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Current Situation On The Planet - SaLuSa

Current Situation On The Planet – SaLuSa

Current Situation On The Planet – SaLuSa. By GabrielRL.

The Star Seeds on Earth are realizing that, in these times, they have been strongly requested to be sources of inspiration and security for so many other souls.

These are lost in front of more personal emotional issues, as well as in the climate of tension in which the planet lives in the midst of the current viral situation.

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As we have already said, there is often a lot going on behind the scenes that has enabled us to go ahead with the plans already established, as well as to continue contacting our allies on the surface to assume their roles of being the beacons of Light, while taking care of certain situations, more delicate, such as the removal of negative forces from the planet.

And, at this point, you can begin to see spirals of Light in your skies, in some regions, as signs of our actions, and also as the opening of Portals that bring beings from distant galaxies to this reality, who asked the Creator for an opportunity to collaborate in these times.

Current Situation On The Planet - SaLuSa - Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

Situation On The Planet – SaLuSa

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The Need For Inner Connection

This great agitation present at all dimensional levels and especially on Earth clearly shows the continuous need to be more focused on yourselves, on your own hearts, so that you can really be those lighthouses that will be transmitting calm and serenity to the souls that they do not know what to do and who to believe in these times, forgetting that they are themselves the credible source of information, if they are connected to their Inner Self.

This is really a time when you need to be more connected to yourself, allowing the Love to flow from your hearts, because, in fact, anything other than that is an indication that something still needs deeper adjustments.

If you find yourself in outbreaks of extreme irritability, calm your hearts through meditations, allowing yourself to feel, without resistance, your emotions, and inviting them to your full attention through these meditations.

While the plots of those who still wish to continue to dominate your planet become more and more evident, we continue to inspire even more courageous souls to come to the front line, bringing the torch lit and lighting the way, so that other souls can empower themselves and follow those examples.

After all, everything is getting “in the open” and nothing else seems to be able to remain hidden, so there is an immense need for purification.

Thus, on your planet, those who still have a certain power are showing themselves through their negative actions.

Current Situation On The Planet - SaLuSa - Need For Inner Connection

The Need For Inner Connection

Situation On The Planet – SaLuSa

Likewise, any of you are being surprised by irritability or withdrawal – which was not “so common” before – but that in some way, certain energies that remained guarded, now emerge for the necessary exposure and healing.

Situations In Groups

We also know that moods in the midst of “New Age” communities are altered, and this is also a reflection of all the energetic movement in force in all dimensional planes that surround the planet.

We have witnessed the removal of many souls of low vibrations off the planet, thanks to the forces of Ashtar Command.

This work of energetic cleansing has really caused a lot of turmoil when these souls are found in deeper densities.

These, while leaving the planet, do not hesitate to throw their last heavy vibrations where they can, in order to cause more chaos.

The so-called “waist game” is necessary for you to leave this state and remain, continuously, with your high vibrations, not falling into the provocations of those who are in extreme and evident imbalance.

It takes a lot of balance and harmony, especially for Star Seed souls, who are group leaders and guides for certain missions and their closest alliances, so that there is no infiltration.

Constant serenity and Love will continue to guarantee the excellence of your missions.

You certainly know that the quality of your vibratory pattern is an open door to positive forces – or not – and, in these times, you are even more responsible for these openings, as you have already reached a level of consciousness that is decisive and completely responsible for your actions.

Also keep in mind that any mission based on Love will in fact continue to be supported by our fleets, and nothing can diminish the scope of the ramifications resulting from the powerful alliances formed in the Light.

As long as you continue to see unrest among these groups or in any region of the planet, it is wise to remain in inner silence and harmony, avoid being contaminated by certain vibratory patterns present there.

As you well know, where they put your attention you will be even more immersed in that situation and, considering your high vibratory capacity, the attention and fermentation of such energies will be proportional to your vibratory capacity.

We know that there are laws that govern your planet and certainly many of you are operators of these laws.

Thus, you must continue in Love and Harmony, but whatever escapes your “competence”, it is appropriate that you leave it to those responsible to take care of these certain situations.

Thus, we ask that you allow us to act as authorized and we also ask to take care of those more delicate situations that are beyond your broader field of view.

This way, since you cannot act with “your own hands” to help some situation in any way, you have the power of loving intention capable of breaking any space-time barrier.

Just know that the best way to truly assist in any situation, whatever it may be, is through unconditional Love.

Earth Situation

We also have to say that the whole situation on Earth, as chaotic as it may seem, is being well observed and controlled.

Although the fermentation of much of your media tends to emphasize fear and terror, you Star Seeds are aware that not everything is what it seems.

Keep in mind that the truth about the whole situation will not be delayed, and you will be amazed to see how those who controlled the Earth were capable of acting as they did and, in a way, still believe that they can control you, as before. We are quick to say no.

There is no longer any way for you to return to the old status.

Current Situation On The Planet - SaLuSa - Look At The Sky

Look The Sky!

Situation On The Planet – SaLuSa

Although the whole situation seems hopeless and chaotic, we continue to emphasize: everything is under control.

Summer, as we said, our continuous testimony through spirals in the skies as a sign of our constant presence, waiting for the ideal moment when the Creator will authorize our landing, as in the past, on the surface.

Until then, know that we are here, much closer than you think and, many times, we walk among you, without you knowing that it is us.

But when our eyes meet, yuor souls vibrate, because you know more deeply what is happening.

Do not let anyone keep you out of your ways. Be really determined and courageous, because it was that feeling and strength that took you to where you are now.

No negative force can determine the course of your path, and when there are days of discouragement and disbelief, look at the skies and you will see our sign saying, “Calm down! We’re here. It will be all right ”.

I am SaLuSa (Shalashian) from Sirius and I reinforce our alliance and commitment to always be united, while all the programmed events unfold on Earth.

You are also about to see world leaders “stuck” on their own agendas being stripped followed by a wave, en masse, of similar situations.

Certainly, many continue to ask themselves “what will happen of our future?” And we answer that it will be as it was programmed and no event, however “chaotic” it may seem, will change the natural course of events, which is your Ascension.

Keep calm, trust and act wherever you can, with a lot of Love.

Whatever your human limitations cannot achieve, count on us to help you as far as we are allowed,

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We are all ONE!)

Neva: Gratitude, SaLuSa.

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