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Special Operations on Secret Agencies - Pleiadians Message

Special Operations on Secret Agencies

Pleiadians Message  – July 2017

Special Operations on Secret Agencies – Pleiadians Message – July 1 2017. By Gabriel RL.

Today, a special operation is taking place in some agencies around the world. Although this information is not coming out in official media, we know that the Light Forces always bring and keep us abreast of what is happening.

Several agents working at the service of the dark forces at various agencies around the world, including the NSA and NASA, were asked to leave their positions immediately.

This includes Twitter and Facebook, they have received special notifications. There are several others, of course, but the list would be immense if we were to quote them.

Light’s infiltrators in these agencies delivered a “message” to these people where, in the letter, they were asked to cooperate before harder measures are taken.

It is not necessary to say what these people, working at the service of the dark forces, do within these agencies.

The important thing is that, although everything seems “normal”, there is a great movement of Light Forces around the world and that anyone of them that refuse to collaborate and leave their positions of negative influences will be “forcibly removed” from their positions.

It is still not yet the beginning of the mass arrests we have been waiting for, but the movements are making it increasingly clear that the Light is advancing, and certain movements of the darkness will no longer be allowed to prevent such advances.

Let's Break the Chains of This Prison

Let’s Break the Chains of This Prison

Special Operations on Secret Agencies

In the coming days, information may come out in the “official” media, like asteroids coming toward Earth or a possible epidemic caused by a virus. All to bring more fear and try to shift people’s focus away from what is really happening on the Planet.

Most people have already begun to feel something different inside them, and even though they do not knowingly know what it is, something tells them that a major change is under way.

Bringing fear and distraction is an old tactic and people will not buy it anymore. Rothschilds, give up!

Meditation Suggestions

Lightworkers are asked for an intensive positive projection by visualizing all these infiltrates in these agencies at the service of the darkness delivering their posts, going, passively with the Forces of Light and collaborating for the elevation and healing of the Planet.

Una Luce Dorata Illumina i Loro Cuori

Una Luce Dorata Illumina i Loro Cuori

Special Operations on Secret Agencies

Visualize all them without resistance and allowing the Light to take over. Visualize a dark room filled with people working with negative intentions and then a strong Golden Light invading the room and illuminating all their hearts, elevating them and leave their poitions.

There is nothing that can stop the advance of the Light! It’s our destiny!

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

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