The Expansion! - Part Ii Of Increased Photons

The Expansion!

The Expansion! – Part II Of Increased Photons. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

One of the discoveries long ago of the science of “Quantum Physics” is that atoms continually divide and expand.

This results in the constant expansion of the cosmos, and one of the ancient Vedic names for SOURCE is BRAHMA which translates as “THE EXPANDER”.

Because atoms become atomic particles which have the same make-up as what we may label as the “Parent Atom”, parallel forms are created.

When SOURCE “self-creates”, all that is produced has the Vibrational Energy of SOURCE or a life pattern like unto “ITSELF”.

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The Expansion! - Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

The Expansion!

This is why the stars, the planets, and all that thrives in any galaxy in the multi-verse (the cosmos) has similar DNA and has molecular structure and cellular information which are the records of all ages of the space/time continuum—the AKASHIC RECORD!

SOURCE is “Perfect Infinite Expression” but has given its human creation permission to actualize its life stream as desired—free will.

In other words, we have the freedom to create the same atomic particles consistently and thus experience the same situations and conditions as in former eons or to transform them via a change in their Vibrational Frequency. We can, therefore, contract back into old programming or expand into newness.

The Russian scientists, Dr. Marina Popovich and Dr. Lidia Andrianova have stated that: “The universe is a set of mechanisms of consciousness” (written in LETTERS OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATION: THE LAST WARNING).

DNA expands when our consciousness connects with super-consciousness which is the Higher Self—the Soul—our “particle” of SOURCE.

As taught by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, Founder of the “Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine”: “When an individual pays attention to the Soul’s directions, everything is harmonious and beautiful” (written in SOUL WISDOM).

The Expansion! - Marina Popovich

Marina Popovich

The Expansion!

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When our thoughts are pure and when our feelings are loving and compassionate, and when we behave as we would if we were standing in sacred space (for indeed all of Earth/Gaia is a holy temple as are all planets created by SOURCE), LIGHT soars throughout our individual physical vessels and also throughout the Earth/Gaia planet touching each sentient being.

We have been given the power of expansion just as SOURCE is the ultimate “EXPANDER”.

As we concentrate on the concepts brought forth here, we can conduct experimentation by thinking about a thought or an emotion that we have had in our recent past in this current incarnation which “expanded” into an experience or materialized into form.

What brought about the thought and the feeling concerning the situation?
How did that thought or emotion possibly result from a former experience—perhaps not our own—but that of an ancestral time line?

For example, ancient wars predicated upon material greed or envy or the desire to conquer for purposes of control of the conquered is recorded in the DNA of all humanity, for indeed, every group (race, ethnicity) has experienced and been directly involved in such occurrences due to the misuse of free will.

Without this old programming being removed from the space/time continuum, the same conditions are created (even unconsciously) which will result in the same outcomes.

Thus, the atoms, becoming atomic particles, will have divided and expanded into the same form. Therefore, hatreds continue. Wars continue. Controls continue. Strife, known as “pralaya” in Sanskrit, becomes an over-shadowing construction, and humanity drowns in the denseness of chaos.

Yet, SOURCE is merciful as LIGHT is sent into the space/time continuum as a reminder and as a cleanser.

A verse in LEAVES OF MORYA’S GARDEN states: “The knowledge of ancient times has returned to the Earth.”

It also says: “Knowledge of the past without understanding the good and the bad of it, does not lead to future success.”

The few wise quotations offered here are advice on the necessity of leveling-up— as Earth/Gaia is doing—so that we can match the frequency of faster and brighter atomic particle expansion.

The Expansion! - Leaves Of Morya's Garden

Leaves Of Morya’s Garden

The Expansion!

This requires not just acclimating via natural therapies to the intense surges of LIGHT into our nervous system, but it also requires facing the experiences of past time lines which may be unconsciously residing in our DNA such that certain groups may not like other groups and yet not understand why.

It goes deeper than merely being raised in a home which may have taught unkind philosophies about others. It is a residual effect of eons of ancestral thought, feelings, words, and actions—expanded atomic particles which have come into the “Now”.

As Mercury continues its retrograde, we can look back in order to move forward—not just at our individual experiences—but also at those of our ancestors.

We each have the same ancestors. Are we not all atomic particles of “THE EXPANDER”—of SOURCE?

Then how can we truly be separate races and ethnicities other than in the sense that climate conditions over many ages of migrations throughout the planet caused a physical transformation in human types and intermingling of the differing types in varying ways (sometimes willingly and unfortunately sometimes by force during invasions and subjugations of those invaded).

History is what it is and cannot and should not be ignored because to do so is to negate its having happened.

However, just like a health challenge can be cured with the proper treatment, the disconnections from SOURCE can be corrected.

Pray into the LIGHT as it bathes your inner and outer current human form.
Purposefully envision it soaring throughout the cosmos, the planet, and yourself.
Ask that any disharmonies in your atomic particles be cleared and that they be re-set into the sparkling crystalline outward thrusting of SOURCE.

Ask to be a beacon of LOVE and LIGHT for these are some of what SOURCE is comprised of in “Her” unalterable goodness.

As THE EMERALD TABLET teaches: “All upon Earth is alterable, but whatsoever is in Heaven is unalterable. Good is voluntary or of its own accord because of free will.”

It also says: “Like takes unto itself the like”.

Let us desire to be like “THE EXPANDER”—our SOURCE.

Let us expand as the aspects of the INFINITE PRESENCE that we were always meant to be.

Remember, each breath you take is the breath of the expansion of the DIVINE.

The Expansion! - The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet

The Expansion!

More by Dr. Schavi

Staying In The Light! – Dr Schavi

Staying In The Light! – Dr Schavi

Many people believe in ignoring these happenings and say that focusing on them continues to allow them to occur. Instead, from my study of numerous scriptures, when we ignore disharmony, it continues to “play its ugly tunes” because a door has been opened via ignoring it for it to plunge into the collective experience.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential – Dr Schavi

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential – Dr Schavi

Whenever three or more major planets are in the same sign, this is known as a “stellium”. Tonight, Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, the Moon will move into Tropical Aries ( at 5:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time), and Mars will join it in Aries at 7:17 PM (Eastern Daylight Time).

Global Consciousness Connection To The Divine Realms! – Dr Schavi

Global Consciousness Connection To The Divine Realms! – Dr Schavi

It is no secret that LIGHT has been intense in its various ways of soaring throughout our solar system and into our planet Earth/Gaia. For many weeks, solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and more have been at heightened levels. LIGHT is also pouring forth from the Black Hole situated at “Sagittarius A” at the center of our galaxy.

Cosmic Update 22 May 2022 – Non-Stop High Energy – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 22 May 2022 – Non-Stop High Energy – Dr Schavi

Our planet is being given a continuing ride upwards in vibrational frequency and amplitude, dosed with greater LIGHT, and its magnetics are receiving increased energy from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, the Black Hole surging with LIGHT at the center of our galaxy, our specific Sun, and more. A higher percentage of humanity is experiencing these energetics in numerous physiological, emotional, and mental ways. This is all the “new normal” as creation’s DNA—people, plants, animals—is transformed as LIGHT is increased.

High Neutron Counts – Saturday Update – May 21 2022 – Dr Schavi

High Neutron Counts – Saturday Update – May 21 2022 – Dr Schavi

This report is an addendum to the weekend update published on yesterday, Friday, May 20, 2022 and is of extreme importance. It used to be the case that when solar flares and solar winds were high (at this moment Earth/Gaia is inside of a high stream of solar wind), they swept away cosmic rays (also referred to as “neutron counts”) which come from outside of our solar system which can be further challenges to our planet’s inner core and outer field—particularly pummeling into the magnetosphere.

Specific Weekend Energy Report – Dr Schavi

Specific Weekend Energy Report – Dr Schavi

The word “Satsangha” is Sanskrit and translates into English as “To Sit Down with Wisdom”. In ancient times, Vedic teachers (“Rishis”) often sat down with their temple students in forest areas to give them great teachings. We are being given major teachings this weekend by a “Satsangha” of solar intensity. At 0745 Universal Time (UT) or 2:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, May 20th, our Sun exploded with an “M.3” solar flare, and at 0824 (UT) or 3:24 AM (EDT) a “C.5” exploded.

Major Vital Cosmic Update! – 19 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

Major Vital Cosmic Update! – 19 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

At 0719 Universal Time (2:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time), an extremely powerful “M.5-Class” solar flare blasted from our Sun. Shortly after, at 1009 Universal Time (5:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time) an “M.1-Class” flare exploded. Sunspot numbered AR3014 which is directly facing our planet has a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” flares.

Cosmic Update 18 May 2022 – Very High-Powered Energy – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 18 May 2022 – Very High-Powered Energy – Dr Schavi

In the past 24 hours sunspot numbered “AR3014” has doubled in size and has a beta gamma magnetic field for very strong “M-Class” solar flares which could become almost “X-Class” in strength if not actually being “X-Class” upon arrival. At 0824 Universal Time (3:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time), only a “C.2” flare occurred, but stronger flares are building as indicated. Solar winds are chaotically moving at over 500 km/s.

Let’s Get Pleiades! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Let’s Get Pleiades! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

I borrow the famous singer’s lyrics as an honoring of the discussion of what is occurring with the Pleiades star system. So, “Let’s Get Pleiades!” Each year in mid-May, our solar system and our planet Earth/Gaia come very close to the Pleiades star system which is about 444 light years from us but the closest of the star systems to us—a cluster of brightly shining stars, the brightest of which is Alcyone which itself a system of stars in the constellation of Taurus.

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