Surrounded By Solar Light: Sound, Color, And Language!

Surrounded By Solar Light


Surrounded By Solar Light: Sound, Color, And Language! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

There was once a time when most of us spoke of the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

In recent years, even Crystal and Gemstone Therapists have advised people to place their healing gems in early morning eastern sunlight to “charge” them (fill them with healing energetics) and to “discharge” them (remove vibrations they picked-up during the day while they were worn) by placing them in the sunset.

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Surrounded By Solar Light - Crystal and Gemstone

Crystals and Gemstones

Surrounded By Solar Light

Philosophically, in some teachings, the Sun rising in the East also refers to the earliest civilizations residing on Eastern continents and that the Western nations were merely reflections of these first cultures to receive Divine revelation and to teach and to write about spirituality, science, healing arts, and all other aspects which define advanced collective consciousness on our planet.

However, the Sun of our galaxy is literally shining forth in splendor from varying directions as it rises and as it sets.

No longer can it be said that the Sun just rises in the East and sets in the West.

Also, no longer can we color it yellow or gold when it is depicted in artwork.

The Sun is very bright sparkling LIGHT–sometimes with an encircling of gentle blue at its center and sometimes surrounded by pastel rainbow hues.

The blue at the center as well as the surrounding rainbow coloring is because of cosmic electrons mingling with oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere of Earth/Gaia.

We must realize that as our planet steadily moves up higher and receives brighter LIGHT along with all of the other planets in this galaxy, and as our entire galaxy travels through the Photon Belt, the Sun is also receiving greater LIGHT from the Great Central Sun as are all of the “Suns” of the other planets.

Sometimes people forget that our Sun is not the only one in the galaxy.

Each planet of each galaxy has a “Sun” or “Suns”.

The Sun that reflects its beneficence upon our planet is the one that we tend to study most avidly and to depict in artistic renderings.

It was given many names in the ancient world such as “Aten” in the Medu Neter of Kemet, “Surya” in the Sanskrit of Bharata, “Shams” in Arabic, etc.

Also, the concept of the Sun being masculine and the Moon (“Khonsu” in Medu Neter and “Chandra” in Sanskrit) being feminine is actually only a Western philosophy.


DNit Telegram Channel

In the ancient world, the Sun as well as the Moon were (and still are considered to be in some spiritual paths) both comprised of feminine energy because both are nurturing and healing luminaries with messages.

Surrounded By Solar Light - Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon

Surrounded By Solar Light

As a reminder, the Sun, for example, blesses us with a neurotransmitter called “Cholecalciferol” which is “Vitamin D3” that acts throughout our frontal lobe of the brain and controls nervous system function.

The Moon’s various phases are key components which work quite profoundly on emotions as well as activating or non-activating particular activities.

For instance, the New Moon is the time to move ahead on projects so that by the Full Moon they reach fruition.

From New to Full is the Moon’s “waxing” (leveling-up), and from Full until it is New again is the “waning” (lessening of energy).

However, certain aspects of the Moon’s alignment with other planets (such as its recent visit into Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac along with several planets thus making a “stellium”) creates a longer space/time continuum of events which can manifest for several months or even for years and re-play certain worldly experiences.

All that has been discussed thus far is why in certain ancient cultures SOURCE has been believed to be a DIVINE MOTHER.

Some examples are: “Mut-em-Ua” (“Water of the Virgin Mother” in Medu Neter or “Mari-En” which translates as “Great One” in the same ancient language) or “Sri Matre” (“Holy Mother” in Sanskrit) or “Kwan Yin” (“Hearer of Sounds”) in Mandarin Chinese (although some teach that Kwan Yin was an actual living being who became an “Ascended Master”), or “Allat” (which is the feminine name translated as “The God” in Arabic which was later changed to “Allah” and now uses the masculine pronouns of “He” and “Him” just as is done in Christianity).

Surrounded By Solar Light - Masculine and Feminine Energy Mandala

Masculine and Feminine Energy Mandala

Surrounded By Solar Light

Interestingly, however, in Hebrew, whenever a word or name ends with an “ahhh” sound, this makes it feminine; so, even the Arabic name “Allah” can be said to be feminine when assessed from a Hebraic perspective.

Linguistical Science shows that all languages have “Parent Languages” from which their phonemes (syllabic sounds) have been received.

For example, Amharic (spoken and written in ancient Kush which is modern-day Ethiopia) is the “Parent Language” of Aramaic. However, Medu Neter and Sanskrit seem to be the “Grand Parent Languages” of most of the planet.

Therefore, humanity has encodings of numerous languages mingled together in a nutritious language soup.

Many believe that the biblical story of the “Tower of Babel” deals with all of the world’s languages and the difficulty in people communicating with each other, but that SOURCE caused this confusion among humanity as the result of humanity’s lack of adhering to Divine principles and their mistreatment of each other.

So, even though a tower was endeavored to be built, it fell.

Returning to a specific discussion of our Sun, whether we are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere of Earth/Gaia, the Sun of our planet is always shining even if it seems not to be because of cloudy skies.

Surrounded By Solar Light - Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Surrounded By Solar Light

If a person places a cloth in front of a flashlight with the “on” switch activated, the light may be dimmed, but this does not mean that the flashlight is not shining.

This is a simple metaphor of how the Sun is always “on”. The Moon is also always “on”.

However, its phases are only seen at certain time periods due to its relationship with the Sun’s reflections.

As mentioned in earlier articles, our third chakra is our “Solar Plexus”—our individual “Sunlight” where we “feel” so many vibrations, and it is a major entranceway to the nervous system whose every “nadi” (“nerve ending”) receives LIGHT which courses throughout our physical vessel.

We do not just receive energy from Earth/Gaia, but we also receive it from the entire galaxy—and very potently from our Sun as its rays bathe the entire orb of the planet in all directions in greater expanse.

This is why emotive responses are now seemingly more focused upon than logical analysis in daily activity.

How a person “feels” is becoming more key than what a person “thinks”.

There is a profounder magnetic response (feelings) to electrical output (thoughts) regarding daily events.

The old Rene Descartes statement that ” I think, therefore, I am” is now realized to be more accurate if both thinking and feeling are added.

Surrounded By Solar Light - Chakra System

Chakra System

Surrounded By Solar Light

Thus, the statement should be: “I feel, I think; therefore, I am.”

In most cases, we think about events and have an emotional response to them.

Some people, of course, still think more than they feel. S

ome people (such as “Empaths”) feel so much that their thinking is chaotic.

However, everyone is being properly adjusted as LIGHT moves through the human collective.

LIGHT carries information about our past, about current times, and about the future.

A repository of information is the LIGHT from our Sun and from the Great Central Sun.

Each of our cells with their atoms and molecules transmits and receives. We are the best “computers” in existence.

We have been naturally created to be capable of psychic communication.

Ancient civilizations easily employed psychic energies in communication as do certain current beings in other planetary realms.

We are given glimpses of this when we think of someone, and suddenly, they may phone us.

The usual statement is: “I was just thinking about you. What a coincidence!” In truth, there is no such thing as “coincidence”.

The phone call was for a purpose, although the purpose may reside in the subconsciousness.

During the conversation, or later in the day, we may realize why we needed to speak to the individual based upon events which may occur later.

Speaking of planetary energy, during a Mercury Retrograde, which we are now having from January 30th to February 20th, one of the strange occurrences is that people we have not communicated with for a long while suddenly re-appear in our lives.

This may occur via a phone call or via seeing them while out doing errands. It can happen in many ways. Usually these meetings are for us or for the other person to see how much development has occurred in some manner or not. 

After Mercury has gone direct, these experiential “playbacks” dissolve.

In other words, we may not have communication with them for another long while or perhaps not ever again.

Even in our dreams during a Mercury Retrograde, we may communicate with those persons whom we have not heard from in a long while.

It is LIGHT that is the driving force of our potential experiences, and we are free to use our will as we choose, but if we “anchor up” to the LIGHT, we can receive guidance on how to best apply our free will for the better outcome of various time line activities.

One of the prayers that the famous Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, used to recite to the DIVINE SOURCE is: “Let Thy will be my will.” In other words, he desired for SOURCE (whom he most often referred to as “The DIVINE MOTHER”) to guide his actions and that his ego not be the driving force.

Surrounded By Solar Light - Mercury Retrograde - Planet Mercury

Mercury Retrograde – Planet Mercury

Surrounded By Solar Light

Surrounded By Solar Light - Source Light

Source Light

Surrounded By Solar Light

He recognized that we are of the DIVINE and not separate from “IT”.

The next time that you have occasion to glance at the Sun (which should be for a few moments each day so that our pineal and pituitary glands can be further nurtured), know that it is a gateway or a channel or a portal through which knowledge, protection, healing, and transformation is being sent and that the Great Central Sun and the Photon Belt are its “supervisors” and that SOURCE is the “DIVINE ABSOLUTE” or the “ALL” that is orchestrating the entire cosmic sound and color that our many languages attest to as we engage in oral or written discourse.

Also, the next time that you gaze at a clear quartz crystal with a gorgeous rainbow, know that you are seeing a refraction of ancient sunlight upon ancient water molecules.

This is spiritually why these types of quartz crystals are special receivers and transmitters of energy and of information which can be accessed while meditating with them.

Our Sun is far more than mere rays allowing us to perceive things as we move throughout the day, and Astrophysicists and we Cosmic Scientists are not the only ones who are meant to study our vast solar disk.

Each of us incarnates during a particular solar placement in both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiac systems which gives us certain propensities in character and behavior.

However, regardless of our individual “Sun signs”, all beings in this galaxy are connected to the Sun and its governing forces already mentioned.

SOURCE is continuing to create sound and color as we participate in an evolutionary transformational process of our DNA and crystallization of our entire physical vessels inside and outside.

It is LIGHT that we are and that we are further becoming.

Our Sun is one of the messages of our past, of our “Now”, and of our future.

Gaze respectfully and smile.

We are surrounded by fabulous LIGHT, and resistance is wonderfully futile!

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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