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Syria Scenario Number 2

Syria Scenario Number 2

Syria Scenario Number 2. Since we now know that the Syrian chemical attack a few days ago was a blatant hoax, perpetrated by Deep State minions and not by Assad …

Trump decided to retaliate with 59 cruise missiles. Tomahawk missiles, jet propulsion, flying hugging the ground but not to a straight line to avoid being intercepted or knocked down. These missiles have the target set by GPS cordinates and are in constant contact with the lauch platform that can also change the target during the flight (they have a maximum range of 2500 km).

What is not explained is why only less than half have reached the target, it would be ridiculous for the American superpower, 60 Tomahawk, which is said to cost $ 1 million each.

The US then would spend 60 millions to destroy an airport, because apparently the target was a cemetery base, doing damage, according to the Syrians, for 6 millions.

Here’s the trick, they weren’t meant for Assad. Only 23 of 59 missiles hit their supposed intended target, the Shayrat airbase. For the “most advanced military in the world”, this is pathetic.

Syria Scenario Number 2 Precision on the Target

Precision on the Target

Syria Scenario Number 2

Rumors says that those missiles could be flown through a window from wherever they’re launched from… 59/59 missiles hit their intended targets..
Syria Scenario Number 2 Launch


Syria Scenario Number 2

The ones that hit this airbase were just for show, and barely did damage. Some obscure airfield that was hardly stocked. Some are even saying Syria and Russia were warned before these missiles hit, as well, giving credence to this philosophy.

The rest did hit their targets….and their targets were ISIS and other proxy army forces (the one’s truly responsible for the sarin gas attack).

Trump was always against forcing regime change in Syria… and wanted to destory ISIS, because he knows very well what is truly going on. U.S./Russia/Syria could be teaming up in secret to end the deep state’s cutout armies in the Mid-east.

If this is the case, what a freaking beautiful move. Wouldn’t wanna play chess vs. these guys.

Endgame commencing?

Syria Scenario Number 2

Putin & NWO

Something That Western Media Won’t Air

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