Latest Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Latest Siriusians And Galacom Updates

The Great Quantum Transition

Latest Siriusians And Galacom Updates – By Lev.

The following are the next operational updates from the 25D Siriusian space fleet Command dated May 31st, 2021, 09:57 PM CET, and Galactic Committee message dated May 30, 2021, 06.13 AM CET assessing the current situation.

Here is the highlight of the 25D Siriusians’ message.

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Siriusians’ space squadron successfully continues to put Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit. Soon it will approach 50% of its planned route.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - 5D Vibes Orbit
5D Vibes Orbit

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Ships’ teams analyze the mesh structure of the third separator within this space (there are eight in total and nine 5D subspaces), and its interaction with a given range of energies. The data obtained is studied and programs are adjusted as the space changes.

Earth’s transfer to a new vibrational orbit will inevitably be accompanied by upheavals on the planet, both in its tectonic and social strata.

More high-frequency energies are entering Earth than ever before. Vibrations are increasing, and it is becoming more and more difficult for those who cannot assimilate these vibes. There is a conflict with the environment which greatly affects people’s psyche.

The rising tectonic plates are beginning to change the landscape of the planet. Siriusians have repeatedly warned people to move away from the fault lines and not put their lives at risk.

Man and the planet are connected by the unity of many fields. It contains all the thought forms and programs of humanity’s development.

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Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Thought Forms
Thought Forms

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Everything obeys the Divine plan and leads to the right course of events. Life cannot standstill.

Each change is carried out according to the new programs in the planet’s Hologram. Those who are in tune with Gaia are capturing her thought-forms.

They can observe the structure of fractals, the Earth energy structure on the Subtle Plane, and realize the true Universe’s order, receiving information in the subconscious.

The unified energy field of the planet is its Intelligence. At this moment there is a very intense work on the opening of the five-dimensional space.

Accordingly, our consciousness must pick up thoughts of a new quality. Our brain is changing, and consciousness is expanding. The quality of receiving thoughts from space reshapes us.

That is why it is so important to keep our mind clean, not to let it fall even in thought.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - To Keep Our Mind Clean

To Keep Our Mind Clean

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Many of us feel silence and emptiness within ourselves. This indicates a change in the quality of consciousness. After all, the New Local Universe has very different parameters

It works on a completely different plane which is very different from the 3D world. In 5D, everything is guided by thought. We thought and it happened.

Change of consciousness is a step-by-step scrupulous inner work. It is very individual. It all depends on our mood and the efforts of our Soul.

To expand the horizon of our vision, we need to remove the blocking programs of our mind imposed by the 3D Archons’ Matrix.

Co-Creators help us work with all of our Subtle and Physical Bodies. Our subconscious stores everything that happens to us and much is not yet manifested in our consciousness.

Cleansing occurs through the release of emotional traumas that must be reflected in our bodies. This is the only way to heal. These are the pains of transformation.

Particularly difficult conflicts of this kind are written into every cell of our body. Now there is a release from this heavy burden.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Memory Of Every Cell
Memory Of Every Cell

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

The Source heals us very quickly. What had to be lived and understood over more than one lifetime is now resolved in the blink of an eye.

The third separator inside the 5D vibrational orbital space works very subtly, and everything that is accumulated deep inside us begins to come out.

Only those who do not stop the inner hard work on themselves are prepared and will pass this stage faster.

Source’s program for the Great Quantum Transition of people in their existing physical bodies is in progress.

We are also the conductors of the new thought forms that Gaia emits. As we change, the world around us changes, and the Siriusians and other friendly races help us in every way they can.

They warn that further movement of the Earth in a new 5D vibrational orbit will affect our well-being, blood pressure, and cardiovascular system. By Solar flares, Siriusians will change our perception of reality.

Higher Light Hierarchy puts the necessary basic codes of consciousness change into our subconscious.

The re-encoding of our genetic codes will affect the external structure of our bodies. We have already changed on the Subtle Plane but many do not realize it.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Our Brain Is Transformed
Our Brain Is Transformed

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Our brain is being transformed, and new neural connections are being built in it. The whole sympathetic system of our body is rewired.

The hormonal system begins to work to assimilate the new energies. Conditions are created to raise the vibrations of the cells of our entire body.

Our ailments are related to the cleansing and rebuilding of all systems and organs. We can experience very painful emotional moments related to our bodies clean up.

Not only the space around us is changing but we are changing with it. If we watch our reactions more closely, we can already see the transformation.

Everything becomes simpler and easier. The weight of the past gradually leaves us. As we cleanse, we are filled with new energies, and the quality of our lives will change with us.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - New Energies
New Energies

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Galactic Committee’s May 30, 2021, operational brief contains important additional details:

Galacom continues to systematically and purposefully fulfill all planned programs for the transformation of the Earth, and its transfer into the fifth dimension.

Warped timelines are straightened. Diverged and broken lines are connected. Active cleaning of Annals of Time from accumulated negativity of the past is carried out.

The Higher Selves of more and more people are joining in this work.

This allows them to examine their former creations from a completely different perspective.

So, together and with the help of the Time Keepers, they remove the outdated and alien information from the Akashic Records, and the new information is ready to be anchored in their lives.

The memory of hard epochs and years will be erased even from their creators themselves and, of course, from other beings so that they will not return to them again. Such co-creation helps to choose the best option for quantum transition.

You see your world falling apart. All the old attitudes of social interaction are no longer working.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Old World Is Falling Apart
Old World Is Falling Apart

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Karmic boomerangs fly but they do find their creators and weaken the opposition of some countries.

They resist, trying to re-establish their rule over mankind and the Earth by force. But it is already past that stage, there is no going back to it.

The Time Keepers crush to ashes their dreams which they still cherish in their old way of thinking. We see where their actions have led them.

They are setting the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Young Europeans on fire. But we’ve already put up a roadblock with altered Space-Time.

There will be no more prerequisites for wars. On Earth, they will cease. The belligerent backbone that formed the basis and essence of the Dark Forces’ resistance will crumble.

All layers of Space-Time are purged from parasitic and destructive programs of their creators who no longer exist.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Purge From Parasitic And Destructive Programs
Purge From Parasitic And Destructive Programs

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Many of them have gone to the Light Side and now are helping to clear their Augean stables. In the sweat of their faces, they ensure the sustainability of the Earth and the Local Universe.

This is truly titanic, energy-intensive work. They often have to recover on their own. That’s why transformation comes in waves. But the peak is over. A lot of former Dark Beings are joining constructive actions.

After all, it’s not just on Earth but the entire Local Universe is replacing the programs by which they will continue to evolve.

Co-Creators and Programmers look at different options to choose the best ones. They are seeking methods and ways to implement them. The work is boiling in the Universe, not stopping for a moment.

The points of active resistance are in plain sight. They are surrounded by powerful energy spheres, so they don’t spread out.

Siriusians And Galacom Updates - Powerful Energy Spheres
Powerful Energy Spheres

Siriusians And Galacom Updates

Within these spheres, the external control of the Light Forces, together with the Karma Lords and the Executors, is established so that cause-and-effect relationships are strictly enforced in Space and in Time.

There is a mass lustration of all Dark Forces so that they will transform or perish, fulfilling the New Local Universe’s Law.

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Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

At first, there were all sorts of dark gray clumps and conglomerates in near-Earth space. Then, from outer space came a quantum flux as thick rain and color like steel with dots which resembled sparks but solid. Then, flushed a stream of Light, white and very bright. It turned golden with sparks. Everything was powerful, strong, and large-scale. Only purity and grace remained. It looked amazing.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

A new message from the Argorians’ space fleet on November 27, 2021, along with their info in previous days, adds to the latest Galacom Update. The design shows more details on how the Argorians’ squadron is now processing 3D Earth by quantum energies while it is transported into a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the Central Sun.

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The protective blue dome was removed from the Earth. Now, in its place, in the background of emerald green energy, there is a wave channel of the light yellow power field. Two quantum fluxes filled with bright green spectrum energy are connected to the channel. In the channel and outputs are installed the light lilac energy filters and two magnetic fields.

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

This dramatic op followed two others, in Norway (see Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway) and Zimbabwe. It was targeted to the destruction on Earth’s Subtle Plane of one of the most dangerous Black civilizations of our Local Universe, dubbed the Lofoten Monsters.

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Our children are not bodies, but the Souls which have incarnated on Earth 12-14 times in the Fifth Race alone. Now, all of them are already adults and make decisions by themselves. Beginning in the 2000s, new Souls come to Earth in waves – Indigos, Crystalines, Radiants, then, Plasmoids beings will incarnate.

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

On November 19th, 2021, at 9:50 AM CET, a squadron of 25D Argorians’ spaceships, transporting Earth to a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, conveyed the following minute: “We have entered the transforming space of the seventh (out of nine – LEV) cascade stage of the third filter between dimensions…

The Portal 11 11 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30 – Lev

The Portal 11 11 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30 – Lev

November 11, 2021, on Earth, finally closed the energy-exchange fields between 3D and 4D and launched a new scenario transiting the fourth dimension. Now, on the physical plane, the entire population of the planet is distributed by the vibrations of their Subtle Bodies into the 3D and 4D Matrix. We can all feel it by an increase of destructive events in many countries.

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In recent weeks, more and more Souls have come to Earth and have been entered the bodies of Radiant kids. This is facilitated by the activation of the planet’s new 5D crystal grid, and the powerful energy flows from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Helios, arriving on Earth every day.

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