The Global Crystals Operation - Part 2

The Global Crystals Operation

The Great Quantum Transition

Part 2

The Light Forces Ops – The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2 – By Lev.

Described in Part 1 (DNI, September 30, 2020) the Global Crystals Operation of the Light Force’s ground team is only a small part of giant space operation.

In the Physical and Multidimensional Plans, it is jointly conducted by the civilizations of Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra, and from other constellations.

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The purpose of the joint Global Crystals Operation is to fully activate the entire crystal network of the Earth. During the Cosmic Night and the Archons’ invasion, it was partially mothballed or worked at a minimum level.

With the advent of Cosmic Day and the beginning of the Great Quantum Transition, it became possible to activate all elements of the planet-space crystal system to receive, accumulate and retransmit on Earth’s new, high-frequency vibrations of the Source.

The second important reason is the readiness of earthlings to accept such energies physically and spiritually. Without it, the transition to 4D-5D is impossible. To help them in this, the whole energy-crystal system is activated. Artificial and natural, which were described in Part 1.

Which elements are urgently restored in the common ground and space Global Crystals Operation?

These are, first of all, the three most important energy grids.

​Gravitation Grate

The Gravity Grate is both inside and on the planet’s surface. It is moored on the Earth’s rotating Central Crystal, which was described in Part 1. It takes the form of a dodecahedron and covers the first three dimensions – 1D, 2D, and 3D.

The dodecahedron has been the main geometrical consciousness of the planet since the death of Atlantis.

The Global Crystals Operation - Atlantis


The Global Crystals Operation

​Electromagnetic Grate

The second object of the Global Crystal Operation is an electromagnetic lattice. It is located at crust level and extends upwards in some places up to 30,000 feet above sea level. It adjusts itself automatically to this altitude depending on areas of the planet’s surface.

This is the main grid. With its help, mankind has been connected to space energies for the last 6 000 years. It can be called a Human Lattice.

It also regulates the ley lines and vortex systems of the planet. It has the form of an icosahedron, a sphere with 20 facets (aspects).

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Grid 144

The next object that was activated during the Global Crystal Operation is Grid 144. It is moored on Earth by two axial points – north and south.

The Global Crystals Operation - Grid 144

Grid 144

The Global Crystals Operation

The crystal Grid 144 reflects and extends the levels of our consciousness. Completion of its activation and work at full capacity helped to raise the consciousness of mankind to the necessary level, to move to the next most important processes of planetary vibratory transformation.

The Grid 144 is anchored on Earth by two axial points. A huge energy waves flow outward from the northern center point and back into the southern one. These energy waves are directly connected with each sacred Gaia’s Power Places.

Solar Disks

Solar Disks are also activated during the Global Crystal Operation.

For the first time, they appeared in Lemuria. They are the most complex energy structures that support, unite and synchronize the frequencies of natural energies of the planet, mankind, and the entire Local Universe. On our planet, there are 12 Solar Disks. Each has its code and performs a specific function.

The 12 main Solar Disks support and are nodes of the Grid 144. Each of them is strategically placed. Some have a more powerful signal, a larger frequency range. This depends on the power system and the nodes in which they are located.

As receiving and transmitting devices, they constantly monitor the energy channels of the Sun, automatically tuning in to full contact with it. The Disks are elements of the Solar Grid and serve to transform the high-frequency solar energy (gamma rays) into the Grid 144, which plays the role of a step-down transformer.

The 12 Disks are located in the following places:

Arkansas – Pinnacle Mountain. Brazil – Sao Tomas de Le Tre, Minas Gerais. Bolivia – Lake Titicaca (near the Sun Island). Scotland – Rosslyn Chapel. Russia – Ural Mountains. Russia – Lake Baikal, Siberia. Egypt – Giza. Africa – Kilimanjaro. China – the Pyramids of Xi’an. French Polynesia – Moura. Australia – Uluru. Sri Lanka.

Two in Russia and one in Egypt are connected with the Crystal Heart of the Earth.

Atlantis Crystals

An important part of the Global Crystal Operation is the reactivation of Atlantis power system.

A small retreat…

In Atlantis, power crystals were called orientators. They were connected by pipes from a gold alloy with copper under a spherical energy dome. The dome could change an inclination angle to receive a certain star, solar and gravitational waves.

All this was tuned to a large crystalline satellite, called the Second Moon of Atlantis. It was designed by the Arcturus star civilization. It received, amplified, and reflected high-frequency energy, transmitting it to the Master Crystals for various purposes.

During the third space and ground war, the Second Moon and the crystal lattice were captured by the Archons. Communication with the satellite was disrupted. It lost control, began to spin randomly, and shifted its orbits to Earth. All attempts to stabilize it failed.

The Global Crystals Operation - Atlantis Master Crystal

Atlantis Master Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

Anticipating the imminent fall of the satellite and the huge destruction the Light Forces decided to urgently and secretly evacuate the receiving and transmitting Master Crystals to safe places. This was done with the help of technology and the support of representatives of Sirius B. Some Crystals were up to 100 meters high.

At the same time, another Light Forces’ space group extracted and copied the information accumulated by the Master Crystals to safely hide it in Yucatan, Alexandria, and Giza. They managed to do it only partially. Very much could not be saved.

In Atlantis, power crystals were located on five islands and along the relay lines of the underground labyrinth system. Light Forces knew that having lost the anti-gravity field formed by force crystals, the Second Moon would collapse producing a colossal explosion. It would provoke a chain reaction of explosions of the main and auxiliary Master Crystals, comparable in power to atomic ones within hours after.

Seven huge Arcturian Master Crystals and two slightly smaller ones managed to be evacuated by cargo transport system of underground tunnels with the help of Light Force from Sirius B.

Three huge Master Crystals were moved to the Subtle Plane in Arkansas. Two – to underground crystal sphere in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais regions. One more – under Shasta Mountain. One more – in the abyss under Bimini in the Sargasso Sea. Two Arcturian Crystals were placed in the abyss under the Tiayuataso area in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca.

All nine were turned off and put into sleep mode using Sirius technology. Dozens of other Master Crystals were lost. Atlantis ceased to exist and only nine saved Master Crystals were left of its huge crystal infrastructure.

Atlantic Crystals Activation

All nine Master Crystals were activated during the Global Crystal Operation.

The Global Crystals Operation -  Platinum Crystal of Communications

Platinum Crystal of Communications

The Global Crystals Operation

These are: Blue Knowledge Crystal (USA – Arkansas), Emerald Healing Crystal (USA – Arkansas), Golden Crystal of Healing Regeneration (Brazil), Interspace Interface Crystal (USA – Mount Shasta), Sun-Moon Crystal of Light (Bolivia – Tiayuanaku – Lake Titicaca), Purple Crystal of Sound (Brazil), Platinum Crystal of Communications (USA – Arkansas), Ruby Crystal Energy and the Divine Thoth Crystal (Bimini).

More details about each…

Blue Crystal of Wisdom and Knowledge. It was placed under the center of a vortex called Talimena Ridge, in a long-ago built sacral cleft. Blue Crystal of Knowledge stands upright, has about 15 meters high and more than 3.5 meters in diameter. It vibrates and radiates a rainbow of silver, turquoise, and cobalt-blue colors, transmitting multidimensional information from space eons.

This Crystal, as well as the other two, were hidden in the crystalline cavities of Arkansas. The energy vortex created by them helps the Great Quantum Passage, which now successfully goes on. This is facilitated by the deposits of quartz, diamonds, magnetic iron, and limestone in Arkansas.

Quartz layers here extend for 170 miles. Atlanteans were well aware of this and developed a large network of mine workings. Local underground caves made the territory a unique incubator for sowing crystals. Crystals were planted and grown in Arkansas a thousand years before the Flood.

Sacred Mount Magazine (in the Ozark Mountains) – Heart Center of the Crystal Whirlwind Talimena Raj. This Portal has received and globally distributed such powerful energy that it has changed all the energy of the planet.

The Global Crystal Operation first activated four Atlantic Crystals at once – the Emerald Healing Crystal, the Om Mountain Shasta Crystal, the Golden Healing Regeneration Crystal, and the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light.

The Global Crystals Operation - Mount Magazine - (in the Ozark Mountains) - Heart Center of the Crystal Whirlwind Talimena Raj.

Mount Magazine – (in the Ozark Mountains) – Heart Center of the Crystal Whirlwind Talimena Raj.

The Global Crystals Operation

Their energies activated the Grid 144 and launched it at 75% power, recoded the Solar Disk in Arkansas, and aligned it with the other 11 Solar Disks across the planet.

The Arkansas crystal vortex was harmoniously aligned with the powerful crystal vortex in Brazil.

The activation of Purple Crystal of Sound was very important in the Global Crystal Operation. This allowed restarting long idle coded crystal energies. They were stored in 25 mineral deposits all over the planet. Namely:

The Global Crystals Operation - Emerald Healing Crystal

Emerald Healing Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

Minas Gerais – Brazil. Baja – Brazil. Arkansas – USA. Muzo – Colombia. Anahi – Bolivia. Herkimer in New York State, USA. Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal. Santa Fe – Mount Trucha, USA. Tsavo – National Park, Tanzania. Tores del Paine – Chile. Dauphin – France. New South Wales – Australia. Mount Cairngorm – Scotland. Galicia – Spain. British Columbia – Canada. Ural Mountains – Russia. Gobi Desert – Mongolia. Quartz Reef – South Island, New Zealand. Alps – Switzerland. Karas Mountains – Namibia. Hiraizumi – Japan. Huaxi – a park in Guiyang, China. Thunder Bay – in Ontario, Canada. Blue Ridge Mountains – Ashville, USA. Table Mountain – South Africa.

The Moody Gardens pyramids in the Western Hemisphere and the Giza pyramid in the Eastern Hemisphere at 29 degrees north latitude were the triggers for activating energy waves from these places.

Platinum Crystal of Communications was activated in Arkansas, which was inactive under Magnetic Mount. During the Global Crystal Operation, it was activated and brought to the original powerful mode. Platinum Crystal is a Crystal of Law One, the highest balanced frequency of our planet. It emits the platinum silver vibes consisting of subatomic particles that form a bio-plasm. Bio-plasma is a field with self-awareness.

Platinum Crystal is huge, more than 100 meters high and is located much deeper under the Earth’s surface than others. It has a cosmic sphere of influence, and its energies cover the planet, connected in a single network with other crystals, and distributed through the Solar Disks.

Platinum Crystal is a stabilizer that nourishes and harmonizes the balance between matter and antimatter.

At the end of this part of the Global Crystal Operation, the last two Atlantic Master Crystals – Ruby Energy Crystal and Divine Thoth Crystal were activated.

Following the activation of the last of the Atlantic Master Crystals, their joint work has begun. The network of all activated Atlantis Master Crystals began to change its characteristics synchronizing with the Grid 144.

Today the whole system of the Grid-144 and Atlantic Master Crystals works at full capacity, increasing the energy of the planet. Their work is regulated by 32 Programming Nodal Crystals, which were also activated during the Global Crystal Operation.

Programming Nodal Crystals

Programming Nodal Crystals are in the most important centers of the planetary crystal lattice. They form a separate autonomous segment.

These 32 Crystals are multidimensional and multispatial structures. They serve as multi-purpose tuning and co-tuning stations for planetary energy systems and their operation. They are, in fact, control panels for crystal processes on Earth.

Global Crystals Operation Programming Nodal Crystals

Programming Nodal Crystals

The Global Crystals Operation

Programming Nodal Crystals operate in 5D mode. Thanks to them, earthlings are already absorbing into their cell structures the crystalline basis of existence in the fifth dimension.

Before the Cosmic Night, Programming Nodal Crystals also had working segments of 5D, 6D, and 7D. During the Archon’s invasion, the Light Forces managed to evacuate these segments. Now during the Global Crystal Operation, they have returned to their previous places and are programming a new multidimensional planet.

What does it bring to people?

Genetics will start to change – both multidimensional and physical. In particular, this will manifest itself, in the future, that will be eliminated the aging gene. Many genetic programs necessary for the development of earthlings as a cosmic race will be unlocked. As a Spiritual Humanity – multidimensional and multispatial.

Programming Crystals are placed on the horizontal axis of the planet: East-West. All are located in energy tore spirals. It is through the Programming Nodal Crystals the Global Crystals Operation restarted the work of the Grid-144, and later – Grid-999 (Bioenergy Matrix-999), which will be described in Part 3.

Almena Crystal

About 100 thousand years ago, when 16 star’s civilizations genetically constructed the biological body of the humans, they have executed one more important task – created Almena Crystal.

This crystal structure is located in the third energy center of the Earth, similar to the man’s solar plexus. It is located 2227 kilometers south of the equator and connects the planet with the energy channel of the Milky Way’s Central Sun.

Global Crystals Operation Almena Crystal

Almena Crystal

The Global Crystals Operation

In the core of Almena Crystal, 16 rods are forming 32 beams. Every incarnate person in his Subtle Field now has such a crystal. It connects us to our ancestors. 16 rods of the Crystal contain spiritual and genetic information about 16 star’s civilizations that gave us life.

In the Almena Crystal, their experience and knowledge are concentrated. It archives their vitality and great energy, which earthlings will be able to use very soon, in their present incarnation.

What are these 16 civilizations that have brought in our multidimensional genome the information about 32 initial broods of our Local Universe, with which we are connected by our cosmic roots?

These Are The Constellations of Boo, Libra, Aquarius, Cassiopeia, Cetus, Andromeda, Ophiuchus, Cygnus, Centauri, Pisces, Pleiades, Sagittarius, Orion, Canes Venatici, Arcturus, and Pegasus.

Each core of Almena Crystal is polarized. It has two beams charged with male and female energy.

The Global Crystals Operation - New Human Cosmic Genome

New Human Cosmic Genome

The Global Crystals Operation

From laying in the core of the Almena Crystal grain the modern people can grow another 16 rays. Each rod, structurally transforming, will possess no two rays, but three. The third ray will harmoniously combine male and female energy, and Almena Crystal will become a Triad.

The energy of three, the energy of the Triad – is modern energy that replaces the old energy of two – the duality of the 3D.

During the Global Crystals Operation, the Almena Crystal was transformed into a triad. From now on, it will help in further mankind’s spiritual development, on a unique life path.

Lemurian Crystals

What are these crystals and when they were placed in the body of the Earth? What will give Earth and humanity the activation of Lemurian Crystals?

The activation of 64 Lemurian Crystals will give the possibility to unblock the 65th DNA codon and 2 new chromosomes that will open to mankind the Christ Consciousness.

All Lemurian Crystals are created according to the Triad principle, which is basic in our Local Universe. That is they have the center – metaphysical zero (14D), the Second Spiritual Center (from 8D to 13D), and the Third Spiritual Center (from 1D to 7D). They have already been mentioned in Disclosure News (see – In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix.Disclosure News, 20 September, 2020).

Thus, Lemurian Crystals contain in their structure the basis for building a 14-dimensional reality on Earth, which exists in the Local Universe.

The main task of the Great Quantum Transition (and the Global Crystal Operation on Earth is a part of it) is to upgrade the dimension of the Local Universe to 16D.

This means that the era of duality is finally over. The most difficult period of human evolution has been passed, i.e. the maximum immersion in the dense and toxic 3D. Now a new epoch begins and all the most interesting and exciting things are yet to come.

The Global Crystal Operation of Lemurian Crystals’ activation simultaneously introduced new evolutionary programs corresponding to the Great Quantum Transition challenges. Three new dimensions of the planet – from 1D to 16D – are being formed before our eyes.

What are Lemurian Crystals in essence?

They are parts of a multidimensional human genome, which is now developing at an incredible speed, incorporating into its “Self” the experience of many planetary life forms.

To modern people will return the original crystal nature, which will connect them with the crystal nature of the space relatives.

In the multidimensional genome will appear 48 new chromosomes, carrying a new collective consciousness to humanity as a whole and each person individually. Through the multivariate human genome, all magnetic DNA layers and also our first, material DNA layer, will begin to change actively.

In the genome of physical four-dimensional bodies, qualitative, quantum changes will occur. The genome of the present generation will become the basis of the new race’s genome.

Lemurian Crystals from Sirius, carrying a specially developed program of the 64 stars’ civilizations, transfer to the multidimensional human genome the unique experience of the Local Universe.

Lemurian Crystal Atomarus was the first activated during the Global Crystal Operation. Its location is Ukraine, Kremenchuk water reservoir, Vlasovka settlement.

The Atomarus creates vibrations of the unity of the entire Eastern hemisphere of the planet. This is a special Portal, through which the energy of the Spiritual World enters the Eastern structure of 32 Crystals.

The Global Crystals Operation - Crystal Altomir

Crystal Altomir

The Global Crystals Operation

After it, was activated Crystal Altomir. Place of attachment – vicinities of Yuryuzan in the Chelyabinsk region, Russia. It receives multidimensional energy, and maintains the integrity of the spiritual and geometric structure of all Lemurian Crystals and other structures of the planetary crystal lattice.

The third activated by the Global Crystals Operation was Ladomir. This Crystal was born in the heart of the star Sirius “C”. It was brought at Earth with other Lemurian Crystals.

One of its main functions is to preserve the evolutionary experience of the civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Hyperborea, as well as our entire planet. Crystal is a kind of transformer that combines male and female energies.

It harmonizes the Earth through these vibes. Ladomir’s location is the equator, under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Republic of Congo.

The fourth Crystal – Metahara – was activated in the same Global Crystal Operation. Its location is Latvia, the large village Aglona. Its function – to serve as a multivariate antenna. It amplifies the received energy of the Spiritual World and transmits it to external (dense) space. This is necessary to build the interaction between the Earth and other galaxies of the Local Universe.

Miroslava and Svetozar Crystals were activated by the fifth. Miroslava’s anchorage is in New York. Svetozar’s – Northern Kazakhstan, near Lake Inder.

Miroslava and Svetozar unite fragmented structures of Lemurian Crystals of the West and the East. As special structures of the multidimensional genome, Crystals contain the program of unification of left and right hemispheres of the human brain, activate the program of the revival of the unity of mind and spirituality.


Three more Crystals were activated simultaneously: Helitron, Ladiana and, Miranius. The location of Helitron is in Chile, Iquique city; Ladiana is in China, Qinghai province, Lake Dabsan-Noor; Miranius is in the US, Portland.

These three Crystals are an important part of the United Multivariate Genome – the part that will start a whole new level of work with multidimensional Genetics.

They will allow to come to our world with a special quantum field, which has a high degree of rightmindedness and self-development. This field can be likened to the children’s birth. It’s alive. In other words, it is a life form of field structures that agreed to specially come to our Earth to facilitate the Great Quantum Transition. This is the main aim of the Global Crystal Operation as well.


To be continued…


The Global Crystals Operation

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Argorians Update 20 October 2021 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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Galacom Update 14 October 2021 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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