Sparklers Erupt From The Planetary Fires

Sparklers Erupt From The Planetary Fires

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal Sparklers Erupt From The Planetary Fires. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal May 17 2019 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Sparklers Erupt From The Planetary Fires

The Planetary Fires can be interpreted in various ways, for example, the warming of Antarctica caused by underground volcanoes brings to light what has been hidden for long under the ice and that many of the elite rushed to see last year. But perhaps this is not the most likely interpretation.

Perhaps the Planetary Fires is figurative and could mean the “fiery” situations in the foreground almost everywhere on the Planet; all the revelations about the Controllers that are losing their grip globally. Also Sparklers, streamers, sparkling fireworks, is figurative, they signify a particular occasion, a celebration, the highlighting of a significant event celebrated in a “fiery” way.

Surely we are in a phase in which the occasions to celebrate the revelations seem to be fast approaching, it is only necessary that the population continues to push to increase the Vibrational Frequency and the Planetary Fires will end up turning into festivities.

Classifieds Are Presented To The Masses

This seems a fairly self-explanatory phase, almost certainly it is the DECLASS, we are near the beginning of a series of revelations that will spark, as interpreted above. The masses will finally acquire the necessary awareness to give the final push towards the change.

Egoics Are Seen Running

Even this sentence seems to be simple to interpret, those who have always worked for Service to Self rather than for the Service to Others are on the corner, have now spent all their ammunition without getting results in contrasting the increase in awareness which is happening on a planetary level.

At this point, there is nothing left for them to do but escape, the just run left and right without a goal, they have no place to hide.

This concept could also apply to Alternative Media, we will see more and more people looking for a decent way out after having pulled the rope too much.

Semmerance Combines With The Multitudes

We could not find a meaning for Semmerance, an interesting thing for the SEM acronym is the Shift Energy Management technology; difficult to say if it could be this, if it is, this energy of change would be managed to reach the multitudes.

Enlightenment Follows

This last sentence, as it often happens, summarizes the previous sentences; after the fires that produce sparkling stars, the revelations of the Archontic System that is shown to all and that cause the mad escapade of the Cabal’s servants and the Energy of Change that expands on the Planet what follows is a generalized Enlightenment that will bring us even closer to anchoring the Positive Energies of the Universe on Earth.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

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