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Solar Waves And Reception Protocols

Solar Waves And Reception Protocols

Message From The Pleiadians

Solar Waves And Reception Protocols – By Neva (Gabriel RL)

In this morning’s urgent bulletin, the Pleiadians report that a few days ago we had some solar flares that released certain energies to the entire Solar System.

This has affected the Earth’s astral and physical fields, obviously.

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The effects of this, in many people, can come from sensations of strong internal heat, as if they were really on fire, to mental and emotional agitation, as these Solar Waves cause breaks in barriers that, in many cases, make it difficult to access certain energies that need be healed.

By breaking these layers, access for healing becomes easier.

Solar Waves And Reception Protocols - New Energies

New Energies

Solar Waves And Reception Protocols 

They are necessary processes throughout the System.

They say that waves of irritability can also occur because, for a long time, many people have kept their feelings and emotions and have “swallowed” them without expressing themselves or putting their point of view as they would like.

And that, at some point, needs to come out.

Welcome each other in Love – they say.

They also emphasize the importance of knowing that our existences on Earth are important for the simple fact that we are here, and they invite us to look at life with more simplicity and lightness.

There is no need for something extraordinary to come and go from you to signify that you are being helpful, but just being here is already helping with your energy fields. (The mere fact that a person is incarnated here, even if they are not doing something extraordinary, in their simplicity, doing what they are doing wherever they are, is already being helpful with their own energy field.)

Understanding this is leaving for new, more expansive frequencies where spiritual sensitivity will increase, and you will have even more clarity in every way.

They also report that, in relation to the current planetary situation that stretches, everything is “on its way” to completion and it is only a matter of time before the “dominoes” start to fall and their positive effects are felt.

In the meantime, welcome yourselves with Love.

This is an exercise in faith and sovereignty.

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Solar Waves And Reception Protocols - Solar Blessing

Solar Blessing

Solar Waves And Reception Protocols

Finally, they also report that many of their Transmission Channels spread across the planet are undergoing a process of alignment and adjustment in the energy fields and “quantum receivers” of the Pleiadian data.

This will increase accuracy in transmissions.

On the other hand, they also say that some other channels are still being “deactivated”, as they left the original program to follow their own agendas.

Either way, the Pleiadian Love and Blessings remain.

So, let us thanks for the Solar Blessings that arrive to dissolve and illuminate what was hidden!

Take care of food, contact with nature and relax doing what you like.

Welcome each other.

This is an immediate and urgent message this morning of July 8, 2021, precisely at 04:50 UTC.

We are the Pleiadians.

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