Stay In The Increasing Light! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Stay In The Increasing Light!

Stay In The Increasing Light! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

On the day of the “1111 Portal”, cosmic energetics were relatively quiet, except for increasing plasma waves within our planet’s magnetosphere which themselves were activation frequencies.

However, there have been several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) occurring on the back side of the Sun close to the western limb which, therefore, does not face Earth/Gaia.

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Yet, with the Sun so enormously huge, its energetics still affect Earth/Gaia, and “She” rocked and reeled with a 6.0 earthquake in Indonesia and a 6.2 earthquake in Japan early on Thursday, November 11th.

A total thus far of 119 smaller-level quakes from 1.0 to just over 4.0 and into 5.0 have been recorded as of yesterday.

This is not new information because hundreds of small quakes occur daily, and occasionally, much larger ones happen between 6.0 and over 8.0.

Extremes in weather patterns are also occurring around the globe such as rainstorms, tornadoes, floods, etc.

Thus, our planet is never completely still. It may sometimes “waltz” but it may also sometimes “fox trot”.

The planet is responding to the cosmic forces which are responding to collective consciousness which are responding to the events of human orchestration—sometimes good, but often the opposite (as has been pointed out previously).

Stay In The Increasing Light! - November 12 2021 - Last 24 Hours Earthquakes

November 12 2021 – Last 24 Hours Earthquakes

Stay In The Increasing Light!

There is high anxiety in the collective as lockdowns (blamed on those who have refused the “vaxx”) are stepped-up, as trucks are halted in delivery of supplies in various places, as economic issues become challenging, as people face loss of jobs and careers, and as confusion abounds in the global political arena.

It is unfortunately “normal” to feel anxious, to be worried, and to be exhausted because there is a daily struggle on the part of many to remain elevated, hopeful, and relaxed.

I have broached the subject before of how many people are weary of hearing about LIGHT and of extra-terrestrial assistance and about being spiritually motivated and how to engage the ethereal realm with various rituals.

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However, it is the darker forces of density that are counting on this collective fatigue.

It is what they feed upon.

Stay In The Increasing Light! - One Candle Can Light The Darkness

One Candle Can Light The Darkness

Stay In The Increasing Light!

They realize that when enough people become disillusioned and non-believers in a HIGHER SACRED POWER that this is when those persons will give-up and submit to controlling hypnotic programs and by doing so move away from the LIGHT.

The idea of prayer and meditation, for instance, has become mere cliche for so many, and they forget the numerous miraculous outcomes to these practices which have occurred for themselves and others when performed regularly.

It is a wise idea to keep a journal about the times when wonderful outcomes ensued after prayer and meditation.

Such a journal will serve as support for times of worry and anxiety which, as stated above, are “normal” in this “3d” play-out of its eventual complete demise.

There are times when darkness is sacred such as the darkness in a woman’s womb where new life is being gestated or the darkness of the clam which houses the beautiful pearl or the darkness before dawn—and many other examples of holy darkness.

However, there is the type of darkness that is filled with dire vibrations, and this is the darkness that is being annihilated by SOURCE LIGHT.

Stay In The Increasing Light! - Meditation - Vibration - Source

Meditation – Vibration – Source

Stay In The Increasing Light!

Remember: first, LIGHT comes; secondly, we receive its activations; and then finally, we acclimate to the process.

These three steps are the transformative evolutionary energies of the “Now” of our gradual movement into the next phase of earthly elevation whereby collective consciousness will shift to sacredness and release density because each individual will merge with his and her “HIGHER SELF” which is their “SOUL” which is “INDWELLING SOURCE”.

Say several times aloud each day: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT”, and this can be stated in whatever your main language is that you currently speak.

This may seem like a simple phrase, and indeed it is, but it is filled with high vibrational frequencies.

The words “I AM” are from the original Sanskrit mantra “AUM” (often seen as “OM”).

Therefore, when a person pronounces “I AM”, he or she is pronouncing the “Prananva” (“Cosmic Sound”) which opens the supernal throne room doors. Whatever words follow the “I AM” (as long as they are righteous words) sets in motion the desire of which we are calling upon SOURCE to provide.

Such a pronouncement is known as a “Sankalpa”—an affirmation, a declaration.

Even in the most nervous of moments, reciting this phrase anchors us to powerful LIGHT frequencies even if we do not immediately feel their sacred energy.

Stay In The Increasing Light! - Divine Light

Divine Light

Stay In The Increasing Light!

The mantra “AUM” by itself is very calming, protective, and healing.

Another method of receiving help is to call upon the vast aspects and characteristics of SOURCE for intercession which are the AVATARS, SAGES, PROPHETS, SAINTS, ANGELS, ARCHANGELS, and ASCENDED MASTERS.

Their eternal SPIRITS and SOULS, which we also have as we occupy our individual “Earth Suits”, are always willing to soar to us and to heal, protect, and guide us in the knowledge that we need HIGH SUPPORT at times that the average human may not be able to give other than to pray with us and for us.

You may wish to call upon this “COUNCIL OF LIGHT” by individual specific names or simply by just saying: “I SEEK REFUGE IN THE AVATARS, SAGES, PROPHETS, SAINTS, ANGELS, ARCHANGELS AND ASCENDED MASTERS”.

Then state your need.

It is all SOURCE LIGHT—one SUPREME INFINITE PRESENCE stretching out with its numerous rays of LIGHT.

This is what the Master Teacher and Savior, Yeshua Ha Messiah, knew and taught and what so many others taught who followed him in later ages and what those taught who preceded him. They are still alive.

You may not see them with your earth-bound suits, but they are here. They are definitely among us.

Often they speak to us with certain signs.

For example, Sri Kwan Yin, whose name translates as “Hearer of Sound” (aspect of the DIVINE MOTHER who is known in Tibet as “Dolma” and in Japan as “Kannon” and in Bharata as “Sri Matre” and by so many other names in other places) comes sometimes as the number “33” (“Master Healer”) or as a dragonfly (because “She” is often depicted in paintings riding on a dragon in the skies) or as a willow tree.

During World War Two, several soldiers in different areas of the world reported that they saw a figure of a young beautiful woman dressed in a long white garment seemingly symbolically catching bombs with her skirt so that they would not explode.

Was this a vision of the DIVINE MOTHER? I choose to believe it was.

Stay In The Increasing Light! - Master Teachers

Master Teachers

Stay In The Increasing Light!

As LIGHT continues its work of transforming creation, which includes humanity, performing “Pranayama” (Breath Techniques) is a vital method of achieving calmness prior to any ritualistic procedure or daily activity.

Inhale deeply pushing out the abdomen and solar plexus and hold the breath for a count of 4.

Then slowly exhale pulling back the abdomen and solar plexus and hold the breath again for a count of 4 before inhaling again.

Perform this breath technique as many times as necessary in order to sense its relaxation response.

It can be done while driving, while in a line at a store, while listening to television news, while working at your desk, while sitting in Nature—anytime.

No matter what is being experienced in the “3d” arena, hold fast to the LIGHT.

Cry if you must at times.

There is an old African proverb which says that “The ancestors come upon the river of our tears.”

It is scientific proof that tears have cleansing properties.

They help us to release emotional trauma and renew us.

Do not the skies send forth rain to assist, along with the Sun, the growth of plant life?

In order for plants to grow (even the tall trees), they must break thru and release the seed of their beginnings.

The Full Moon eclipse is on its way (November 19th) coming to us in Tropical Taurus.

Stay In The Increasing Light! - Full Moon

Full Moon

Stay In The Increasing Light!

The Moon is governed by the sign of Cancer which makes a harmonious geometrical sextile (60 degrees) to Taurus.

The DIVINE MOTHER is symbolically wrapping us more tightly in “Her” loving embrace.

Feel the LIGHT of “Her” bliss.

Let us all pray for our planet to jump upon “Her” lap and relax as “She” takes us higher in LIGHT and VIBRATION.

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Stay In The Increasing Light! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

More by Dr. Schavi

Update On The Cosmic Concert – Dr Schavi

Update On The Cosmic Concert – Dr Schavi

Yesterday, Thursday, August 26th, 2021, a very powerful solar flare blast and coronal mass ejection occurred on the Sun which is being called a “Solar Tsunami” by physicists around the world such as those at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This cosmic phenomena occurs when massive waves of magnetic energy billow on the Sun and look literally like huge waves rather than filaments.

Continuing Tunes Of Light – Dr Schavi

Continuing Tunes Of Light – Dr Schavi

LIGHT blasts are continuing to activate the geomagnetic systems of Earth/Gaia and the entire galaxy. They are derived from a “Cosmic Concert” of various energetics such as the solar flares, solar winds, solar plasma particles, the Photon Belt, the Great Central Sun, other phenomena and also from powerful explosions of LIGHT from beyond our solar system.

Cosmic Crescendo Part 2 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Crescendo Part 2 – Dr Schavi

Since the previous article publication of the same title as this one, another coronal mass ejection (CME) has erupted from the Sun of our galaxy, making now six which have occurred in the recent several hours, and it has exploded in a surprise move to world scientists. There was a time when CMEs could be predicted because they exploded after strong solar flares which could themselves be predicted via the dark spots appearing on the disk of the Sun.

Cosmic Crescendo – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Crescendo – Dr Schavi

When the Moon reaches its fullness, it is below or above the Earth/Sun plane, and relative to the constellations, the Moon is opposite the Sun. Thus, at approximately 8:02 AM (EST) on Sunday, August 22nd, the Sun in Leo was opposite the Full Moon in Aquarius (in late degrees) just as it was opposite in latter July (although it was in earlier degrees then).

The Cosmic Theatre Production – Dr Schavi

The Cosmic Theatre Production – Dr Schavi

Jupiter (in Aquarius), Saturn (in Aquarius), Uranus (in Taurus beginning retrograde on the 20th of August), Neptune (in Pisces), Pluto (in Capricorn), the Universal North Node (in Gemini)—all doing a retrograde dancing rhythm in the Tropical Zodiac—along with the coming Full Moon on Sunday, August 22nd (according to time zones) in Aquarius—all of this “cosmic casserole” being spiced-up with solar flares, solar winds, and coronal mass ejections—topped off with racing meteors and comets, is an invitation to retreat, relax, review, and learn anew.

The Time Before Time – The Stirrings Of The Waters Of “Nun”! Dr Schavi

The Time Before Time – The Stirrings Of The Waters Of “Nun”! Dr Schavi

Although humanity calculates time for purposes of historical discussions and the organization of daily tasks, still, we can assess planetary and galactic happenings so that we are in some way knowledgeable about creation above and below our planet “Earth”, known as “Gaia” in Greek, as “Bhumi” in Sanskrit, and as “Geb” in ancient Medu Neter—the “Sacred Speech” of Kemet (ancient Egypt). All languages have a word for what is commonly referred to as our “blue planet” due to all of the waters encased within it and around it.

Planetary Up-Leveling! – Dr Schavi

Planetary Up-Leveling! – Dr Schavi

One of the world’s scriptures (HOLY BIBLE) speaks of one of the signs of the “end of the age” being earthquakes. Most people read the English language phrase as “earthquakes in diverse places”, and the word “diverse” is defined as “different” or “lots of”. However, the original Hebrew word for this teaching is “yaqar” which translates as “rare” or “unusual”. Thus, the scriptural verse in English should be “earthquakes in rare places”.

The Cosmic Sweep As We Become Photonic! – Dr Schavi

The Cosmic Sweep As We Become Photonic! – Dr Schavi

According to the University of Oulu’s “Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory” in Finland, cosmic waves (also called “rays”) from outside of our solar system which disturb Earth/Gaia’s inner core and outer field have lessened because of lower neutron counts in the past couple of years. This occurs when strong solar winds and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep across our galaxy from the Sun preventing the rays (or “waves”) from entering our planet’s various spheres (ionosphere, stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.).

Acclimation! – The Height Of The “Lion’s Gate Portal” – Dr Schavi

Acclimation! – The Height Of The “Lion’s Gate Portal” – Dr Schavi

The Height Of The “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Sunday, August 8, 2021, continues to thrive as we head into the days and weeks ahead. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)—plasma waves of charged particles (at least four have been reported thus far)— soared from the Sun of our galaxy in the past couple of days bringing colorful auroras with them, and in many places around the planet there have been strong lightening and thunder storms like golden-maned lions loudly roaring accompanied by torrential rains. Earthquakes continue to shift planetary tectonic plates at small levels of between “1.0” and “3.0” on the Richter Scale, and volcanic eruptions have also occurred.

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