The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

The Jewels Of June Part Two

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic energetics occur both inside and outside of our solar system.

Thus, LIGHT frequencies soar throughout the cosmos (also known as the “multiverse”) and bathes every universe, galaxy, and planet. The LIGHT elevates sentient beings to higher states of consciousness which creates capabilities far beyond what is currently realized.

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This amazing LIGHT from SOURCE, however, serves another important purpose—it sweeps away the intense radiation from reaching any planet that is not prepared for full reception.

This is done via strong solar flares (photons, electrons, etc.) and coronal mass ejections or plasma waves which are sent forth via surging solar winds.

In other words, just like a would-be airplane pilot first receives training on the ground in a classroom prior to going up in an airplane for the first time with an experienced pilot, most of the beings on Earth/Gaia are still being cleansed, cleared, re-aligned, and re-adjusted so that physical vessels can hold onto the new currents of LIGHT that are transforming DNA.

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - CME C3 - 28 May 2021

CME C3 – 28 May 2021

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

This is initially done via giving an understanding of why LIGHT is necessary and the process of its occurring. Ancient holy texts, therefore, teach us of the various ages called “Yugas” throughout which humanity must travel—all of which have their varying types of characteristics predicated upon levels of collective consciousness. With Mercury being currently retrograde, this provides a superb opportunity to review our “Now”.

We are at present moving through “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) of which there have been many throughout the eternal spiraling of the space/time continuum. The current one began in approximately 4300 B.C.E. and continues.

This is a time line when most of humanity has a very low level of consciousness which causes hatreds, warfare, disease, famine, economic strife, immoral leaders, sexual perversions, spiritual bankruptcy, and more horrendous situations which characterize a planet steeped in turmoil.

Yet, during such an era, a portal opens whereby those who choose to do so can elevate higher and receive Divine knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly which blesses them with amazing capabilities.

This is a “recess” period.

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It is not a time line where conditions become less intense; rather, it is a time line whereby a large percentage of collective consciousness lifts to states of spiritual awareness that shines as a beacon for others.

This is what we are experiencing on Earth/Gaia in this “Now”, and as has been mentioned before, the “recess” was heralded when Jupiter and Saturn met in exact harmony (astrological degree) on December 21st of the year 2020 in the sign of Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac and in Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac. Thus, the “recess” is the “Age of Aquarius” but not the “New Golden Age”.

Like a house which is still being built by the construction team before it can be inhabited by those who are meant to dwell in it, our planet is still being cleansed, cleared, and receiving the illumination that most are able to handle but which must yet be acclimated to as it continually emerges from SOURCE.

It is also taught in ancient texts that whenever strict, lesson-giving, disciplining Saturn conjuncts at the exact degree with expansive, philosophical, higher consciousness Jupiter, a new time line occurs whose intention is the intensified deeper instruction of humanity as to what is required in order to advance, to transform, and to be worthy of guidance from the HIGHER SELF that will thrust it into greater galactic connections and capabilities as has been done millions and billions of years ago.

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - Collective Consciousness Lifts

Collective Consciousness Lifts

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

Therefore, the seemingly downward slide of humanity is given hope for an eventual upward climb and the tools with which to navigate the “Mountain of Knowledge”.

We must remember that the Sanskrit word of the planet Jupiter is “Guru”, and this word translates as “Bringer of LIGHT from darkness”.

We must also remember that there is a black hole (created by exploding stars known as “super novas”) at the center of our “Milky Way Galaxy” that is bursting forth with LIGHT which is astounding many mainstream scientists because in the past, streams of LIGHT came once or twice a month from this region but now they are coming almost daily.

Also, it is not behaving like the typical black hole which acts like a vacuum cleaner that sucks up things into it. Instead, as stated, it is flowing outwardly with LIGHT, and lots of it!

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - Light Activation Symptoms

Light Activation Symptoms

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

Too much LIGHT too soon, however, from flares, winds, and CMEs would overwhelm the physical system, stress the emotions, and fry mental states.

The “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) are already quite challenging during certain strong pulsations of the flares, CMEs, and winds just mentioned , and therefore, SOURCE extends to us just as much as we need for the “Now”.

The LIGHT from our galactic center is a soothing but powerful energetic frequency, and greater influxes are due to happen relatively soon, and so, it is best to prepare for them by acquiring knowledge and using it wisely.

This will create a connection to the supernal realms. SOURCE is not going to halt the sending of LIGHT just so that slackers can catch-up.

SOURCE will, however, as indicated above, carefully navigate the LIGHT frequencies in such a manner as to allow as many as possible to get on-board with spiritual orientation.

It is like waiting on a loved one to arrive by plane. There is an announcement that the plane has landed and from which gate passengers will deplane.

Loved ones can be at the correct gate beforehand by reading the bulletin board at the airport to see which flights are on-time or which ones are having late arrivals.

Regardless of being on-time or late, if the plane is meant to come-in, it will.

In like manner, SOURCE is flying the “Cosmic Plane”, and IT IS ARRIVING ON TIME!. The question is: who will be at the gate at its arrival?

Those who desire to receive the on-time LIGHT, must increase their faith in its availability and be open to occurrences that may seem out-of-the-ordinary relative to logical analysis.

In this month of June, 2021, the “Solar Eclipse” on June 10th will be a potent obscuration that will allow for both releases and new starts—landings and taking off again to higher levels.

It will occur in communication-oriented and fun-filled airy Gemini in the Tropical Zodiac but in materially-focused, financially-concerned, beauty-oriented earthy Taurus in the Sidereal Zodiac.

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - This Is A "New Now"

This Is A “New Now”

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

The Sun in Gemini is in a geometrical trine angle (120 degrees) to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac and in semi-sextile (30 degrees) to surprise-oriented, electrifying Uranus in Taurus.

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light! - Milky Way

Golden Age

The Blessing Of The Sweeping Light!

However, in the Sidereal system, our Sun is in Taurus, and Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn in a square angle (90 degrees) to Uranus in Aries, but they are in trine to the Sun.

Without discussing further geometrical blueprints and all of their characterizations, suffice to say, there are likely to be shocking announcements in the media regarding several situations (politics, medicine, economics, outer space), stronger quakes in the usual places (but also quakes in rare places), earlier than usual powerful hurricanes, frustrating disruptions in technology, and many more groups orchestrating meditations for the healing of the planet because so much will be surfacing that will be difficult to believe.

As is being said by so many, this is a “New Now”.

Situations are not the same as they were a few years ago on or off of our planet.

We are not in a dream nor are we watching a riveting movie.

This is real.

The LIGHT is true.

It is the sparkling “Jewels of June”, and these jewels are our constantly glowing gifts throughout this “recess” period and into the next era–the “Golden Age” which is coming on-time.

Be patient, but be ready.

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Royal Regulus! – Dr Schavi

Royal Regulus! – Dr Schavi

Vibrational frequencies of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, the Sun of this galaxy, and upon Earth/Gaia are very heightened when the “Lion’s Gate Portal” opens each year and are very active a few days before the New Moon, on the day of the New Moon, and for a few days after the New Moon.

Major Cosmic Update! –  Dr Schavi

Major Cosmic Update! – Dr Schavi

A massive blast of LIGHT (photons) from the Great Central Sun arrived into Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields yesterday, Thursday, July 29, 2021, at approximately 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The magnetosphere of the planet is now filled with these charged particles.

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

The blasts of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun onward to the Sun of our specific galaxy and through to Earth/Gaia carry enormous sacred codes of enlightenment.

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Humanity is coming together in increasing numbers and beginning to appreciate other paths of knowledge with which they may not have been previously familiar. Yet, the most ancient knowledge is the root of the information in the “Now”, and the root of anything is often where the most precious substance can be obtained.

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

Sirius (anciently known as “Sepdet”) has risen! It is aligned with the Sun of our galaxy heralding a New Galactic Year! Increased LIGHT frequencies are occurring and will continue to do so throughout this entire year, and opportunities will be offered more for an upsurge in the understanding and application of spiritual principles.

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

Because we are endeavoring to assist as many persons as possible in elevating higher in these intense energies of the Earth/Gaia experience, I and other “Lightbringers” (“Spiritual Scientists”, “Acharyas”, “Gurus”, “Vibrational Healers”, “Cosmic Scientists”, etc.) around the planet have decided to orchestrate what we are calling “THE MANTRA MOVEMENT”, and we are inviting all those who are desirous of experiencing a planet of LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, JOY, WISDOM, and continual connection to SOURCE to join us and to share this invitation with others.

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

The “Lion’s Gate” opens each year when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which this year of 2021 is Thursday, July 22nd, and it closes on August 23rd when the Sun moves on into the sign of Virgo (again, Tropical Zodiac). Thus, the “Lion’s Gate” is not a one-day event of August 8th as many people claim as they focus upon what is termed the “8/8” portal because of August being the 8th month of a 12-month year, and the 8th day of that month being also a focused date.

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

“Sidereal/Vedic Jyotish” (“Knowledge of Godly Light”) is taught within the ancient Vedic scriptures and are messages of events that definitely will and that also can only potentially be experienced by creation—the word “potentially” suggesting that the condition of a person’s or of the collective’s consciousness governs what is attracted.

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

In this new “Now”, whether cosmic events are of a low or high vibration, we are receiving SOURCE LIGHT from beyond what humanity can calculate with its sophisticated devices.

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