The Cancer Full Moon - A Loving Embrace

The Cancer Full Moon

A Loving Embrace

The Cancer Full Moon – A Loving Embrace. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The final Full Moon of the year “2020” occurs at approximately 10:32 PM EST (find you time here).

The last Full Moon of any year is very potent with energy.

The Cancer Full Moon is particularly significant because this is the symbolic sign of the loving, nurturing, healing, protective qualities of the “Great Mother” (SOURCE).

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Therefore, this is a day to especially love ourselves, others, plants, animals, and our planet Earth/Gaia.

This will set in motion material atomic frequencies which will align with spiritual atomic frequencies for the manifestation of peace, love, health, and abundance in the world.

This is especially important because Mars in Aries in square position to Pluto in Capricorn at this current time can set-off some very challenging circumstances on the planet due to particular levels of consciousness which have yet to level-up to higher dimensions.

We must realize that there are people who misuse their free will. However, LOVE always is the most powerful vibrational frequency.

The Cancer Full Moon - A Loving Embrace

A Loving Embrace

The Cancer Full Moon

An ancient meditation technique is to center the concentration upon the heart and to envision a brightly glowing LIGHT there. This is SOURCE LIGHT.

The heart is considered as being the “altar of the body temple” upon which we center our attention while breathing slowly and deeply.

It was also taught in ancient times that the condition of the heart was an indication of the condition of the consciousness.

It is interesting that one of the “activation symptoms” that is transforming us to crystalline is the strongly pulsating rhythms of the heart as it beats with the rhythms of Earth/Gaia as “She” soars higher in the cosmos to receive greater LIGHT and faster vibrations.

With “Her”, we are becoming LOVE! The final Full Moon of a given year also sets the stage for much of the coming year.

So, what we do at this Full Moon can actually activate many of the experiences for the year “2021”.Thus, we can transform challenges and rise anew like a phoenix bird with this Cancer Full Moon energy.

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Some of the ways in which we can engage this potent balm of LOVE are the following:

    1. Write loving comments to someone who has been of special support to you during this very chaotic year, and mail it to them in a beautiful greeting card.
    2. Gift someone with a lovely bouquet of flowers.
    3. Prepare (or obtain from a healthy venue) a delicious nutritious meal for an elder, and deliver it with a loving greeting card.
    4. Walk a neighbor’s dog.
    5. If you are doing well financially, gift someone who is struggling with a monetary donation.
    6. If you are an artist (painter, sculptor, writer, musician, etc.), create a special gift from your talent for someone or for a family group.
    7. For someone whom you know employs prayer malas in his or her spiritual path, purchase (or make) a gorgeous mala, and bless each bead with the “AUM” mantra, and then oil the mala with Sandalwood.
    8. For those who may be grieving this year, send them a special message of support.
    9. Feed the squirrels, birds, deer, and other animals with nuts, seeds, fruit, or bread.
    10. Go outside, spread your arms wide, and then recite a prayer for peace and health on the planet. Close your session by pouring libations to Earth/Gaia from a container of water. This symbolizes the joining of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21st because the symbol of the zodiac sign of Aquarius is a man or woman pouring water from a vase onto the Earth.
The Cancer Full Moon - Zodiac


The Cancer Full Moon

Of course, there are people who regularly do all or some of the above; however, sometimes the busy activities of each day often make some people forgetful about performing special deeds, although they consistently hold loving thoughts for others.

Therefore, it is important to endeavor to remember to actualize our thoughts and feelings so that we can add to the “LOVE QUOTIENT” on the planet.

It is very important to nurture ourselves at this time as well. Consider taking a warm bath with Epsom Salt and a combination of flowery oils such as Jasmine, Lavender, Gardenia, or Rose. (Guys too)!

Place a gemstone such as Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline or Kunzite (all of which are excellent to soothe emotional stress–either current or from the past, and the Pink Tourmaline and Kunzite contain lithium which heals depression).

Guys may wish to substitute the flowery oils for Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Vertivert which are also potent with relaxing energy, and they may wish to use the gemstones of Green Tourmaline or Lepidolite in the bath which also contain lithium.

Also perform extra prayers and meditations on the day of the Full Moon.

Wear Moon-like rainbow pastel colors.

Wear calming, healing oils.

Eat a special colorful healthy meal of various veggies with either brown rice or jasmine rice, and treat yourself and your family to a healthy dessert such as a combination of dark chocolate, various types of dried fruit, and various nuts mixed together and placed on top of a scoop of healthy non-dairy ice cream.

The point is that we should be loving to ourselves and others as “Temples of the Divine”, then we will attract energetics from the cosmos which will align with our intentions.

If you resonate with January 1st as the beginning of a new year, then among your resolutions, make a resolution to give more LOVE to all of creation.

If you celebrate each new year in the cosmic sense with the coming of the Vernal Equinox in March in the Northern Hemisphere as it becomes autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, still consider participating in the traditional man-developed new year of January 1st so that we can all be of one accord because we are all brothers and sisters. We are “Galactic Citizens”.

Most importantly, we are all aspects of SOURCE LIGHT.


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As many people know, solar winds come from the Sun of our galaxy, and their normal speed is between 300 and 400 km/s (kilometers per second). This amounts to several million miles per hour. Periodically, solar winds travel above 400 km/s and have been as high as between 500 and 600 km/s in recent months.

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The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

A lovely comment was sent by a reader about the recent article on the “Wave Form” of Earth/Gaia. The person mentioned a special resonance they had with a beautiful Rose in their garden and inquired about the vibrational frequency of flowers. From scientific research which has been conducted over many centuries regarding thousands of flowers and plants, it has become known that the ROSE and its essential oil has the highest vibration —a “Wave Form” of 320 Megahertz!

The Sacred Wave Form Of  Planet Earth/Gaia

The Sacred Wave Form Of Planet Earth/Gaia

Many people are familiar with the healing 528 Hertz frequency and have purchased tuning forks and bowls which resound with this vibration, and this is excellent because this tone is known to calm the nervous system, to reduce stress, to balance hormones, and to create a loving energy within an individual and in his or her external world. However, there is a tone which most do not realize is yet another frequency that we can utilize, and it is the actual normal sacred tone of Earth/Gaia known since ancient times.

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

In Spiritual Science, however, such as in the ancient practice of “Ayurveda” (“Science of Life”), our statements regarding our desires must be spoken in the form of what has already been achieved, and thus, our consciousness is merely aligning with the perfection of our needs or desires. Thus, samples are: “I am grateful for having released the need to smoke” or “I no longer eat foods that are unhealthy” or “I have let go of unnecessary weight” or “I continually receive higher knowledge”.

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

Earth/Gaia is moving through what is known as a “Helio-Spheric Current Sheet” which is an area in the cosmos where there are opposing magnetic currents. This “sheet” is like a ballerina’s tutu as the dancer swirls and leaps across a stage. The tutu flips up and down as the ballerina dances as if a whirl of wind has lifted her from the floor.

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

On Monday, January 4, 2021, the “Energy Wave Frequency” or “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered an awesome “1200”! This is the highest LIGHT pulsation thus far that has soared into Earth/Gaia’s geomagnetic field in recent times.

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

In the final few days of the month of December of “2020”, the “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered as being in the very high hundreds in the Cumiana, Italy chart, and now at the beginning of “2021”, it is again registering high and is “450” as of January 2nd. The Tomsk, Russia readings, however, are registering far lower numbers and have been either in the single digits or the lower double digits for some time.

Welcome To 2021! How Light Enters Form

Welcome To 2021! How Light Enters Form

In the new year of 2021 A.C.E. (“After the Common Era”), LIGHT will increase as Earth/Gaia continues to travel higher in the cosmic realms to receive sacred energy (“life force”) which will then be transmitted to all of creation upon the planet.

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