Soul Tech :→ Entry - Clif High

Soul Tech :→ Entry

Sympathetic Resonance As Next Life Strategy

Soul Tech :→ Entry – By Clif High

You vibrate in every aspect of your body and in your spirit.

Though a constant in your life, this vibration, it is neither constant, nor frequently perceived as a vibration.

Much of the vibration that is within our cells acts as power transmission and turns in to various forms of ‘pulse’.

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Hearts’ pulse, blood pulses, guts pulse peristalsis’, and even sweat glands pulse; all driven by a vibration that is deeper, more persistent than each.

This vibration persists in the body even after you return to the other side of the Life-Death Barrier in your Soul (vessel).

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Pure Energy Frequencies

Pure Energy Frequencies

Soul Tech :→ Entry

At the time you depart, the humans here will observe the energy that powers your body, this walking puddle of proteins and fats, a few sugars, and some piss, slowly withdraw.

Your body will gradually shut down.

First the pulses will all weaken, then cease.

Following that, all the inter-cellular processes will begin to break apart, and then over the course of only a limited time, all the cellular vibrations will stop.

The last ones are the very slow cells such as hair, teeth, and bones.

These will continue to vibrate for some number of hours following your departure.

This is one of the reasons that bones from the recently departed, and such other dense tissues may be used for grafting into still present human bodies.

These tissues retain residual vibration that may be ‘warmed’ into new life in a living body.

Some forms of living preclude this however.

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Soul Tech :→ Entry - Rise Your Vibration

Rise Your Vibration

Soul Tech :→ Entry

Live choices such as alcoholism doom the tissues to rejection.

It has to do with the alteration of the ‘frequencies’ of all the cell tissues by the alcohol.

Note now that we get our word ‘alcohol’ from the Arabs.

We derive it from their word ‘al go’ual’ which means, “the ghoul”.

Thus do your words contain knowledge that drips off your tongue to be wasted on sand all because you do not watch what you are saying.

Why do we say things such as “the dearly departed”? Or “recently departed”? Only as it is true.

Humans make the obvious truths into sayings.

Mostly they do it to save time & to seem cool to their friends.

Only later, much later, when their descendants have long forgotten the majic of, and in, words, do such illuminations of the obvious once again make one look cool.

When we depart, we take our spiritual vibration with us leaving behind only those grosser, more dense, vibrations in the physical body.

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Spiritual Vibration

Spiritual Vibration

Soul Tech :→ Entry

When we depart, we do leave behind vibrations, though not ours, these are ‘sympathetic resonances’ of the local aether (this place called the Matterium).

A sympathetic resonance is when an existing standing field wave (self contained vibration) is altered by an encounter at some level by another vibratory source.

In the purely physical (LOL at all kinds of hidden meaning there) expression of sympathetic resonance, we find that two pendulums, each affixed to the same wall, will synchronize their sweeps to an incredibly fine degree.

In the purely non physical world, we all experience these sympathetic resonance alterations in our vibrations.

We say we become ‘in tune with them’.

Think movies, TV, games, all those things that make the ‘you’ in the walking puddle sack vibrate faster, more excitedly.

See? You’ve been sympathetic resonance seeking being all your life.

Universe designed you this way, so it’s cool.

It has to do with how vibrations work, and how some frequencies are harmonious. And others not.

The spiritual vibration that is the ‘you’ that experiences the body, will ‘live’ for lack of a more accurate word, all of its perception of its life, within its soul.

Exactly, precisely, the same way that the Spark of Life, exists in every seed.

Though almost all the human spiritual vibration beings on planet earth are completely oblivious to this most obvious of statements.

We press on. Even here, we must keep the body and soul together.

Time drives as the spirit may be willing, but is not long here, and flesh is weak.

Flesh is designed to be weak, as it is a transmission layer in the Matterium.

It is like a drum skin, if it is not weak to the strike, it will not vibrate.

Flesh is the interface between our spiritual vibration encased in our soul vessels, and Change.

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Interchange


Soul Tech :→ Entry

Flesh has to be just strong enough to persist, rugged enough to absorb, and vulnerable enough to transmit the effects of continuous change through to the ‘you’ within the soul, as a standing wave vibration field.

The ‘you’ in the flesh then has a reactive sympathetic resonance experience with the altering vibration coming through the receptive flesh, and is altered by that experience.

This is basically what we call life.

Yes, there is a bunch more to it, but as far as the soul is concerned, it all begins and ends with recording the changes that affect the vibration within it.

Kind of like those cars that record all the drivers’ actions for insurance purposes, only your soul doesn’t report to corporations.

It makes its recordings of your life, only, and explicitly, for you.

During your metempsychosis, this time between lives, during which you will be in your Heaven, you will need these recordings.

Memory doesn’t transit the Life-Death Barrier unaltered.

When you are done with your Life Review, while you are in your restorative phase called the Long Sleep, your soul will distill all your experience from this life into a single clear drop of Intuition for use in your next life.

This Clear Drop is effectively a very key component in your vibration in that life, as has been the Clear Drop you brought over from your last life, in this life.

Why do you think we call it “clairvoyance” which is “clear seeing”?

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Raising The Vibes

Raising The Vibes

Soul Tech :→ Entry

All these ‘gifts’ are from our previous lives, passed on to our benefit now, in the base of the Clear Drop of Intuition that sets the vibration frequencies base rates for each life in turn.

These are important, as our soul needs to have a base, known, frequencies array going into each Life, in order to be able to detect, and thus record, alterations in our arrays.

Our souls record this information on their insides, like an onion building skins, only inward.

While we are here, in the Matterium, we send out vibrations into the aether affecting other vibrations in various ways, some harmonious, others not.

The harmonious vibrations that we create can be hugely powerful, both here in this Matterium, and for us, on the Other Side.

We have all participated in, grown within, grown away from many sympathetic resonance vibration experiences in our lives.

How many of these Life Altering experiences, these resonances in which you became entangled to the point that you were changed, profoundly, or marginally, but Changed in some way, how many of these experiences came from Recently Departed people?

We can allow a wide range on defining ‘recently’, especially as we have no sense of time in this Matterium when we are not in it.

It’s all about frequencies.

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Frequencies Of Light And Sound Transmission And Reception

Frequencies Of Light And Sound Transmission And Reception

Soul Tech :→ Entry

When you are vibrating on the other side of the Life-Death Barrier, your state of being is not able to be altered by Change.

There is not Change as we would grok it from our perspective here, in these bodies, now.

Absent a perception of Change, there is no perception of Time.

Time passes over here, as it does, Constant, and Constantly Changing.

You’re over There, digesting your last Life, and over here, perhaps several hundreds of our years will occur. It is all about frequencies, yours, and everyone’s. Here and There.

The more alterations your spiritual vibration standing wave antenna experiences, the more your soul records, the more work you have to do, over There, once you too, are Recently Departed.

The more you experience, the longer, in our earth years, you will be absorbed with the Review and Distillation process in your metempsychosis.

There are some very interesting ramifications to consider.

If you live long enough, or cause enough sympathetic resonance vibration alteration in others, it will come back to you.

This Matterium is a ‘closed system’ in that regard. So no deed, good or bad, goes unpunished.

The more experience you add to others’ Lives, the more experience you will gather.

It is the Law of this Realm of Change, that sympathetic resonance compounds itself on reflection, and can have compounding effects.

Merely note how known is the spiritual vibration labeled as Nicola Tesla.

It has compounded itself around this planet, such that your life now is so greatly affected in so many ways that you would not find it possible to either catalog, nor enumerate them.

But here our bodies live them.

It’s all about frequencies, Tesla observed.

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla

Soul Tech :→ Entry

You probably have heard that saying in the past, and assumed he was speaking about electromagnetism.

There is are two things that Nicola observed about frequencies; first that the energy behind them is strongest, at its more pure, at the point of departure, from that frequency.

That the strongest point of a vibration is just before it shifts, just before it alters itself.

Second, Tesla instructs that all frequencies live always in this Matterium, even if no longer active, they constantly persist in the reflections of the sympathetic vibrations they have created.

He is quite correct, but what is unspoken is how much further the thought goes.

Imagine creating a sympathetic resonance vibration here on earth in the alteration of humanity that goes on long after your life.

In fact, it persists forever.

One part of that to consider is that your repeated ‘dips’ into the Life Pool here, mean, that your experiences of that sympathetic vibration as a resonance passing through humanity and thus you, have been distilled into how many of your Lives?

The first life to experience it, distills it into the Clear Drop for the next life, which brings that resonance, albeit obscured by emerging from your intuitive choices of that Life, back into this Matterium, and, ergo, back into your Life, and that next one, as yet again, more percentage of that vibration in your Clear Drop for the next life.

You get the idea. Only it spreads.

Soul Tech :→ Entry - Frequency of Love

Frequency of Love

Soul Tech :→ Entry

To all lives, basically, to some level, different in each life, but there it is, nonetheless.

It compounds.

It’s iterations. Lots of them.

Which is to say, it’s all about frequencies.

And they all live forever, here in this Matterium.

The good ones, they also keep compounding forever.

It’s a kind of sneaky way to apply Change to the state of the Matterium itself, if one had a mind to try to affect their next incarnation.

True power is to be found in the most subtle of vibrations, an idea.

Doubting much? Eh, Thomas?

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