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Siriusians Space Fleet - New Galactic Ops Part 18

Siriusians Space Fleet

The Great Quantum Transition

Siriusians Space Fleet – New Galactic Ops Part 18 – By Lev

On May 26, 2021, came new information about the operation now being led by the 25D Siriusians’ space fleet from near-Earth’s orbit. It supplements and expands info previously published by DNI.

Siriusians and other friendly races continue to sanitize the planet. Below is a scheme of the energy flows they use to cleanse and transform the Earth.

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Siriusians Space Fleet - Sanitize The Planet

Sanitize The Planet

Siriusians Space Fleet

How exactly does this happen? What energies are used?

Here is a detailed description of them.

The impact on Earth (the pink ball inside the tongues of energies) comes from the ships and the 22D space base on the Moon. The latter is now focused on cleansing the planet’s water structures.

The process takes place against the background of the white ASTEMO energy. This is Source’s plasma with new programs.

It forms a five-dimensional wave space on Earth, integrates the entire spectrum of incoming energies, and corrects the work of the overall system.

The sphere formed by ASTEMO is reliably protected from external sabotage attacks of Archons and Dark Forces.

Water platform transforms plasma with FIPSCO violet energy with gold, silver, green and crimson flecks of other supporting energies.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Working Scheme

Working Scheme

Siriusians Space Fleet

DNit Telegram Channel

Siriusians’ Lunar base broadcasts cosmic radiations entering Earth with a broad stream of dark brown GLAMO energy. It is tuned to and changes the entire frequency range of the Nature worlds, transforming them.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Glamo Energy

Glamo Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

This flow goes through the energy field of bright blue FARMS energy, guiding the mental development of humanity by new programs that raise consciousness.

Siriusians’ fleet has surrounded the planet (the pink ball in the center of the diagram) with plasma information fields of the following energies (from left to right):

The red-yellow ERBINO receives and processes all signals emitted during the formation of new matter;

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO reformulates the spent and discarded energies from Earth;

The green ERGINO energy stimulates the awakening and development of the life forces of matter. It accelerates the oscillatory motion of magnetic fields, aligns the Earth’s energy, shapes the climate, and the 5D Matrix work.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Ergino Energy

Ergino Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

The dark violet CAROS condenses particles and clears space for new formations. With its rays, it distributes in the upper layers of the atmosphere the flow of 4-dimensional space fields into 6D.

The dark orange LECAS pumps through 144,000 pyramids the time programs to create new matter.

The planet is surrounded by GLEGES energy of dark purple color which cleanses the near-Earth space from harmful impurities, as well as by quantum energy of BIGS of new field structure. This ash-gray energy changes the overall state of space and opens Portals to the planet’s inner worlds.

Both energies – GLEGES and BIGS – are held in space by Siriusians using three platforms (on above in scheme) that simultaneously work according to their programs.

The platform (top left) brings in a stream of plasma to remove unnecessary force fields and forms a sphere for new energies:

By the pink SLAGO, Siriusians are creating a new information field of space;

Siriusians Space Fleet - Slago Energy

Slago Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

Applying the light brown with yellow (cream) FERUS, they change the development programs of planetary structures.

The next platform (top center) of the six-dimensional quantum level synthesizes energies, combines their spectrum into a single beam, activates the Earth’s crust with it, and creates a new fractal by impulses. The energies at work:

The emerald CAGIFOR, brought in from the Local Universe and the Milky Way, changes the matter properties;

The red-brown URBAH is transforming and renewing all kinds of matter.

The third platform (top right) at the Siriusians’ Lunar Base is a repeater that splits three-dimensional space with golden LOBE energy. It installs Time programs and feeds the planet’s signal system, regulates the removal of waste and negative energy from Earth.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Lobe Energy

Lobe Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

Siriusians use Galactic energies to eliminate the base of the three-dimensional world and build the 5d foundation in its place. To do this, they use the following energies:

The yellow-green (lemon) FERGO cleanses matter of outdated intellect, erroneous knowledge;

The dark brown GASIG destroys all previous structures and builds a platform for new ones;

The white-blue BLISCORI stimulates the development of human mental faculties and contains the entire spectrum of energies necessary for this;

The yellow SFARGO cleanses matter and space of outdated intelligence and promotes adaptation to the 5D with new wave impulses.

The fields surrounding the planet, Siriusians are additionally saturating by:

The violet GRASIMO energy synthesizes plasma, neutralizes negative phenomena, and removes false and outdated knowledge;

The red ERMA energy forms the 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and matter.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Erma Energy

Erma Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

With powerful quantum pulses, Siriusians continue to destroy the 3D’s protection created by Archons. Using the new 5D platform, friendly race continues to form a single Solaris 1D/2D/3D/4D, directionally changing the 2D fields.

Dark Forces try to defend and counterattack with plasmoids. But Siriusians successfully repel them with the GASIG energy shield.

First, they guide FDs’ plasma balls through the 3D wave structure into the collector, and then remove them from the planet.

On May 24, 2021, one of the Higher Light Being on the assignment of the Galactic Committee began to work in the super temporal Portal of Giza Pyramids.

In two days he managed to reverse the process of transformation in 5D of all processes in all spheres to a favorable outcome in a short time.

This became possible by the fact that in the Giza pyramids complex, he unblocked an additional entry of the Source’s energies to Earth which had been sealed by the Archons for millennia.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Unblocked Source's Energy

Unblocked Source’s Energy

Siriusians Space Fleet

For two days now, these powerful currents have poured into all the pyramids on the planet and through them into the entire planet.

Now the processes of cleansing the Earth and evacuating people who are not ready for the transition according to their level of consciousness will be accelerated.

Here is a basic excerpt from his report to Galactic Committee.

The order to remain at the site of the operation as long as necessary is obeyed.

Since May 22, I observe how the flow of dense quantum energies and saturated plasma with discharges in the annihilation points increases to the Earth. Something immediately annihilates at the points of contact. Something breaks off and changes.

Now I understand how difficult it is for those who could not and cannot ascend to a new level of consciousness. Here on Earth, I can feel for myself how the slightest departure from the high vibration corridor completely incapacitates. Immediately there is a desire to leave this planet and those who pull out of the state of I AM.

I confirm that as a system, the pyramids of Giza do not need management. Stable info flows and traffic of Souls are preserved here. But there is a possibility of opening or rewire additional flows, redirecting energy and information.

Giza Pyramids complex and others so far work well as entry and exit points. But I saw that they are not suited for more mass exits and arrivals of Souls. They are ideal remote terminals for operators.

Being here, I recalled that in my first incarnation on Earth in the time of the First Mayans, I worked as such an operator.

Siriusians Space Fleet - Energy Operator

Energy Operator

Siriusians Space Fleet

It’s hard for me to separate the currents coming into the Earth. I see one big wave of energy that powerfully pulses with life. It feels like a mother’s hand or a father’s embrace. Or kiss of a loved one. Or like water in a child’s baptismal font. It overflows with freedom of movement.

I see that it is very hard for people; something burns and someone burns. But there was a time to become a Real Man.

Streams of Intelligence plasma flowing into the planet are constantly changing intensity and color. Primary purification or annihilation occurs in these streams.

I see how the relationships between people and systems burn out. This is how the high level of incoming energy works.

In the earth analogy, it’s like in electrical engineering – a thin conductor burns out at high currents. At the points of overcurrent and voltage, energy does not flow and encounters resistance. That’s where it fire fangs…

On May 26, 2021, this information was supplemented by Siriusians Fleet’s Command with the following one.

Active processes continue in the Earth’s core. Radical transformations on the planet’s surface begin. A tipping point is approaching, the final one in the series of works with Gaia’s Crystal. That is why such abrupt processes in the Nature world, change all parameters.

The transition to the new 5D vibrational orbit is going well. Everything is under control of the Galacom’s space fleets.

Siriusians Space Fleet - To 5D VIbrational Orbit

To 5D VIbrational Orbit

Siriusians Space Fleet

Earthlings need not worry. We will pass on time, as scheduled. It is a purely technical operation for us and the Arcturian squadron, nothing more. Cross-checking is underway.

The evacuation from Earth of the irreconcilable Dark Forces, the rulers of the countries, and all down the chain from them is accelerated. In all directions but not to the Light.

That’s all for now.


(To be continued)

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