Major Importance Of The Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

Major Importance Of The Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

Major Importance Of The Stellium And 2021 February New Moon. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The word “Stellium” relative to the cosmos is when three or more planets align in the same zodiac sign.

The word also refers to the word “stellar” which is a reference to “stars” and the word is also defined as something being “outstanding” or “perfect” or “amazing”.

A sample sentence is: “Michael gave a stellar performance at the concert.”

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On Thursday, February 11, 2021 at the New Moon (approximately 2:06 PM EST), we have a six-planet “Stellium” in Aquarius: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid Pallas.

This specific line-up in Aquarius has not occurred since 1962, and the 1960s were referred to as the “Hippie Movement”, and there were also heightened “Civil Rights” actions, intensive political discord, but also spiritual elevation in the form of Eastern spirituality becoming a primary focus largely due to the famous British singing group, the “Beatles”, embracing the “Hare Krishna” movement.

Although the most important Cosmic Science systems are the Western/Tropical (known by the Greek title “Astrology” which translates as “Study of the Stars”) and the Sidereal/Vedic process known as “Jyotish” which translates from Sanskrit as “Godly Light”, the Western modality seems to be the one that many people around the world know of or relate to more avidly even though the Sidereal system is the oldest. Whatever the mind conceives and believes manifests.

Stellium And 2021 February New Moon - Aquarius


Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

Therefore, the Western system definitely holds sway for those who tend to have a Western-minded philosophy of life.

The Western framework has been primarily predicated upon a Greco-Roman ideology whose major foci are the following:

Everything can be logically explained;

Often events happen via coincidence;

The Soul is separate from the physical vessel (in ancient times, certain subjugated groups were thought to not even have a Soul);

The Sun revolves around the planets instead of the planets revolving around the Sun;

The Sun is a male type energy, and the Moon is a feminine type energy;

“God” is expressed in male form in words and depictions.


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Stellium And 2021 February New Moon - Stellium


Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

All of these and more that are not listed which tend to describe a Western-oriented consciousness have led to ego-centrism, an almost greedy need for material desires, religion (the binding of people to manmade rules and regulations) over spirituality (true Divine revelation), the subjugation of women and particular races which are not originally “Western” in their ethnicity, “Patricians” (the wealthy) over the “Plebians” (the common people), and more.

The West, however, has made astounding discoveries in medical science and technology, but many are wondering at what cost have these discoveries and experimentations come?

This leads to an important discussion in this February’s “Stellium” because it will pinpoint much of the same events which occurred in the 1960s: political intrigue, sociological upheaval, spiritual studies, etc.

Why? Because Aquarius is governed by the planet of sudden upheaval, surprises, eureka moments, technology, and vast changes on all levels—URANUS!

With the New Moon also coming in Aquarius to join the other cosmic orbs that are already there, opportunities to grow in knowledge and wisdom will be more profound than at any other month this year, and whatever occurs this month will set in motion the “wheel of karma” (“cause and effect”) for humanity for the entire year and for time lines to come.

This momentum has been building since Jupiter joined with Saturn on December 21st of 2020 on the same day as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

SOURCE has always given all beings in all galaxies and universes cosmic blueprints for potential life experiences and has brought Divine revelation about how to “read” the blueprints to those who have endeavored to level-up throughout the ages to higher vibrations of consciousness.

This is why the ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) have been able to orally teach their students and to write sacred texts containing both direct and hidden messages which were for both the ancient as well as for these modern times.

However, they must be read, concentrated upon, and meditated about—not merely skimmed and tossed aside.

If we consider the metaphor of being in school, a student cannot expect to receive a good grade without actually coming to class, listening to the lecture, taking notes, asking pertinent questions, doing homework, and passing exams.

Not everyone, of course, is interested in the various aspects of Cosmic Science; and thus, they are not knowledgeable about nor do they care to be informed of particular planetary alignments and their messages.

Yet, everyone is aware at least of the Moon’s phases—especially its new and full energetics, even if they do not know what zodiac signs it is traveling in during the month.

People have different interests, and this is fine. However, one of the foibles of the typical Western mindset is that whatever it does not understand, it denigrates or negates.

Notice the operative word is “typical”. Not everyone raised to have a Western consciousness fits into this category.

Stellium And 2021 February New Moon - Tesla


Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

We must think of all of the great Western scientists, philosophers, healers, etc. who were “Western” and of, for example, Italian, Russian, German, British, etc. DNA.

How about, for instance, the great scientists and literary geniuses of various time lines such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Barret Browning, Charles Dickens, Dr. Albert Einstein, Nicolai Tesla, Madame Curie, Dr. Edward Bach, and many, many, many others.

Each of these examples were very attuned to “something” higher than themselves and spoke of the equality of all.

The vibratory planetary powers of February 2021 will offer humanity an opportunity to elevate beyond chaos and confusion on so many levels.

It will bring up events that will encourage us to think differently than in the past and to realize that when a group thinks that it knows everything and thinks that it knows what is best for everyone, it is then that SOURCE will force a change in consciousness.

Knowledge and information will be brought into the “earthly classroom” that will shock and astound many while at the same time, cosmic frequencies will send forth LIGHT to assist in the clearing of old wounds and a re-setting of cellular records.

It has been taught that the first eight hours of a New Moon are the most potent in frequency.

This is the time during this special Aquarian planetary dynamic this February of 2021 in which to write out our desires for the entire year and for years beyond.

(Our handwriting has vibrations which move down from our brain, throughout the nervous system, and down through the meridians in our arms and into our fingers. This is how handwriting analysts can determine certain characteristics of people).

Stellium And 2021 February New Moon - Capricorn


Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

Remember that in the Sidereal system, the planets mentioned are traveling through Capricorn, not Aquarius, and Capricorn will also figure prominently for all of Earth/Gaia.

Capricorn deals with the need for organizational structure, for hard work, for the release of old worn-out concepts, for healing of fears, for relief from restrictive thinking, for warming and calming the tendency towards cold and critical emotional words.

Why? Because Capricorn is governed by Saturn—the planet of discipline, diligent work, organization, re-building, and release of whatever is unnecessary to further development.

Thus, Capricorn and Aquarius are standing at the entrance to the “Cosmic Auditorium” and are admitting us in to partake of vital knowledge which will be both humbling and yet encouraging.

Am I saying that the West and the East must join in establishing new paradigms for Earth/Gaia? Yes!

With SOURCE, there is no separation in its creation, other than in the talents and abilities that each has been given in order to advance creation forward.

Think, for example, of the human body. Each part comprises the whole physical vessel—inside and outside. SOURCE is one Infinite Presence, and all of its creations are of its “sacred loins”.

Some people are disappointed to discover based upon ancient texts that the “Age of Aquarius” did not truly arrive on December 21st of 2020 just because Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius as it has not done for over 800 years.

They were forlorn to find that Earth/Gaia is still in “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) and that it has yet a while to go before spiraling up through the other yugas and finally into “Sattva Yuga”—the “New Golden Age”.

However, they were relieved to know that we are entering a type of “recess” whereby conditions upon the planet will soon not be so intense which will allow the inhabitants of this planet to gain new knowledge and perspectives on the past and the future.

So, Jupiter and Saturn announced this recess in December of 2020 but not the actual re-birth into the glorious age that is anxiously awaited.

Birth does not come without labor, and most often, the labor is quite uncomfortable.

SOURCE, however, is embracing us, comforting us, and encouraging us as we experience each “contraction”.

We are surrounded and enveloped by LIGHT.

The beings of Earth/Gaia must learn to apply its free will properly, not haphazardly.

Therefore, the metaphor of “labor” is continuing for a while as is the metaphor of being in “school”.

There are still “lessons” to learn and “homework” to complete.

Eventually, the new “semester” (“age”) will begin.

Let us be grateful that we are being prepared for it and not left to struggle alone through a maze of confusion.

As Sri Bhagavan Krishna has taught (and as many have quoted without realizing that he was the first to teach this): “When the pupil is ready, the Master appeareth.”

SOURCE is the “Master” (not in reference to a male entity) giving us knowledge via frequencies of LIGHT soaring through us.

We must, however, accept and acclimate to the LIGHT.

Then the aspects of the Kabbalistic “Sefirot” (“Tree of Life”) can blossom:

HESED (Love and Mercy),

GEVURAH (Justice),

TIFERET (“beauty”),

NETZACH (“Victory”),

HOD (“Splendor”, “Majesty”),

YESOD (“Proper Foundation”),

MALKHUT (“Material Form”, “Manifestation”).

We will have achieved the Vedic MOKSHA (“Liberation”) and its PRANA PRATHISTHA (“Installed Life Force”).

All is well. We just have more to learn and further to grow.

Anchor to the LIGHT as has been taught previously by envisioning its brightness coming down from the Great Central Sun, to the Sun of our galaxy, into Earth/Gaia, and into us from our crown to the soles of our feet then surrounding our entire physical vessel.

Stellium And 2021 February New Moon - Kabbalistic "Sefirot"

Kabbalistic “Sefirot”

Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

Say: “AUM” (“Oh, Divine”) three times aloud, and then say: I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!”.

Do this healing and protective ritual each day.

Remember to write out desires for this entire year and for future time lines during this February New Moon.

For those who celebrate the Love day of February 14th: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

For those who will honor the Tibetan New Year on February 12th: “TASHI DELEK!

For everyone, regardless of his or her path: NAMASTE (“The Soul in me honors the Soul in You”) and MERHOTEP (“Love and Peace”)!

Let us respect, appreciate, and love each other.

We are all of SOURCE!

We are family!

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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