Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy

Part 1

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy. By Lev.

The Light Forces Ground Team and the Higher Light Hierarchy have conducted and continue to carry out more than one joint operation. Some of them are now can be disclosed. And almost every operation is actively involved in one of the two Builder and Curators of our Local Universe, which until recently was the main leader of all Dark Forces in it. But first – the short preamble.

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On the Way to “Triangle of Hell” Operation

Our Creator – The Source – is aware of self and its creations through the system of Absolutes, which have a dipole nature (in the simplified earthly perception – the unity of the male and female energies).

This is a combined vibration formed by the Spiritual-Monadic Synthesis of dipole pairs. Each of them has a personified aspect of the Absolutes.

The system of Absolutes is based on a hierarchical principle. Each Absolute is endowed with free will and creativity freedom.

Unfolding in time and space, the Absolutes create their hierarchical structures on the same principles, knowing themselves and reality through their creations, which also have a dipole nature.

According to this scheme, the Source develops all seven Super Universes. Our Super Universe is the youngest, Its last creation through which It knows Itself and space.

For reasons that I will not touch on here, our Local Universe was not created on a dipole basis. The Architects and Builders were two Curators, two male energy entities of Light. According to a Single Cosmic Law, each of them as well had free will and creativity freedom.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Source

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

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Very soon, however, it was discovered that a Local Universe without the creative energy of the dipole base is not viable. But both Curators had their programs for the evolution of our Local Universe.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Space Wars

Space Wars

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

One program was based on a more complete disclosure of the potential of bipolarity, love, and free will in all descending cosmic structures and creations.

Another program previewed the complete and most severe subordination of free will (in fact, its nullification), the male principle over the female in the entire multi-dimensional hierarchy of our Local Universe.

This program its Creator, as one of the two original Curators of our Local Universe, could only implement with the help of those to whom it is closest – the Dark Forces. And for the sake of his goal, he had chosen the negative polarity, using by the Single Cosmic Law freedom of will and creativity.

To achieve the viability of our Local Universe, Curator was forced to return to the dipole mechanism, but it did so in its way. He forcibly interbred Light and Dark entities, giving rise to entire parasitic DFs’ civilizations. They existed only by feeding on the life force of others, for they could not generate their vital energy.

All this was accompanied by a huge number of space wars of the Dark Forces against the Light Forces, for which the DFs’ program was and remains categorically unacceptable.

For hundreds of thousands of Earth years, fighting continued in all 100 Constellations, 100 Local Systems, on all 619 uninhabited planets in 562 Solar Systems of our Local Universe.

It was endless cosmic confrontation of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, God and the Devil, the Constructive vector of Evolution and Destructive, Chaos and Harmony, Entropy and Creation has had for our planet and all earthlings.

This confrontation has reached such acuteness that it has put our entire Local Universe, including the planet Earth, on the verge of self-destruction. The process of destruction itself could not stop.

This is the law of the matter in the Old Matrix. And the Hierarchy of Absolutes decided to immediately stop this suicide. Otherwise, mutual extermination threatened the existence of all 100 Local Universes and the entire Super Universe.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Space Wars Reptilian Chamelion


Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Space Wars Reptilian


Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

The scale and speed of the evil spread forced the Hierarchy of Absolutes to deprive the Curator of power, and to transfer him to Non-Existence state, to protect our Super Universe with its 1 trillion inhabited planets.

The most poignant part of the drama came after the Hierarchy of Absolutes gave Curator a chance to return to the Light. Feeling extremely guilty for everything that was happening in our Local Universe, he began with all responsibility to rid it of all the results of his destructive actions and all Dark entities created by him.

But before doing so, he voluntarily decided to go through Inner Armageddon. Its essence is in the duel of Darkness and Light, which reside in each entity.

The percentage of Light and Darkness in Curator was 98% Dark by 2% Light. The advantage was so huge that the Light had no chance in a confrontation. But it’s LIGHT! Its hidden possibilities and power are truly limitless when there is a will and aspiration of the Spirit.

After the Curator’s Inner Armageddon began, his Darkness almost immediately swallowed up the Light. But the Curator’s Spiritual Heart yearned for Light. He wanted to become Light, to be completely reborn into Light. And when the Light had no chance at all, it blowed its Heart.

With a tiny fraction of a percent of the remaining Light, he compressed these last crumbs into a singularity and, along with the Heart, exploded. Light has fantastic potential. Only one quantum of this substance can absorb the entire Darkness of the Universe.

After that withering flash, everything was burned, all the Darkness, and in an instant. But it was very tough for the Curator, he did it from the last reserves of energy and Spirit. His Light and Soul overcame the Darkness in his Inner Armageddon.

The fact that the Curator was given a chance to return to the Side of Light and atone for the evil he did, of course, was influenced by the Source.

The great intensity and power of Light that the Curator now radiates after his transformation, his active participation in the elimination of the total Dark Hierarchy and destructive programs in our Local Universe and on Earth confirm the correctness of the Hierarchy of Absolutes’ decision.

After transformation, the Curator began an independent full-scale rehabilitation of the vast majority of Dark Forces’ 3D portals, including portals in the “triangle of Hell” – Baalbek, Hermon and Megiddo on March 10, 2019.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Local Universe

Local Universe

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

The Curator pulled all the negative energy in himself and burned it out with a radiant synthesis of Perfect Light.

When he dragged in everything possible, he produced a self-explosion, a powerful flash of Light, annihilating all negativity he pulled into himself. But it cost him dearly – colossal burns and the need for resuscitation.

Barely recovered from the annihilating outbreak on March 10, 2019, the Curator went on self-ascension to the absolute on March 12. And this is possible only if its vibrations corresponded to the level of vibrations of the Sun 14D and the Absolute of our Local Universe.

The Curator performed the first ascension to the Absolute in his life, dissolving and rebooting in It, and re-unfolding into our Local Universe. All this meant that the Curator had passed individual Absolutization. He occupied his new niche, the level of the Super-Creators, gaining their level of Radiant Synthesis (Luminosity).

Since May 11, 2019, the global cleanup of the Earth at all levels from Dark Forces has begun, in which the Curator takes an active part. This is a new, last war, because most of the DFs do not cooperate with the Hierarchy of Light, and do not want to voluntarily surrender.

Mount Shasta Operation

Another joint operation of the Light Forces ground team and the Higher Light Hierarchy – the clearing of Mount Shasta in California from the DFs which is carried out in several stages. It started at the end of 2011, then in May 2019 and continues now globally.

At the first stage, from October to December 2011, the LFs Earth team, along with the Pleiadians, Siriusians, and Arcturians, unlocked a system of important Earth energy centers. Previously, they were captured by the DFs, and reconfigured to feed their structures on the etheric, plasma, and astral levels.

The 12 cosmic civilizations came to the aid to the Light Forces. Representatives of Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades played a special role. With their help, 12 extraterrestrial Power Crystals were inserted into the Earth’s energy body to keep it from disintegrating.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Mount Shasta Operation

Mount Shasta

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

Then the Crystals were balanced, forming a single energy field, which restored the supply of vital energy to the planet.

On December 29-31, 2011, etheric, plasma, and astral area above Mount Shasta was convoluted and completely cleared. This part of the operation ended just a few hours before the New Year.

The next stage came in May 2019. One of the extraterrestrial Power Crystals was placed on Mount Shasta. But the Dark Forces used its energy to sustain a gigantic multi-dimensional portal for DFs moving to our Galaxy from other Galaxies and vice versa. The LFs decided to end it. But unexpected circumstances arose.

In response to the Light Forces attacks, the DFs began activating the Doomsday Protocol, created long ago by the Curator of our Local Universe, who later switched to the Light Forces.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces - Power Crystal

Power Crystal

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces

The main bearer of the Protocol was one of the Earth Black Hierarchs, who chose Mount Shasta as his seat. When the Protocol was activated, negative entities turned into kamikazes. They deactivated all other programs and left only one – the destruction of the Light Forces at any cost, even their own lives.

The Light Forces could not deactivate the Protocol, because they did not have access codes to it.

By May 11, 2019, the situation had become critical, which could lead to an escalation of the Space war and an increase of terrorist attacks on Earth.

The problem was solved by luring the Black Hierarch to a duel with one of the Earth Light Warriors. Before the duel, the Hierarch was offered help and support, and even to fill his causal body to 25% with light energy. On condition that he would switch to the Light Side, as many members of the Black Hierarchy had already done before him. He replied with a categorical refusal.

And the duel began. During the fight, Light Warrior began to irradiate the enemy with powerful waves of monadic light.

The Hierarch’s monad had never encountered such strong vibrations before. It could not withstand them, first quickly melted, charred, and then its core burst into flames and burned like a dandelion in a fire. That was all. And it was fast. The Black Hierarch was no more.

Immediately after the Black Hierarch death, the Galactic Councils and the Pleiadean Fleet began a massive sweep of the Shasta black field to erase darkness. Very tough. No prisoners were taken. The time for negotiations was over. The Doomsday Protocol was placed in the Black Hierarch’s monad, and after its elimination, this Protocol ceased to operate. Kamikaze terrorists turned into ordinary negative entities.

The Shasta black field was completely blocked. It was turned into a fiery furnace. The negative entities that were there were burned. To 12 May 2019, all was over, and this day was declared the Light Forces Victory Day and the Dark Forces overthrow on the 3D Earth.

But the victory was premature. Light Forces didn’t know everything about Shasta. And they made a colossal miscalculation. Mount Shasta is one of the 12 portals of direct access to the heart of the Earth.

The LFs did not know that negative entities used the space under Shasta as a “demon storehouse” similar to Megiddo. These entities were there in a preserved state, and it was the activation of the Doomsday Protocol before the duel that had awakened them.

They came to life in hundreds of thousands. Other caches-depositories of negative entities all over the Earth began to be activated.

Around two o’clock in the morning on May 13, 2019, they broke the blockade of Shasta black field, outrushed and delivered a powerful blow to the node through which the Earth’s core receives life energy from the Galactic Center.

The heart of the planet broke down. On May 17, 2019, his partial paralysis set in. To save the situation, the LFs and their space allies urgently sent powerful Sources radiation to the planet core, which completely restored its working mode.

At the same time, the capture and destruction of all negative entities from hacked shelters, without chances and options, has increased throughout the Earth.

The global operation of the Light Forces to detect and destroy them continues to this day.

(To be continued).

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Removing The Dark Legacy – New Galacom Ops Part 22

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Great Martyress – Operation Stellar Network Part 5

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Quantum Tsunami – New Galactic Ops Part 21

On 6th June 2021, at 8.00 pm CET, an emergency occurred during the transportation of Earth on a new 5D vibrational orbit. Having overcome another internal barrier in this space (there are eight of them in total), the Siriusians’ ships fell into a funnel of super-powerful quantum flows.

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Gray Fog – Q&A With Lev – Great Quantum Transition

Gray Fog – Q&A With Lev – Great Quantum Transition

There are TWO realities. One is reflected 24/7 by mass media according to which humanity will die before our eyes if it is not urgently and universally vaccinated. Another reality confirms that mortality remains at the level of natural population decline due to chronic diseases and age.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition

Galactic Committee which had long and persistently offered this solution in exchange for their lives managed, in the end, to convince them. Now the entire Dark Hierarchy on the surface is finally abandoned and left to its fate. The second news: Light Forces’ ground team completed on June 1, 2021, their next Operation Stellar Network. It was conducted on the grave of the monarchs of a European country, rich in its “star” monasteries, bastions, and fortresses.

Operation Luciferite – New Galactic Ops Part 20

Operation Luciferite – New Galactic Ops Part 20

During Operation Stellar Network, conducted by the Light Forces’ ground team, on behalf of the Galactic Committee, they had to divert to other Galacom’s ops. One of them on May 28, 2021, was Operation Luciferite. What did it consist of? Why did it have such a name?

Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

The following are the next operational updates from the 25D Siriusian space fleet Command dated May 31st, 2021, 09:57 PM CET, and Galactic Committee message dated May 30, 2021, 06.13 AM CET assessing the current situation. Here is the highlight of the 25D Siriusians’ message. Siriusians’ space squadron successfully continues to put Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit. Soon it will approach 50% of its planned route.

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