Solar Surging! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Solar Surging!

Solar Surging! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

A geomagnetic storm occurred on Monday, September 26th, 2022, rated at a level of “G2” at 2200 Universal Time (UT) or 5:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

The geomagnetic storms are rated as either “G1”, “G2”, or “G3”—so, as can be seen, a “G2” level is medium-strength but still quite powerful as is any geomagnetic storm because all of them create activations to our planet.

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Currently, solar winds as of 9:55 AM (EDT) on today, Tuesday, September 27th, are traveling at 536.2 kilometers per second (km/s), and the “KP Index” is rated at “Storm” level.

The magnetosphere is extremely enveloped in dense particle plasma. In brief, this is a day of intensity in the cosmos.

Magnetosphere Pressure 27 September 2022

Solar Surging!

We have had many such days in the past weeks and months, and they will continue.

The months of October and November will be filled with further strong vibrational frequencies as planets begin to move into direct motion.

Mercury becomes direct on October 2nd (in Tropical Libra), Pluto on October 8th (in Tropical Capricorn), and Saturn on October 23rd (in Tropical Aquarius).

We are already in ECLIPSE SEASON, and there will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE IN TROPICAL SCORPIO on October 25th bringing immensely potent transformational experiences to our planet on a global scale in every arena that constitutes civilization.

A LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TROPICAL TAURUS on November 8th will occur.

Without going into extreme detail regarding the planetary angles and degrees that will create particular energies, our world will be engrossed in the final months of 2022 and into 2023 in economic chaos, in political intrigue, in “indoctrinated” religious confusion, and in loud protesting on the streets for various reasons as people demand truthful answers to global dilemmas.

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More crisis situations could be on the horizon as the “3d” world plays-out its “theatrics” on the “world stage”.

As usual, I try to offer suggestions for calmness and focus on tuning-into the HIGHER SELF which is SOURCE.

Therefore, the following mantra is for removing obstacles that are trying to interfere with our peace and welfare on any level: “AUM GUM GUNAPATAYE NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Remover of Obstacles”).

Recite this mantra aloud during the day as you move about your daily affairs or while driving.

You can also recite it silently while you are engaged in a meeting.

Solar Surging! - Ganesh Mantra

Ganesh Mantra

Solar Surging!

For those who pray with malas (this is known as “Mantra Yoga”), recite the mantra on a mala, offer your special prayer, and wear this mala throughout the coming months or carry it with you daily in a special pouch, and take it out periodically, hold, it, and breathe deeply.

Malas have a vibrational frequency which continually thrives after we have properly “seeded” it with a specific mantra.

Thus, as has been discussed previously, when we wear a mala, we are “wearing our prayers”.

The mantra offered above is a “Ganesh” mantra from the Vedic tradition—an aspect of SOURCE—who is depicted as an elephant, and as we know, elephants are large, strong, and can remove huge boulders.

Whenever we recite mantras, we are praying to as ASPECT of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE—to SOURCE—not to a separate or different “God” or “Goddess”.

For those who have been taught incorrectly, the path of SANATANA DHARMA (“Eternal Path”) is not polytheistic.

It is monotheistic and has been mis-labeled as “Hinduism”—a word from the Greek language which is not found in any of the Vedic scriptures. It is not a Sanskrit term!

Just as Islam, for example, believes in “Allah” having attributes and characteristics, so does Sanatana Dharma.

The ancient path of KEM SESASTA (“Potent Mysteries”) of Kemet taught of the many “Neteru” or “Divine Forces of Nature”—all of which were aspects of one SOURCE.

The Western world has mis-judged and mis-taught about much of the East as Western cultures traveled to—and in most cases invaded—the lands of the continents of Africa and Asia.

However, part of the “Now” is to be forgiving of the hurts heaped upon humanity because no culture is without fault in both the ancient and recent historical record.


It is true that certain civilizations pre-ceded others in spiritual practices, technology, healing techniques, language development, architectural genius, and more; however, there is always a root to anything just as a tree grows upwards from its strongly planted roots.

Pray that SOURCE LIGHT heals and brings peace to Earth/Gaia and not allow constant discord to dim the LIGHT.

Stay in the LIGHT!

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The Escalating Symphony – Saturday Satsangha – Dr Schavi

On Saturday morning, 11/26/2022, at 9:18 AM (EST), solar winds traveled at 557.8 km/s as was suspected they would climb from Friday’s levels. The “KP Index” is rated as “Unsettled”, and the magnetosphere is very densely enveloped in particle plasma that is pressing into it.

Cosmic Update 25 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 25 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

A magnetic filament that erupted from our Sun on November 19th has arrived as of today, Friday, 11/25/2022. It has, of course, unleashed a coronal mass ejection (CME)—proton and electron plasma particles. All flares— whether they are massive explosions or filaments— carry CMEs because our Sun is comprised of plasma.

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Graphene On The Scene! Continuing Research – Dr Schavi

By now, many millions of people around the world have received the “vaxx” and its “boosters”, and most are experiencing disturbing side effects, and some people have exited the planet. Debates continue on both sides of the issue–to “vaxx” or “not to vaxx” like Shakespeare’s character Hamlet who stated “To be or not to be”.

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Cosmic Update 24 November 2022 And A Sad Truth – Dr Schavi

Activations to our planet remain in full-swing, and in fact, as has been mentioned several other times, cosmic happenings may be more intense than what they are rated as being on technological devices. This is almost like not telling the truth about “Thanksgiving”.

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Staying Stress-Free During The Holidays – Dr Schavi

Many people who know the truth regarding the historical development of certain holidays would rather not celebrate them. However, sometimes people remain silent about the root of particular holidays, so they go ahead and engage in various festivities with family and friends due to a sense of obligation.

Cosmic Update 24 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 24 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

A magnetic plasma filament has erupted from our Sun at its northern region which will supposedly not affect our planet according to certain scientific data. However, all cosmic events affect our solar system either in minor or major ways. In this case of the magnetic filament, plasma particles can travel throughout our solar system, and our planet could experience a “sprinkling” of plasma as opposed to a full-on whopping dose.

The Importance Of Minerals In The “Now” – Dr Schavi

The Importance Of Minerals In The “Now” – Dr Schavi

While our DNA and cellular records are being transformed to be greater aligned with SOURCE FREQUENCY, we must still nurture ourselves in various ways, and one of these ways is by insuring that we are receiving certain minerals which have been created for the benefit of our physical vessels, our mental health, and our emotional wellbeing.

Metatronic Vibrational Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Metatronic Vibrational Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Wherever currents flow, energy fields develop around them. The human physical vessel is a magnet which both sends out and attracts energy. The way in which the MIND—CONSCIOUSNESS–is activated can literally change the genes in the body and transform its DNA which is inside of each cell, thus creating a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

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