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Star Network

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The Great Quantum Transition

Star Network – Q&A With Lev



This is amazing. See also, Almeida, Portugal. Part of a stellar network of 12 centers. I saw this remarkable site once with my own eyes. Never understood how it used to work/what it was for until now.


22/05/2021 at 10:49 pm

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Those who created the stellar network were great initiates in sacred geometry and other secret sciences…How can ether be captured and converted into electricity or some other form of energy?


23/05/2021 at 3:48 pm

Do you have the blueprints for the “star” technology? It’s possible to create such a device nowadays?


23/05/2021 at 6:01 pm


It is impossible to create such a device nowadays. Such “star” fortresses as Almeida in Portugal or Bourtange in the Netherlands or stellar monasteries and castles were not built but formed.

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Star Network - Almeida, Portugal

Almeida, Portugal

Star Network

In many cases, holographic casts and frameworks were made, on which physics was then superimposed. Buildings were immediately synthesized from energy.

A 3D drawing frame was revealed at the desired location. Then with the energy impacts of several or many Higher Light Beings, the “star” was materialized, condensed, supplemented with new powers.

Each of the builders brought something different. They gave and invested traits and feelings, emotions like the gifts of wizards in fairy tales.

For example, pink marble contains a lot of love, feminine energy, and white marble is filled with the masculine energy of Source.

In large “star” cities, several castles held the city dome (a Space-Time greenhouse) that allowed several races, often coming from different branches of reality, to live under it comfortably.

Operation Stellar Network - Fort Vesting Bourtange, The Netherlands

Bourtange, The Netherlands

Star Network

In smaller settlements, castles and temples held the dome alone. Many of these domes on the Subtle Plane are still in use in one form or another today.

These were times when the creators of worlds were responsible not only for the qualities of the space, its basic laws, and the comfort of inhabitants but also for filling that space with primary forms, including architectural ones.

As reality condensed to 3D, architects’ capabilities became less and less scalable. Many technologies stopped working. Tools were being lost. Knowledge became the privilege of a select few.

Star Network - From Hologram Into Physicality

From Hologram Into Physicality

Star Network

Many “stars” were built back in the days when silicon life prevailed on Earth. Silicon has the properties of storing and distributing the Sun’s energy.

Monasteries and castles were created in rocks and places where there is a lot of flint. The buildings were woven into the overall landscape. Some of them, inside, had a lot of vegetation.

“Star”-castles have properties of nodal points of intersection of many worlds, spaces, and realities. In different quantum layers of the planet identical or similar to each other structures were created with several functions:

  • Portals for a transition from dimensionality to dimensionality. By modern analogy – train stations and trade centers;
  • Energy information accumulators for the local population’s needs. They were analogs of power plants, hospitals, and universities in one complex. Conducted currents were used not only for construction but also for healing bodies, psyche, and for sharing knowledge.

In any war, communications and local centers are the first to be seized. So with the invasion of the Black Archons and Dark Forces now ruling the planet, most of the hubs have been captured, blockaded, or rewired.

This fate befell almost all stellar formations, including castles, churches, and temples. The Portals were closed for dimensional transition.

Star Network - Gouska Castle, Czechia

Gouska Castle, Czechia

Star Network

​Power Places were mothballed or turned over to new authorities. Healing opportunities have been transformed into a trivial sucking of energy from parishioners.

Only those who “had the crown” could enter the castle, live and work there. They were those who had powerful chakras, and very strong crown chakra – Sahasrara that looks like a crown.

Sahasrara is located on the pineal body. It connects man with the Greater Cosmos and the Source through a direct channel.

Only when all the elements in a person are balanced, does one have access to ether with the help of which is possible to create in the physics and on Subtle Plane. This substance gives thought-forms a “soul” and matter.

“Star” itself determined someone’s access to its power. Usually, it was a crystal, an energy well, a stream, or something similar.

Ordinary people also came to the “star” with various needs. They had no access to the lower floors. They sought help from the “crowned ones” residing in this stellar formation.

Central castle usually had a large circular hall. The walls were polished rock. In the center was a spring.

When the crown-bearer approached it – the floor became mirror-like.

Star Network - Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

Star Network

It was enough a few drops of ether substance and tunnels – Portals – opened under the floor and in the walls.

The spring had the properties of cleansing both the castle itself and the spaces, if necessary.

Then, the next room opens – in the crystal sphere was a ball of blue energy. It was used to work with Time, to speed up – slow down – stop. It was also possible to enter this sphere and transform.

Star Network - Kenigstein Fortress, Saxon Switzerland

Kenigstein Fortress, Saxon Switzerland

Star Network

Many castles were built in several layers, practically growing out of the rock or growing into the landscape. A huge number of them were destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again, and rebuilt many times.

It was not so difficult to create a “star” hologram. It required a source of fluctuating quanta, which formed the falling out “garbage” over the given setup into this geometry.

These days, Linden Gledhill, a biochemist, and photographer from Philadelphia, the US, has turned acoustic waves into works of fine art. Water, neon lights, and special software helped to photograph the movements of sound in the liquid.

Gledhill placed a tank of water over a loudspeaker and amplifier that were connected to a computer. The program generated sinusoidal sound signals.

The photographer then stood over the tank and used an LED lamp to begin capturing kaleidoscopic images, so similar to stellar objects.

Star Network - Water


Star Network

Star Network - Palmanova, Italy

Palmanova, Italy

Star Network

The LEDs strobe and slow down – that’s why the outlines of the waves are so clear. The bright neon colors and swirling lines made it possible to achieve the most detailed visualization of the sound.

Like other waves, the sound is characterized by frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and speed. Sound vibrations are created by vibrating objects and are “caught” by contact with a detector (in this case, water). The wave nature of sound was first guessed by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500.

Star Network - Water


Star Network

Star Network - "Star" Bastion

“Star” Bastion

Star Network

Plan of the “star” bastion is taken from the book “Nieuwe Vestingbouw op een natte of lage horizont / Door Minno Koehorn. Leeuwarden. 1702.” The author is Menno van Coehoorn (1641-1704), a Dutch military engineer who contributed significantly to the development of fortifications.

If to look closely at these forts, it can be seen that the paws of the bastions spread out according to the terrain. There is no defense in question here. The rays of the bastions stick out as a kind of continuation of the wave process. Not a fortification against enemies.

The “star”-fortresses are the very sources of atmospheric electricity, as they are very similar to our described plumbing terminals. Please, here is an engraving for you.

Star Network - "Star" Fortress Of Diego De Saavedra Faxardo

“Star” Fortress Of Diego De Saavedra Faxardo

Star Network

The “star” above is from “Idea principis christiano-politici, centum symbolis expressa a Didaco Diego de Saavedra Faxardo, Bruxellae [Bruxelles] : excudebat Joannes Mommartius, suis et Francisci Vivieni sumptibus, 1649.” Diego de Saavedra Faxardo (1584-1648) was a Spanish writer and statesman, doctor of law. Served as envoy to many European courts.

The same power elements and bowls in the beams. DNI described in detail how and what this pile-up of “potted flowers” and mazes was intended for (see – Operation Stellar Network, Parts 2-2 and 2-3).

In the following fragments of engravings of Paris (1742) and Frankfurt (1730), the mysterious vases on the ledges of the building are etheric condensers, as in Diego de Saavedra Faxardo’s book and the previous posts.

Star Network - Fragments Of Engravings Of Paris And Frankfurt

Fragments Of Engravings Of Paris And Frankfurt

Star Network

The next engraving depicts a large-scale illumination of the Palais et des Jardines de Versailles. As can be seen, many illuminated vases are standing quite often.

Star Network - Versailles Engraving

Versailles Engraving

Star Network

If to look at this fountain now, it’s impossible to recognize it. Artifact is almost completely rebuilt. The number of vases is nowhere near there.

Star Network - The Fountain In Versailles

The Fountain In Versailles

Star Network

Illuminations were made in Europe every New Year’s Eve. The most detailed reports on the expenditures of the State Treasury for these events are in digitized form, every last one of them, from 1870.

Pay attention to the shape of the herringbone branches in the lower engraving (Paris, 1744).

Star Network - New Year Illumination

New Year Illumination

Star Network

This is a true masterpiece. Notice the shape of the ether condensers on top of the columns. These are not Christmas trees but devices to improve air ionization for discharge.

The structure is real, and it’s just been adapted for illumination. But the back is a decoration.

The whole thing is laden with accumulator spheres. They concentrate the etheric field in such a way that all the metal connections of the building that come out, under the influence of Schumann waves, glow with the lights of St. Elmo. And everything that touches them, such as menorahs, herringbones, and the like, also glows.

Back at the beginning of the twentieth century, this technology was actively used all over the world. There were wireless streetcars, illuminated city streets, technical facilities, temples, exhibitions, ceremonies, and events.

Star Network - London Tram Car, 1913

London Tram Car, 1913

Star Network

But already in the first decade, all this technology was dismantled, the know-how ware classified, and funding for further research into the ether and atmospheric electricity was cut off, as in the case of Nikola Tesla.

Mankind was forced to switch to mechanical power generation and the use of fossil fuels. But that is another story.

More by Lev

Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

At first, there were all sorts of dark gray clumps and conglomerates in near-Earth space. Then, from outer space came a quantum flux as thick rain and color like steel with dots which resembled sparks but solid. Then, flushed a stream of Light, white and very bright. It turned golden with sparks. Everything was powerful, strong, and large-scale. Only purity and grace remained. It looked amazing.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

A new message from the Argorians’ space fleet on November 27, 2021, along with their info in previous days, adds to the latest Galacom Update. The design shows more details on how the Argorians’ squadron is now processing 3D Earth by quantum energies while it is transported into a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the Central Sun.

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The protective blue dome was removed from the Earth. Now, in its place, in the background of emerald green energy, there is a wave channel of the light yellow power field. Two quantum fluxes filled with bright green spectrum energy are connected to the channel. In the channel and outputs are installed the light lilac energy filters and two magnetic fields.

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

This dramatic op followed two others, in Norway (see Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway) and Zimbabwe. It was targeted to the destruction on Earth’s Subtle Plane of one of the most dangerous Black civilizations of our Local Universe, dubbed the Lofoten Monsters.

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Our children are not bodies, but the Souls which have incarnated on Earth 12-14 times in the Fifth Race alone. Now, all of them are already adults and make decisions by themselves. Beginning in the 2000s, new Souls come to Earth in waves – Indigos, Crystalines, Radiants, then, Plasmoids beings will incarnate.

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

On November 19th, 2021, at 9:50 AM CET, a squadron of 25D Argorians’ spaceships, transporting Earth to a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, conveyed the following minute: “We have entered the transforming space of the seventh (out of nine – LEV) cascade stage of the third filter between dimensions…

The Portal 11 11 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30 – Lev

The Portal 11 11 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30 – Lev

November 11, 2021, on Earth, finally closed the energy-exchange fields between 3D and 4D and launched a new scenario transiting the fourth dimension. Now, on the physical plane, the entire population of the planet is distributed by the vibrations of their Subtle Bodies into the 3D and 4D Matrix. We can all feel it by an increase of destructive events in many countries.

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In recent weeks, more and more Souls have come to Earth and have been entered the bodies of Radiant kids. This is facilitated by the activation of the planet’s new 5D crystal grid, and the powerful energy flows from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Helios, arriving on Earth every day.

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