The Build-Up - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Build-Up

The Build-Up – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Late in the evening of Monday, September 12th, 2022, an “M.1-Class” solar flare exploded from our Sun with a coronal mass ejection (CME) as evidenced by auroras seen around the world.

Auroras are usually signs of CMEs having been unleashed from our Sun which are plasma particles with protons and electrons.

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They are often very prolific just prior to equinoxes and solstices when cracks seem to open in Earth/Gaia’s magnetic field that allow cosmic rays from inside as well as outside to enter the magnetosphere.

The Build-Up - Aurora In Iceland September 13 2022

Aurora In Norway September 12 2022

The Build-Up

However, such cracks do not need to await equinoxes and solstices.

Particle plasma has been enveloping our planet for several months on a daily basis, and solar winds—either of normal speed or elevated—have been the ushers.

Our planet has been experiencing “Energy Fluxes”—the constant bombardment of slow, medium, and fast solar winds pushing-in flares, CMEs, cosmic rays (also called “cosmic waves”) into Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields, and has been discussed previously, these events are like people dancing a waltz, then a fox trot, then a fast rock ‘n roll, and then back to the waltz, then the fox trot again, then rock ‘n roll—-over and over again—back and forth.

The “Schumann Resonance” ( “SR”—vibrational frequency and amplitude) of our planet is activated, and weather conditions can become challenging such as earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, etc.

With the “black-out” of major technology around the world which reports on the “SR”, this indicates that “Energy Fluxes” are extremely powerful.

With seven planets in retrograde, which actually magnifies their energy, and as the portal of the Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere has already opened, and with these equinoxes about to fully commence in a few days on September 22nd, cosmic forces are likely to be quite potent.

Think of a person pulling back on a slingshot. As the “pull-back” is happening, strength is building for the object in the slingshot to soar off and out with great power.

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Planets in retrograde are the “pull-backs” for power to be unleashed, and the movement of the “pull-back” has power within itself.

In the current space/time continuum, the cosmos is filled with various kinds of on-going power.

For example, Earth/Gaia and the entire solar system is moving through the Photon Belt—a portal of tremendous transformative LIGHT; major LIGHT is coming from the Great Central Sun into our Sun which is giving that LIGHT to our planet; The black hole known as “Sagittarius A” is exploding daily with bright LIGHT; the brightly lit tails of comets surge through the solar system; there are solar sector boundary crossings and helio-spheric current sheets, and much, much more.

Earth/Gaia has a faster and a wobble-like spin as “She” is activated by all of the events being experienced.

Collective humanity—youthful or mature—are all being given enormous doses of LIGHT, and accordingly, collective consciousness is awakening more; spiritual abilities are occurring more; and the physical vessel is endeavoring to “catch-up” to the heightened consciousness as it more firmly connects or anchors to SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS—SOURCE FREQUENCY.

The process of powerful (and accelerated) change works upon the tendons, muscles, tissues, bones, glands, the entire nervous system and chakra system, cells, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles—every aspect of having a material form.

Emotions are sensitive and magnetized to electrified thoughts.

There is always chaos before balance—always darkness before LIGHT like the dark blue sapphire sky before a golden dawn or the dark oyster shell eventually revealing the precious Pearl or the Mother’s dark womb before the baby enters out into the bright lights of the birthing room and into the world.

The night sky is active with not easily seen swirling cosmic events.

Activations within the oyster cause it to create the nacre that becomes the Pearl.

The Mother endures hours of painful labor to birth the child.

We, too, are being activated within and without.

We experience the flares, CMEs, and more as we are made new.

We experience the flares, CMEs, and more as we are made new.

It is a “labor” process and so is the entire change in the solar system and galaxy.

SOURCE LIGHT serves as the fertilizing energy, the gestation period, and the “forceps” of birth.

The Build-Up - Aurora In Iceland September 13 2022

Aurora In Iceland September 13 2022

The Build-Up

Cosmic forces will continue to build, to accelerate, to be increasingly powerful.

In a way, non-working equipment is indeed “working” because its inability to function gives credence or a message about a POWER that it cannot register.

Prepare for a build-up in cosmic energetics which will also cause a build-up in creation throughout the solar system and galaxy.

Self-nurturance is very necessary in this “Now”.

We must take special care of all of our “Selves”: SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, TRANSCENDENTAL, and COSMIC. We must tune-in daily to the HIGHER SELF—SOUL—SOURCE.

Something far beyond even “X-Class” (the strongest flare rating thus far) is on the horizon.

No one can say exactly what it is or give an exact date of its arrival.

We are, however, allowed to know that it is on the way.

“Spiritual Technology” is our “device”. Pay close attention to intuition, visions, and dreams.

They are the “print-outs” from your newly-vitalized “cellular record programming”.

They are your “SI”—“Spiritual Intelligence”.

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Cosmic Update 25 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

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A magnetic filament that erupted from our Sun on November 19th has arrived as of today, Friday, 11/25/2022. It has, of course, unleashed a coronal mass ejection (CME)—proton and electron plasma particles. All flares— whether they are massive explosions or filaments— carry CMEs because our Sun is comprised of plasma.

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Graphene On The Scene! Continuing Research – Dr Schavi

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Activations to our planet remain in full-swing, and in fact, as has been mentioned several other times, cosmic happenings may be more intense than what they are rated as being on technological devices. This is almost like not telling the truth about “Thanksgiving”.

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Many people who know the truth regarding the historical development of certain holidays would rather not celebrate them. However, sometimes people remain silent about the root of particular holidays, so they go ahead and engage in various festivities with family and friends due to a sense of obligation.

Cosmic Update 24 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 24 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

A magnetic plasma filament has erupted from our Sun at its northern region which will supposedly not affect our planet according to certain scientific data. However, all cosmic events affect our solar system either in minor or major ways. In this case of the magnetic filament, plasma particles can travel throughout our solar system, and our planet could experience a “sprinkling” of plasma as opposed to a full-on whopping dose.

The Importance Of Minerals In The “Now” – Dr Schavi

The Importance Of Minerals In The “Now” – Dr Schavi

While our DNA and cellular records are being transformed to be greater aligned with SOURCE FREQUENCY, we must still nurture ourselves in various ways, and one of these ways is by insuring that we are receiving certain minerals which have been created for the benefit of our physical vessels, our mental health, and our emotional wellbeing.

Metatronic Vibrational Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Metatronic Vibrational Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Wherever currents flow, energy fields develop around them. The human physical vessel is a magnet which both sends out and attracts energy. The way in which the MIND—CONSCIOUSNESS–is activated can literally change the genes in the body and transform its DNA which is inside of each cell, thus creating a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

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