Special Operations Positive Military Physicality - Message From The Pleiadians

Special Operations Positive Military Physicality

Message From The Pleiadians

Special Operations Positive Military Physicality – Message From The Pleiadians. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that certain elevated operations are occurring and that there is a great acceleration in the process of removing the final Toplet Bombs. Not only is this operation accelerated, the preparation of new environments also, so that new structures are built to support the great moment of the start of the elevation.

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Another point they report is that in the last few days a much larger amount of electromagnetic discharges have been thrown to Earth due to orbital changes of the large mother ships currently in the Solar System for the final removal of dark forces.

The Forces of Light, both above and below, are working hard to remove agents from the negative forces on the surface and outside of the Planet.

There is no threat that will bring uncertainty or fear about what is before us. There are, however, delicate situations, very delicate by the way, which are unfolding as the Lightworkers cooperate with each other and cease from disharmonious quarrels and disagreements among themselves.

The Pleiadians also say that although some political movements around the world are very agitated causing discomfort to some, they ask calm to be maintained.

Cristalline Grid

Cristalline Grid

Special Operations Positive Military Physicality

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Dogon The Star People

Dogon The Star People

Special Operations Positive Military Physicality

They warn that, almost daily, all leaders are being contacted to receive the higher protocols, and even if they have negative and uncontrollable impulses, they sometimes receive these instructions anyway. It is hoped that through free will they will be able to harmonize with enlightened ideas.

They also say that positive military forces around the world are stamping eager to get the negative forces off the surface and accelerate the transition process.

The Pleiadians quickly soothe them to act cautiously, as the situation is still delicate, and abrupt movements could bring unnecessary losses and delays, and they say that negative forces continue to try to infiltrate their agents around the world, in governments and in areas where they may have control of the population.

They are insisting that they are always two steps ahead of any intention of the negative forces, and that, just as the positive military ones are active, the negatives that still serve the old order, furious as they know that their power is not the same as before, have no strength to face the agents of the Forces of Light.

So, temporarily and at a first look, it may seem that not much is happening on the surface, but on the other side of the Veil much is.

They also report that there was a brief conflict at the Earth’s poles when remaining negative forces that had their bases there were surprised by positive military, their bases were destroyed and their weapons frozen and completely unused.

Those on the bases who tried to retaliate were frozen and taken to positive laboratories for psychological treatment for possible future re adaptations (those in conditions), or sent to maximum security ships in the vicinity of Earth’s Moon.

The Forces of Light are giving their utmost, instructing rulers with positive inclinations to make alliances to nullify the last onslaughts of darkness through their Reptilian and Draco representatives of negatived vibration.

Recalling also that in these two races of Reptilians and Draco there are their positive representatives who are working with the positive military around the world to neutralize separatist and violent actions of the negatives.

Exhibition in Formation 7

Exhibition in Formation 7

Special Operations Positive Military Physicality

The Pleiadians urge never to generalize the races that act on either side of the force as in all races (in this experience of duality) there are those devoted, both to one side and the other.

It is left to the discernment and openness of the heart for a deeper understanding of the situation and of all those involved.

They also say that, even if the situation may seem difficult and suffocating, Love is the key that will disarm any negative action that will try to delay the outlined Major Plan.

Finally, they say that everything is going well and that the more Lightworkers and Warriors engage with a focus, independent of their particular opinions, the more they will come to an increase in Earth’s vibration, which will lead to the complete annihilation of negative forces in their final performances.

They say that it does not matter if you disagree with each other at some point. Their diplomatic respect and their conscience look to the same fate, regardless of which medium they will use to reach it, is heading to the same point.

So it’s no use discussing and assaulting yourselves by saying that your transportation is better than the other, when you will both get there. The important thing is to lean on them to get there as quickly as possible.

At the moment, that’s what they ask me to pass on.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

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