Situation in Space - Ashtar Command

Situation in Space – Ashtar Command

June 2019

Situation in Space – Ashtar Command. By Gabriel RL/Neva.

In the last three days, there has been a lot of movement in space around the Earth and throughout the Solar System, when non-Confederate forces have attempted to “threaten” in some way, “shooting/kamikazes” against the more physical and cause disharmony.

Useless, Forces of the Ashtar Command, Central Race, and one of the latest Armies of Light that came to the Solar System called “The Spherical Guardians” are controlling and harmonizing the whole situation. (I am channeling on them, they have given me information gradually, as soon as I finish it, I publish it).

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This movement began when a large Draco mother ship began to approach the first magnetic protection barrier, located near the Kuiper Belt, and was trying to enter the Solar System.

It was prevented by the Ashtar Command and the magnetic belt.

This non-confederated Draco ship attempted to enter after a desperate call from the Earth by those who served them, as well as from the Dracos who are inside the protective barriers.

Situation in Space - Kuiper Belt

Kuiper Belt

Situation in Space

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Non-confederated Dracos, as well as Reptilians and other non-confederated races that are “trapped” within the magnetic barrier installed by the High Commands are trying to escape in some way, and trying to cause some confusion.

Nobody leaves the Solar System for now.

It is a protection barrier of the High Commands until all non-confederates are brought to Council.

This barrier is divided into three layers:

  1. The First, it can be said that it is beyond the Kuiper Belt, enveloping all of it and has a certain thickness.
  2. The Second, it involves more the Solar System, in a thicker layer from Jupiter, (including the Planet).
  3. The Third and strongest and thickest surrounds completely the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

The image below gives a clearer idea.

Situation in Space - Ashtar Command

Magnetic Layers

Situation in Space

All this turmoil has caused movements within the Solar System and great energetic agitation because the Confederates on Earth, you is reading read this note and being called by the High Commands, have taken your vibrations to the heights and, at the same time, incorporating more of your galactic personalities onto the surface.

Part of this aggressive non-Confederate movement is that many on Earth are beginning to realize, directly or indirectly receiving information about who they are on the galactic level, and by receiving this information they are anchoring a lot of Light and causing disruption in the Matrix.

When an incarnate confederate does not know who he is, where he came from or where he is going, he suddenly begins to be instructed by intuition, dream, meditation, or receiving information from another already conscious confederate, this causes very powerful discharges of Light into the Matrix, causing severe disruptions on it and this has left the negative forces desperate because the Matrix has broken rapidly and the non-confederated energy sources are running out.

In short, incorporating your galactic identity into physicality is a major problem for negative forces and they have sent signals beyond the first barrier, trying to get help in some way.

Although these signals are not interrupted directly by the High Commands, since everything has a scope, it is useless to try and believe that the help will arrive for them and to overcome the barriers. This will not happen.

Negative forces inside the barriers need to be dal with it. No external reinforcements will come to rescue or support them in any way.

Thus, the Ashtar Command Forces has also been sending Confederate Dracos and Reptilian Fleets, who operate within the Command, to try to “negotiate” with the non-confederated.

Although they belong directly to the same race, the Draco and Reptilians have not welcomed with open arms by their brothers of the same race. Anyway, everything is under control.

Meanwhile, galactic identities are recognized and reverberated on the surface and ensuring that the High Commands continue to harmonize in space, right up to the Central Flash Special Moment.

While all this movement occurs, many may have dreams in space and flashes, even during the day, of what is happening up there.

With all our respect for negative forces, nothing will stop the awakening of Earth’s humanity to its origins and potentials.

For now that’s what Ashtar Command asks me to broadcast.


For Truth, nothing but Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

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