The Congo Negative Grid Gabriel Raio Lunar

The Congo Negative Grid

Gabriel Raio Lunar

The Congo Negative Grid. Gabriel Raio LunarQUADRETA-SPECTRUM or The Negative Grid overhanging the Congo was installed by the negative forces thousands of years ago with the power of extending it’s negative influence on the entire African Continent. It is a negative sub-grid, among the most powerful on the Planet, (and it is in dismantling).

It acted as an energy sucker, keeping the population of the entire region in a state of constant energy weakening. The people would be later used as guinea pigs for a further development of the grid itself.

The developers of this grid were the negative beings from the Andromeda Galaxy.

It has also the power to steal the energy of the pineal portals of these people, trying to redirect it to their needs.

The grid constantly emits signals throughout the region, such as: “Keep it up, it is great“, and people get like hypnotized, ensuring the anchoring of that negativity.

Few have managed to overcome the grid in that region.

One of these was Master Afra.

The Congo Negative Grid Dismantling

Dismantling the Grid

The Congo Negative Grid

La Griglia Negativa del Congo Master Afra

Master Afra

The Congo Negative Grid

The Threefold Flame consists of the Triple Flame of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

This Spiritual Triad, that evokes the energy of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Christian traditions, create the Flame of Ascension that with an iridescent brightness expands in concentric circles to reach with its influence everywhere on the planet.

Master Afra

Master Afra was, eons ago, the first black to Ascend, he is the patron and sponsor of Africa and the black race. Africa was part of Lemuria where there was a very civilized race, Afra with his Ascension also gave the name to the continent.

With the dismantling of this grid, many local people have restored their Threefold Flame to a full potential.

La Griglia Negativa del Congo Threefold Flame

Threefold Flame

The Congo Negative Grid

One of the functions of this grid was the suppression of the Triple Flame and block the entry of Feminine Love Signs in that region.

A massive collapse of the grid was achieved thanks to the combination of a large number of the Earth.

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