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Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment Ashtar

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment


Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here one more time. As always, very happy to receive from Cosmos the opportunity of a more direct energy exchange with you, my beloved Earth Family.

I always wonder if you have any idea of ​​the luminosity that you manifest simply with a smile, a loving, empowered, determined gesture.

Yes, dear ones, you light up this Planet with your presences; you make us smile with every gesture, even those harder gestures, when you lose your patience with life, and even with us 😀

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Oh! … How many times do we approach you when you are angry and discontented … How many times! … And we breathe in your ears phrases such as: “Hey! … Easy, it will pass! You’re stronger than that!” And then you start laughing at the situation, at yourself and say, “Oh … I can not believe I was stressed about it! I can solve this.” And that’s it! The lightness returns to be radiant. This is how you are: practical, objective, determined! What could stop you? NOTHING!

All that you have been through the ages, my dear ones, was for this moment.

Energy and Earth
Energy and Earth

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment

DNit Telegram Channel


You are the ones who came forward, with a Sword of Light cutting the “weeds“, clearing the passage. You are the pioneers!

I’ve said that before! Courage is surely something you’re not lacking! Before reaching this plan, I showed you how it was and what needed to be done for its transformation. You simply said, “TAKE ME THERE, WITHOUT DELAYS.”

When you said that, I looked at other Council representatives and winked 😀

Well, here they are.” I said to the Council. And here you are, experiencing a great transformation in all areas of your lives, in your physical and Etheric bodies, in your emotional and spiritual fields.

Etheric Body
Etheric Body

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment
In these processes, you will feel more and more the great effects of these transformations and, in order to get an excellent use of these anchored energies, I will give you some tips for your next months. Tips that should start “for good“, if you wish, from the moment you read my message.

Certainly, some of these tips you may had already picked up through the signs of your own bodies. Yes, your bodies constantly warn of some movements that are needed at each stage of this journey.

And, dear ones, please pay more attention to these signs. You often see the signal, understand, and then let go, ignoring what needs to be done!

Let me say emphatically: do not complain if things get more intense than! Pay attention! All signs are given to do something, or stop doing something 🙂 So do not blame us 😀 Well, let’s go to the important points.

Changed Sleeping Patterns

Certainly, many have gone through these situations of drastic changes in sleep. This is due to a number of reasons: poor nutrition, stress, anxiety, etc…

But in particular, many of you have suffered these “disorders” due to the immense amount of energy you are anchoring, and these energies are adapting you to a new reality, a new time, a “no-time”.

Harmonize with your Body
Harmonize with your Body

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment

You are entering into a multidimensionality. And that does not mean you cannot sleep, or something.

You just need to adjust these frequencies so that they harmonize with your bodies. You, on this point, need to be awake in physicality, as long as possible, while luminosity is present.

Try to wake up early, those who already have this habit, even better! If you do not, try to wake up at the latest at 8am. If you can, as soon as the sun rises it will also be good, but at 8 am is a great time.

The more brightness of the day you pick up, the better the anchoring and grounding process of the energies you are receiving to be reverberated. You need to be “on” so that certain energies come to the surface completely.

Well, some will say, “But I work at night, at dawn, and I sleep during the day.” Calm down, you will not be excluded! We do not do it! 🙂

Think: what will be best for you? What could you do to improve this, to facilitate your ability to capture energies that come mainly in the brightness of your days?

If you work at night and sleep during the day, well, we can not say “Stop working“, but we can say, again: “Stay as long as possible awake, harmoniously, as long as there is light. “Oh, I only get one hour” – you say! And we say: it’s already something. :-DELAYS

Just be open and committed to this process and, if you really want to, “things” will happen, and everything will fit in the best way possible for the process to take place and in order to ensure the transformations needed for you personally and for the planet.

Because you… you know! You are part of a great process and you could not be outside of it. You out of this process is as if you lack the key to open a lock. You definitely can not stay out!

You have often woken up in the middle of the night at precise times, or even early in the morning. Some will say, “It’s the biological clock!” Well, I’ll sort it out  😀  IT’S THE COSMIC WATCH!

You, at times, wake up quickly at dawn, for example, at precisely 3:15 am, for several days in a row. Well, you simply took an energy to anchor on the surface and obviously had to be grounded and awake at that moment.

Your Higher Self says “Go!” And you wake up, in that instant, half stunned: “Huh? Hmm? What happened? I woke up? Where am I? What’s that? “:-D Then you look at the clock and go back to sleep. Ready. Anchored energy. When you look at the clock and see the time, it’s like sending a signal saying, “Okay, I hit the spot, anchored energy.” And back to sleep. Wow!! Fantastic!

So, dear ones, again: do not worry about these sudden awakenings in the middle of the night. Wake up, hit the spot, smile and go back to sleep. It’s all right! Try to wake up sooner, as you said, enjoy the light better, and it will help you in many ways, starting with more disposition! An energy and physical detox process will begin in you. And by the way, the other point is about your eating.


I’ll be spot on here! Sugar should be reduced! I am not saying to abolish it, but reduce it at least of 50% of what you consume now.

Your bodies need this reduction. Sugar lowers your energy pattern.

Excess sugar simply keeps you in a “common pattern” and is literally true and indisputable: you guys are not at all common ones!  🙂

Decreasing 50% of the sugar will help activate some deactivated energy points in you because it will allow the energy to flow more freely, like a calm river, of strong and unstoppable power.

Too much sugar in your biological device causes energy blocks, decreases its luminous frequency and delays other important processes. “Oh, but my chocolate!” Some will say. I can even hear!… Well, I did not say 100%, I said 50%! (For now… 😀 )

You need to get accustomed your bodies. Do not be so drastic. Be loving, kind and patient. You have accustomed your bodies for so long with unhealthy foods, so if you get there by “taking the candy from the child’s mouth” it will be desperation! Let’s take it easy, with love, kindness and reprogramming your food.


Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment
Eat greener! Take more natural juices (no sugar, 😀 )! Eat raw what you can. Fruits, vegetables and greens. Get some water! Many of you do not drink water!

Drink more water and give that energy to your bodies! Water increases its vibratory pattern, increases its luminosity! Water, as in your hydroelectric power plants, generates energy!

Give water to your bodies, and it will have more energy! It’s that simple! I think a lot more is intuitive, isn’t it? 🙂 Your bodies know. They know what they need. Just pay attention to them! Oh!… I know witches will say, “My body asks for chocolate three times a day!” Oh, really? 😀

Biological Adjustments

With all these transformations already taking place, your bodies, of course, are changing! You are getting more beautiful, more radiant, and your whole biological structure is changing!

Some of your organs will change in size, diminish or increase according to the new patterns of energies and way of living. Do not be frightened by it. Do not think that you will sleep one way and wake up from another. It is a subtle process, but noticeable for the most connected.

You may notice the change in the color of your eyes, in the tone of skin, hair, physical posture. You will find greater need to go to the bathroom, while large cleanings occur.

You will notice some adjustments in your way of walking, talking, gesturing. This is all subtle, harmonious, deliciously good to see, because it is an energy, a new biological structure that is adapting to the new energies and your Light Bodies in manifestation.

Your heart rate will also change, with softer beats. Your lungs will also be softer and your breathing calmer. Your vision will be sharper and your agility as a whole.

Everyone, all of you, are going through this process. All your biology! Everything is being updated in the Grid and in your DNA. In your future incarnations, for many of you on the African continent, these processes will already be well-accelerated and, if you begin to achieve it in this current life, what will you say in a short time ?!

You are preparing all this! Every day on Earth is a great laboratory! Oh! How I love you! How proud of you!

Dear Allies! My brothers! Please do not discredit your potential! You are, together, a mighty force that is taking this planet to its brightest times! You have the support of my entire fleet, which is also your fleet!

Always look for the courage that is peculiar to you, and continue… Continue your uninterrupted work delivered through the reliability eternally expressed in you!

You have everything you need, absolutely everything! Let those who have not yet understood the greatness of it all judge, criticize, threaten, slander, disinform or whatever they do, leave them!


Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment
Of them “I’ll take care of that“. Do your work, which is bright! Leave the rest to me! I will make that your way is free for you to go on! I assure you, no one will be able to stop you! I always said that!

My dear ones, I love you infinitely and I am eternally grateful to be able to count on you all in these times. Grateful, in all the Councils, to take what you are doing on Earth and present as something epic! I’m so proud!

I could not be more confident! As always, why do I trust you? Well … YOU ARE YOU, AND THAT’S ENOUGH!

And so it is.

Blessings! Your brother, Ashtar.

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