The Global Crystals Operation Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

The Global Crystals Operation

Part 3

The Global Crystals Operation – Part 3 – By Lev.

During the Global Crystals Operation (see Part 1 and Part 2), other Lemurian crystals were also activated. These include Sananda, Svetloyar, Edelweiss, and Elmari.

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The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Edelweiss

The Global Crystals Operation

Localization of Sananda – Eastern hemisphere, Russia, Rostov region, the city of Volgodonsk – the shore of the Tsimlyansky reservoir. Svetloyar – Western hemisphere region, Argentina, Rio Gallegos. Edelweiss – Eastern hemisphere, Minicoy Island, Indian Ocean. Elmari – Western hemisphere, United States, Alaska, a neighborhood of Bettles.

The Crystal Light Being Sananda is the Ray of Jesus Sananda. One of its main aims is to combine the matter of dense dimensions with higher ones.

As a result of the Global Crystals Operation, it already participates in the 3D-4D-5D merger. Having formed this unity, Sananda activated the connection of the unified eon with 8D, acting as the conductor of the Second Spiritual Center (8D-14D).

As a result of the Operation, another Crystal Light Being – Svetloyar also increases the energy of the planet. His specialty is not just amplifying vibrations, but only those that expand consciousness. Its programs are aimed at the spiritualization of matter, at the transformation of multidimensional human genetics. Svetloyar is actively involved in the transformation of 4D to 5D at the genetic level.

Thanks to the Global Crystals Operation, the third Crystal Light Being – Edelweiss – began to more actively fulfilling its main task – to create 5D for the future of humanity. It brings the code “5” (transition to five-dimensionality) to the planetary evolutionary programs. Helps people to form a 5D Buddhic body, prepares them for life in 8D and higher.

Together with them, the Crystal Light Being Elmari, for its part, unites the Second and Third Spiritual Centers (higher and lower dimensions) through 6D and 9D. Carries out the most important galactic Program for the creation of multidimensional humanity. Conducts energy and information exchange with Sirius “B” in 8D and 9D. Its special task is to use the cosmic protoplasm, which is located between the Second and Third Spiritual Centers, in the transformation. Elmari is also involved in the birth of a new – fourth – Spiritual Center in the Local Universe.

The Global Crystals Operation activated 10 more Lemurian Crystals. All have already started to work, although not yet in full force, interacting with other similar structures on Earth.

Which Lemurian Crystals are in the top ten and where are their geographical anchors?

In the Eastern hemisphere, these are Peresvet, Camellia, Orion, Noel, Sirius. In the Western hemisphere – Laertida, Acadia, Monotron, Eleana, ISIS.

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The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Lake Hubsugul Mongolia
Lake Hubsugul, Mongolia

The Global Crystals Operation

Peresvet adjusts many worlds (including ours) to new Universal Light waves. In the sphere of its actions – reconfiguration of parameters and the creation of new Light freqs.

It is anchored in the North-Western vicinity of the city of Khanh, on the shore of Lake Hubsugul (Mongolia).

Camellia is actively involved in the formation of new multidimensional bodies – people and other forms of life close to humans.


Creates new Portals and magnetic calibration systems for the Ascension space.

It is anchored on the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, the Taimyrsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai (Russia).

Orion activates those parts of the multidimensional human genome that were blocked during the Cosmic Night.

Restores the creative potential of people as Creators of Light. Anchored in Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia (“Ring” rock, a geological monument on the Bank of the Sharyu river).

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago
Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago

The Global Crystals Operation

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia (Ring-rock)
Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia (Ring rock)

The Global Crystals Operation

Pinega, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia (Karst Caves)
Pinega, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia (Karst Caves)

The Global Crystals Operation

Noel creates conditions for the Ascension of people in their existing physical and Subtle bodies.

Participates in the construction of a Universal Portal for traveling to other dimensions with a comfortable return, with the preservation of bodies and energy-informational structures.

Actively promotes the unification of the Second and Third Spiritual Centers on Earth.

Anchored in the vicinity of the village of Pinega, Arkhangelsk region, Russia (karst caves).

Sirius is located in the center of the spiral that contains the Lemurian crystals of the Eastern hemisphere.

It is a crystal analog of the Galactic Central Sun, bringing its energy and programs to the planet.

Activates previously blocked ones and creates new centers that link Light Beings to the Galactic Central Sun.

Transmits to Earth the energies and programs of Sirius – the Spiritual Center of the Milky Way.

Anchored to the center of the Eastern spiral of Lemurian Crystals, Kazan, Russia (Kazan Kremlin).

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Kazan, Russia (Kazan-Kremlin)
Kazan, Russia (Kazan-Kremlin)

The Global Crystals Operation

Laertida harmonizes the radiations of Lemurian crystals, humans, and some other life forms.

To do this, it uses new crystalline energies that were previously not available to humanity.

Anchored at Arches National Park, Utah, USA. 

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Arches National Park Utah
Arches National Park Utah

The Global Crystals Operation

Acadia is responsible for connecting 3D to 5D. Makes changes in human genetics that are necessary for the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Participates in the creation of special mental bodies that are necessary for a person in the higher worlds.

Anchored to the northeastern vicinity of the city of Potosi, Bolivia, South America.


Monotron is a unique crystal that combines 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D.

It has a strong bond with 6D.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Potosi Bolivia
Potosi, Bolivia

The Global Crystals Operation

Contains programs for different Portals.

Transmits information from the planet Tron – the center of Christ consciousness in our Galaxy.

Anchored to a point in the Pacific Ocean, 1,888 km South of Kodiak island. 

Eleana is responsible for the transition of our world and some other worlds to the higher frequency zone.

It contains programs and actively participates in the creation of a new space-time continuum, which now includes humanity and other forms of planetary life.

Anchored on the Eastern tip of Southampton Island in the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Kodiak Island
Kodiak Island

The Global Crystals Operation

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Southampton Island
Southampton Island

The Global Crystals Operation

ISIS contains programs for activating multidimensional genetics and combining previously unconnected parts of the genome to enter 4D and 5D.

These are programs of rejuvenation, genetic re-generation of physical and Subtle bodies of people, and other forms of life.

Anchored in the Pacific Ocean, 357 kilometers East of Easter Island.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Easter Island

Easter Island

The Global Crystals Operation

Maitreya Crystal

An important part of the Global Crystals Operation was the activation of the Maitreya Crystal. Its Matrix was created once on the eponymous planet of our Local Universe.

This is a very complex multi-dimensional crystal structure. It is a system of torus arranged in accordance with the Fibonacci number series.

The crystal creates an energy-magnetic and crystal field that allows uniting the minds of all life forms.

More than 100 thousand years ago, the invasion of Earth by another wave of Archons and their dark civilizations led to the disconnection of the humanity’s collective consciousness from the Maitreya Crystal.

The duality epoch has arrived. It was ideal for Archons, reptilians, Dracos, and other black entities, but extremely negative for earthlings. They were lowered into the world of egocentrism, into the belief that man is the only intelligent being on the planet and even in the Local Universe. In the Archon version, of course.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Maitreya Crystal
Maitreya Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

An important result of the Global Crystals Operation was the urgently needed revival of the Maitreya Crystal for the Great Quantum Transition. It created a new energy-magnetic field that affects the same fields emitted by all planetary crystal structures. Namely: Grid 144, Atlantic Master-Crystals, Programming Nodal Crystals, Lemurian Crystals (see Part 2).

Their combined field creates favorable conditions for the development of a new planetary Crystal Matrix 999 described below.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Earth Crystal Grid

Earth Crystal Grid

The Global Crystals Operation

The Earth’s Heart Crystal

Another important part of the Global Crystals Operation was the reformatting of the Earth’s Heart channels.

Brief prequel…

28,842 years ago, messengers from the planet Andromeyda from the Sirius B star system arrived in Lemuria. Andromeyda can be called the daughter of Earth because our planet gave her energy-information Matrix for the birth of its cosmic body, which is inextricably linked through the Crystal Heart.

The messengers delivered three Living Crystals – three parts of the Earth’s Crystal Heart.

These Living Crystals were placed at a depth of 387 km below the surface in three places. The tunnels they were lowered through were prepared by the Lemurians.

One Living Crystal was placed on the site of modern Giza. It was marked by a Sphinx. Crystal has the same name. It became one of the three main Guardian Crystals of the Eastern hemisphere and one of the seven main planetary Crystals. The Sphinx Crystal has a total height of 387 m and a width of 99 m.

The second Crystal – Uralan – was placed inside the planet on the territory of present-day Russia, in the southern Urals.

The third part of the Crystal Sacred Heart of the planet was placed under Lake Baikal. In ancient times the lake was called Saelvotor. This name was also given to the Crystal.

All three Crystals are connected by energy channels.

The Earth’s Crystal Heart has visited several planets. About 100 thousand years ago, it was moved to our planet from the planet Maitreya, which is the mother of Earth, because when the Earth was created, Maitreya’s Matrix was taken. Earth later provided this Matrix to Andromeyda.

The mutual exchange of Crystal Hearts between the three planets – Maitreya, Earth, and Andromeyda – was necessary to strengthen the Crystal Hearts Trinity.

As a result of the Global Crystals Operation, now each of the Crystal Hearts of the three planets is connected to the other two by a single-center, single vibrations, and single Spiritual genes.

After unification, the Crystal Heart of our planet began to vibrate in a new way. This, in turn, made it easier to create an energy corridor to the Source without internal barriers between the 14 dimensions. Today Its radiation is transmitted directly to the Earth.

To receive the Source’s energies, the Global Crystal Operation created a Portal inside the Earth that connects all 14Ds.

Crystal Biomatrix 999

The three nines indicate the level of activity of our Divine aspects manifested in 3D-4D-5D. 999 is the minimum frequency of human vibrations required for the Great Quantum Transition.

So far, human radiation is in the range of 0.5-3.8 Hz. Only by their inner work and in mass meditations do they rise to 100, 200 Hz and higher.

The Crystal Biomatrix 999 supports special frequencies. It sets a person up for vibrations that allow people to relate their aspects to the Divine ones for the Great Quantum Transition, of which the Global Crystals Operation is a part.

The Biomatrix 999 cells contain genetic forms, multidimensional DNA helices, multidimensional chromosomes, Light, and plasma genotypes.

Simultaneously with the Global Crystals Operation, the Light Codes began to arrive on the planet in the form of DNA spirals, which are sent by the Galactic Magnetic Core Archeirar.

Through the Crystal Biomatrix 999, they enter the Earth’s magnetic core and other planetary crystal structures, in particular, the Grid 144.

A multidimensional structure in the form of a cylinder was introduced into it. It is an energy-magnetic complex, which started the active merging 4D and 5D. It was given the name Baby, although its size is planetary.

The Baby brought with it new energy and magnetic programs. One of them is for tuning and merging 4D and 5D.

Together with the Baby, the Global Crystals Operation has added to the Biomatrix 999 special programs from planets that are our closest relatives. These are the planets Andromeyda (daughter of Earth), Maitreya (mother of Earth), and Diadem (grandmother of Earth). The Baby is their common gift, which is lovingly presented to the Earth…

Crystal Biomatrix 999, loaded with new programs during the Global Crystals Operation, opened up new opportunities in the 3D-4D-5D eon being created.

Many souls who lived in the lower levels of the 5th dimension were now able to move to the Higher Planes. Among them are our departed relatives and friends.

The rise of souls does not alienate but brings them closer to us because they get new opportunities for our communication with them. And this is another result of the Global Crystals Operation.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Paschalia Crystal

Paschalia Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

Paschalia Crystal

In the past the Paschalia Crystal used to be called the Cave of Creation, which then transformed into a crystal form.

The Cave of Creation is a sacred place where all information about our life on this planet is stored.

The energies of Stellar Unity that came to the Earth began to transform all our individual and collective memory crystals.

Thanks to the Global Crystals Operation, new cosmic energies improve the quality of crystals as energy information carriers.

They change their deep structure and capabilities. This will allow us to freely communicate with similar crystals in other stellar civilizations in the near future.

In the times of Lemuria and early Atlantis, this energy center was called the Crystal Paschalia Renaissance. Paschal was worshipped as the great cosmic Light Being that revives Life in big and small cycles.

Since then, the language of earthlings has preserved the same root word with the name of the great holiday – Pascha, Pesah, Passover. It is the Rebirth of Life on a new level, in a new cycle. It is the Life Resurrection.

The Paschalia Crystal, as a collection of a huge number of individual and collective Subtle genetic crystals, contains information not only about the earthlings themselves but also about their kinship relations with other civilizations of our Local Universe.

Previously, genetic processes in humans and all forms of life in the Cave of Creation developed in separate spaces. Now, these sacred spaces are united, so that, as a result, there will be unity at the gene level.

Of course, it will take a long time. But this is the greatest process in the Earth’s history, that the Global Crystals Operation has already started.

Earth’s Diadem Crown

In conclusion, the latest information about the Global Crystals Operation, which was conducted by the Light Forces ground team (see part 1).

On September 30, 2020, it worked on the formation of a single 3D-4D-5D Gem Segment of the Earth.

At 18.00, on-site and remotely from other regions and countries, Lightwarriors merged their energies into a single unit. Grounded, tuned, and synced with the Earth’s core.

Then they synchronized with the Earth’s Logos – first in 5D, then 4D. After that – with Mother Gem Crystal in 5D.

The next step was to project it with their unified thought power in the Earth 4D field and then – in 3D with localization in the gem deposit where they worked.

As a result, on the Subtle Plane, the formation of the Semiprecious Segment began, uniting all the Semiprecious Energies of the planet. This field is already represented in 5D and 3D. An additional powerful energy framework is formed within the general eon. The next goal is to create and manifest a Common Gem Crystal on the Subtle plane.

Another result concerns the team members’ collective Logos. It was used extensively in many of the group’s operations. Now its core has absorbed not only the crystal Monads of Lightwarriors, but also many parts of the Gem Matrix, and its self-crystallization has begun.

All these results of the ground Global Crystals Operation led to a sensation – the beginning of a new project directly with the Absolute of our Local Universe.

The working title of the project is Earth’s Diadem Crown. It will represent the totality of all the beneficial energies brought into it, except for the planet’s energies. These are gems, precious and semi-precious stones, etc.

The start is given. The work ahead is big and interesting. But this is the level of the Absolute and a new stage in the Global Crystals Operation. The info will follow…

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The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Why do the Souls incarnate on Earth in the twins? Their share in the total number of births continues to grow. Compared to the 1960s, it increased from 1.18% to 2.78%, i.e. almost by 2.5 times. In the early ’80s, one case of twins accounted for every 80-90 births, in the late 90’s – already in 40-45 births. Similarly, in the early 80s, triplets were born in one in 6,400 births, and in the late 90s, in every 800 to 1300 births. Today, more than 100 million twins are living on Earth.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Is It Important In What Way Conception Occurred? Ivf Or Natural Way? It all depends on the core’s structure. If the Soul’s core is strong and formed, it makes no difference. If its structure is unstable, then IVF may destabilize it even more. It will need to pay more attention to the baby. If the mother is conscious, this is not a fundamental concern.

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Operation 5D Grid Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Activation of Earth’s new 5D crystal grid on October 22, 2021, started luminosity of the planet that like a Star radiates its own Light, has sharply increased its general vibration background, accelerating all transformational processes. Thanks to the Absolute-like Merkaba, Earth now receives and absorbs more Source’s quantum flows of high frequency and power.

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Operation Karma Of Wars – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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Focal Point – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 29 – Lev

Focal Point – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 29 – Lev

November 2021 ushers us in a special karmic period, the FOCAL POINT of our transition, when some of our long-term programs come to an end and others are formed. The activation of the new 5D crystal grid, the increased energy flows through it from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and Helios, the tripled intensity of Earth’s core radiation – all this and much more will give special power to the stellium’s impact on us in November.

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