Super Full Moon Portal - The "After-Glow" - Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Super Full Moon Portal

The “After-Glow”

Super Full Moon Portal – The “After-Glow” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Now that June’s “Super Full Moon” has occurred, its energetic frequency is still potent since it will not close its portal until Sunday, June 27th.

However, both New Moons and Full Moons as well as solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, and all types of solar energy such as flares, winds, etc. send out their vibratory power for weeks and months beyond their peaks.

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Thus, we are always “riding the waves”of the “Cosmic Sea” which are sometimes of a high current and sometimes of a lower current, and the “waves” change several times in a day.

We become like surfers learning to navigate our surfboards with skill, and we also create our own unique ways of performing the feat.

As surfers dedicatedly practice, their creativity is enhanced such that they may compete in shows and win trophies as is done in many other sports.

They beam with pride at their accomplishments.

Super Full Moon Portal - Cosmic Sea

Cosmic Sea

Super Full Moon Portal

In like manner, when we diligently observe our spiritual rituals—whatever they may be according to our preferred paths—our HIGHER SELF (the ultimate “Guardian Angel”)—our SOUL—guides us as we navigate the “waves” of experiences on Earth/Gaia.

Eventually, those who listen intently to the guidance develop intuitive capabilities which are actually the whisperings of the HIGHER SELF.

We may hear a literal audio-psychic message, or we may see a signpost with a seemingly peculiar message that relates to something that we are thinking about, or we may feel a strange “hunch” to do or not do something, or we may have a meeting or social occasion interrupted somehow which becomes the proverbial “blessing in disguise” because to have engaged in that activity would have been somehow not advantageous for us.

As we center ourselves in the ever-present LIGHT of SOURCE, we are enveloped in a loving and protective embrace.

It is imperative that as the agreed-upon year 2021 continues to glide along the “Cosmic Sea” (even though other cultures calculate time based upon other historical parameters), that we relax in the “after-glow” of each portal’s height by not only giving attention to extra self-care but also by doing something that is fun—something that will transcend the “3d” happenings (which can be stressful)—engaging in an activity that will help to calm down possibly stirred-up nervous systems due to the intensified LIGHT soaring into every part of us.

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For some, this may be shopping for certain items to add to the “spiritual apothecary” such as crystals and gemstones; for others, it may be having a delicious meal with loved ones; for some, it may be traveling for a few days to a resort; for many, it may be just sitting beneath a thriving tree and taking our consciousness to the Himalayas or to some other place—the Pyramids perhaps? Easter Island? Some other healing vortex?

Perhaps some will desire to envision their own created park or garden.

The point here is that we should not always allow ourselves to be fixated upon how lower levels of consciousness are still attempting to control and manipulate our planet; rather, we must certainly know about what is going on politically or sociologically, etc., but we must not be in anxiety over it.

LIGHT is at the helm of the ship that is observing everything that is occurring and stands at the ready to rescue us should we begin to sink beneath “troubled waters”.

If we have studied our “spiritual surfing” and are practicing “riding the waves”, our “coach”—SOURCE LIGHT—will instill within us further concepts and knowledge for our continued growth in consciousness.

This weekend, bask in the “after-glow” of the “Super Full Moon” by obtaining extra rest, eating healthy meals, drinking lots of spring water, taking natural supplements— in other words, be on retreat within your personal ashram—your comfortable home.

Perhaps you would like to write in your journal about your experiences during the height of the “Super Full Moon” and how you intend to enjoy the “after-glow”.

“Light Activation Symptoms” can be challenging, as is always being pointed out, but we can lessen our worry about them by having some fun!

If the symptoms are so troubling that even having fun is difficult, seek comfort in your “Council of Light”—Avatars, Sages, Devis, Devas, Angels, and Ascended Masters, Which ones resonate with your path?

Envision them with you during each day and night. You will be given signs of their presence.

There will be many cosmic events which will require us to elevate more and more as we are increased in LIGHT along with Earth/Gaia.

This is a reminder message that all is well.

However, you must do your part by using your free will wisely.

Super Full Moon Portal - Vintage Guardian Angel

Vintage Guardian Angel

Super Full Moon Portal

Are you ready to ride the “waves” with more gusto?

Relaxation and fun is one of the ways in which to do so.

Super Full Moon Portal - Healing Vortex Energy

Healing Vortex Energy

Super Full Moon Portal

More by Dr. Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The color violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest vibrational frequency in the visible spectrum of LIGHT. It is the vibration of pure cosmic energy and aligns with the seventh chakra—“Sahasrara”—“Thousand-Petaled”. Violet transforms the lower chakras to higher vibrations, thus aligning all of our organs, glands, muscles, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

Humanity can now decipher when strong cosmic currents of energy are soaring into this realm based upon intuition as well as on physiological conditions, mental focuses, and emotional states.

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

As this weekend heralds the peak of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Monday, August 8th, 2022, “Light Activation Experiences” are escalating. Earth/Gaia’s “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) is registered at “85” which indicates that it could be higher since mankind’s devices can now only give us a good general idea of our planet’s vibrational frequency and amplitude.

Protecting The Auric Field – Dr Schavi

Protecting The Auric Field – Dr Schavi

This field provides both protection from disharmonious incoming energy from others or from dangerous radiation situations, and it also attracts the SACRED LIGHT that is necessary to transform DNA to a multi-stranded crystalline power.

Cosmic Update 4 August 2022 -Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 4 August 2022 -Dr Schavi

Although certain space weather technological devices are not registering very active cosmic happenings today, Thursday, August 4th, and are saying that conditions are “quiet”, be assured that the human collective is the best analyzer of true cosmic strength.

Lion’s Gate Reminder – Dr Schavi

Lion’s Gate Reminder – Dr Schavi

The date of “August 8th” is used by many people who follow Pythagorean Numerology because of August being the eighth month and, of course, the eighth day occurs.

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