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The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Coming Stellium

And Its Potential

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Whenever three or more major planets are in the same sign, this is known as a “stellium”.

Tonight, Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, the Moon will move into Tropical Aries ( at 5:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time), and Mars will join it in Aries at 7:17 PM (Eastern Daylight Time).

However, Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron are already in Aries.

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The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - Moon


The Coming Stellium

The Moon governs emotions.

Mars governs warfare, aggression, issues of anger, and where action is placed in a general sense.

Venus governs peace, joy, love, beauty, and financial wellbeing.

Jupiter governs beneficence, expansion, issues of justice, philosophy, educational pursuits, and higher consciousness.

Chiron governs healing of spirit, mind, emotions, the physical vessel, and the surrounding atmosphere of home, community, and nation.

The sign of Aries symbolizes leadership, new ideas, but also can cause disharmony to arise due to its tendency towards impulsivity, erraticism, and easiness to anger.

Obviously, there are many wonderful attributes to some of the planets mentioned.

However, it is according to human collective consciousness whether or not the harmony or disharmony occurs.

For example, everyone is aware that war is happening between Russia and the Ukraine and also that China and Taiwan are in serious conflict.

Now, one would hope that with Venus in Aries that its softer qualities would calm down the Mars tendency towards aggression and warfare and that Jupiter in Aries could expand the vibration of peace.

Yet, because of misuse of free will that continues to create discord and chaos on Earth/Gaia, Mars could ignore the Venusian attempts and peace, and Jupiter could expand aggression and warfare.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - Mars


The Coming Stellium

Also, with Pluto, the planet of dramatic change in potentially destructive ways being in Capricorn in opposition to all of the planets in Aries, dire circumstances could further arise on our planet—with people as well as in dramatic weather and planetary upheaval such as huge quakes.

In other words, the cosmic energetics of planetary degree alignments are often activated by the atomic frequencies of human collective consciousness attracting certain manifestations in material form.

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The planets, however, are messengers of possible earthly situations. They do not actually cause them to occur.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - Venus


The Coming Stellium

Think of this very simple metaphor: Suppose the skies are very dark and cloudy and that there is a distant rumble of thunder.

There is a likelihood of a rainstorm. It is not definite that it will occur.

However, it is best to grab an umbrella before heading outside, especially if someone is going to be walking rather than driving.

Metaphysically, think of the umbrella as an overarching protective type of consciousness.

In similar fashion, being connected to SOURCE via prayer and meditation and other spiritual rituals is a way in which to send forth atomic frequencies of peace and health, and when as many persons as possible do the same thing, circumstances of disharmony can change to harmony.

Thus, this is another reason to join in tomorrow’s (Wednesday, May 25th) global prayer. All it takes is reciting the prayer offered in yesterday’s discourse three times during the day: morning, afternoon, and evening.

For those who wish to recite the prayer at the most auspicious times when particular spiritual frequencies are at a height, these times are DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET.

In ancient Kemetic times, these were known as KHEPERA (“Bringer into Being”), RA (“Glorious LIGHT”), and ATUM (“Darkness on the Horizon” [from where the word for the season of “autumn” is derived]).

It was taught long before this civilization’s spiritual development (thousands of years prior to the era of the dynasties) and when there was still a powerful connection to its cosmic ancestry in the “Sepdet” (“Sirius”) star system, that these times of DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET were filled with a type of particle LIGHT that had/has consciousness—which can actually be “prayed into” for activations because they were/are the energies, frequencies, and vibrations of SOURCE.

Thus, they contain SOURCE ENERGY, FREQUENCY, AND VIBRATION and what we can abbreviate as SEFV.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - Source Frequency

Source Frequency

The Coming Stellium

This can be thought of as one of the famous Physicist Nikola Tesla’s assessments when he said: “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.”

When we pray, meditate, or perform other spiritual rituals, and when we keep our individual and collective consciousness on the “Divine Symphony” which offers us the “music” of LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, JOY, ABUNDANCE, and more of “ITS” UNALTERABLE GOODNESS, we can be assured of a planet, a solar system, and a galaxy of WONDER!

Let us work towards the “harmonious notes” of the planetary stellium being what we continually experience as the “New Now” continues to unfold.

There is tremendous power in numbers, even though just a few people can start a “ball to rolling”.

In the ancient Vedic tradition, the teachings on the “Yugas” illustrate this.

“Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) which has been discussed many times, is when there are only 1/4 of all planetary humanity that are elevating in consciousness by working towards a planet of “Heaven on Earth”.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential - Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga

The Coming Stellium

Time is taught to be a spiral—with ups and downs in the “Yugas” or experiences of peace and then of chaos.

“Kali Yuga” is the most difficult of ages.

It is characterized by world war, famine, disease, hatreds, evil leadership, religious indoctrination, the proliferation of dangerous chemicals, tampering with Nature, etc.

Eventually, “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) occurs where there is tropical weather everywhere, perfect health, abundance, love, joy, understanding of and following HIGHER LAWS, etc.

This occurs, however, only after “Dwarpa Yuga” and “Treta Yuga” when 1/2 and then 3/4 of humanity awaken to TRUTH.

Each “Yuga” is hundreds of thousands of years in the making (as humans calculate time frames).

In “Sattva Yuga”, there is complete “Paradise on Earth”.

According to the scriptures, humanity is still in “Kali Yuga” but in its twilight.

In other words, it will soon spiral up to the next age of “Dwarpa Yuga”, then “Treta Yuga”, then “Sattva Yuga”.

Our continually elevating consciousness can cause these “Yugas” to move along very swiftly.

This is only if enough of the human collective wish it to be so and work towards it.

“Kali Yuga” can linger if humanity is not careful and cause the other “Yugas” to drag along in their coming.

So, let us be determined to move up and up into the “NEW GOLDEN AGE”.

Let us think, feel, and act it into being!

We can do this if we really anchor to SEFV—SOURCE ENERGY, FREQUENCY, AND VIBRATION!

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