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The 4 Evil Magicians - Akatu - Pleiadian Collective

The 4 Evil Magicians

January 2024

The 4 Evil Magicians – Pleiadian Collective – By Family Of Taygeta.



Family Of Taygeta - One of Many, Many of One - Pleiadian Collective

Messages from Family of Taygeta (IKAI, AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, AKATU, KABAMUR), Pleiadian Collective, Galactic Federation of Light +++

I will try to clarify some of what I am speaking about, for those who might be unfamiliar with me.

  • When speaking of Satanism I do not mean a literal biblical interpretation. However the basic concept of good + evil remains true.
  • Satan was the alias of a certain negative ET, as other figures in ‘mythology’. Luciferianism refers to the same dark groups.
  • Other practices like Thelema or even Scientology are all in service to the same dark forces. All deception against humanity + One True God.
  • These dark forces have twisted true spiritual knowledge, like the original teachings of the Soul incarnation known as Jesus – Sananda.
  • Many benevolent beings such as this have incarnated here to teach humanity Higher Truths of Love, Compassion + Unity of all life.
  • All of these understandings have been corrupted and misused by organizations which claimed to support these teachers.
  • There have been positive + negative ET visitors throughout Earth’s history who have either pretended to be gods or were just seen that way.
  • The Cabal, Illuminati, Shadow Gvt all use false light to conceal actions which are controlled by non-physical entities, some call demonic.
  • These parasites are Archons, cause for most wars, false flags, human suffering. This has been happening for many thousands of years.
  • Rituals, war + all forms of trauma are multi-dimensional acts which transfer energy from a human victim to another being.
  • They inhabit many control structures within our society. These beings are both non-physical + also incarnated into human bodies.
  • We are all Souls having a temporary physical experience. The body is a vehicle. We are all extensions of God-Source experiencing Creation.
  • Many things happening in the world were foreseen long ago. These are not the end times, only a transition. Apocalypse means ‘to unveil’.
  • Those who are interested in the esoteric aspects of what I am talking about should research for themselves.
  • For those who are religious, I do not discount your beliefs at all. There is just more to it than we’ve been allowed to know.
  • Truth remains that the only thing real is LOVE. GOD, however you choose to define this, is only Love. All else is temporary + illusion.
  • This Universe is larger than most can comprehend, and it is FULL of life. We are soon to become a galactic civilization + we must be ready.
  • Understand the limitations of the human senses. And that not all things exist on the thin layer we know as 3D. Life is everywhere.
  • Many of these Beings are here now, and there is much activity happening that people cannot see – on many planes of existence.
  • Open Contact with positive races is not far off. Not already because of issues of free will and much manipulation by the negative groups.
  • We are all one human race and we must see the true enemy are those who try to divide us. We must Unite if we are to be free.
  • We must CHOOSE the future we want. We create our reality with every thought and every action. Right now we are choosing. What will it be?


Everything I share is possible because of my mom’s ongoing contact with our Pleiadian Guides. Our Family of Taygeta (IKAI) represents Pleiades to Earth White Hats, and are now helping prep Earth for 5D. Our soul plans were to wake up to this to help prepare for post-Shift OPEN CONTACT.

Kabamur Pleiadian Collective

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The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

Beloved Friends Of Light!

As Your Expansion Of Consciousness Is Ever Moving Your Being Into Greater Light, Know In Truth That Darkness Exists In The Perimeters Of All Stars Of Duality.

Among You Now In This Present Waking Dream Are Those Beings With Connections To The Most Evil And Corrupt Souls Of Existence.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

As We Enjoy Communications Of Light, We Must In Truth Share The Knowledge Of Those Who Wish Your Demise As They Parade As False Light In Bodies Of Disguise.

This Moment Of Communication Is Concerning Four Beings That Have Used Black Magic To Maintain Their Existence In Form.

There Are Four Humans That Walk Among You On Earth That Have Origins In The Lineage Of Pidkozox And Oppisheklio.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

Indeed Their Heritage Is Evil And Their Intention To Conquer Others Stems From Repetitive Interactions Of Rituals And Black Magic.

While The Understanding Of Black Magic Will Never Be Taught Or Revealed To The Human Mind, The Choice And Intention Of Evil Magicians Began With A Thought To Harm Others.

We Will Review The Deeds Of These Evil Beings And Explain Their Existence On Earth Without Death For Thousands Of Years.

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The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

Let’s Begin With Their Names In Origin Long Ago.

These Souls Lived In Sirius Nopplia As Children Of Oppisheklio.

Following Their Father To Earth Allowed Them To Experience Power With Worship.

Humans Did Not Understand The Tricks And Magic That Played Out Before Them. But The Four Evil Magicians Knew Only Too Well That Their Darkness Was Their Power.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu


They Stand Seven Feet Tall With No Hair In Origin. Thousands Of Years Ago, The Plan Was Made To Hide In The Rocks As Others Were Captured And Taken To Bases Of Imprisonment By The Galactic Federation.

The Light Forces Decided To Allow These Evil Magicians To Move Further Into Their Plan.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

Little Did The Evil Magicians Know That They Were Being Watched Carefully.

Their Methods Of Madness Would Not Be Wasted As Many Humans Would Awaken As Darkness Became Too Painful.

These Evil Beings Chose Darkness Time And Time Again And As They Remained On Earth, They Required A New Body.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

Humans That Were Vulnerable Chose To Leave The Earth Plane And The Soul Of These Beings Entered Bodies That Were Useful.

They Also Needed Blood To Satisfy Their Depravity. The System Of Drinking Blood And Performing The Atrocities Of Sacrifice, Were Commonplace Among These Brothers Of Darkness.

Indeed, They Fell Deeper Into Black Magic.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

With Hands And Arms Extended, They Summoned Beings In Astral To Perform On Command.

As Humans Unknowingly Participated In The Creation Of Their Own Lives, They Entertained Evil Thoughts For Entertainment.

Each Thought Of Evil Intent Laid A Foundation Of Creation For Activities To Manifest On Earth. Dark Magic Was In Place.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

So Here You Are Beloved Ones. In This Moment Of Now, You Have Rituals And Plans Being Made By Others To Destroy Your Lives.

Although The Galactic Federation Will Not Allow This To Transpire, They Also Look To You For Better Choices.

Never Allow The Darkness To Rule Your Life.

You Are Creators Of Your Story And Being Aware Of Darkness With Detachment Is The Greatest Wisdom That I Can Offer.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

The Cabal Was Once Led By George Soros And Is Currently Ruled By Larry Page.

There Are Facilities For Cloning, Rituals, Sacrifices And Meetings To Discuss Your Demise.

A Demon Called BES Serves As A Messenger Between Those Entities Captured And Those To Perform Dark Magic.

There Are Meetings That Are Being Held In The White House As Well As Areas Around The Planet.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

These Dark Magicians Sit In Black Robes As They Listen Intently In The Gatherings.

They Communicate With Darkness In The Mode Of Black Magic As They Conjure Into Existence The Evil Of Their Own Intention.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab And Others Have Planned The Great Reset To Take Your Freedom As They Lie And Claim Their Plans Are Good.

Beloved Ones, The Outer World Will Grow Darker And Fear Will Abound. But In Truth, There Is Nothing To Fear! All Evil Entities And Magicians Will Be Dealt With Severely By The Galactic Federation.

The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu
The 4 Evil Magicians – Akatu

All Darkness Will Vanish As The Portal Surrounding The Earth Expands In Light!

Peace Will Abound As Souls Gather In Activation Of A New Body.

You Will Change In One Moment As You Remember Who You Really Are!

Only Love Will Remain!

I Will Meet You There!

I Love You So!

More by the Pleiadian Collective

Pain And Awakening – Neioh

Pain And Awakening – Neioh

Awakening Is A Term Used By Many But Few Have Truly Awakened To The Truth Of Life And The Existence Of The Eternal Soul.

Pocket Of Stillness – Akatu

Pocket Of Stillness – Akatu

You Carry The Power Of Creation Within Your Soul. It Is A Truth Of Light That Allows Each Being To Create And Sustain A Place Of Stillness. This Haven Of Light Will Restore The Mind And Body As You Spend Moments Of Life In This Place Of Peace.

The Gift Of Not Knowing – Akatu

The Gift Of Not Knowing – Akatu

In Truth, There Is A Great Gift To Not Knowing All That Will Transpire. Understanding That Circumstances Are Sometimes Out Of Your Control Will Allow You To Make Wise Choices And Judgements To The Best Of Your Ability.

The Gift Of Patience – Laka

The Gift Of Patience – Laka

You Are Programmed In Your World To Listen To The Incessant Demands Of The Ego. You Are A Soul In Form That Is Visiting The Earth School That Is Without The Ego Of Duality. This Combination Of Seeking Power Over Others And All Circumstances Will Cause You To Feel Impatient And Frustrated.

Elves (Jemik) – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective

Elves (Jemik) – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Light! You Have Become Familiar With Names Such As Elves, Gnomes, Nature Spirits, Elementals And Fairies. Indeed, Magical Beings Are Everywhere Throughout The Vast Cosmos. On Earth, You Are Gifted With Many Of These Beings That Assist With Raising Frequencies And Spreading Joy!

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