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The Eclipse Battle - New Galactic Ops Part 24 - Lev

The Eclipse Battle

New Galactic Ops Part 24

The Great Quantum Transition


The Eclipse Battle – By Lev

Immediately after the Solar Eclipse of June 11, 2021, details began to arrive about the grand battle on the Subtle Plane that took place that day.

Next to our natural Sun, the Archons created another one, technogeek’s, at the quantum level. It was used as a Portal and energy channel for Dark Forces.

The living Sun was blocked by a Black plug. It closed this Portal and, with it, the influx of new Source energies and the Souls of the Sixth Race to Earth.

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The Eclipse Battle - Technogeek's Sun

Technogeek’s Sun

The Eclipse Battle

The main Operation Eclipse task was to eliminate the Solar blockage and destroy the Black Sun.

In addition to the actions in space, an important part of the op was carried out on the surface. Galactic Committee enlisted the Lightwarriors ground teams to participate. At key points on the planet, they were assigned a key role in the upcoming multidimensional operation.

Many groups already accumulated such experience. It is exactly what Galacom was counting on, although immediately warned that this time the load on the ground teams would be much higher.

On the battle eve, Galacom showed holographically to surface groups how on a Subtle Plane friendly races prepare for Operation.

Over the entire space of the upcoming fight, a Sphere of energies that radiate the Universal Laws has been deployed (about them see – Guide To Universal Laws, Disclosure News, 21 April 2021).

At the same time, on another level, Galacom space ships aligned and integrated the axis of our world into the single Light pillar of the Local Universe’s Absolute.

This channel began to actively accumulate the energy needed for a powerful volley at Dark Forces.

In Pleroma, five Supreme Hierarchs combined their energies and increased the force field of the Local Universe.

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The Eclipse Battle - All Together

All Together

The Eclipse Battle

Then the battle began.

Before Dark Forces could get together, the Galacom ships ignited their transponders at full power, connecting them to the single channel of Absolute.

All the energy accumulated in it was brought down on Dark Forces, technogeek’s Sun, their Solar plug, the negative energy condensations at the site of Earth’s power grid breakouts, and the black entities near them.

The right placement of ground teams helped to receive and redirect the Absolute’s Ray to all the intended targets. Its Beam started to burn the Solar plug and fill the 5D crystal lattice with new energy.

It was severely de-energized as a result of the Dark Forces sabotage. After breaking the 5D grid’s security system, they switched the Earth to the still-active 3D energy supply.

Now, through the Galacom ships and many Lightwarriors, the Absolute Ray radiation was coming to the planet. It helped quickly restore the damaged 5D crystal grid.

Under the Ray impact, Earth’s fields began to rotate in huge circles spreading on the entire planet, leveling the voltage in the 5D crystal lattice to its previous level, stabilizing it.

When the stabilization reached the desired level, an explosion occurred. A cloud filled with golden sparks enveloped the globe. These were the 5D codes and programs that completely restored Gaia’s new crystal network. Now it emits a golden Light.

The Eclipse Battle - Golden Sparks Enveloped The Globe

Golden Sparks Enveloped The Globe

The Eclipse Battle

On the Subtle Plane above the surface, the fight was particularly fierce. Here is how it happened in one of the battle sites.

A mountain lake surrounded by forests… From the west, where the big town is situated, a black fog was slowly approaching, hovering over the trees.

The wind could not dispel the haze but the water dissolved it. Black nebula descended to the surface and was neutralized, being purified in the lake.

Along with the fog, a black horde of monsters was advancing. Against them came the local Keepers and the Lightwarriors team.

The horde came to Earth from outer space during a Solar Eclipse. A Portal opened, and all negative entities and black fog poured out.

When smog reached people, it infected them, and they became absolute zombies, controlled from the outside.

Meanwhile, in the forest in the vicinity of the lake, the battle was intensifying. Feeling that the forces were not enough, the ground team turned to Galacom for support.

From one of the ships in low-Earth orbit, a beam descended and started expanding through them in the form of a golden dome, squeezing out monsters.

The Eclipse Battle - Beam Descended On Earth

Beam Descended On Earth

The Eclipse Battle

At the same time, the Keepers doubled their counter-attacks. Thanks to it, the cleaning operation became more active.

The horde stopped. Some black rags began to slip from the monsters, and masks peeled off their faces. It turned out that they were people trapped in the black fog.

Under the impact of the golden dome radiation and the energy strikes of Keepers and Lightwarriors, the fog broke up into dark clumps and dispersed. Those who were completely free of it stopped attacking.

The battle ended in a victory for Light Forces. Now there is a golden protective dome over this place. Auric threads of benevolent energy spread along the mountain slopes to support the locals, and to prevent Dark Forces from repeating their sorties.

The battle at the lake, as in other places, showed once again how DFs use the low-frequency people.

None of the Black entities can attack the high-frequency sphere or infrastructure directly.

They are avoiding personal contact with it because they know that such a rapprochement will destroy their fields and them.

In their diversions and sorties, Inferno and others usually use the people, manipulating their mind, influencing through fear to lower them to Darkis’ level. Only then DFs’ access and complete power are possible.

The lesson for all of us – raise your vibrations, and you will become freer, calmer, resilient, and stronger than any Dark entity.

And in conclusion:

The Eclipse Battle - Solar Eclipse Toronto Canada

Solar Eclipse Toronto Canada

The Eclipse Battle

Latest Galacom’s Update As Of 21 June 2021, At 11.54 Pm CET

All attempts to call the Earth’s destructive forces to order did not affect and did not lead to the consequences that Higher Light Hierarchy expected.

Many Dark entities that are in power consider themselves invulnerable and act as limitless, using the laws that they have set for themselves.

For a long time, the Higher Light Hierarchs hardly interfered, observing the Free Will Law granted to earthlings. But it was so distorted that did not act as was supposed and intended on Earth.

The Free Will Law helped the Dark entities to take away men’s energy with impunity. By cunning, guile, and violence, they persuaded people to “voluntarily” give them their vital strength.

By asserting the Source’s Will and Laws, we stop this lawlessness in this part of the Universe and will increase our intervention in the Solar System and on 3D Earth.

Our interference and peace enforcement of Anti-Pleroma inhabitants on Earth makes them come out from all their shelters.

They are forced to reveal their secret positions which allow them to control the planet.

We admit that did not expect that there would be so many of them and that their influence would be so strong.

It was facilitated by the Earth’s closeness that allowed Dark Force to run rampant on it with impunity.

We are determined to put an end to this. That’s why we landed assault forces on Earth. We provide them with all assistance they need.

The Eclipse Battle - Solar Eclipse Micigan Lake - US

Solar Eclipse Micigan Lake – US

The Eclipse Battle

Malicious and ideological violators of cosmic Laws have no place on the planet. We will neutralize and destroy them as not fulfilling the Source’s Will which we will continue to convey to people and other entities.

Pleroma Supreme Hierarchs can’t allow the strengthening of demonic, vampire clones in power and other destructive forces.

We, the Earth’s Healers, neutralize the negative impact of any synthetic drugs, and not only vaccines by which humanity is hooked.

The earthlings’ bodies are no longer able to live without them. From prenatal and infant age, they absorb them with mothers’ energy and milk, various formulas, and additives.

Promoted genetically modified food is a forced vaccination that destroys the health of the Earth’s population.

To keep earthlings in an active Spiritual, Soul, and physical state, we proceed to neutralize the negative additions to the food and drugs, the supply chains and distribution network, and free humanity from artificial, mechanical, and other interventions in man’s physical and Subtle Bodies.

We are at the very beginning of this endeavor. We are helped to act more actively by the Universal and Galactic rays that enter the 5D crystal lattice and the multidimensional bodies of people.

The Eclipse Battle - The New Times Arrived

The New Times Arrived

The Eclipse Battle

New Gaia’s crystal lattice, the energies that flow into it, jumpstart the healing of Earth, its elements and elementals, accelerate the planetary and human 5D codes and programs’ activation.

Without the energetic help of the people themselves, it will not have the strength and opportunities for final recovery.

First of all, the patient himself must tune in and help heal. Then all energies will be resonant.

Then, the mechanism of SELF-HEALING and SELF-RESTORING of energies and capacities that are necessary to adjust further evolution will be activated in everyone and the entire planet.

More by Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The first days of October are accompanied by increased activity of the Sun. Solar storms with strength of 6-7 points (on a 9-point scale) resume every 10-12 hours. They are accompanied by powerful cataclysms all over the planet: volcanic eruptions, the strongest hurricanes and floods with great casualties and earthquakes.

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult. The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc. (see Parts 1-10-1).

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Operation 4th Universe, one of the most difficult problems was the Monads. Partially, DNI already covered this topic (see – Operation in Germany, Part 2; and Our Monad, Parts 1, 2 and 3). In this sphere, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe has left a terrible legacy. What was it? Why it was so difficult for removing?

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

With the advent of the Cosmic Day in 2023-2024, the manifestation of the Absolute in the Local Universe will increase. Its goal is to help all existing Intelligence forms become Absolute-like. So that they can hold Its undistorted smallest particle and assimilate Absolute Light, that is, the environment in which It reigns supreme.

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Any awakening is the decision exclusively of the Monad (Soul), which has materialized its manifestation body here, in 3D, and depends on a huge amount of factors. According to the circumstances, for gaining experience, the Monad can take advantage of external favorable conditions for awakening, or it can continue to receive what she needs through the subconscious of the embodied “sleeping” person.

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Nikola Tesla

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