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The Enemy Of Humanity - Death Cult Ideology

The Enemy Of Humanity

Death Cult Ideology

Part 2

The Enemy Of Humanity. By Lisa Renee.

Now again, when I say ‘the enemy of humanity,’ the Christ has no enemy. But it is important to understand who these people are, what they want to achieve and do, and it is so far away from the mind of a balanced and sane individual that we have to understand how they think.

They think of themselves as our enemy. Humans are the enemy to them.

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So is important to understand that it doesn’t mean we want to kill them or cause physical harm to them, or we have ideas of vendettas of justice.

We need to learn how to hold compassionate witness and the love of God inside our heart for this ignorance.

But I hope to help you to understand how they think, why they do the things they do, how they keep a massive syndicate of pedophilia rings, money laundering, human trafficking, and many other criminal actions veiled from us.

The Enemy Of Humanity - Humans are the enemy to them.

Humans are the enemy to them

The Enemy Of Humanity

There is a psychology, as well as a bio-spiritual layer behind SRA, meaning it’s a science with our biology, and understanding our spiritual layers.

They know how it works. In order to carry this out and influence the culture from a covert, hidden and occult perspective, they have evolved themselves, or digressed themselves, into masters of deception, masters of giving false impressions; they are master gaslighters.

And the people involved in cult worship, they worship the same principles, and they carry out the same deceptions to the masses.

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The Enemy Of Humanity - Lucifer, Vatican Necropolis

Lucifer, Vatican Necropolis

The Enemy Of Humanity

The Luciferian cult is ancient, and as we are well aware of, the NA invasion about 5500 years ago.

The original Luciferian Rebellion was 26,000 years ago, so this is in ancient religion and practice.

Since the invasion they have been steering our earth, and shaping the planetary culture into the death culture in order to make the earth more hospitable for them.

So the original use of the title Lucifer originates from the collective races that are actually sourcing from the Nibiruan lines of Annunaki races that further merged with the Thoth-Enki-Annunaki and fallen Sirian races.

During the last rounds of angelic human seeding on the planet Earth, the Thoth-Enki-Annunaki groups entered into agreements with the Founder Guardians, in which they requested rehabilitation through intending to participate in the regenesis of their DNA, or so they said.

However, when these DNA regenesis and genetic spiritual healing programs were to begin, they immediately defected and joined other groups’ genocidal programs against human beings.

So consistently their modus operandi for divide and conquer of earth has demonstrated a ruthless psychological warfare that includes perpetuating falsity deception and gaslighting tactics for their own agendas, designed for enslaving other species.

They seek full domination and power, which is their most important value system and highest belief system, to which they remain loyal as service-to self entities.

So Luciferian cult members on planet Earth communicate with these Luciferian gestalts through the practice of SRA and child sacrifice. During this practice, which is used to invoke Baphomet-Leviathan forces in the 2D layers of earth.

This began with the Canaanites’ worship of Baal, the cult of Baal laid the framework for the current Luciferian cult worship.

The Luciferian gestalt are shadow creatures, or phantoms; they are genderless and parasitic black subtle forces.

The Luciferian cult is a religion, but it is also a bloodline that these people cultivate and protect.

The bloodlines are the only ones that are allowed into prominent leadership in the world government and other powerful positions. In this world the highest ranks of Luciferians are given their rank in the hierarchy, based upon their mother’s genetic line, and these lineages are cultivated carefully through selective breeding within the blueblood family lines.

Luciferian power elite families have 13 primary family lines and one hidden family line. There are disagreements and many conflicts in these ruling families.

They have their own infighting and personal agendas, but they all follow the same Luciferian principles which are designed to fully control and rule this planet, and keep the powerful positions within their family lines.

Names are changed to hide the true identities of individuals, or it would be increasingly obvious if every name in the US Congress was the same last name as these family lines.

As an example, with some investigative research it is rather easy to track someone like Bill Gates or Bill Clinton back to the Rockefeller line.

Maintaining the bloodline is critical for them because the blood carries the record of Luciferian or Satanic energy, passed into the future generation from the genetics of the Leviathan.

This is also called the demon seed. Some of the Luciferian cult believe they are direct bloodlines from Lucifer, that Lucifer is the father of Canaan and this narrative is in the book of Genesis, which talks about the twin sons of Eve, in which Cain murdered Abel.

So for Luciferians, Cain was the first bloodline fathered by Lucifer himself, in which the Leviathan genetics, the demon seed, came through him.

Cain and those in the cult are the descendents of this particular bloodline.

Cain inherits his genetics from Lucifer, the dead genetics of a demon; essentially he was missing the human aspects of heart and compassionate love in his DNA, which made him and shaped him into a ruthless killer without empathy or remorse for his actions.

These are the black-hearted individuals, this is the genetic modification in which to digress human genetics into predators, to remove the compassionate aspect of heart-based empathy and create a bloodthirsty predator, lying, cheating, sadistic characteristics.

Thus, they take pride in these qualities.

That means that they are proud to be sadistic liars; that they connect with Satanic and Luciferian forces through the vices of negative ego and desires, the more lies the better it is for them, the more pain-and-suffering they cause others the better it is for them.

So this is something they strive for, as the more SRA and blood sacrifices, the more power is inherited through that bloodline.

The Enemy Of Humanity - Luciferian Cult

Luciferian Cult

The Enemy Of Humanity

They believe their blood has these demonic qualities of Lucifer or Satan running in them, and so these are the qualities they actually seek out to nurture in themselves and in their family members, and even their children.

They believe it was Lucifer that created the earth and thus, as his bloodline, this earth is their inheritance from their spiritual father, to rule over all the others here.

So in their mindset they feel it is their duty to rule the earth the same way that their father Lucifer would, as the Masters of deception and trickery to lead unaware people into their consciousness enslavement.

This includes enforcing trauma-based mind control, organized pedophilia and ritual abuse of children, which is intended to abuse compassion and empathy out of the kids, to traumatize them out of their humanness.

Situational Awareness Update Part 2 – Lisa Renee

Situational Awareness Update Part 2 – Lisa Renee

Now remember, these types of grave challenges are not going to be for absolutely everyone. There are some people that may not be aware of this warfare happening in the distance, and may be completely insulated from the impacts of this warfare. But we still have loved ones, family members, or maybe some of us are residing in high-risk areas of descending hubs, where we need to be awake and aware to our environment.

Situational Awareness Update Part 1 – Lisa Renee

Situational Awareness Update Part 1 – Lisa Renee

We are embarking into the next stage of global warfare, and I’d like to help prepare you with some context and with a deeper understanding of the events that may be playing out in the globalscape during the weeks to come.

War Against Starseeds – Lisa Renee

War Against Starseeds – Lisa Renee

It may be obvious right now that many of us that are awake to the spiritual warfare targeting Starseed people are enduring accelerated forms of dark force manipulation and targeting, in order to punish our collective efforts towards waking others up to the reality of planetary ascension and disclosure events.

Embodying Integrity – Practical Application – Lisa Renee

Embodying Integrity – Practical Application – Lisa Renee

In the face of the current challenges we are navigating in this bifurcating world, it is increasingly important now to examine and live by our personal beliefs and value system. This is a time to get to the deeper clarity on what reveals itself to be the guidelines to your truest nature.

Human Slavery Versus Human Freedom – Lisa Renee

Human Slavery Versus Human Freedom – Lisa Renee

The contrasts between the consciousness states of slavery versus freedom, servitude versus liberty, sovereignty versus subjugation, the master and slave archetypal forces are being exceptionally heightened in the collective consciousness and interpersonal dramas.

Ascension Timeline Rebellion – Lisa Renee

Ascension Timeline Rebellion – Lisa Renee

We are living through a great transition and ascension process, from a dark aeon to a new aeon. Many of the themes that were seeded by dark forces tens of thousands of years ago, of human subjugation and enslavement are being reasserted in an attempt to maintain control.

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