at a distance from the Sun in the zone of life for its protein forms. But for its long-term existence is not enough energy coming from our Star to the planet’s surface.

That is why specially created software-controlled energy crystals were laid deep into the depths of each continent when the Earth was created. They are associated not only with the Central Crystal in the core of the planet but also with the structure of all Seven Super Universes.

Crystals do not always look like stones with faces. They more often look like clots of plasma, light, pure energy. The mineral flowers repeat the forms of living plants.

Gems are hubs, and storages for certain types of energy, frequencies. Freqs are linked to a way of thinking, that is, they act as tuners and keepers in the mental field of the Earth of certain vibes, images, and properties.

Through them, the Higher Light Hierarchy stabilizes and maintains proper life on the planet. Use them to accumulate and transmit information. Create unique energy information channels and networks on Earth based on them.

The Higher Light Hierarchy has entrusted the Global Crystal Operation to a ground team also because its members can work with them on all the Plans. This is what the group teaches new recruits. First, they see the cut structure. Then, when more and more access is available, thinner layers that simply don’t and can’t have clear forms…

The crystal kingdom itself also undergoes its evolution on Earth. It possesses consciousness and carries its special energies to the Earth, many of which are healing for people.

Gems are stone people who have and had a connection with the Local Universe. There are planets where these minerals are alive, have a mind, a consciousness similar to that of man. That is why they attract people not only with beauty but also with their inner power and energy.

This is the highest class of stones here on Earth. They grow, are born, and multiply on the Subtle Plan and the planet. Thousands of years are necessary for simple stones to become gems of different classes.

The Global Crystals Operation - Earth Crystal and Universe

Earth Crystal and Universe

The Global Crystals Operation

They retain close ties with many crystal civilizations in the Local Universe. The latter also have their bases on Earth but do not come into contact with mankind.

On September 26, 2020, the group conducted a preliminary analysis at the site of the operation, on one of the largest world’s crystalline deposits.

The Global Crystals Operation – Word To Participants

I feel the connection with the Earth’s elements and gems. A natural place of power and a Portal to higher dimensions. Connection with the Earth’s Heart…

Place of Power… There is a crystal, and there are Keepers… All of Light and Love!..

Energy is light, soft, and pleasant. There is a turquoise crystal underground. Alien… The stone shines unusually…

The flow of energy is very strong… I was shown what this Place of Power was like before… Sacral vibrations spread to huge territories… I saw invasion from space, battles, destruction… If minerals could cry, rivers of their tears would flow on the Earth… How I want to restore everything so that everything would serve for common earthly good so that the Earth would prosper in energies!..

I was let in at once. There were tears, sorrow, and happiness, and my belonging to this place in the past. And my death. Now I understand why I have the scar on my neck. This place is my native. The soul cries, and Keepers only stroke me on the head.
Then they showed my incarnation here. This is my Motherland, my Nature, my Love, my Knowledge, my Power, my Past. I apologize again to the Keepers, I cry… I see the attack, the death…
I am given some kind of symbol, like a key, like the bottom of a butterfly with two wings. Missing half, two “wings”. We need to look for the missing …
There were good neighborly alien connections. They owned and guarded countless treasures of Gaia, Cosmos. If you activate them, they give incredible Power…
I saw the Temple of Higher Reality and Cosmic Transformation. Multivariate Space, Refraction of Crystal Light. Ancient Echo as Guardian. Reliable security. A place like a casket. Looking from above, it looks like a palm with your fingers open. Light and Love are flowing. A touch to the Sacred.

I greeted the Keepers, and a woman, the mountain owner came out. She showed that before there were a big Crystal and rays to other Crystals came from it. There was an attack from outer space and the main Crystal was destroyed. The whole network is broken, but there is a weak connection with the Earth’s core. Then a continuous light as a curvature of space and I was knocked out, lost consciousness.

In ancient times, there was a very high level of development. The civilization of flying people, like birds move easily and at ease in the air. They showed me how superpowers were developed, antigravity, levitation, teleportation energies were mastered…
I saw a huge tower made of stone, but some parts of it seemed to hang in the air, having gaps between them and the connection between them is more energy rather than material. There are many other buildings of unknown purpose.
Then everything collapsed. An alien invasion began… Powerful spaceships spewing fire and death left no chance for survival. After the attackers left ruins and piles of stones… A sad picture…

After contact, I received such information from the gems… Stones with a crystalline structure are a repository of information for living planets, particularly the Earth…
Crystals, the highest form of stone life, are connected in a common network, like a computer. They communicate with each other, do numerous calculations… I immediately remembered that when I visited the Crystal Planet a couple of times, the Diamond Elders told me the same thing…
Stones with an amorphous structure are designed for the needs of sentient beings. They are mainly for treatment and nutrition. Although they also have some kind of mind.

Minerals are energy storages and emitters that have been embedded in the Earth’s body to assist in its progressive, evolutionary movement and development. They are priceless. Therefore, the invaders of the planet began to develop the Earth’s bowels and take entire ships to their powerless planets, using the greedy earthlings.
Look at how many minerals are extracted – thousands of tons per month, and where are they? And the gold is taken away, a solar energy battery.
People are children of Earth and could have minerals to help themselves, not to rob and destroy the body of the Earth for profit. But, alas, that is why there are no healthy people.
Stones are the living elemental beings. They can speak. But only, like everything in Nature, in the Universal Language, which mankind has lost…


On September 27-28, 2020, the Light Forces’ ground team conducted the main and the final part of the Global Crystal Operation. As in the previous operations, some of the team worked on the ground, while others – from other regions and countries.

First, they through the Keepers gathered together all the Earth’s Gem Matrices into the Main Gem Crystal.

Then it was reactivated through the Gem Crystal in 5D. The Gem Axis of the Earth-Local Universe was built anew.

This has dramatically increased the inflow and vibration of the Semi-Colored energies coming to Earth. In fact, it was the Semi-Colored afterburning of the Earth.

In the final, the ground team reactivated the Planetary Gem Crystal. Its energies immediately began an additional powerful saturation of the Earth’s energy field.


The Global Crystals Operation was over.

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