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The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Light Forces Operations

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

Light Forces Operations

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation – Light Forces Operations – By Lev.

Through various websites and communication channels, Pleiadians appealed to earthlings to hold the largest and most active the Flower of Life meditation on August 24 and 31, 2020. It will help light Forces use its energy, as well as the stellium of the planets on these dates, for important operations against Dark Forces by the space fleets and the LFs’ ground team.

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What stelliums are meant?

The first one is the Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at 6:19 pm GMT. The second one is heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT.

Mars Saturn Square – 24. 08. 2020

The quadrature of Mars and Saturn is one of the most difficult aspects of the upcoming months of 2020. Its duration is from mid-August to mid-October.

This is because Mars is slowing down and will become retrograde on September 9. Its square to Saturn is the energy on which Mars will enter its retro period.

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Mars Saturn Square
Mars Saturn Square

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

DNit Telegram Channel

This is the most important aspect of August 2020. All month the vibrations of Mars are intense aspects with the planets in Capricorn. This aspect is periodically disintegrating and will increase again in October and December. Mars in Aries carries radiation of aggression, pressure, short temper. Stellium in Capricorn, this suppression is the restriction of the Martian activity. But Mars does not tolerate restrictions and acts even more sharply.

It is Mars with its negative aspects that most often brings painful changes to the established course of life. This is especially evident now in the United States. Throughout August, the country is shaken by new political battles in the presidential race, protest unrest, tensions related to closed borders, difficulties in business, conflicts on ideological and ideological grounds.

Part of the new space configuration is the retrograde movement of four planets: Pluto (with adjusted for the stationary phase, from April 23 to October 8), Saturn (May 6 – October 3), Venus (May 13 – June 25), Jupiter (May 9 – September 17), and the asteroid Pallas (May 18 – September 5).

The Dark Forces have special hopes for this stellium. Taking into account specific planets, DFs set specific goals for themselves. Which ones?

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Pluto
Planet Pluto

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

Pluto – to create shifts in society during its retrograde by changing the power dynamics and bringing the hidden NOW’s agenda up to the surface. To highlight the power and desire, the need for money and authority.

Saturn – using in tandem with the other retrograding planets to create negative changes on a larger scale, to dismantling the present power system, deconditioning and redefining all societal structures.

Venus – to ruin positive values via money, opinion, communications, and relationship manipulations.

Jupiter – to support the magnification of fear, hate, and despair, to promote the NWO program by forceful expansion.

The asteroid Pallas (aka Pallas Athena or Pallas Athene) – to govern over the population big and difficult decisions, to create the NOW endeavors, to force the reconsideration of positive society plans at large, to go back to find what has and hasn’t worked in the NOW agenda and its covert structures.

Unable to accept the numerous failures and defeats of light Forces, the Dark Hierarchy relied on the toughest struggle and conflicts, on the aggravation of international relations, political destabilization in extreme forms, and the escalation of military conflicts.

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Asteroid Pallas
Asteroid Pallas

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

The Light Forces are aware of new, stricter restrictions related to the second wave of the pandemic, which the DFS has planned for the end of August and in September.

Throughout the month, Dark Forces provoked aggression all over the world, cold and hot wars – civil, racial, separatist.

The LFs know that the quadrature of Mars and Saturn creates certain difficulties. They are prepared for the fact that Dark Forces will try to use the vibrations of this stellium for a counteroffensive, which will require additional efforts to suppress.

This is why Might Forces The Flower Of Life mass meditation on August 24, 2020, is so important.

Eris Pluto Square – 31. 08. 2020

Their energies, like those of other planets, are neutral. But being anchored on this 3D Earth, their energies can become extremely negative and destructive. Pluto could be a generator of world wars, revolutions, and the threat of nuclear wars.

Eris also can bring to 3D Earth the same destructive energies. In ancient times, they knew how negative its cosmic radiation could be. In Greek mythology, Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Strife, the Granddaughter of Chaos, Daughter of Darkness (Erebus) and Night (Nyx), the Mother of Madness (Atë, Até or Aite), Lawlessness (Dysnomia), Lethe (River of Death, Illness, Ordeal), Hunger (Limos, Roman Name Fames), Sister of the God of War (Ares), Relentless Revenge (Nemesis) and Death (Thanatos).

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Dwarf Planet Eris
Dwarf Planet Eris

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

Understanding of this planet energy on 3D Earth gives its very Greek name Eridu – “fight, struggle, battle”, then – “discord, quarrel, contest, dispute”, “rage”. She is a sister and constant companion of Ares-Mars (War).The Romans associated her with Discordia (Heartless), companion of the War Goddess Bellona. It’s no accident that provocations and fight, like satellites, always go together in wars.

The events of 2020 show how the energies of Eris and Pluto, attracted and accumulated by 3D Earth, become a powerful crushing and destroying force. The recent history chronicle fully confirms this.

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1902- 1917 – Eris and Pluto Square

  • Russian-Japanese War.
  • First Russian Revolution.
  • The First and Second Balkan Wars.
  • First World War.
  • Great Russian Revolution.

1938 – 1946 – Trin of Eris and Pluto + opposition of Eris and Neptune.

  • Second World War.

1975 – 1979 – The opposition of Eris and Pluto.

  • The USSR denounced the Treaty with the United States on disarmament.
  • Catastrophic grain crop failure (140 million tons of grain)
  • The end of the Vietnam war.
  • The beginning of the Afghan war (1979-1989).

1989 – 1995 – Eris square to the junction of Neptune and Uranus.

  • Berlin Wall fell.
  • The collapse of the USSR and the Eastern bloc.
  • The war in the Persian Gulf. Balkan wars (Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia).
  • The beginning of the war in Chechnya.

2000 – 2005 – Trin of Eris and Pluto.

  • Major terrorist attacks in the United States (New York).
  • Major terrorist attacks in Russia (Kaspiysk, Dubrovka, Beslan).
  • The beginning of the Iraq war (2003-2011).

2016 – 2022.  – The quadrature of Eris and Pluto + the conjunction of Eris and Uranus.

  • Ordo Ab Chao.
  • Financial and Trade Warfare.
  • Bio Warfare. Psych warfare.
  • Info Warfare.
  • On stand-by Famine Warfare.
  • Fighting is going on now at all levels.
  • From the quantum to the Earth and the underground.

On the 3D Earth, negative entities on all levels are the main attractors, accumulators, converters, and transponders of Pluto and Eris energies, which are transformed by them from neutral to aggressive and destructive.

During the Eris-Pluto square on August 31, tensions and potential for violence will increase in the United States and worldwide. Again Dark Forces will use this astrological configuration to drastically escalate the situation in the US, to engineer wars and other major conflicts in different planet’s regions.

But, like all radiations from planets, stars, and constellations in our Local Universe, the energy of Eris is DUAL. It also has a very powerful POSITIVE aspect that will help the Light Forces in their operations against the DFs. How does it work?

Eris was officially opened on January 5, 2005. Before that, the cosmic and previous Earth’s civilizations’ knowledge about it went into legends and mythology. The discovery of new planets is not accidental. It occurs when the world is again ready to resonate with new energies.

DNA Section

DNA Section

In paired planetary cycles, the energy of each planet is mixed and interpolated.

Pluto’s energy is used in two ways. If it is directed by the Dark Forces, it feeds authoritarian and dictatorial regimes, fanaticism and terrorism, totalitarian sects and organizations, oligarchic structures, occult organizations, special services and secret special operations, destructive psycho impact on the population, mass death. This is very clearly seen in current events in the United States and other countries.

If the Pluto energy is used by the Light Forces, it is directed to positive global changes, total transformation, collective mass movements, progressive political parties, purification, and rebirth.

The situation is similar to Eris. Heraclitus, Aristotle, and other philosophers for a reason consider the Eris energy as the implementation of the “Struggle and unity of opposites” law.

The Eris vibrations actively affect such actions as competition, contest, battle, scrum, and fighting – all of this has entered into the very name of Eris. Provoking clashes, Eris frequencies act either on one or the other opposing side. The winner is the one who uses the Eris energy more successfully. That is why the Greeks worshipped her. For them, Eris was a “guardian angel”.

As tools, the Dark Forces actively use Eris vibrations under the names Ponus – Hard Work, Lethe – Oblivion, Limos – Hunger, Algea – Pain, Grief and Misery, Suffering and Sadness, Hysminai – Violent Fights, Makhai – Battles, Combats, Phonoi – Murder [not in battle], Androktasiai – Homicide [in battle], Neikea – Quarrels, Enmity and Resentment, Pseudo-Logoi – Lies and Falsehoods, Amphilogiai – Disputes, Dysnomia – Iniquity, Ate – Delusion, Confusion of Mind, Horkos – Oath, Punishing Those who Deliberately Lie During the Oath.

The Light Forces strive to use Eris energy only for positive purposes. Thanks to the LFs, this planet is the bearer of a new economic and social reconstruction of the world community, of the processes of humanistic globalization. The Eris vibrations help to destroy the borders between civilizations (meta cultures), the formation of new universal values.

At the quantum level, Eris is used by the Light Forces for destroying negative egregors, and after the full activation of the New Quantum Matrix on 22 September or 22 December 2020 – to create new positive egregors on 3D Earth. In this aspect, Eris acts as the progenitor of the positive basic principles or paradigms that underlie the new egregors.

Eris most vividly represents various ways of organizing space, the historical connection of cultures and civilizations, the processes of population migration, the transpersonal connection of times and ways, the connection of everything with everything in this world. Therefore, it manages large-scale geopolitical processes of human development.

But for the Light Forces, it’s not just the Eris energies that are important. The characteristics of Eris vibrations in different Zodiac signs are different. Passing through a particular sign of the Zodiac, not Eris changes her qualities under its influence, but the sign under the influence of this planet shows its features most emphatically and vividly. If Eris is accepted and mastered in high degrees, it releases the previous programs and replaces the quality of life by converting the circle of the Zodiac- the personal “Wheel of Samsara” – into an evolutionary spiral.

Eris entered Aries on May 1, 1923, and will remain in this sign until April 2046. Under their energetic influence, globalism, the sharpness of approaches, events, and changes, active manifestation of force, strong-willed claims, aggression, violence, and belligerent instincts acquire a special scale. All the events of the XX -beginning of the XXI century confirm this.

The Light Forces skillfully apply the ability of Eris energy to create turmoil, reorganization, and disorganization of stagnant, ossified structures. The influence expressed by Eris is always stronger than that of Pluto. It is in her sector of the Zodiac the question “you can’t live like this anymore” comes up.

If Eris’ energy of renewal is not accepted, her vibrations create a feud and information war, and intrigue “the whole world against”, exposes the weakness of former life orientations, and then attract the Pluto’s radiation to break and destroy what obsolete clings with all its strength.

Pluto’s resonance deconstructs and breaks things down to their fundamental level. Pluto is a pattern disrupter and deprogrammer. It is the Eris power that helps the Light Forces’ fundamentally new solutions, controlling the activity of Mars through the Libra – Aries axis.

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation - Jupiter


The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

The Eris energy makes it easier for the Light Forces to reveal enemies, open and hidden. It increases the LFs’ ability to compete and negotiate. Eris makes one think which way the scales will tilt, and that will be the result. It is for this reason that the sign of Libra is the abode of this planet. For a reason, Libra, in mundane astrology, governs unions and treaties, international relations and agreements, foreign policy.

Eris – the last in a row in the Solar system, with its powerful cycle of 562 years of rotation around the Sun, represents harmony and completeness.

The discord Eris creates often results in a positive outcome in the longer term. Her disruptions can catalyze and result in vital changes in our lives that we would otherwise not initiate on our own, or by impelling us to embark upon new paths forward that lead to more fulfilling outcomes.

The effect of the Pluto-Eris square, occurring throughout 2020-2021, will catalyze deeper levels of transformation within the very fabric of Earth’s human society.

This stellar placement, perhaps one of the most progressively disruptive, suggests it may be a catalyst for tremendous accomplishment and attainment away from the established evolutionary models of the past.

The extreme acceleration of progressive disruptive developments brings about tremendous illuminating psychological repercussions for earthlings.

Realizations about the ramifications of these accomplishments help the Light Forces to initiate a total make-over of human society. It will extend into every facet of present society.

The most prominent area that the Pluto-Eris square would affect is global economics and the global financial system with Pluto directly associated with the plutocracies and oligarchies, and with Eris exposing well-known Dark families clandestine activities in these systems and the subsequent control of banking, money, and politics worldwide.

On August 31, 2020, during the third Pluto-Eris square will be another battle between the Light and the Dark Forces. Over the past 20 years, as before, the LFs, skillfully using space flows for positive purposes, more than once thwarted the DFs’ plans, when they started wars, revolutions, crises, and provocations.

But the outcome of this war is already a foregone conclusion. The victory of the LFs in this war will be crushing and complete.

By anchoring on Earth’s strong positive cosmic energies The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation on August 31, 2020, that the Light Forces are calling for, will accelerate this victory. The collective will and efforts of people can absorb and radiate of Pluto and Eris energies as positive 5D cosmic flows.

Flower Of Life Meditation


Let’s remember how successful was The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation on April 4-5, 2020. About 8 million people were informed, with over 1.1 million participating, more than 1 billion star seeds (of the total 4.5 billion) on Earth were activated.

This helped to anchor more Galactic Central Sun 5D energy needed for further Earth and population transformation and now the main task is to repeat and to keep it on this level.

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation on August 31, 2020 can surpass this success.


The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

The Flower Of Life

The Flower Of Life Mass Meditation

More by Lev

Operations In Central Asia Part 3 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Central Asia Part 3 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On 15 December 2022, at 05:11 PM CET, after a long break, new details were unveiled about the continuation of the Lightwarriors operations in Central Asia. The break was caused by the urgent mobilization of the ground team to conduct another, global op on the eve of the planetary karmic duel between Light and Dark Forces on December 22, 2022, as earlier DNI reported and continues to “keep abreast” of this event.

Truth Search Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Truth Search Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whenever we incarnate on 3D Earth, we completely forget the Truth of what happened to us after the end of our previous life on this planet. What we went through after leaving it, and how we made the decision to come back again. This is also part of term to get experience and knowledge here every time from an absolutely clean slate.

Truth Search Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Truth Search Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Out of 100,000 Local Universes and 1 trillion inhabited worlds of this Superuniverse (one of seven), our Soul chose this planet for the sole purpose. Only here, and only by embodying one of the dozens of its manifestation bodies (us) in 3D, it can get the lacked energy to get back to the Source.

Truth Search – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Truth Search – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

We came to this planet by our free will and choice freedom. We knew perfectly well that our memory of our multidimensional past would be completely disconnected, and we would have to survive, understand and make decisions on our own.

Tsunami – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Tsunami – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Information about this event began to arrive about a month ago. It concerned the date of December 3, 2022. Several weeks before, intensive prep was conducted in near-terrestrial and Earth’s space. On the physical and Subtle Plane, it manifested in the form of Light Pillars, Aurora Borealis in areas much lower than northern latitudes, plasma jets, weather anomalies, increasing tectonic activity. Many of us have felt severe ailments and unusual sensations.

Exhale And Inhale – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Exhale And Inhale – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

No matter how much we talk and explain to selves and others how the Law of Karma works, we still cannot fully understand and accept it with our mind and heart; especially when it concerns relatives and children.

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