The Battles For Earth - Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition

The Battles For Earth

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Battles For Earth – Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

During the new offensive, the Dark Forces focused their main attacks on three key targets at once: the planet’s core, its position in orbit, and one of Earth’s Central Spiritual Suns.

The strongest blows were delivered on the Earth Crystal. Now they were using energy weapons instead of an information virus.

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The Higher Light Hierarchy knew about the impending attack. But it was not all that the Archons had prepared.

Usually, if a critical threat to the Earth occurs, its protective field is activated. For it, the entire energy potential of civilization is mobilized. This time, the Higher Light Hierarchy’s power was not enough – so forceful was the attack.

The embodied helpers, the LFs’ ground teams, and all the Higher Selves of people came to the rescue. Many felt discomfort and a heavy energy state these days. It was the reaction of physical bodies to the participation of their super-consciousness in repelling the Dark Forces’ attack and saving the Earth.

The latter spared no one. Anyone who dared to join the Higher Light Hierarchs was automatically targeted. The Archons dealt them pinpoint energy strikes.

The Battles For Earth - Earth Crystal

Earth Crystal

The Battles For Earth

Many people died during this period. These brave hearts, heroes of the Transition, were granted the right to enter the Sixth Race by the indirect transformation. They will be born after the Great Quantum Transition in a renewed immortal body, even if they were not evolutionarily prepared for it.

To attack the Earth, the Archons planned to use a meteors shower, pumping negative energy into its field. When entered the atmosphere, they would discharge energy, hitting the Earth’s vital field, comparable to shooting people with a machine gun.

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The Battles For Earth - Meteors Shower

Meteors Shower

The Battles For Earth

Light Forces foiled the plan. At the same time, they began to strengthen the defenses around the Earth. But the Archons came as a surprise, launching their main attack a day earlier than expected.

The Higher Light Hierarchy managed to prepare only the first line of defense -around the Earth’s Crystal. It consisted of the Hierarchs themselves and their embodied assistants, including the LFs’ ground team.

For the first time in their lives, Lightwarriors felt the incredible pressures that Ascended Masters take on. Neck to neck they warded off an Archons’ attacks. But the physical condition of the team members was such that they only wanted to die.

Seeing it, the Ascended Masters urged them not to take on heavy loads, or to leave altogether. The suffering of Lightwarriors at such moments reached such intensity that the only desire was to say “Yes” so that everything would end once and for all. But they always answered “NO” and repeated that they would always answer that way!

The Battles For Earth - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

The Battles For Earth

The dramatic state of the ground team was compounded by family and friends. They could not watch the fighting on the Subtle Plane, but on the physical plane, they could see how prostrated the Lightwarriors were.

For security reasons, the team members couldn’t explain anything. Therefore, they put up with the lack of family support. Many faced with misunderstanding and fret.

The mother of one of the Lightwarriors (she is, by the way, a Reiki Master) seeing his condition, said that he should drink less. To this day, she still doesn’t know or understand what her son is involved in.

This could be a warning to anyone eager to join the LFs’ groups. They must clearly understand what THE SERVICE is.

When Lightwarriors asked what is meaning of incarnation on Earth, they always respond with the words of the Karma Lords: “In service and self-sacrifice.” To the question of what they are ready to sacrifice for it, the answer follows: “Everything!”

So answered many, but they had to step aside, unable to withstand the tests. For those who specifically incarnate on Earth to help people, the exams are even tougher.

It was with such dedication and self-sacrifice that the Light Forces preserved the integrity of the Earth’s Heart, repelling all Archon’s assaults.

But they continued to attack – now in orbit, trying to push the Earth off it, to shift the center of gravity of its Core. Even with a small deviation, it could change the planet’s orbit around the Sun, destabilize continents, and lead to other serious destructions. Here’s how it happened.

The Battles For Earth - Earth's Orbit Around The Sun

Earth’s Orbit Around The Sun

The Battles For Earth

In the Universe, there is a continuous Source’s energy-informational exchange with its creations. From It one hundred percent pure life energy is emanated which then passes through the Spiritual Center of the Local Universe – its Logos.

The Creation Ray consistently extends in all directions and feeds the Galaxies that make up our Local Universe. After getting through the center of our Galaxy, Ray’s frequency is reduced to a level acceptable for Milky Way.

Now it becomes a Galactic Ray. It spreads like the Sunlight and reaches all objects in the Galaxy, feeding them with vital energy.

For Earth, it looks like this. The Galactic Ray emanates from the Central Galactic Spiritual Sun – The Logos Heart. Then it goes successively through the 12 Spiritual Suns – the Earth’s Cosmic Parents.

A hierarchically structured system consistently lowers the cosmic vibration to a level acceptable to our planet, as do transformers or substations in the power industry.

When Galactic Ray passes through each Spiritual Sun, a portion of its energy remains in their vita-field, supporting the evolution and life. Due to the accumulated energy, the vibrations are lowered and damped. Similar to the airplane’s braking after landing.

To the Earth reach such vibrations that the planet and humanity can absorb. Our cosmic parents carefully prepare and soften food for their child – Earth and us, people, while we are in infancy and do not have teeth. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul mentions such dairy food.

Our planet is the ultimate consumer of the reduced and synchronized energy of the Galactic Ray. After us, it goes no further.

After the Earth’s Great Quantum Transition into a 4D planet, its status will change. It will become a Spiritual planet for some developing 3D world. Then the Galactic Ray will not end on Earth, but go on further and feed the patronized planet.

The Battles For Earth - Galactic Ray

Galactic Ray

The Battles For Earth

The described above is only part of the global process. The Descending Creation Ray must then become a reverse, Ascending Ray. It will return the Life energy to the Local Universe’s Creative Logos. The energy is enriched by the experience of evolution.

It’s happening in the entire civilized Spiritual Cosmos, which we, humanity, do not yet belong to. When we receive the Source’s energy, we disfigure, pollute it to the extreme limit, and return our fetid, poisonous slops.

We think it’s normal, and that someone else owes us even more. Because we are supposedly prisoners of the Archons’ concentration camp and can’t make any independent decisions. That we are brainwashed, chipped, programmed, and supposedly deprived of free will. We can list such crap for a long time…

This is what forms the humans’ karma on the Earth. We have long passed the limit of self-destruction. We still exist only because the Source’s energy that we have disfigured reverses through all 12 Spiritual Suns. They purify and spiritualize it with the Light and Fire of their Hearts, ridding it of our feces.

The energy returns to the Source as pure as it was originally emitted, but enriched with information from the experience of evolution and, to our shame, the involution of us, Its creatures.

Such a process covers all forms of life, from one-dimensional to multi-dimensional worlds. All exchange is carried out through special Galactic highways or pipelines.

They were the focus of the Archons’ next diversion. Very similar to what did ISIS, whom the Dark Hierarchy takes care of, helps, and directs.

Choosing the moment, the Archons blasted the reverse traffic of the Creation Ray. Returning from the worlds of involution, it was full of negative energy, cosmic sewage.

The poisonous energy that poured from the sewage pipeline gushed into the Subtle space of the Earth’s orbit. When viewed clairvoyantly, it looked like a road covered in mud. The Earth began to slip, to drift in orbit.

The High Light Hierarchy and its ground teams conducted an urgent clearance of the orbit and all surrounding space. The planet’s normal circulation was restored.

Now the most tragic events in this story…

As it is known, our space system is a unique twelve-digit. 12 hours on the clock face, 12 months of the year, 12 Apostles, 12 groups of pyramids on Earth, 12 chakras in humans, 12 planets in the Solar System, 12 zodiac constellations, 12 spirals in DNA, etc.

As a continuation of the list, the Earth has 12 Spiritual Suns.

It is a well-established life support mechanism. It can be compared to the circulatory or respiratory system of a person.

If a humans is cut off from oxygen or blood, they will quickly die. So is our planet.

The Battles For Earth - Spiritual Sun

Spiritual Sun

The Battles For Earth

Bypassing the monitoring and control system, the Archons established a blockade of one of the Spiritual Suns of the Earth. The name of the star was decided to remain a secret until the end of the Great Quantum Transition. They blocked it with a ring of super-dense black energy, some part of which is viral, some – similar to Black holes.

The Light Forces immediately activated the backup system. The energy of Life bypassed the stricken Star Logos through a spare, whose name is also not disclosed. This Cosmo-energy delivered in a roundabout way saved the situation.

However, the problem of the black ring remains. All efforts of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the ground team are now directed at unblocking the Spiritual Sun.

The attacks of the Archon continued. A critical situation was created by another daring sabotage and the subsequent mass attack of the Dark Forces.

Taking advantage that the Light Forces are distracted by the problem described above and trying to keep the Earth’s electromagnetic field from collapsing, the Archons struck an insidious blow.

They infiltrated one of the channels through which the Galactic Ray transmits to the Earth’s Core the Sixth Race data, and launched a poisonous substance into it. For the planet’s Heart, it was like pouring hydrochloric acid on a person’s skin.

The security system turned on emergency mode and disabled the segment affected by the toxin, putting it in isolation quarantine. At the same time, the backup system for loading the Core through the system of backup space Portals was activated.

The first task of the Light Hierarchy and the ground team was to reanimate the Earth Crystal and remove the poison from it. It turned out to be the most difficult, because, once again, there were no such precedents in Galactic history.

The meetings of the Planetary Light Hierarchy and the Shambhala’s Mahatmas looked like military conferences since the situation was once again critical. It was necessary to develop and synthesize an antidote as soon as possible.

The situation was complicated by the fact that it became known about the Dark Forces’ preparation for a massive strike on the Earth and the Higher Light Hierarchy. The Mahatmas sent a Galactic SOS. The Delphi Logos (the collective Mind of the Dolphin civilization) responded instantly.

The Battles For Earth - Dolphin Constellation

Dolphin Constellation

The Battles For Earth

They were able to analyze the structure of the poison very quickly and synthesize an antidote. For its introduction into the Earth’s Core and its subsequent resuscitation, the ground team assistance was necessary. They scheduled the op in a specific Power Place in one of the mountain regions.

The night before, the Lightwarriors set up camp at the foot of the mountain. After dinner and enjoying the beautiful view of the night sky, they went to bed. There was no sign of trouble.

Lightwarriors were woken around 2 am by a sharp vibration and a strong energy shock to the heart. It was clear that this was an Archon attack. They were unable to break through the energy shield of the group members, but a deep dent was formed in the aura, in the area of the heart.

As always, the DFs’ attackers calculated brilliantly. The Lightwarriors couldn’t strike back. First, one of the 21 vital sub-rays of the Local Universe’s Antakarana was linked in this place. Second, the Archons struck through the relatives of the group members. They couldn’t hit back, otherwise, they would have killed their loved ones.

Lightwarriors’ auric and energy fields were damaged. For further work, it was necessary to restore it urgently. But the Archons did not allow it to happen. New energy strikes followed.

As it turned out later, they captured this place the day before, setting up an ambush and blocking the Antakarana’s sub-ray. Lightwarriors did not conduct a preliminary reconnaissance and got a good lesson.

Then the nightmare began. The team was covered with a dense cloud of gray energy, cutting off the contact with the Mahatmas. The Lightwarriors raised all the vibrations they could, prayed, and began to fight back. Their bodies twisted with the pain of penetration and resistance to Archons’ vibes.

Then, on the Subtle Plan appeared the entity, who introduced himself as a new Karma Lord. Only he was gray, the thing he was immediately asked about. He answered that the group wanted to know too much.

It was clear that he was one of the Grays. Lightwarriors said a few kind words to him, honestly and concisely expressing everything they thought about all the Dark Forces. He vanished at once…

Then the strongest night storm broke out, thunder and lightning all over the sky. Intuitively, the group felt that there was an unprecedented battle between the Light and Dark Forces in Space. Later it turned out that it was exactly what happened.

The team members barely caught the message of the Higher Light Hierarchs participating in the battle, which said that the group needed to hold out until 3 am. Then the Archons’ blows will begin to weaken.

Meanwhile, the tent began to get wet. Lightwarriors moved into the car, which for some reason started to go off all the time alarm. Their auras held back the Archons’ blows as best they could, and managed to withstand them. After 3 am, their strikes began to weaken, and soon the tension subsided…

At about 5 a.m., the team managed to establish contact with Melchizedek. He informed that the battle ended with huge losses on both sides. They were so big that it was not even possible to determine the winner. But given that the Earth survived, it was an outright Light Forces victory.

The ground crew managed to sleep for a couple of hours, and starting in the early morning, the tourists began to approach this place. For the LFs’ team, it was very interesting to look at ordinary people, not suspecting anything, and not knowing what price and blood paid during the night for their serene calm…

Despite the weakness after fighting, Lightwarriors carried out the planned work to resuscitate the Earth Crystal and restored the Antakarana’s sub-ray damaged by the Archons.

The Battles For Earth -


The Battles For Earth

The team then built a star channel on Delphi Logos. In response, an antidote in the form of special biomass was immediately applied to the Earth Crystal and sprayed. After that, a Dolphin entered the planet’s Core through the channel and lay down on the affected part of the Crystal.

Dolphin was decomposed on it, absorbing the remnants of the poison that Lightwarriors could not burn to the end. With its biomass, the Dolphin completely neutralized the toxin, resulting in its death. It was another act of heroic self-sacrifice of the higher civilizations of the Spiritual Cosmos for saving the Earth.

Shortly after work, the Hierarchy of Light tested the Crystal and ran it at full load.

So another of the Battles For Earth ended. The Archons’ insidious plan to destroy the planet was thwarted once again. However, paid price was high.


The Battles For Earth – Part 2

(To be continued)

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