The Fall of Old Babylon

The Fall of Old Babylon

The Fall of Old Babylon. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

Hallelujah! We came back with another informative block about the movements in this Kingdom!

First, we have to say that the pause we had was due to two particular reasons.

  1. We are really busy here, which, of course, does not prevent us from transmitting our messages.
  2. Our transmitter was undergoing major internal updates and we decided to take a brief break to allow it.

Here we are now with little more information! The bunglers finally got to a handshake between the Eastern Isles recently! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Heaven had already foretold! We have been saying since a long time that a nuclear movement would not happen! Hallelujah!

This Kingdom continues with its intense transformations and causing the human inhabitants to seek answers to the many questions that arise in their minds, which is nothing more than their Guides instructing them to seek information about everything that is happening, explicit and not explicitly (behind the scenes).

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Obviously, there is a feud going on. Elevating and non-elevating information “clashes” on your Internet prompting information seekers to exercise discernment. The more about us, the more the bunglers tend to cast misinformation in an attempt to confuse and nullify the ecstasy of our presence! Oh gosh!

The astonishing twists that have been happening behind the scenes are making our internal allies more animated, suddenly, they got information from those who had previously struck their feet and not accepted our protocols.

Information like: “We we are now in accordance with your protocols. Instruct us how we should act from here. We want to collaborate with the plan.

Last Days of Babylon - AEC

Last Days of Babylon – AEC

The Fall of Old Babylon

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These souls, that before were like a “stone in the shoe”, began to collaborate directly with us and are releasing precious information.

Yes, we have already spoken in previous messages about some of these collaborations, but will certainly be jaw-dropping when they will become public and/or through their newsreels or through our messages… people who were once devoted to the annihilation of humanity serving the Light, and following high protocols.

As soon as we can bring some names we will do so, as soon as we are authorized by our Old Masters.

Yes, they also certainly know that there is a “battle in the heavens,” where our fleets are conquering position that were before in possession of our hardy non confederation friends. Behold, the foretold times are manifested! Hallelujah!



The Fall of Old Babylon

Tower of Babylon

Tower of Babylon

The Fall of Old Babylon

And there was a battle in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought back, but they did not prevail; neither was his place found in heaven.” (Excerpt from the book Revelation – Bible).

One of our commanders named Ashoen and his fleets went into specific areas, taking on and neutralizing invaders, placing them in a position of “surrender or surrender.” Our fleets took these positions and brought the ships of the Resistance and their stressed-out crew to the magnetic fields.

Not over yet, comrades! Be attentive to your Heavens, our fleets are at every corner of the Earth taking over more positions once dominated by the boys clothed by the darkness.

This Kingdom is ready! It’s ready for more signs, and uplifting inspirations that will leverage evolution, transforming this Kingdom forever, giving you back the Original Jewel Status of the Galaxy! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The Heavens, thousands of years ago, foresaw this transformation! Since the fall of the Atlantean Kingdom there has been a dozen of millennia!

We were informed by our Masters that the time of glory would return, and would come back brighter!

At that time of moral and spiritual fall, many remained as vanguards of Light, remaining inviolable to the misleading magicians of the times, followed by many otheron the Earth, like in Egypt and Agharta or the Kingdom of Inner Earth, also called Urantia.

Now a greater freedom is emerging for those we call your inner cousins, the Aghartians of the Inner Earth, eager to meet you!

It is hoped that everything will happen well to the point that they begin to surface and bring the precious information they have kept since the end of the Atlantean Kingdom. Information that will guarantee new advances and expansion of consciousness. Hosanna! Hosanna! The heavens sing Hosanna!

Oh, Babylon! Oh, Old Babylon! Your end is near!

Visit to Saturn - AEC

Visit to Saturn – AEC

The Fall of Old Babylon

The old remnants of the ancient Roman power now return as Agents of Light to undo the ancient feat and restore order in the bloodlines by illuminating them, washing the shed blood with Divine Light, so that it will never happen again!

Just as the old Spartan times also return to the illumination of old deeds! Spartans of old Pleiadian wars on Earth, again, for undisputed illumination!

All the old story in this realm again receive attention with the same old players now returning in new roles! Oh, old Egypt and the old Hom-Dai story! (See Glossary Ammuna-Ha-Ra). There is more, Comrades, much more work to be done and the support of the Heavens is guaranteed, as you put yourselves available for the so essential works, bring the Earth and all your way of life to the High Spheres of Light.

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready!

We will inform you more and more, as our Elderly Masters will authorize! We continue with our important reports about certain moves!

We will come back when we are authorized with precise informations! Comrades, know: when the Heavens entrust you with a protocol, they seriously trust your inviolability to do it!

With each inviolable fulfillment, you acquire special certifications to go further, beyond, and beyond! “The lamp covered with mud, though it is covered up, is a Lamp!” And its brightness will remain there! With each protocol followed, a cloth is passed and more brightness can be seen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Sons of the Earth recognize each other as Star Sons too! Oh glory!

Each day a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We say this, always based on the Certainty of the Heavens! We see the broad picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty!

A new world is being born, and even if all the tents have not yet been fully erected, when they will be, it’ll be spectacularly fantastic! Believe in us, dear Comrades!

We’re seeing everything from inside the tents! We know what wonderful is coming up! Hosanna! Hosanna! The heavens are truly in celebration!

We know how glad you are when you see our signs in your heavens and how it also energizes us!

We continue with our brief reports instructing you a little about the internal movements of this Kingdom, which is on the threshold of transformation, forever, when goods no longer need to be accumulated for fear of scarcity, as you have already understood that they abound in their natures!

When, then, LOVE will be recognized for what it truly is, and not for what you imagine it to be! The roulette continues to spin with the names of those who were instruments to the darkness, and with each turned one of them falls and has the opportunity to return to the Light! Intend it so be! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hello, hello, Guadalajara! We’ll give a “hello”. Someone out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a Selfie! 😀

The borders are being cut! Unification is coming! Love will prevail! The heavens have decreed, and so it shall be! This is not a simple will of ours. This is a DECREE! Know that, Comrades!

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens, in fact, are yours!

We will return when appropriate!

It’s good to talk to you again! It always is!

See you around!


Gabriel: Grateful, beloved Comrades of the Light!

Mother Ship in Camouflage

Mother Ship in Camouflage

The Fall of Old Babylon

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