The Game Is Afoot! Dr. Schavi

“The Game Is Afoot!”

“The Game Is Afoot!”  By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Whenever Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective character, Sherlock Holmes, figured out what was happening in an important case and quickly rushed from his office to solve the situation, he usually said to his friend Dr. Watson: “The game is afoot!”

I borrow this phrase from this British literature to state that in terms of cosmic strong energetics, “the game is afoot!”

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Solar winds are traveling from the Sun of our galaxy at almost 600 km/s (kilometers per second) and were almost 700 km/s a day ago.

As I tend to remind people, normal solar wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s. Calculated in another manner, these are several millions of miles per hour speeds.

In the past two days, there have also been relatively strong “C-Class” solar flares.

Further, the “KP Index” which registers the solar affects to Earth/Gaia’s inner core and outer field is currently at a rating of “5” which is called “storm” level, and the numbers in this system are only from “0” to “9”.

All of these dynamics are known as a “Geomagnetic Storm”.

The Game Is Afoot - Solar Wind And Aurora

Solar Wind And Aurora

The Game Is Afoot

So, let us consider the facts: powerful solar wind speeds, potent solar flares, and “storm” level “KP Index” equals very heightened cosmic frequencies, and they are pummeling the galaxy as the planet moves further into the equinox portal and spins faster and elevates higher.

Such frequencies can cause the physical vessel to feel as if it is spinning inside or as if the entire nervous system is stirred-up. It is!

As the planet moves at increased speeds along the “Cosmic Highway”, our molecules spin to clear-off unneeded vibrations and to prepare to receive LIGHT fluctuations which will enhance DNA and create new cells.

Our “GPS” is our Higher Consciousness guiding us in the ways in which we nurture ourselves during this amazing journey.

Consciousness is a deep inner knowing—a spiritually-oriented intuition.

DNit Telegram Channel

For example, even when people do not understand the scientific aspects or concepts of what is occurring in space, they can still “know” because of the physical, mental, and emotional “Light Activation” symptoms that they are experiencing.

Thus, they may not be able to give a classroom lecture on the events happening in the cosmos and how they affect our planet, but they can certainly share how they are attuned to the energetics in a mystical process of on-going crystallization.

Therefore, their deep spiritual inner knowing will take precedence over their logical scientific analysis. Extreme cosmic energetics tend to be most pronounced in March, June, October, and December each year because the equinox and solstice portals open, and particular frequencies are very active as the Sun receives greater LIGHT from the Great Central Sun and sends it to Earth/Gaia as well as to other planetary systems in the galaxy. 

The Game Is Afoot - DNA Activation

Light Activation

The Game Is Afoot

SOURCE is very organized.

There is no erraticism or confusion in the movements of the cosmos, although human beings may seem to think that there is chaos occurring.

The chaos, as the age known as “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) implies, is human collective consciousness which can cause chaos to happen with its often disharmonious philosophical notions based upon misuse of free will.

The cleansing, illuminating, and acclimation process was already established at the very beginnings of the expansion, sustaining, and transformational creations of SOURCE—the “BRAHMA/ NARAYANA/ SHIVA ACCORD” (to use Sanskrit terminology).

The gift of human free will merely draws forth the necessity of cleansing so that illumination can be received and then so that higher spiritual elevations can be actualized.

As Swami Vivekananda taught in the early twentieth century: “What is the force that manifests itself through the body? It is obvious to all of us, whatever that force be, that it is something which takes particles up and creates forms out of them—human bodies.

The body has no light of its own essence. It is not self-luminous. The Soul is luminosity itself.”

The Soul which Vivekananda speaks about and which ancient texts teach about is our Higher Consciousness, and this is SOURCE.

Thus, we can label this the “HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS/ SOUL SUSTAINING/ SOURCE TRANSFORMING ACCORD” if we prefer English language renderings.

If we choose, we can participate in a marvelous new “Now” that is continually opening-up new pathways of knowledge, helping us to navigate the trip, and then allowing us to rest and recuperate from our experiences.

The Game Is Afoot! - Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

The Game Is Afoot

SOURCE-NURTURANCE, which advises us on self-nurturance, is a necessity in this “Now”— not a luxury.

Most of current humanity is not used to this. They are only programmed to “go-go-go” at dizzying speeds in order to “achieve-achieve-achieve”.

There may have been a time line when this was the best manner in which to build one’s portfolio of accomplishments which would gain him or her career promotions and material gains.

This is no longer the case.

The space/time continuum has shifted from building grand civilizations to elevating to higher dimensions via a LIGHT activation process.

We have been told in ancient sacred manuscripts that this was coming.

Now it is upon us and cannot (nor should it be) ignored by an attempt at “business as usual”.

As I have discussed previously, of course, we must attend to family and career responsibilities.

However, SOURCE must take the lead even in these.

Corporate executives, business owners, school principals, university chancellors, etc. must decide how to best assure that their employees, supervisors, teachers, students, etc. can perform optimally while at the same time placing spiritual principles at the helm of the daily activities.

This is certainly a revolutionary notion in the current time line of a “3D” planetary reality.

There are, however, many places around the world where indeed collective meditation is engaged in prior to the start of the work day.

Many people individually begin their day with prayer and meditation before going off to work.

Some have learned how to draw down the “Pillar of LIGHT”.

Many years ago when I taught at the college level, each Wednesday at 1:00 PM, I held a meditation session in my office.

A special table was prepared with fresh roses and incense.

The students who came reported that even though this was just once per week, they were calmer overall and felt that their grades were better in all of their classes.

I have always been a sort of a “renegade” as a Professor.

I always meditated for a few moments before the start of all of my lectures.

Sometimes sharing personal experiences like this is encouragement for others in strengthening their resolve, in whatever way possible, to allow SOURCE to take the lead in everything that they do.

Regardless, SOURCE is causing everyone to pay attention.

Cosmic occurrences will be increasingly noticed, and mainstream media programming may be soon forced to acknowledge that “something” more powerful than what is usually realized and reported on is moving through the planet, and unusual weather patterns, new plant life, different human thoughts and emotions, and a generally different atmosphere on the planet is happening.

Thus, they may more openly talk about the “Age of Aquarius”—the “recess” within a chaotic era whereby we can achieve true LOVE, PEACE, KNOWLEDGE, and ABUNDANCE.

Indeed, “the game is afoot!”

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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Consciousness To Super-Consciousness – Dr. Schavi

Consciousness To Super-Consciousness – Dr. Schavi

Just as the Vedic teachings on the ancient “yugas” (“ages”) state that human experiences will reach various peaks which herald certain changes into new eras, so too, does the process of reception and acclimation to SOURCE LIGHT have peaks and then valleys. Because of intensified cosmic energetics, there are times when “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) will be increased and thus also be stronger. Then they will dissipate, but at another time, they will again level-up.

Moving Into “Consciousness Transference” – Dr. Schavi

Moving Into “Consciousness Transference” – Dr. Schavi

The intensification of “Light Activation Symptoms” as the cosmos surges with potency requires a “Consciousness Transfer” of the images allowed to unfold in the electrical energies of thought. Each day thousands of images are created within the mind based upon daily experiences of what are seen, heard, and felt and the magnetic frequencies that are generated by the thought waves.

Equinox Arrival And Higher Frequencies – Dr. Schavi

Equinox Arrival And Higher Frequencies – Dr. Schavi

As has been previously discussed, many days prior to any seasonal change, cosmic energetics are profound in potency. Thus, portals open and send forth intensified frequencies. The physical vessel, emotions, and thoughts are all activated with LIGHT so that DNA can be further transformed and so that cellular records can continue to cleanse from old programming that is unnecessary for leveling-up in consciousness to the super-consciousness of the Higher Self which is the Soul.

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