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The Collective Awakening Event - Lisa Renee

The Collective Awakening Event

The Collective Awakening Event – By Lisa Renee

As we enter phases of the breakdown in society as it is currently happening, it means that the energetic fields get more destabilized and the outer conflicts and chaos increases.

Many people are unaware that humanity is in an active war on multiple fronts.

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There is an active spiritual war being waged against humanity by nonhuman controllers extending to off planet conflicts and the parking lot of ET crafts sitting in the Kuiper Belt.

The Collective Awakening Event - Spiritual War

Spiritual War

The Collective Awakening Event

Some of these groups are strong-arming the nations in western cultures to collapse democratic or libertarian based ideologies that support individual sovereignty in order to fall into the globalist slavery system of collectivism via techno-totalitarianism.

There are strange and unusual occurrences happening on these multiple dimensions of the planetary chess board.

These hidden events bring the high strangeness in determining what if any of these energetic impacts will be manifested on our timeline or will those conflicts be neutralized and rendered invisible.

I define neutralization of impacts to be that event or destruction that occurs during a false flag type of operation which goes under the radar in so that the majority of the population does not see or know what is happening.

Most of us in this community should realize that we do not have an operating news media at this time.

The mainstream sources of news are fully controlled propaganda machines run in coordination with military intelligence run by the Controller groups.

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The Collective Awakening Event - Propaganda


The Collective Awakening Event

This makes this time very difficult because we are being weakened by not having access to current information or knowing the position of hot warfare when it is being carried out.

As an example, sadly, all the statistics we are given about the bio-weapon pysops are largely manipulated and skewed making it nearly impossible to tell what is what.

Over the last few weeks or so, something else has been escalated in what feels to be some kind of strategic actions that are connected to some level of military grade operation.

I am not an insider nor have any connection to the military, but I can sense that there are military operations being enacted to another defensive stage on the East coast, and what I can define as strategic chess moves occurring in the midst of these end time battles.

The battle is spiritual, as well as psychological, and as many of us may attest, the level of evil trickery, gaslighting and lies being told to the masses are beyond anything we can adequately describe in words.

In the distance, March 2022 is still hovering as a milestone point in the timeline which opens up directions in which many of us can begin to move forward with our lives.

For many of us right now, it feels that we are being held hostage in a strange situation of wait and see, held in void of nothingness, some of us may feel isolated, imprisoned and immobile while many people around us still do not register that we are in an active war that is raging against everything that is human.

As it has been mentioned several times, this is the time when we will suffer casualties in this war.

People, place and things can come apart at the seams, because they have no idea what is happening, and they are believing the propaganda streams of lies and deceit.

The Collective Awakening Event - Spiritual Developments

Spiritual Developments

The Collective Awakening Event

If we walk into the line of fire, we can get seriously hurt or be taken out.

It does appear that when the time comes for the change and tipping point in the collective it will have basic themes, and those themes are presenting this week as being escalated, so I am sharing this with you now.

Many times the Controllers take advantage of holidays and weekends to carry out operations that they hide from the public.

Those that are supporting humanity, we can call them white hats, also tend to use holidays or long weekends to enact some kind of strategic operation, they are well aware of satanic holidays, full moons, and other ritualistic days.

The Collective Awakening Event - Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

The Collective Awakening Event

This year end with the holiday season feels to have much more weight behind it, with current operations happening in the field right now.

There is a lot of military from multiple countries involved in a series of war games and supposed drills.

This stage is wholly unpredictable, it is not possible to predict exact timing of collective events in the zero point no time spaces.

Only God knows when this is happening, and it is in divine timing of a plan, we are not abandoned and we are not losing the war, although it can appear this way.

The biggest challenge we all have is the immense grief of those people we love and care for being taken in by the darkness deceit and lies, and that many hurt themselves when believing these lies.

Although when and if they leave their body it will be in a much better space as it will be a briefing life review and release of the mind control suffered on this reality plane.

At this point, it is hard to tell what can be enacted to neutralize the effects of the bio-weapon, as we are seeing many benevolent actions and clearings happening en masse.

I feel this is to prevent large die off of the injected population, but unsure of how much can be neutralized and what needs to happen as many souls will choose to leave.

The tipping point of shifting can happen anywhere between now and the first quarter of next year, which will be an big global type of event of some sort that is dramatic, cannot be hidden and the mainstream population will see it and know it.

The Collective Awakening Event - The Shift

The Shift

The Collective Awakening Event

Once it is out the genie cannot be put back in the bottle, so to speak.

Some heating up is happening now with this event.

This is the important phase of the falling dominoes and wild cards, and noting that the Controllers have been doing all they can to hide the truth, subvert this benevolent agenda, re-direct and distract the masses so they will not figure out what is happening and who is behind all of the divide and conquer and bioweapon psyops.

Those of us that can still think in the fog of war can see clearly the injection symptoms are the promoted variants.

Themes that may or may not present themselves as a BIG EVENT between now and March 2022 and ongoing.

• Surreal global events, such as declaring wars with other countries. The nuclear program in UK is called Trident with Poseidon craft and it connects to the red cube system. This will be mostly for show out of desperation if they pull this out, know that there will not be any type of nuclear event.

• Smaller false flag operations, black military intelligence run terrorism for distraction and cover.

• Collapsing of western financial markets and currency.

• Sudden deaths and disappearances of world figures, celebrity types, royals, such as the Queen in UK.

• People we were told were dead, are revealed to have been in witness protection and alive.

• Emergency Broadcast system being directed from military base or space program crew from satellite military systems.

• Temporary shut down of certain online services or internet access.

• Collapse and controlled demolition of controller structures, i.e. hospitals, medical system, airlines, travel industry, shipping supplies, etc.

• This may shut down supply chains in certain areas, such as in US we will not have access to certain goods or products from overseas anymore.

• EMP type of destruction or repurposing of some landmarks, such as the Whitehouse, Washington DC area. This area as a political capital is done.

• Awareness that many more people have been killed by the bio weapon injection than we are being told. They have been hiding deaths, and cataloguing who has received which vaccine lots. Genocide will be known and those involved ultimately prosecuted by tribunal. 5D benevolent groups were notified of human genocide violations recently, they are deciding what to do about that.

• Secret space program coordinated disclosure of their existence in breakaway civilization, and the technologies they have, exposing the war against nonhuman entities or demonic forces known as aliens.

• Human trafficking harvesting for blood and body parts, organ trafficking, pedophilia, and child adrenochrome farms in underground bases and bunkers and off planet supply.

• Existence of the deep underground tunnels and military bases that acted as cover for nonhuman demonic entities and aliens to prey on humans. Existence of underground cities used by the Luciferian bloodlines and nameless billionaires for hiding depraved satanic elite activities.

• Sudden implementation of new technologies or radical changes that impact society as we know it.

• Fall of mainstream media and invasion and/or breakdown of Israel.

It may be important to note here that I am not political, since my youth I have despised politics in a satanic corrupt system, and thus we do not vote.

We both despise the intentional harming and torturing of humans and life forms.

My information comes from field work from over 20 years when reluctantly asked to look at world events in energetic terms so that I can see what is happening in detail and help the Founders when they ask.

I was rudely awakened by them to correct my thinking when they told me that the US Constitution is energetically linked to the Law of One, the natural laws of God.

They made it clear that it is for that reason, the US is important strategically in this spiritual warfare as well as global warfare against the Controller’s – these are the handpicked bloodlines and aliens working at the top of the pyramid of global control.

The Collective Awakening Event - Rule Of The Law

Rule Of The Law

The Collective Awakening Event

We must remember that many of these people running this NAA agenda look human but they are not, they are the ones put in control by their superiors to farm humanity for their kind.

As miserable as it can be at this time watching the harm and devastation that is happening in the world at large, and the fact humanity will have to recover from PTSD from all that has happened plus living through a real time genocide.

Humanity does prevail in a much better timeline where the truth is able to be spoken and we regain our freedoms when emerging into a completely new version of this reality system.

As we hit the holiday season, it can get stressful and the outer events will seem even more crazy, if that is even possible!

The Collective Awakening Event - Better Timeline

Better Timeline

The Collective Awakening Event

Thus, do your best to not take the negativity inside your heart, and keep your focus on spiritually strengthening yourself, asking for guidance and acting upon it, setting intentions for how to be of service after we go through this BIG EVENT.

As the society breaks down some of us are slowly building our personal pieces to prepare for what is coming, and how we can best be of service to support humanity.

This may be as simple as picking up pieces of broken family relationships, or helping people understand these changes and what is happening on the Earth during the ascension cycle.

Some will not be willing to change, and that means they will have to be let go, as there will be no going back – it is adapt to the changes or time to leave.

This is a complicated topic of which I have spoken about in snippets through many different classes or newsletters, but many here that are newer may not have heard or read the previous information.

Please do not allow fear into your mind over this information, it is the time to clear fear, quiet your mind, and develop your relationship with God and Christos.

Connect with those things that make you laugh, feel loving and grateful, as well as focusing on things that hold deep meaning inside your heart.

God and our beloved Christos family have our back, they are working very hard at our side, and there are many mysterious things happening that are blessings to help us all potentially experience miracles.

Do not succumb to the fear based narratives of what it looks like on the outer, as it is not the truth!

The Collective Awakening Event - Ascension


The Collective Awakening Event

There are many good and positive things happening for humanity that we cannot see on the outer yet.

It will come in divine timing, and this shift will bring us to explore a new society so we will need to be flexible, adaptable, and connected to our heart and God’s holy spirit.

Your intention to connect with God and have a good loving heart is enough, use common sense, listen to your loving inner Christos spirit and do not give up – we are almost there!

Love and GSF,


More by Lisa Renee

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

And if you want to understand this more deeply, there are three natural laws that are very important for you to understand and work with. If it’s too much to really do a deep dive on this, if you’re too tired to focus on something complicated like clearing out any kind of negative ego programs or negative self-talk, then your default should always be return back to “Love is all. God is love.”

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion is different than love and for a lot of us, we may not have known what love is. As we go deeper into our spiritual meditations and reflections, when we open our heart deeply, we will experience a force of love inside our heart that was unknown to us previously. Because we didn’t know it, we didn’t know it existed. But it does, it exists inside of us.

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible in the physical material world when observing the current global events. This is a time of heightened spiritual warfare against all aspects of human freedom.

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – This term refers to a period in your life where you are pushed, usually through some sort of suffering, to go beyond your current frame of reference in order to fully comprehend what is happening to you. People at this stage may start to register there are energetic forces around them or influencing them and that awareness can be felt or sensed in different ways. Sometimes, this means pulling back the veil that hides negative alien interference in human evolution.

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

As we emerge from a dark aeon, we have a better vantage point from which to view just how decrepit and destructive the thoughtforms of the past mind-controlled reality had become. During this massive shift of the ages these constructs are slowly losing integrity, allowing much more freedom to move out of highly controlled structures and thoughts forms.

Self Esteem Makes Better Choices – Lisa Renee

Self Esteem Makes Better Choices – Lisa Renee

The outer chaos is slowly escalating into the next stages of revealing more pieces of the collective trigger event. Yet for many of us that have been observing the controller agenda unfold and watch its narrative slowly dismantle, the psychological and emotional pressure for those awake to these events has been incredibly intense and sometimes overwhelming.

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