Strategies for Mind Control - Untrustworthy Behaviors Part 7

Strategies for Mind Control

Untrustworthy Behaviors Part 8 of 8

Strategies for Mind Control. By Lisa Renee.

By looking at the Archontic Deception Strategy Method of the Negative Alien Agenda Mind Control we can clearly see how the Psychopath was evolved into and became the standard egotistical personality which is shaped into societal acceptance on the earth.

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Archontic Deception Strategies

The Big Five Archontic Deception Strategies to generate AD Negative Ego Behaviors

  1. Divide and Conquer
  2. Victim/Victimizer
  3. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery
  4. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice
  5. Misogyny


Narcissistic Ego Wounds as Result

The Core Archontic Deception Negative Ego Dysfunctional behaviors generated from the above AD Strategies:


  1. Disassociation and Narcissism
  2. Mental Rigidity
  3. Emotional Fracturing
  4. Carelessness
  5. Deceitful
  6. Dependence
  7. False Reality Delusions
  8. Divided Competition
Strategies for Mind Control - False Reality
False Reality

Strategies for Mind Control

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Now that we have explored the main areas of negative ego dangers that lead into progressively dysfunctional and delusional behaviors that disconnect the soul from the body, I would like to share a fantastic article about discerning the difference between Tyranny and Leadership.

We have been confused to discern the qualities of Leadership and authoritative influence over others as defined by egocentric and agressive alpha type of behaviors which lead to control orientation and tyrannical oppression.

We all want to lear how to stay clear of feeding the tyrant archetype as a powerful leader or authority.

When we are clearer to identify control-oriented authority and tyrannical authority based on the negative ego profiles shared here, we are more equipped to discern proper authority patterns when involved with any kind of leadership scenario.

Wherever there is an organization or group, there will be some kind of stewardship or responsibility of authority to serve that organization.

In the highest expression, we want to learn how to self-lead in a healthy and balanced way through the development of strong moral character and trustworthy traits, modeled through the community that we may observe or participate with.

This way by learning self-mastery or leadership skills, one is building confidence in free thinking and free expression while embodying ethical conduct necessary to be spiritually sovereign.

Strategies for Mind Control - False Reality
God, Sovereign, Free

Strategies for Mind Control

Otherwise we are mind controlled puppets playing out repeated archetypes of drama and like a hamster on a wheel, running in circles of karmic looping.

I hope this is helpful now and in the future as we develop this skill of discerning trustworthiness and ethical conduct in ourselves and others, as well as the prevention of feeding, rewarding and giving authoritative power in any way to narcissistic and psychopathic behavior.

In order to support healthy change in this world during the ascension cycle, the real change must start at home, internally within ourselves.

Love and GSF,



Untrustworthy Behaviors


Untrustworthy Behaviors

Egotism Narcissism Psychopathy

Untrustworthy Behaviors

What is Lying?

Untrustworthy Behaviors


Untrustworthy Behaviors

Archontic Deception Systems

Untrustworthy Behaviors

Stop Trusting Megalomaniacs

Untrustworthy Behaviors

Control Oriented Tantrums

Untrustworthy Behaviors

Strategies for Mind Control

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