The Coming Super Full Moon - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Coming Super Full Moon

The Coming Super Full Moon – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

On July 13th, 2022, a “Super Full Moon” will occur at 2:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Capricorn which governs global governments, corporations, major business ventures, military and police actions, organizational structures, the need for discipline, and hard lessons.

Because Capricorn is an “earth” element sign, it also governs planetary quakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and all kinds of storms.

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The Coming Super Full Moon - Capricorn


The Coming Super Full Moon

The Moon characterizes emotional makeup relative to a person’s natal sign.

However, astrological charts can also be erected for businesses, organizations, nations, cities, special events—anything—and the chart will give information on how situations will play-out in the future—short or long term.

In the human physical vessel, the sign governs teeth and bones.

All Full Moons heighten emotional responses, but a “Super Full Moon” elevates feelings even more.

For example, more can be made of a particular situation than is necessary that may have been festering for a long while with nothing being done to correct any perceived imbalances.

This can occur relative to relationships, finances, career objectives, family situations, community involvements, national happenings, etc.

With Pluto, the planet of major transformations (often in very discomforting ways) also in Capricorn until 2024, and in conjunction with the “Super Full Moon” in the same sign, global events can escalate enormously.

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The Coming Super Full Moon - Pluto


The Coming Super Full Moon

However, with Neptune, the planet that offers spiritual elevation being in its own sign of Pisces which is indicative of either increased spiritual knowledge or delusions according to a person’s level of consciousness, we must connect to SOURCE FREQUENCY for guidance in what will be sensitive times.

People who are stable and “grounded” will be able to remain calmer than those who are prone to delusions and who also often try to involve others in their delusions.

Therefore, discernment in our associations will be very important as well as our opinion on mainstream news. Look for secrets to come to light and for people to be shocked to discover that what they thought to be one way is actually another.

The portal of any Full Moon is usually three days prior, the day that it reaches its height, and for three days afterwards.

However, this is only a general observance because with all of the chaos in various ways occurring from the “3d” perspective (in politics, social structures, religion, medicine, etc.) people’s emotions have been on full tilt for quite some time.

Thus, it cannot truly be said that a Full Moon phase is only for a few days. Medical professionals—both traditional and naturopathic— are admitting that most health concerns are over 90 percent due to people’s emotions.

Therefore, if emotions can be calmed, physical challenges can be mitigated.

Although this makes sense, it does not convey how cosmic forces are also involved in physical, emotional, and mental experiences as LIGHT streams into our planetary realm performing the transformational process that is always focused upon—the change from carbon to crystalline.

During the coming “Super Full Moon”, the often mentioned “Light Activation Experiences” may escalate for many people.

Even though we should always “ground” as cosmic vibrational frequencies affect Earth/Gaia, it will be especially important to “ground” as the July 13th Full Moon moves through its paces.

It will not be unlikely for strong earthquakes to happen as well as other upheavals of our planet such as its magnetosphere being jolted by powerful solar flares, solar winds, high neutron counts, and other phenomena driven by the “Great Central Sun” as it delivers energetics to our Sun and then on to our planet and into us as our DNA and cellular records are continually cleansed and upgraded.

The Coming Super Full Moon - Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon

The Coming Super Full Moon

It will be wise to review the spiritual and natural modalities learned so that cosmic events such as the coming “Super Full Moon” will be easier to navigate. As an old saying goes: “Forewarned is forearmed”.

As sentient beings, whatever we envision can be achieved because of our gift of free will. Let us connect to the HIGHER SELF, the SOUL, the DIVINE SOURCE that is regenerating and revitalizing “ITS” creation.

We are a part of that process.

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How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

No, the title of this teaching is not a misspelling.

The word “RA” is from the Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) language of ancient Kemet, and it translates as “LIGHT” and is a reference to the Sun of our galaxy which was called “ATEN” which translates as “SOLAR DISK”. The word “MEM” is both Medu Neter and Amharic (one of the “Parent Languages”of Hebrew) for “WATER”.

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Slow, medium-strength, and extremely fast solar winds are all converging together sending shock waves to Earth/Gaia and bombarding our planet with proton and electron plasma particles (coronal mass ejections) that are shifting tectonic plates and also stirring surface energy.

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Several powerful “M-Class” solar flares have soared into our planetary realm since late evening of Tuesday, August 16th and early on Wednesday, August 17th at “M.2” and “M.5” levels. Earth/Gaia is being literally pummeled with LIGHT! The strongest of “X-Class” flares, as reported on yesterday, are a major possibility with the delta energy of sunspots that continue to build.

Grounding To The Source Light –  Dr Schavi

Grounding To The Source Light – Dr Schavi

There are many people who suggest that we should “ground” to our planet by walking barefoot outside or by hugging a tree or even by hugging our pets more closely because they have a “sixth sense” that humans supposedly do not possess. However, with our dear planet Earth/Gaia being lifted up, stirred, shifted, vibrating faster, and being powerfully illuminated, we must now “ground with Her”, not “to Her”.

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, August 16th, 2022, the Sun of our solar system launched a very strong “M.5-Class” flare, and our Sun currently has a delta energy for the most powerful of flares—“X-Class”. The magnetosphere is building in densely pressing-in particle plasma.

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

A dark huge filament of particle plasma (coronal mass ejection) was unleashed from our Sun on Sunday, August 14th, 2022,and solar winds escorted it traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour. Its trajectory is directly facing our planet Earth/Gaia and is calculated to arrive by late Tuesday evening, August 16th if not before.

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

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