Surviving The Transition Corey Goode

Surviving The Transition

Corey Goode

Surviving The Transition. By Corey Goode.

The population on the Planet has never been larger, it seems that every soul that has ever existed is incarnated right now.

What it’s so special about this time?

Apparently there was a huge multiple stellar cataclysms that occurred in this sector of the galaxy that we’re in and that we have been in that zone for thousands of years.

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We’re now about to come out of that zone, into an area where the cosmic radiation in the form of gases and the form of actual photons will be moving into the full brunt those energies and it is those energies that are going to give us a consciousness boost which is going to lead to the ascension.

A part of the essential process and what will lead us to this consciousness renaissance is full disclosure, not only the secrets but the crimes against humanity that were perpetrated to keep the secrets. All of these things are going to be a major shock and trauma to us.

When we’ll have full disclosure than we’re going to have the trauma, we’re going to try to work through…

We need to realize that that trauma is actually a gift, that’s going to help us evolve, all evolution occurs during stress.

We have a small window of opportunity to be able to attain the most optimal temporal reality and what has to occur is that all of us have to contribute, we have a lot of negative groups that are trying to guide us to move around.

Gaia Ascension

Gaia Ascension

Surviving The Transition – Corey Goode

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Corey Goode Update

We have a responsibility right. As a part of these cosmic changes, in the final shifting that the earth is going, into fourth density, there are going to be what we would consider cataclysm, tsunamis, earthquakes, rising and lowering of continents.

These are basically just transitional earth pants and we’re having to go through it along with gaia.

If we fear it this is going to cause our co-creative consciousness to guide us into a less than optimal temporal reality.

When we start seeing these types of things we need to really begin to meditate on a positive outcome.

We’re going to be very catalyzed during that time period and of course there is a chance that the way this Mandela Effect is playing into the whole process is that we could bifurcate into another timeline.

Those of us who are doing the work will not experience any of the negative story and that’s why we’re coming together, we’re coming together to organize for that mission.

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