Sun Gazing - Readers Corner

Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing – Readers Corner. By Darrell

I am a 72 YO American from Marin County, California….with a BA in “Wholistic Health/Synergy” from New College of California in 1980 and one of the “pioneers” of wholistic health in Marin County in the 1970’s! I am also a “Nordic Physical Therapist”, having started learning that skill from my Icelandic Grandmother in 1952 at age 4.

I was also the “resident therapist” of the famous Watergate Complex’s Health Spa in 1977!

I have been an expat in Asia for 28 years now and had a “medical accident” in 2006 when I injured my leg that resulted in blood clots. Knowing that “modern medicine” is quite good at “injury treatments” for accidents, followed the MD’s advice and started a regime of “warfarin” treatments for the clots.

I DID NOT RESEARCH THAT DRUG…..and I can only blame myself for that stupidity! It turns out that I am one of the approximate 10% whose bodies respond to warfarin by allowing that drug to consume calcium directly out of our bones!

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Sun Gazing - Drinking The Sun Directly
Drinking The Sun Directly

Sun Gazing

Long story short: after a couple of years on warfarin ( 1 mg twice per day….way too much and also too often, I’ve learned) my hip started hurting….increasingly! Within a couple of years,

I was in a whole lot of pain and had to limit my walking to only the absolute necessary….about 200 meters per day! I was a widowed single father of two young children, 8 and 10 years old, and a full-time University lecturer….but I couldn’t walk more than 200 meters without suffering massive pain equivalentt to a very serious toothache!!!

I did not take the “pain pills” the doctors offered because I know that those very same pain pills….slowly destroy the kidneys!!!

Anyway, in desperation, I had started doing 12 chakra crystal meditations.

THEN I read about “sun gazing” in 2009!!! OMG within just a few days of “drinking in the sun’s energy directly into my eyes”…..I felt SO MUCH BETTER and stronger all around!!! I became a complete believer within just a few days!

Luckily, my house was situated so that I could “drink in” the sun’s energy from my front porch in the mornings and the back porch in the evenings….very convenient for a single parent to say the least!!! I’m writing this on May 13, 2021….and I have been “sun gazing” since 2009!

Not long after I started doing this wonderful, simple act in the mornings and evenings, during the first and last hour of sun of the day, I also read from the Nepalese guy who brought this to the world’s attention, that putting one’s drinking water into a large glass container and placing it into full sunlight for a few days…..would also allow the water to absorb the sun’s energies….so that when you drink that water you also gain much benefit from the “Solarized Water”!

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I’ve been drinking solarized water since 2008! Sun gazing or drinking is such a lovely practice. You don’t have to do it for the full hour in the mornings or evenings…..just 15 to 20 minutes per day still gives great results!!!

And I was once in the hospital finally having the much needed hip replacement operation…..and still maintained that same wonderfully state of strength of body even after 8 days without “tapping up the tank” sotospeak!!!

I can’t say enough about this wonderfully amazing discovery! My new house has a balcony facing the south so that I can “sun gaze” both in the mornings and evenings from the convenience of my balcony!!!

I also have incorporated the ‘crystal chakra” meditation into this practice….it makes the practice all the more wonderful. I have posted a photo of myself taken about 1.5 years ago when I was only 71….recently I was sitting next to a yoga teacher at a wedding…..she said she just couldn’t believe that I was 71!!!

Sun Gazing - Connected With Our Sun

Connected With Our Sun

Sun Gazing

The only sad thing is that I’ve tried to turn other people onto this, telling them that it’s “one of THEE most important things I’ve ever learned”…..but no one has even tried it!!!

Also, I’ve always been a “sun person” and have loved being out in the sun and have never worn sunglasses either….so I started out following instructions with the slow 10 seconds per day and working up…..but with just 3 or 4 days I was doing the entire 45 yo 55 minutes of directly taking/drinking the sun directly into my eyes….with NO PROBLEMS either!!!

Nowadays I am able to get in 45 – 50 minutes of SUN both mornings and evenings!!! And I will continue until my final day on this earth!!!!!

Many Blessings, MaTakQueeAsi/TatTvamAsi and NaMaSta to you all!!!

Rollee Rolstone, Esaan, Thailand.

Sun Gazing - Solarized Water

Solarized Water

Sun Gazing

P.S. to all potential or beginner sun gazers, please note that you do not need to see the sun to still gain benefit from energy received while gazing at it.

Cloudy days don’t matter one bit. If you’ve been doing this practice for even a short time, you’ll know approximately where the sun is in the sky and at approximately what time, even when its behind the clouds.

Additionally, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you ONLY gaze directly at the sun during the very first hour of the morning sunlight….and ONLY the very last hour of the evening’s sunlight!

Lastly, I would like to let you all know about an amazing development that occurred regarding all this sun gazing business. After just a few months of gazing morning and evening, I noticed that I was starting to wake up each morning in the dark….just before the first light began to fill the sky.

And as time moved on and this kept happening day after day, I realized that I had somehow become “connected/ in sync” with our sun in a way that I had never imagined was even possible!

Similarly to the way many women’s menstrual cycle will often become “in sync” with our moon…..or how they can also become in sync with the “alpha female” in their group of women friends.

Now I understand this development to be akin to an inner alarm mechanism that announces to me each morning….”your sun is almost here….time to get up and get ready for your download”!!! And THAT development really does blow my mind….and is highly noteworthy!!!

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