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Statistics Disclosure News Italy

This chart measure ous success, how many we are and our daily work. We will keep these numbers up to date adding datas twice a month.

We just started, in January 2017. to do some serious work on this site and this is the page that evaluate how we are doing.

Lines description:

  • Page Views. How many page have been viewed in the given period of time, this is an obsolute raw number.
  • Sessions. How many users came on the site for the given period of time.
  • Utenti. The numeber of users for the given period of time. One user may have done more tha one session and visited several pages, this is what usually happen.,

If you would like to see some other stats data write us and we will try to make it available here.

Chart by Visualizer

Totale Page Views 2017


Total Page Views

Total Sessions 2017


Total Sessions

Total Users 2017


Total Users

Worldwide Ranking Disclosure News Italy – Alexa

This chart shows the ranking, the website positionig in various Nations where we have some significant traffic. The values are caluclated by Aleza, an Amazon company. Ranking is calculated mainly counting sessions and page views.

base on the users nationality our site has a position in 3 World nations and for us is an honour, even if this Alexa scores has a marginal significance.

The line sin the chart shows the classification, thus the lower the number the better the classification. Taking into consideration we are alive since January 2017 this is a surprising result.

The lines in the chart shows:

  • Global Ranking. Our classification in the World, actually it is extimated there are approximately 1 billion active websites.Our Global ranking is out of scale being, as for March 31st 1.067.100.
  • Rank Italy. The position in the Italian website ranking based on visit and page viewed by Italian users.
  • Rank Russia. The position in the Russian website ranking based on visit and page viewed by Russian users.
  • Rank USA. The position in the United States website ranking based on visit and page viewed by American users.

if you want to have some more info drop a line, we will modify the chart to show it.

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

Visitors by Nation – Jan to Jul 2017 Top 5 – Disclosure News Italy

Chart by Visualizer

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